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New Regulatory Framework of Financial

Words: 3792 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69334748

" (Crawford, 2011)

These comments are showing how Wellstone understood the risk that this would pose to the financial system. In eight years after making this speech, the federal government would be directly bailing out firms that were too big to fail. This is indicating how the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act allowed financial institutions to engage in excessive amounts of risk taking. It is at this point that they took on large amounts of debt and had no accountability. (Crawford, 2011)

The information from this source is useful in showing how the repeal of certain laws helped to create situations which allowed for an atmosphere of deregulation. This set the stage for excessive amounts of risk taking with the liquid assets of the firm. When this happened, many institutions began to engage in activities that were believed to be safe. However, they were considered to be speculative and…… [Read More]


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New Imperial Presidency Rudalevige Andrew

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Woodrow Wilson used the radio to appeal to the American public directly to support the nation's entry into the then-unpopular World War I. Franklin Roosevelt, of course, was the master of the fireside chat, and even after his demise, the rapid rise of the Soviet power and the Cold War enabled Harry Truman to "scare hell" out of the country by using the media.

Popular, collective fear of the Soviets tipped the balance even farther in favor of the powers of the chief executive. The Johnson Administration refused to spend the funds allocated to crucial agricultural programs, to bully Congress into accepting its deficit spending for the Great Society and the Vietnam War (87). These examples, along with the escalation of the Vietnam War, show how Democratic presidents were often just as guilty as Republican presidents of abusing the office's authority. In recent memory, the Clinton Administration went to court…… [Read More]

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NYC -- 1930s Politics in

Words: 834 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87702922

Fiorello LaGuardia was a New Deal Republican, a man who supported President Franklin Roosevelt and who used that support to help change New York City, to cut off patronage from the Tammany system, and to revitalize New York City, restore public faith, unify the transit system, built low-cost public housing, playgrounds and parks; put money into airports, reorganized the police force, and reestablished the idea of merit employment in place of patronage jobs. In short, in his domineering and authoritarian three terms, he literally turned the New York political machine on its head; used his connections with the hite House to revamp New York City in the midst of the Depression, and gave New York City a chance to become a modern, world-class city. hile criticized for being heavy-handed, his reforms were carefully orchestrated to focus on those areas that had been hardest hit by the economic woes of the…… [Read More]

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New York State Budget

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spring of 2010 y Rasmussen Reports showed that 55% of New Yorkers lamed the state's udget crisis solely on the state's politicians. The telephone survey showed that the then $9 illion udget deficit was perceived as eing a result of the "ickering" amongst Democrats and Repulicans in Alany. The voters showed their concern y electing a new governor last fall, Andrew Cuomo, the son of a former governor, Mario Cuomo. Yet the situation is still serious. See, 55% of New Yorkers lame udget crisis on legislators, Rassmussen Reports, May 6, 2010.

But the Empire State is not alone in feeling the fiscal pain of the ongoing economic downturn facing the U.S.

As states across the U.S. this spring ponder their udget proposals for the coming fiscal year, they continue to face a monumental challenge. The worst economic depression since the 1930s has fostered the steepest decline in state tax receipts…… [Read More]

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New Venture Opportunity Recognition New

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This will help to set off the startup costs.

The initial production costs are realistic because of the suggestion that outsourcing will be used. The company is relying on an outsourcing expert who has written several books on the subject. The software development will also expand to an offshore location which potentially can cut cost even further. USuggest plans to use search engine linked online portals as a marketing tool and they are seeking a merger or acquisition with a large, established Internet company to further increase profits for their brand. Mergers can lead to the company becoming more efficient by utilizing economies of scale. Cost saving can also be recognized by combined marketing, advertising and by cutting down on the overlap of &D (Shukla and Gekara, 2010).

Even though this venture is in the startup stages, it definitely has the potential to grow into something much larger. The target…… [Read More]


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New Zealand Constitutional Arrangements Needing Reform New

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New Zealand Constitutional Arrangements


New Zealand's Constitutional Arrangements

A truly effective and relevant Constitution must completely reflect the values and norms of society's leaders and their followers (CAC, 2005). Prime movers in New Zealand believe that fundamental issues about its constitutional arrangements warrant the widest popular discussion and approval and the creation of corresponding reforms. One of these issues is the lack of a written Constitution. New Zealand is one of the only three modern nations today without a codified Constitution. The arguments favoring writtenness demonstrate its superiority. Hence, one of the reforms is the creation of a written Constitution (Salgado, 2012; Martin, 2012; Pek, 1980). The Constitutional Advisory Panel is inviting all New Zealanders to participate and express their views on this reform. Public engagement in the exercise will occur in 5 stages after which collective views will be transmitted to the Ministers for legislation (Scoop, 2012).…… [Read More]


CAC (2005). Inquiry to review New Zealand's existing constitutional arrangements.

Constitutional Arrangements Committee. 47th Parliament. Retrieved on August 14,

2012 from

Martin, V. (2012). The disadvantages of an uncodified constitution. eHow: Demand
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New Initiatives Company Initiative Analysis of New

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New Initiatives

Company Initiative Analysis

Analysis of New Initiative by Office Depot

Office Depot is a company that was incorporated in 1986, and that year opened its first store in Fort Lauderdale, FL that year (Office Depot, 2012). The company has continued to expand during the past 26 years and continues that tradition by initiating plans to move even farther with its international business. According to one portion of the company website "In addition to doing business in 47 countries, Office Depot has over 1,500 retail locations across the globe. In the U.S., Office Depot has stores in 49 states with 34 Distribution Centers or Crossdock facilities scattered across the country" (Office Depot, 2012). However, this global acquisition and expansion is currently only in the early stages. The company has plans to expand its reach in the United States and abroad by partnering with similar firms in other parts of…… [Read More]


Bamberger, K.A. (2006). Regulation as delegation: Private firms, decision making, and accountability in the administrative state. Duke Law Journal, 56(2), 377-401

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New Expatriate Orientation Program Design Program Description

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New Expatriate Orientation Program Design

Program Description

Mission and Vision of the New Expatriate Program

Key Objectives of the Program

Program Duration

Number of Participants

ecommended Participants for the Program

Expatriate Orientation Program Content

Learning Methodology of the Program

Program Fee Structure

It is the part of human nature to progress and grow in every facet of life from the time they complete their education and enter into the world of commerce. The key driving aspect for an individual is to provide their families with all the comfort and lavish lifestyle so that they can enjoy the life to the fullest. In this search of growth and prosperity, one of the widespread actions that have been observed is relocation. People relocate and move to other places from their country of origin so that they can give a financially better and secure future to their families (Marquardt, 2013).

However, the fact…… [Read More]


Adekola, A. & Sergi, B. S. (2007). Global Business Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. Great Britain: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

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Corlett, D. (2008). Stormy Weather: The Challenge of Climate Change and Displacement. Australia: UNSW Press.
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New Leaders Leadership Style Determines

Words: 902 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13026681

There are many theories of leadership which can help make a transition smoother. Contingency theory and situational theory are two such theories which states that no one leadership style can suit all situations but there is some difference between these two theories. Leaders need to understand that they will not be facing the same kind of situations each day and hence they must be willing to adopt a flexible style that can be altered according to the situation at hand. This is quite similar to situational theory of leadership with one major difference. Contingency theory maintains that some times a leader who appears very effective and successful in one situation may not find himself all that effective in a different situation simply because leadership is contingent upon some factors. Situational leadership on the other hand states that leaders can adopt certain behavior and traits for variety of situations and alter…… [Read More]


Ken Blanchard, Patricia Zigarmi, and Drea Zigarmi Leadership and the One Minute Manager: Increasing Effectiveness Through Situational Leadership (1999)
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New Trade Theory

Words: 1863 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11297527

New Trade Theory

Since the end of the Cold War, the world has been undergoing a major transformation. This is because of globalization and advances in technology are making countries more interdependent upon one another. The basic idea is to reduce trade barriers and increase the total amounts of competition. Over the course of time, this will increase productivity and specialization (which will help to improve the standard of living in specific regions). However, the recent economic implosion from 2007 to 2009, are illustrating how all economic theories are filled with flaws. (Taylor, 2008, pp. 1 -- 11)

As a result, a host of new theories are being introduced to address these issues. In some cases, this involves taking old ideas and combining them with new techniques. While at other times, these views are building off of the mistakes of the past to create the best economic philosophy. To fully…… [Read More]


Gonzalez, M. (2011). Is Porter's Diamond Applicable. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 2 (6), 17 -- 30.

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New King Fahad National Library in Riyadh

Words: 6908 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58439524

New King Fahad National Library in iyadh

The rise of the electronic medium of media amongst the masses has become the main motive of decrease in the progress of printed tools and materials along with the decrease in using the academic materials. Each one of these new developments combined with the data of students visiting the library has laid down numerous claims on the entire abolishment of the standard structure of a library. Nonetheless, some researchers have aggressively suggested incorporating the "social" spaces such as for example cafes, museums and theaters; creating a mutual group study and forming "information commons," while some have simply given up the idea of the subsistence of the traditional form of libraries. The assorted reactions to the down sides of the King Fahad National Library have embedded the concept that libraries facilitate a lot more than just being truly a storeroom or a storage facility…… [Read More]


Armitage, C.J. And C. Mark (2001). "Efficacy of the theory of planned behaviour: A meta analytic review." The British Journal of Social Psychology 40: 471.

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New Life Scaling Up Social Enterprise Start-Ups

Words: 681 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62058904

New Life: Scaling Up Social Enterprise Start-Ups

New Life Psychiatric ehabilitation Association (New Life) was a private organization located in Hong Kong that offered care and rehabilitation to people with psychiatric disabilities. While the organization was quite successful, the biggest challenge facing New Life was finding gainful employment for their clients after training. This was so intrinsic that despite their best efforts, many of their former clients came back to New Life because of the inability to find work. To solve this, New Life started a social enterprise initiative in 1994 that would directly create jobs and training opportunities. This had dual purposes; it would keep clients employed and establish self-sustaining businesses -- like produce stands, etc.

The basic value set for the organization was what struck me as most relevant. Here was a group of individuals committed to helping others overcome a disability and then to give back to…… [Read More]


Ip, S.; Wong, G. (2009). New Life: Scaling up Social Enterprise Start Ups. Asia Case

Research Centre. HKU 871. Retrieved from:

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School Publication # BAB111.
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New Generation Technology CRM at

Words: 2581 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69688184

Figure 2:

Dell Inc. Marketing and Manufacturing Process Integration

Based on analysis of Sources: (Kapuscinski, Zhang, Carbonneau, Moore, eeves, 2004) (Gunasekaran, Ngai, 2009) (Bilek, 2010)

Discussion of Current Business Issues

Today Dell suffers from not having enough insight into the most critical customer relationships necessary to grow its emerging virtualization and Cloud computing businesses, as the company's approach to managing by technology instead of customers created a very myopic mindset. The transition from being purely technology- and product-centric to one that puts customer feedback and their insights into the center of a business model can only be achieved by measuring processes and improving them (Liu, Guo, Lee, 2011). Nowhere is this more evident than in the company's quoting process. Ironically for a company so well-known for its build-to-order process online, tis enterprise-wide quoting systems are seriously broken and often can take weeks to produce a highly specific quote for a…… [Read More]


Bilek, G.. (2010). The Value of Information Sharing in a Build-to-Order Supply Chain. The Business Review, Cambridge, 15(1), 131-136.

Ernst, H., Hoyer, W., Krafft, M., & Krieger, K. (2011). Customer relationship management and company performance -- the mediating role of new product performance. Academy of Marketing Science. Journal, 39(2), 290-306.

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New Public Management Reforms the

Words: 4090 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65984502

Indeed, the reference to "institutional sclerosis" concerns the fact that virtually every conceivable interest in contemporary society is protected by a variety of laws that provide for extensive advising, participation and appeal procedures, a process that further exacerbates the inability of public administrators to remain responsive to their constituents (Klijn & Koppenjan 241). These authors emphasize that, "This results, among other things, in the Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) syndrome, where parties block the creation of arrangements of collective interest (such as the location decision concerning an industrial site, a road, an asylum centre, etc.) based on their own private interests" (Klijn & Koppenjan 241).

According to King and her associates, current public participation processes have four major components as follows:

The issue or situation;

The administrative structures, systems, and processes within which participation takes place;

The administrators; and,

The citizens (318).

This arrangement means that those with the most…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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New York Real Estate and Office Markets

Words: 2269 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47899782

New York eal Estate and Office Markets


New York is one of the premiere metropolitan areas of the world, exerting a significant impact on global commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. The home of the United Nations Headquarters, New York City is an important center for international affairs and is widely deemed the cultural capital of the world. With its unmatched scope of building types, diverse tenant base and extensive transportation system, the city has earned an iconic and prominent place in the global market.

The borough of Manhattan serves as its hub and is the nation's largest single office market with 450 million square feet of space (Brown, 2007). Its office inventory is greater than the next five largest U.S. markets combined and features some of the world's most iconic properties (Beauregard, 2005). This paper explores the current state of…… [Read More]


1. Beauregard, R.A. (2005). The textures of property markets: Downtown housing and office conversions in New York City. Urban Studies (Routledge), 42(13), 2431-2445. doi:10.1080/00420980500380345

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4. Gregor, A. (2011). Demand for Office Condos Grows in Manhattan. New York Times. p. 6.
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New Pattern of Integration Through Governmental Coordination European

Words: 7020 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96921841

New Pattern of Integration Through Governmental Coordination: European Perspective

The beginning of the European Union was with the coalition of six nations (namely France, Germany, Italia, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg) who entered into a treaty back in the year 1951 to determine the ECU Coal and Steel Community. The next signed treaty was in the year 1957 to determine the ECU Economic Community. The Coal and Steel Community were also built with a firmer incentive to improve political stance as oppoed to the economic goals: to attain a peace settlement mainly between the countries of France and Germany. The treaty creating the ECU Economic Community was more motivated towards the achievement of the economic objectives, on the other hand, but had strong political stance as well. It basically aimed to determine a typical or single market by which goods, capital, services, amongst other things could move freely inside the European…… [Read More]


Begg, Iain et al., 2001, Social Exclusion and Social Protection in the European Union: Policy Issues and Proposals for the Future Role of the EU, South Bank University Working Paper,

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New England Traditions Grew Up in a

Words: 720 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66540596

NEW ENGLAND TRADITIONS grew up in a family who moved from Boston, Massachusetts to San Diego, California. Needless to say, Thanksgiving has always been an interesting blend of staid New England cooking, blended with some laid-back California traditions with a baby-boom mother mentality of frozen and canned foods as part of the tradition.

My mother learned traditional New England cooking from her mother, and so we still ate a lot of "pot roast" and "New England boiled dinners" complete with over-boiled cabbage and corned beef, for Sunday dinner. My mother still made real Boston baked beans and brown bread for occasional Saturday night suppers, too.

Thanksgiving was always a big deal in our house, even though the rest of the family was back East, and there was only us to celebrate the day. Sometimes we would invite friends who also did not have family in San Diego. Sometimes we would…… [Read More]

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New Media and Social Media

Words: 1451 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56892420

New Media Q’s
I am a techno-optimist when it comes to some types of social media—such as YouTube, which is a great way to share informational videos on topics that are not covered by mainstream media. I am less fond of Facebook and Twitter and so would regard myself as a techno-pessimist when it comes to these forms of social media, as they tend to be more of a platform for people to spout off their own personal views and opinions. At least YouTube provides the platform for content to be shared and searched in an easy manner. Twitter is more for trolling and Facebook is more for creating a shrine to oneself. Twitter can be a way to get headline news out the door quickly, but I myself have never found it to be my go-to source of news information. I prefer news blogs like ZeroHedge, which are…… [Read More]

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New Hampshire State Budget New

Words: 2033 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38963312

The Category Totals for the 2006-2007 Biennial State Operating Budget, found in Chapter 176, Laws of 2005, are as follows:

Chapter 176 - Laws of 2005 - NH Operating Budget

Fiscal Year 2006

Fiscal Year 2007

Total Appropriation for Category 01


AS INCLUDED in SECTION 1.01-403,003,676 416,233,183



FEDEAL FUNDS 17,924,517 17,918,180

OTHE FUNDS 106,867,295 105,489,779

GENEAL FUND 278,211,864 292,825,224

TOTAL 403,003,676 416,233,183

Total Appropriation for Category 02


AS INCLUDED in SECTION 1.02-420,003,205 424,638,566


FEDEAL FUNDS 52,837,182 50,445,675

OTHE FUNDS 152,998,319 155,855,692

GENEAL FUND 213,213,595 217,790,891


TOTAL 420,003,205 424,638,566

Total Appropriation for Category 03


AS INCLUDED in SECTION 1.03-222,979,010 217,030,487

ESTIMATED SOUCE of FUNDS for…… [Read More]


Hall, D.E.. (Sep 2002). Six Programs Fueled State Spending Increases, 1993-2003. New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies. Concord, NH. Retrieved on February 7, 2007 at

Norton, S.A. (Dec 2006). Fiscal Feast and Famine. New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies. Concord, NH. Retrieved on February 7, 2007 at

Operating Budget for the State of New Hampshire (2004-2005). (2005). About the LBA-Budget Division. State of New Hampshire Office of Legislative Budget Assistant. Concord, NH. Retrieved February 7, 2007 at

President George W. Bush (07 Feb 2005). President Bush's Budget and New Hampshire: FY Budget. The White House. Retrieved February 8, 2007, at
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New Face of War According to Bruce

Words: 2091 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20477218

New Face of War

According to Bruce Berkowitz, a senior RAND analyst and United States Defense Department and Intelligence consultant, the new paradigm of war involves a curious combination of stealth, secrecy, and above all, information technology. How the world's military powers choose to utilize and capitalize on existing and emerging technologies will be the key to determining the victors in future warfare. In Berkowitz's 2003 publication entitled, The New Face of War: How War will the Fought in the 21st Century, the author analyses past instances of both successful and unsuccessful uses of information technology by military powers including but not limited to the United States. Showing how the world of intelligence has evolved from, as the author puts it, "Sumerians ... preserving their beer recipes on clay cuneiform tablets," to the types of advanced digital technologies that permit covert communications between terrorist cell networks, Berkowitz presents a clear…… [Read More]

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New York State Education Department

Words: 2095 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13380312

Time broken into hours, days, weeks, and months must also be mastered. This is the grade level where statistics are introduced. Students learn to "Collect data using observations, surveys, and experiments and record appropriately," and then turn those observations into appropriate visual representations of them which would allow them to make predictions (4.S.2).

The fifth grade set standards also aim to utilize previous points in order to get into more complex mathematical understandings of the world. Students must "Understand the basic language of logic in mathematical situations (and, or, not)," (5.PS.9). Within that language, fifth graders should be able to pick the best strategies and "Decode and comprehend mathematical visuals and symbols to construct meaning" (5.CM.11). This is the grade level where students must able to find the missing value which makes a particular equation true (_+3=5). Also understanding the nature of ratios and their different forms is an important…… [Read More]

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New Mexico Mexican-Americans and Native

Words: 1015 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82162791

Resentment toward Hispanics grew constantly from their arrival in New Mexico. Amerindians in the present day are also reluctant to accept Hispanic customs and their traditions have not changed much in the last centuries (Silverberg, 1970, p. 70).

Politics is a domain rarely dealt with by Native Americans in New Mexico, mostly because of the discrimination they risk facing as a result of joining politics in an Anglo-dominant government and because they are aware they have limited chances to occupy a high position in the state administration. The Civil Rights Division has approached this condition and emphasized that the state Administration should not act inequitable toward Native Americans who want to engage in performing politics (CASES RAISING CLAIMS UNDER SECTION 2 OF THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT). Mexican-Americans have a larger contribution to the New Mexico political scene, even with the fact that their authority is often oppressed by the government…… [Read More]

Works cited:

1. Blake, K. "Sacred and Secular Landscape Symbolism at Mount Taylor, New Mexico," Journal of the Southwest 41.4 (1999): 487.

2. Blanton, C.K. "George I. Sanchez, Ideology and Whiteness in the Making of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement, 1930-1960," Journal of Southern History 72.3 (2006).

3. Gomez, L.E. "Race, Colonialism, and Criminal Law: Mexicans and the American Criminal Justice System in Territorial New Mexico," Law & Society Review 34.4 (2000).

4. Griesbach, D."Resilience as Resistance: Representing Hispanic New Mexico to the Federal Writers' Project in Lou Sage Batchen's Placitas Stories," MELUS 32.1 (2007)
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New Product Development

Words: 1964 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57012465

New product development is pivotal and vital for the success of any business and organization. By developing and unveiling new products, a company is able to generate new prospects and reach markets. One particular important aspect that is deemed important in achieving successful product development is attaining innovative feedback and participation from consumers and markets, as they provide a concrete basis (Zemlickiene and Maditinos, 2012). Despite the fact that new product development encompasses a great deal of risk, it is deemed to be one of the most imperative strategies in any market or industry that is filled with competition. Numerous companies have been able to generate competitiveness and attained considerable profits and returns through the process of new product development. The influence that new product development has on consumer espousal and innovative behavior cannot be stressed or underlined enough. The unveiling of new products and services in the marketplace signifies…… [Read More]


ADIELE, K. C. (2012). New product development and consumer innovative behavior: an empirical validation study. European journal of business and social sciences, 1(6), 97-109.

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New Nurse Graduates Cultural Problem

Words: 2323 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11601312

This makes retention essential, as new nurses must stay with the hospital and become nurse specialists for CMC to continue to maintain its reputation. Nursing education is also essential.

Unfortunately, a stressed and pressured environment that is understaffed can create tension rather than foster cooperation between nurses, particularly old and young nurses. Older nurses may believe that their younger colleagues must 'pay their dues' before they are fully accepted as part of the staff. Younger nurses may find themselves given more onerous tasks and denied learning opportunities, as they assume the 'grunt work' of the nursing staff.


Sadly, no one benefits from such an adversarial culture. Younger nurses leave in greater numbers, out of frustration, further compounding the nursing shortage at CMC. Little hands-on instruction and education means that new graduates lack confidence and autonomy in their decision-making and are more prone to error and relying upon more skilled…… [Read More]


AACN Fact sheet. (2009, September). AACN website. Retrieved April 10, 2010 at

Addressing the nursing shortage: Background brief. (2010). Kaiser Permanente. Retrieved April

10, 2010 at

Buerhaus, Peter I. (2010). Trends in the experiences of hospital-employed registered nurses:
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Populism Progressives and the New

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All three groups argued against monied interests and big business, all three represented marginalized groups in economic and political life, and all three sought to expand the power of government at the expense of commerce. The New Deal coalition invited many new people to join the political process, taking advantage of the efforts of the Populists and the Progressives to open up the voting process. hile the New Deal lacked the outwardly religious and evangelical flavor of the previous two movements, at its core, the message of all three groups was the same -- a more powerful and responsive government, regulation of capitalism to support the common welfare, and the creation of laws to protect the weakest members of society.

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Changed Old South Civil War New

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changed "Old South" ( Civil ar) "New South" ( Civil ar Second orld ar) modern South today? hat gained? hat lost? hat impact Civil ar Emancipation Southern Economy? The economy North? How Southern agriculture reorganized Civil ar? hat planters ? Black Freedmen? Consider tenancy sharecropping -- controversial? How Post war Southern agriculture Civil ar? hat trends southern agriculture 1865-1920? How compare mid-west? ere black tenants locked debt peonage tied land unable move opportunities, claimed? hat competing view? hat evidence cited? hat factors aided retarded growth manufacturing Civil ar? Consider specific industries problems.

The "New South" experienced change as African-Americans came to be normal workers and as the process of industrialization pervaded the territory. The Second orld ar and the Civil Rights movement provided individuals in the area with the hope they needed consequent to the Great Depression, considering how the economic crisis deeply affected them.

The Civil ar had a…… [Read More]

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Unions Get New Memberships a

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This new generation of activists on college campuses nationwide has inspirited students to talk about their concerns about workers rights. This effort was also conducted largely through e-mail campaigns over the Internet. Some graduate students have already formed their own unions.

Appealing to Right-To-Work States

Arizona, famously known as a right-to-work state, is emerging as a new stomping ground for labor unions. Organized labor is making one of its largest efforts in state history to recruit new members and increase its political clout (Graham and Pitzl).

The effort cuts across a broad swath of industries that includes iron workers, painters, grocery-store workers, and state government employees.

Two unions kicked off their combined effort to organize state government workers, citing low pay and the need to have a voice on working conditions.

Union groups are leading the drive to establish a minimum wage in Arizona. "Arizona's labor unions have never been…… [Read More]


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New Strategy Is That the

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In this way, customers will be infused with the same enthusiasm, which will encourage sales.

Workforce Planning System

The goals for the team need to be concomitant with the company's new purpose as a seller of both cleaning products and services. Hence the sales team need to be selected and trained in such a way to optimize the sales force for both purposes. Specifically, the company is focused upon hiring a diverse and talented sales team. The team should be both customer- and sales-driven.

The hard skills of such persons therefore need to be good communication skills, the ability to obtain new customers, and a good knowledge of the cleaning products and services being sold. Soft skills will include good interpersonal relationships, an ability to remain calm in conflict situations, and enthusiasm for performing the work.

As such, the types of positions needed on the team will be those that…… [Read More]

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New World & Black Robe Both Terrence

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New World" & "Black Robe"

Both Terrence Malick's "The New World" and Bruce Beresford's "Black Robe" deal with themes of Native American encounters with European settlers and how it impacted both parties. There are subtle differences in each movie, but the main themes of cultures clashing and the inevitable conflict that will occur as a result permeate both films. Both films are notable for their attention to detail and their respective quests for historical accuracy, though "The New World" deals with the far more mythologized and recognized story of Pocahontas. These two films together represent a shift in the telling of Native American tales in the cinema, no longer satisfied to project the image of "Noble Savage" that had previously dominated these types of movies.

In Malick's "The New World," Pocahontas is portrayed as a woman torn between two cultures: the one she has known for the whole of her…… [Read More]

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New Technology- Digital Signage &

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The design theory and methodology of digital signage encompass the many aspects of advertising design. They are bright, often lit with bold colors, and the screens can scroll, show animations, and quickly change from one scene to another. The displays catch the travelers' eye, keep them entertained, and have been shown to even cut down on the perceived wait times for travelers (Editors). These signs can have voice recognition systems or touch screens to engage the viewer even more, and they can contain information, such as ticket prices, routes, arrival and departure times, and much more, making public transportation travel a little more entertaining and engaging for people like me that use the system all the time (Cluett 106). They are also easy to update, and content design is graphic design at its best, it uses bright graphics and easy-to-read text that will engage just about any viewer. Contrast, daring…… [Read More]


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New Product Requires Several Marketing Considerations There

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new product requires several marketing considerations. There are many negative factors to product development that must be dealt with. There are also several factors that promote successful product development. Finally, product positioning and pricing are two important considerations.

Negative Factors

One of the negative factors is uncertainty. This is especially true if the product is not only a new product for the organization but also a new product for the industry. One example that shows this is the computer software industry. The uncertainty is present because of its nature as a new and pioneering industry. The industry is rapidly changing and companies in the industry must be continually innovative and make decisions based on limited information. There is no certainty in this industry that a successful company will remain successful. To give an example, we can consider Apple-Macintosh. Apple-Macintosh had first-mover advantages as the first to develop a graphical user…… [Read More]


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New Technology Particularly Technology That Affects the

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new technology, particularly technology that affects the way people communicate, is never morally neutral. It changes the way people see themselves and the ways they relate to others. Technology has brought human beings closer -- as manifested in the ease with which we can communicate through text-messaging and Facebook -- but also has also divided us in terms of how it distances us. Virtual communication has become a kind of 'default setting' of interaction, no matter how emotionally inappropriate. It is very tempting to be a coward and send an email to avoid a personal conflict in the real world, and even to become obsessed with online friendships rather than real friendships.

More and more of our lives are lived in public, thanks to the presence of technology. Even advertising on the web reflects an eerie level of knowledge about our personal behaviors and habits. I recall looking at a…… [Read More]

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New Technology

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new technology -- The Internet -- and discuss the following concepts: Strategic thrusts, Strategic value of networks (if applicable), Stages of growth, IT strategy, Social and organizational changes (requirements and/or barriers), and Critical success factors.

ecently, one of travel agencies located at a rural area at Johnstown, Indiana decided to make the use of the Internet for handling the travel needs of its customers. Previously, the agency was connected with American Airline's reservation systems; however, this system was quite inflexible to meet the growing travel needs of the customers. Therefore, lately the agency has decided to use the Internet for meeting the travel demands of the customers. In the following I discuss the reasons for such a change.

Strategic Thrusts: The major strategic thrust for using the Internet technology was based on the agency's requirements for handling customers' various travel needs. In recent times, customers are demanding not only air…… [Read More]


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