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Home Depot in New York City

Comparison between Downtown and suburban locations

There are notable differences in trading area size and characteristics between a downtown and a suburban location for a Home Depot as depicted in the case study;

The Home Depots located in the suburban are smaller in size and deprived f any space for expansion as compared to those located in town. This is noticeable from the Home Depot located in Manhattan which is a downtown area has no space for modifications of the stores exterior since it is location is a landmark preservation area that can not be tampered with.

In these downtown stores, there are also some departments lacking such as the lumber department due to the limited trading area in this downtown region, though such departments are evidently present in Home Depot located in suburban areas.

There are some products in the downtown Manhattan Home Depot that are only available on order, reason being the limited trading area in this downtown stores that restricts the on site storage of these goods in terms of quantity and size of goods they can stock therein, as compared to those in suburban areas. Most of the suburban stores do avail within the store all the products that the Home Depot deals in and clients do not have to wait for the transfer of the product from one store to the suburban branch.

Home Depots in downtown area are characterized by a large number of clients as compared to the suburban branches. This necessitates the availing of a doorman who assists the customers in short and quick errands as an after sales incentive like loading their luggage and also getting them taxis. It is also noted that these downtown stores have several concierges on the floor that direct customers to the correct aisles hence making the customer shopping a lot simpler and more enjoyable, yet this is not available in suburban areas.

Because of the culturally diverse clientele the Home Depots in downtown experience each day, these stores have signs posted in different languages that are predominant within the stores. This is different in the case of a suburban Home Depot where the only signs available are in languages of the dominant culture or language within the region.

Location and site selection of the Home Depot

While choosing a site to establish a Home Depot, there are fundamental issues that have to be looked into and these vary between the urban and the suburban setting. Within the town, the rents can be quite high hence one fundamental factor to consider in the town setting is the rent payable for the location. Rents in suburban areas are lower as compared to those in downtown areas.

Bearing the large number of clientele base in the towns, the availability of parking space is yet another consideration…[continue]

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