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Nurses' employment

Nurses are very important to the nation just as much as they are to their employers. Their work should be treated with a lot of respect for they deal in a highly sensitive area that touches life. Their employers are supposed to treat them with respect that they deserve for they work best where there is a favorable working condition that is free from stress from the employers as well as from other forces. Through their hard work they meet the strict requirements and stipulation to acquire their licenses, and therefore they deserve a better work environment.

Voice of Nurses

Nurses' voices can easily be heard in making work environment to be positive as well as to facilitate a feeling of teamwork, cooperation and joy between the staffs. It can be through:

Building trust; all relationships tend to have trust as the basic tenant, therefore to built an environment of trust forms an essential way of creating a positive work environment, (International Council of Nurse, 2007). This is a philosophy that should be demonstrated in whatever the managers as well as their staff do. The managers are supposed to show their staffs in all they do that they as the management can be responsible, reliable as well as accountable, so that the employees (nurses) can rely on them for consistency, and letting them to be aware that you expect the same from them.

Communicate positively and openly; For a positive work environment to be created every employee is supposed to feel that they are valued. This will be achieved when employees are always listened to and honoring what they have to say. Have an open meeting with your staff and have a discussion with your staffs concerning the organization's values, philosophy, mission and goals.

The employers should expect the best from their staff: Since people will tend to perform in the way others expect them to, therefore having high expectation for your staff and making them aware of this by treating them in a manner which shows that they are competent and capable, will make them rise to the occasion and be excellent employees.

Create Team Spirit; Among basic human needs tend to be feeling that we belong to something bigger as compared to ourselves, and need will always be met through being part of supportive work group. Therefore a supervisor should create an environment of unity among your staffs. Because of that unity the employees feel valued and that they belong. Through such team belonging, the nurses will then be able to voice their concerns and even give suggestions to the improvement of facilities or even the services provided.

Give recognition and appreciation; Every person who does something good is supposed to be recognized and appreciated. Every excellently performed job and positive attitude should be recognized and these appreciations will eventually make your staff members to feel that they are valued and a respected part of the team, (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, 2006). with the recognition then there will be more openness to voicing of the pertinent issues by the staffs since they will feel part of the organization as a whole.

Be approachable It is of importance to for the administrators or the supervisors to have an attitude of approachability towards the staffs. In many occasion you should show available and happy to share with employees from all levels and position and this way the management will be able to get information from the members of the nursing fraternity.

Whenever there is a problem within the work environment such as hospital downsizing, cross-training and supervision of non-licensed professionals, nurses employees do have various option. Employees can decide to keep silent or speak. Employees will tend to be silent in many organizations thanks to the rampant breakdown in communication. It might result to a lot of damage when the supervisors and the employees fail to meet regularly. This is more obvious in a virtual workplace where there is just in-person communication in a small discussion groups, (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, 2006). Such kind of organization will always be susceptible to the employees silence for there is always no person-to-person communication and it can be more possible to either ignore or misinterpret some things such as email. Even though, these employees have option of speaking or keeping silent. However most of the employees opt to keep silent since they never want to share these information which might be of negative connotation hence threatening the organization. On the other hand when these employees decide to speak, the information they might give out may be seen as betrayal to the organization.

In terms of collective bargaining, employees' group representatives always do have a meeting with their employers so that they can discuss and reach to a solution in the matters pertaining the working conditions and terms of the employees. Employers (hospital administrators) and nurses tend to have a formal, direct and open opposition in case nurses have been elected to bargain collectively. The nurses are to seek representation within collective bargaining, join together as a local bargaining unit. Such unit entails the professional nurses who are employed regularly on one level of employment within an institution.

The director of nursing has always been recognized clearly to be part of the management team. It is asserted further by the ANA Commission that within the hospital of today the authority that can effectively recommend hiring, promotion, firing as well as discharge of nurses has squarely been limited to director of nursing, plus her immediate assistance as well as associates. Therefore the directors of nursing with their immediate associates have been considered by hospital nurses and administrators to be part of management team within a collective bargaining. Hence there is less consensus regarding nurses who are below the level of assistant director nursing.

Standardized test results are always meant for use in making norm-referenced interpretations. Prior to making such interpretations, the concern body are supposed to have in mind the fact that these standardized test tend to be more relevant to general rather than specific instructional goals. Moreover standardized tests results are more appropriate for evaluation of groups as compared to individuals. Therefore, standardized test score are not supposed to be used in determining; specific course grades or the competence of a nurse in term of to hire, promote or terminate the nurses. The same as quite a number of educational measurers, standardized will always provide gross but not precise data concerning achievements. In addition, differences in performance and achievements tend to be reflected in large score difference.

Most of the states have their Boards of Nursing that are to make sure that there is quality and constancy among the nurses. The primary function of the Boards is to dictate the guideline for nursing practice as well as licensure. They use strict requirement in order for them provide license. This is true the requirements are strict for the nurses but this has been put like this to ensure: Regulate nursing profession through handling licensure application as well as discipline matters for all nurses. For a quality pool to be maintained of both the registered nurses and practical nurses, there has to be a strict adherence to the nurses requirements for licensure and renewal, (Elizabeth Thompson, 2012).

The nurses have also to adhere to the strict codes of ethics. Their interaction with patients is during a great vulnerability time as they also influence their decisions. The significance of the nursing code of ethics is to guide the decisions and behaviors of nurses in order for the patients to receive the best treatment possible. Upon getting license the nurses are expected to be accountable for the job they are to do. They are required to carry out their duties professionally as per the standards of the facility where she is employed. They are not to operate outside their sphere of knowledge and are to advocate for clients without discrimination to champion their rights to the best care possible. They are expected to have high integrity and honesty as they perform their duties.

Licensing of nursesIt is of importance for any profession to have a license as a condition of practicing. Generally nurses form the second largest group of license professionals in U.S. The major purpose of professional license is always to protect the public against any harm through establishing a minimal qualification as well as competencies for safe entry-level practitioners. The reason as to why nursing tends to be much regulated is because it is among the health professions that exposes the public to risks of harm in any case it is practiced under incompetency. However the public might not be having the capability of knowing and having sufficient information to know that whoever is to carry out health matters is unqualified health care provider, therefore they are always vulnerable to unsafe and incompetent practitioners.

Licenses that are provided through the government entity such as the state Board of Nursing (BON) give the…[continue]

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