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Muslims have been hospitalized and, one Muslim paralyzed. The anti-Muslim spirit is also represented by the media. Despite localized differences within each member nation, the recurrence of attacks on recognizable and visible traits of Islam and Muslims was the report's most significant finding, and the report concluded that "a greater receptivity towards anti-Muslim and other xenophobic ideas and sentiments has, and may well continue, to become more tolerated"( Allen & Nielsen (2002). Such actions, happening too in America, flagrantly transgress our constitutional rights. Islamic immigrants, facing such treatment, may not recognize that nor know what to do. The book is, therefore, not only current but also original and needed. I would simply need to find more appropriate tools and the correct audience in order to make it the success that it can.

Areas for improvements. Plan for improving work

I would do the following:

1. I would clearly define my targeted audience whom I think the book may interest / be most appropriate for.

2. I would approach an exemplar of that targeted market (perhaps a few individuals) and ask them for their opinion of the book.

3. I would leverage the book to sites that target that specific market, for instance websites that market themselves to recent immigrants.

4. I may have to edit and modify my pamphlet accordingly, for instance by simplifying the words; incorporating some of the culture's symbols, examples, values etc. so that the targeted immigrant can relate to the book; consider translation alongside the English; and adopt other strategies that would make the book more appealing to the targeted reader. This would necessitate that I put myself in the reader's position and speak to him rather than to myself.

5. I would provide the reader with further references and help so as to help the reader gain the assistance that he or she may need. Appendix will include associations connected to the subject (such as social work organizations); online sites; and offline material that the reader may be able to find in his local library.

Two different social media tools I will use if necessary

1. Post rank and Post rank analytics

1. This is a comparatively new social media tool. It explores blogs and discovers which topics get the most engagement on a particular blog by using the Good, Great, and Best filters to quantify degree of traffic on particular topics to that blog. It is particularly helpful to me since it will enable me to track down the blogs (and other sites) that are most congruent to my topic and assess social comments on the blog's postings. This will help me in at least 3 ways:

a. I can find out more about my target market on these blogs (given that these blogs are pertinent to my target market) and know how I can make my book more appealing to them

b. I can launch my book on these sites (if they are agreeable), or gain some other form of publicity such as releasing excerpts of my book on their sites; producing articles related to my book on their sites; commenting on my book and so forth.

c. I may be able to link my site from their blogs as well as advertise in related ways.

2. Post Rank Analytics

Post Rank Analytics is an extraordinarily helpful tool for my blog and my work as writer, particularly since I intend to market my e-book from a blog (as stated on an earlier assignment). Post Rank Analytics may help me create a prize-winning, attractive, top-ranking blog that is suitable to my particular audience. It does so by tracing reactions to page views, comments, blog posts, and facebook shares and consolidating the whole into a summary that tells me how viewers reacted to my blog (that contains the e-book) and how I can improve results.

This seems to me a most beneficial tool, since may endeavor is to publicize my book to the right market, win their interest in my book, and make it as helpful and appealing as possible.


Allen, C. & Nielsen, J.n S. (2002) "Summary report on Islamophobia in the EU after 11 September 2001," EUMC,

22 hot new social media tools worth exploring.

The Guardian [Aug 15, 2010] The internet:…[continue]

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