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The enjoyment one gains by making others happy will add value to the business, as well as make one valuable to the business. These endeavors will add meaning and joy to one's own life.

Sanford suggests four inquiries to gage whether your Fred team is on course. 1) Does each member on your team know that he or she makes a difference? 2) Does everyone know how to build relationships? 3) Does everyone know how to create value? 4) Do team members realize how much more they could reinvent themselves and their business through innovation, and passionate commitment? (p 114).

Personal Work Experience

I worked with an automobile mechanic that demonstrated true Fred like qualities. He was always meticulous in his work, and exhibited the qualities of an artist and a craftsman. If while working on one part of a customer's automobile he came across another problem he would often repair that as well, often at no charge to the customer.

He built trust by being honest and developed a large following of loyal customers through word of mouth. His business grew to the point that he had to move into a larger facility. He demanded the same work ethic of his employees, but did this in a friendly non-threatening manner. I believe he really was striving to make everything and everyone a little better and a little happier, and because of this he prospered both financially and personally.


There are many lessons to be gleaned about managing people in this book. Sanborn gives many examples, both literal and implicit, of the value of building relationships both vertically and horizontally within an organization. The book addresses the value of lifting each other up, which I believe successful managers do and successful organizations encourage. There's a saying I like that goes 'the toes we step on today may be attached to the rear end we're kissing tomorrow.' Leaders don't make followers, they build more leaders.

This book is an examination of the selfless spirit that I believe is innate in all human beings. It is discourse on the possibilities we all have each day to create a life of meaning and joy for others as well as ourselves.


Sanborn, M. (2002). The fred factor: How passion in your work and life can turn…[continue]

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