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Strategic Case Study

Woolworths Supermarkets

Strategic analysis

External analysis

Turbulence model

Porters' five forces

6O/Ts evident

Competitive strengths

Competitive position in the market

Weakness evident

Mission statement


Strategic objectives

Ethics matrix

Stakeholder theory analysis

Key broad business-level and international strategies

Strategic implementation: General perspective

Key strategic implementation issues

Strategic evaluation

Current and future prospects and recommendations

Woolworths Supermarkets

Woolworths Supermarkets is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. The Woolworths Supermarkets has been in service for the last decade and has done a lot of production and growth in the country. Woolworths Supermarkets is concerned with manufacture and trading of supermarket and grocery products throughout the country and within the nearby countries. The Woolworths Supermarkets has benefited from the advanced need and demand from clients who are mostly of the Australian origin. The social structures and functionalities of the supermarket are found within the notion of benefiting the society while growing its advances in the market. Many other organizations and supermarkets have tried to be in line with competition with Woolworths Supermarkets. Nonetheless, Woolworths Supermarkets has stood the ground and become of hits in the Australian market (Mills 2002, p. 667).

The study has endeavored to explore on different avenues and productivity within the Woolworths Supermarkets in the world. Woolworths Supermarkets is a global hit and has done a lot of growth and development in Australia. The research used by the study has endeavored to explore on all the rudimentary measures and steps taken by the supermarket in order to be there are serving its clients in the market. The directives that have been taken by the study are related to the overall performance of the market together with the specified avenues of productivity. It is an obvious thing that every business has its strategic options and intentions in order to meet the dire needs of the members in the society. The rudimentary measures are directed at influencing the positive attributes that are related to the manufacturing processes, trading, sales, and the general avenues or services. These are measures that ensure that Woolworths Supermarkets has stood the ground and become a firm business in the market. Furthermore, the study has relayed all the procedures and steps taken by the Woolworths Supermarkets in the market. It takes the full forces and plans of the company in order to realize its avenues of success in the market.


The Woolworths Limited own Woolworths Supermarkets. The company is advanced in its production and delivery of products and services to its clients. The production plans together with other avenues of production that have been embraced by Woolworths Supermarkets has assisted din its establishment of the market. Many clients make use of the products and production services from the Woolworths Supermarkets. Therefore, the innate success of the Woolworths Supermarkets has been within it provision and maintenance of growth within and outside the country. Many other avenues of productivity are in line with merging with the company (Khosrowpour 2006, p. 54). The grocery products and services from the company are related to the innate connection with its suppliers in the market. Most suppliers to Woolworths Supermarkets are from the nearby farmers and local producers. In order to meet the demand and need of clients in the market, Woolworths Supermarkets have installed a process of using products or materials from the farmers and other local suppliers who have been instrumental in the general processes of growth and development of the business in and out of Australia. The strategic options and theoretical avenues of analysis have been used to state the differences between the performances of the Woolworths Supermarkets and many other businesses in the market. The immediate actions and strategic activities that have been taken by the Woolworths Supermarkets're relayed in a form of study in the market (Humphery 1998, p. 65).

Strategic analysis

External analysis

Turbulence model

The application of turbulence model is relevant within the study of the marketing situations and structures in Woolworths Supermarkets. Through the model, one will be able to relay the different measures of productivity that have been used by the company in the market. For the company to meet the specified needs of the market, several steps must be undertaken in the production and marketing plans. The turbulence model relays the external and internal factors of operation that are relevant to the overall productivity of the firm in the market. The turbulence model has relay the immediate needs and specifications. Mostly, the external characteristics of equitable environment, ready market, and the immediate sources of the materials makes the entire business to prosper in the market (Khosrow-Pour, 2002, p. 3-5).

Porters' five forces

The threats from new entrants, new production, strategic options of new entrants, and the relevance of competition is a common facet that dwells within the production avenues of the Woolworths Supermarkets. All these measures of production are found within the specified avenues of production and continuity in the market. In order to foster equitable management of resources and other scales of production in the market, there are several other sector of production and maintenance of a stable market in the country. Therefore, the Woolworths Supermarkets has managed to deal with the external forces that offer competition and other threats to the existence and success of the company in the country. Part of the porter's five forces is found within the sensitivity analysis as shown in the graph.

Graph 1.

O/Ts evident

There are several opportunities posed within the reach of the Woolworths Supermarkets. There are many materials for productivity. The market is available with little competition. The advancement of the Woolworths Supermarkets market is an enormous opportunity for productivity and increased growth. Moreover, there is an opportunity of being the only stable market in Australia producing ready-made products to its customers. Threats come from other new entrants who have alternative products. They tend to sway continued productivity within the organization. Moreover, threats come from completion in the global presence with many of the avenues of productivity found within a competitive market.

Internal analysis

Competitive strengths

The competitive strength of Woolworths Supermarkets is evident from it increased and stable base in the market. It has created a good and valuable market that is ready for production and continuity of productivity in the market. The stability of the business is found within its strategies of productivity. It is diverse in productivity and trading.

Competitive position in the market

One of the competitive advantages of Woolworths Supermarkets is its diversity in production and trading of products. It has managed to live within a competitive market and hence establish a name or brand in the market. This means that it will take its competitors a broad avenue of productivity in order to overcome the advances made by the supermarket in and outside of Australia.

Weakness evident

One of the weaknesses evident in the market comes with lack of more diversity in order to cater for alternative productions as relayed in the porter's forces. The Woolworths Supermarkets should be able to match with the changing trends of the global economy in order to foster equitable management of its productivity and continuity in the market.

Strategic directions and strategic objectives

Mission statement

The mission statement of the Australian Woolworths Supermarkets is articulated and functioning within the precepts of growth and development in the market. The available avenues of growth and development are all linked to the vision statement. Many organizations are known to have vision and mission statements but are not able to live within the expectations of the people in the society. In order to make and be strong in the market, many of these organizations, just as like is being done in Woolworths Supermarkets, make use of the vision statements. The mission of Woolworths Supermarkets expresses that it regards and desires to deliver to the customers the right shopping experiences at all times. The company is made up of many departments and stores that are directed at reflecting the innate purposes of the organization in the delivery of products and services to the people in the market. The mission of the company is to be a hard working, quality, and with passion in the delivery of its products and services to clients in the market (Wanna 2009, p. 43-78).

The Australian Woolworths Supermarkets is living up to the mission statements in it activities. The strategies and figures of performance in the company are related and established from the guiding principles that are found within the available networks in the country. In many occasions, the company management expresses the need for the company to live within the ideas that have been expressed by the company in the vision and mission statements. This means that the company is living up to the conditions and standards set by the mission statement. The mission statement is part of the strategic options that are used to drive the company to greater heights of performance in the environment. The set targets and considerate avenues are aimed at…[continue]

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