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Online Security Essay

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Online Shopping Can Be Safe

There are definitely risks associated with online shopping. There have been many cases of hackers gaining access to shoppers' personal information. One case that just happened recently and has flooded the airwaves was Target who was hacked on December 18th, 2013. The company had over seventy million people with their names, home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers stolen and an additional forty million debit card credit card account information stolen as well (Malcolm, 2014).

Target, after acknowledging that as many as 110 million customers had personal information and card data stolen, said it would speed up its adoption of more secure payment technology. Suddenly, banks were being pressured to issue customers new cards with microchips, which have been used in Europe for more than 20 years. Congressional committees asked, with urgency, what more could be done (Malcolm, 2014).

Now many banks and retailers are trying to push for security chips to install in U.S. systems as well by next holiday system, October, 2015.

Although these major security breaches occur, online shopping is still relatively safe. Though hackers may have personal information from millions of users, there are other steps that must be taken before someone could actually be subject to fraud. Only a small fraction of people may actually have to deal with any negative consequences of the breech. Furthermore, there are many other steps that can be taken to protect yourself online and your online profiles. Another problem that online shoppers may encounter is the presence of fake reviews. This a trend that has been increasing as more and more shoppers have begun to use peer reviews for shopping decisions.

It is advised that consumers…… [Read More]

Garver, A. (2012, September 11). Top 5 Dangers Of Online Shopping And Precautions To Take On Cyber Monday. Retrieved from Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/abegarver/2012/09/11/the-top-five-dangers-of-online-shopping-precautions-to-take/

Malcolm, H. (2014, February 24). Merchants look for new and improved payment technologies. Retrieved from USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2014/02/22/retail-hacks-security-standards/5257919/
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Online Stores Essay

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Online Stores Offers Competitive Advantage

Comment by Sabina:

In an unstable economy such as our current economy every business must seek a competitive advantage. Our economy has suffered a recession in the last few years, many people have lost their jobs, families have lost their homes and disposable income has disappeared. All business must develop a strategic business plan to gain a competitive advantage, allowing them to stay in business and establish success. In this paper I will discuss how offering online services and online stores have a competitive advantage in the market.

Stores that are fully online can keep overhead cost low. Online businesses do not have to pay rent for space, and in many case they can keep cost lower without additional expenses. Store front business has many expenses such as electricity, insurance for the location and many other expenses. Online stores require fewer employees since the business is operated from a website. Since online stores can keep their cost low, they can then pass on the extra savings to the consumers giving them the competitive advantage.

Online stores offer a great competitive advantage to busy customers. Customers who do not have the time to go shopping or price shopping can go online and find the product they are looking for. Customers can gain information about the product, different brands available and find the best price. Customers can make their purchases online, and it will be shipped directly to their shipping address of choice. This is a great competitive advantage for busy customers, they get all the service they are looking for at the best price available. In 2007 when the economy was heading downward the companies that did the best in sales were the companies that utilized online sales strategies (Lindsay et. al., 2008). Analyst believes that consumers are looking for new web technologies and online retailing.

The growth of technology also affects businesses. Technology today is much more advanced than ten years ago. Consumers can gain information about products and services through a variety of mediums,…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Online Transaction Empowered by E-Currency Exchange Without Essay

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Online Transaction Empowered by E-Currency Exchange without credit card

The growth of the internet on a public scale, since its arrival in the eighties has allowed businesses to expand internationally. User interactions are no longer restricted to the local level. Easy to use web interfaces allow voice, message and video-based conversations. Entrepreneurship is much easier than before as individuals can place their product catalogues on websites without much set up costs. Country specific currencies (such as the American dollar, Euro, Rupee etc.) tend to cause problems if users need to purchase something unavailable in their location. This led to the concept of 'E-Currency' which is geared towards online transactions as it removes usage limitations based on country or nationality. The popularity of this industry grew as a way of handling the restrictions imposed on global businesses. Privacy is a major concern in this regard since there are multiple web-based transactions involved. Security features for such financial operations have had their shortfalls in the past but managed to become pretty stable. The existence of E-Currencies primarily depends on factors such as the improved privacy features, the need to generalize fund formats throughout the world and the execution time for such transactions ("Understanding the E-Currency," 2002)

Background of study

E-Currency is different from traditional forms of money, approved and issued by the government, such as Yen or Dollar. Their purchasing power and values are maintained and updated by the respective financial departments. One cannot go and ask for E-Currency bills (for example iGold, Liberty Reserve etc.) from banks or public currency conversion centers. They can regarded as specific units which have some value based on real money (in Dollars, Euros etc.). They are like digital widgets (or poker chips which can be used online) applicable in different countries. The development of such means of money which are not under…… [Read More]

Christian, P.(n.d.) Speed-E-Money: A subsidiary of international load center. Retrieved from http://www.speed-emoney.com

n.a. (2002) Understanding the E-Currency and Exchange maker industries. Retrieved from www.financial-spread-betting.com/e-gold.pdf
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Online Store Business Concept Type Essay

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Despite this array of potential benefits I also came across numerous obstacles including risk issues that encompass security and privacy concerns. With this in mind when starting my own business I'll will focus to prevent and take every precaution possible to overcome and therefore give myself advantage over the competition.

Potential customers how many have you talked to?

While attending seminars, talking to friends and meeting new people during my research I spoke to at least 30 people.

A what did you ask them?

Did you shop online? How many times? What was your experience? Were you satisfied with the transaction? Were you satisfied with the product? Why do you shop online? What products do you buy online? What website do you use when shopping online?

A what did you find out?

According to my findings, although online shopping is already a multi-billion dollar industry, electronic commerce is still in its development stage. About 56% of people that I talked to prefer to 'feel' and 'touch' the product they buy. The other 44% of people describe online shopping as fast, convenient and the biggest plus was the ability to shop in the comfort of their own home. Interesting part of my findings was gender please see table below.

A how many are likely to buy?

By conducting a short survey of 18 people (9 male and 9 female), I was able to present the following trends of online transactions. Although the diffusion of innovation line of research would tend to suggest that younger or better educated subjects would be more likely to adopt this innovation, statistical testing of these variables was not significant. There were differences, however, on gender. As table below shows, more male respondents report that they buy online than female respondents.


Female %

Male %

Online Purchases

Yes %

No %

Other people how many have you talked to?

By random approach and interaction, I talked to about 20 people.

A what did you ask them?

Do you have a computer at home? Do you have access to the internet? Did you shop online? How many times? What was your experience? Were you satisfied with the transaction? Were you satisfied with the product? Why do you shop online? What products do you buy online? What website…… [Read More]

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Online Selling Small Businesses & 8226 Identify Benefits Essay

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online selling small businesses. • Identify benefits costs online retailing i) small businesses online retailing ii) small business online retailing. • Explain online retailing affect financial management existing small business chooses move online retailing.

Online Selling

The following pages focus on identifying and discussing the impact that online selling has on small businesses. The paper intends to address issues like benefits and costs associated with online retailing. In order to provide information that can be used in understanding the factors that influence this process, the paper presents the situation of small businesses that use online retailing, but also of those that do not use this type of retailing. This comparison is intended to help readers better understand the data collected by the research process.

The research method used in this case is represented by secondary data collection. The reason behind selecting this technique relies on the advantages of secondary research. Secondary sources of information are easier to access by researchers, and have very little costs, sometimes they are free of charge, mostly in the case of Internet sources. Such information sources are more available than primary sources of information. However, the disadvantage of these information sources is that they are not as complex as other sources of information.

The importance of the researched topic relies on the necessity of understanding the process of online retailing and its effects. The numerous technological developments introduced by specialists in certain fields have modified the business strategy of many companies (Grosso et al., 2005). The number of online businesses has significantly increased with market conditions allowing this situation. The numerous advantages of online businesses have determined certain companies to address this type of activity.

Small businesses that use online retailing

The development of e-commerce has determined significant effects for both retailers and their customers. Although in certain business fields it is important to encourage direct contact with customers in traditional stores, most sellers address online selling also. This situation can be attributed to the intensified online shopping that more and more customers seem to prefer. Their interest towards online shopping is determined by the reduced time required by this activity and…… [Read More]

1. Grosso, C. et al. (2005). Retailing: What's Working Online. McKinsey Quarterly. Retrieved October 14, 2011 from http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Retailing_Whats_working_online_1631.

2. Online Retailing's Next Frontier (2011). Forbes. Retrieved October 15, 2011 from http://www.forbes.com/2010/06/16/future-of-online-retailing-facebook-entrepreneurs-technology-wharton.html.

3. Bannister, P. (2002). Ten Best Practices of Online Retailing. E-Commerce Guide. Retrieved October 15, 2011 from http://www.ecommerce-guide.com/news/trends/article.php/979861.
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Online Privacy and E-Commerce Essay

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A fresh channel of distributing personal information has been opened up by the internet. It is now the fastest developing electronic means of communication the world has ever seen. For instance, in the U.S. after the widespread use of electricity nearly 46 years later only 30% of American homes had access to electricity and almost 38 years elapsed before 30% of households had telephones with only 17% enjoying television. For a period of only 7 years another 30% had internet connection and after 5 years of exponential growth there was rapid expansion of fresh internet connection. More than five million Americans joined the communication superhighway in the first quarter of the year 2000 which translates into about 55,000 fresh users daily (Selis, Ramasasty, Kim, & Smith, 2003).

The quick spread and development of the internet has both pros and cons. The technological growth that makes it possible to get quick access to information and commercial items has given internet service providers a leeway to gather, keep, transfer and sell large degrees of pertinent information to and from persons who utilize their websites. Amongst the American public this gathering of personal data is an issue of great concern and worry (Selis, Ramasasty, Kim, & Smith, 2003).

Increasing concern about online privacy

How this data is gathered and put to use is a matter of public worry and a reason for many people to worry about personal privacy online. A study conducted in November 2000 by UCLA discovered that two-thirds of Americans who use the internet and about ae of non-users are anxious about going online because that endangers their privacy (Selis, Ramasasty, Kim, & Smith, 2003).

A poll carried out recently by Harris showed that 94% of Americans are worried that businesses might misuse their personal information. 29% feel that their privacy has been intruded on and that implies that internet users have a…… [Read More]

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Online Retailing Operates What Kind of Problems Essay

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online retailing operates, what kind of problems they face and the kind of environment they operate in. The author has also focused on Asian online retailing and special focus on Hong Kong online retailing. It has 22 sources.

Access of basic necessities of life has followed the conventional method of buying and selling. This pattern changed in the last decade with the emergence of information technology age. When consumers have the ability to access information instantly, technologists thought why not access to products has as well. Thus emerged the concept of retailing online.

Online market had initiated with selling of information but today one can interact on the internet and buy physical products without any fear, atleast in some parts of the world. The main concern for consumers today is not whether their regions have access to the internet or not but rather focused on how fast and how online retailers can promptly provide them with products / services. As a result of this attitude a lot of internet companies started to have a separate division for marketing - online retails or more commonly known among IT professionals as retail. Online retailer is a diversified version of the e-commerce sister. Today online retailers sell anything that they find feasible to sell- right from a hair pin to a car, all can be online.

The competitive factor concerned here is how efficient is the etailing system, that is whether it is to survive external as well as internal environment. Despite being one of the most lucrative hub of online retailers America today still fear for its survival. With the Asian crisis, the Latin crisis as well as the recent September 11 crises, the economy had lurched on and off. The major concern is the local market is not strong enough to survive. In the face of competition from Asians as well as from Europeans, online retailers fear they need to gauge their competitors' strength and weaknesses before they can progress further. In discussing one of the competitive region, Hong Kong has been taken as an example.


In the following section the author will provide the current environment, the scope and the pitfalls of online retailers in America…… [Read More]

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Online Newspapers the Newspaper Industry Picturesque for Essay

Words: 4448 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12589244

Online Newspapers

The newspaper industry, picturesque for centuries, symbolized novelty marked by downright, clear-cut representation of information and news and painstakingly categorized. Readers got used to repose faith in some bylines and be aware of indications of prominence, like the blaring headline in the form of a banner. A good number of people think a computer screen can never take the place of a newspaper. Online newspapers are securing a position for themselves, particularly among the news hunters, the computer users, and the youths, who perceive the Internet as the practical medium for information and news. The online medium is befitting for the people who have treaded ahead of MTV, afar Entertainment Tonight and also further than wired journal. (The Online Newspaper: A Postmodern Medium)

With its predisposition to distort and combine media, the online newspaper is not as clear-cut as its print brethren, despite the fact that it has every news and information contained in a newspaper. The online newspaper comes after modernism. The subsequent movement flagged off with the descent of Mcpaper, USA Today in the initial stages of 1980 appropriate for a class of commuting generalists. Its main company Gennett Company took advantage of its vibrant cover page and precise multicultural people-loving features as a trendsetter for candid news reporting. (The Online Newspaper: A Postmodern Medium)

In the present day world, readers are drenched in information given by the newspapers and the irony is that they offer more effectively more news than ever before. It has become highly difficult to supply to one section without driving away the rest, as newspapers have many readers. There is a broad gap between the readers and their knowledge of what they need and get from an online newspaper, when excess information and too much targeted information are given to them. There are lesser limitations in the postmodern newspaper, which is inside the publication or in its association with the rest of the world. In the online newspapers, though there are many segments, going from one section to…… [Read More]

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Exploring Online Consumer Behaviors Essay

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Online Consumer Behaviors

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Perceptions of Online Shopping and how this Influences Purchasing Decisions

Exploring Online Consumer Behavior

Internet usage has increased rapidly in the past few decades. Accompanying this trend has been the increase in online retail shopping by consumers. However, many consumer behaviors, motivations, and attitudes toward shopping via this medium are still being researched and there are many opportunities for further research. This paper will examine the following research questions: (1) How do factors previously researched affect the online purchasing behavior of consumers and (2) what are the significant consumer behaviors both positive and negative that affect internet consumerism? The purpose of this research paper is to integrate the varied research information together and draw coherent linkages to how consumer thoughts, attitudes and motivational behavior affect online buying, thus building a broader framework of analysis in which to build upon. By identifying these relevant factors, a new research strategy can be developed in which both consumers and vendors can gain knowledge and understanding of behaviors which exist.

Behaviors Associated with Internet Consumerism

There are many variables to consider when outlining behaviors of Internet consumerism. According to Vazquez and XU (2008, p.409) online consumer behavior is affected by three main things: "attitudes towards online shopping, motivations, such as price, convenience and hedonic motivations, and online information search." If a person maintains a positive perception about regarding the experience of shopping on the Internet then that attitude will help facilitate purchasing online. Also online consumers feel empowered when they can search and compare vendors' offers with relative ease; for example, items such as prices and special offers. This price comparison can be, in itself, a great motivational tool. The fact that more information is…… [Read More]

Vazquez, D., & Xu, X. (2009). Investigating linkages between online purchase behaviour variables. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 37, 408-419. doi: 10.1108/09590550910954900
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Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong Item Page Essay

Words: 4928 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33709828

Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Item Page Number

Tourism in Hong Kong

Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Urban Tourism

Destination Marketing

Shopping Tourism

Questionnaire Design

Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Shopping tourism is a major aspect of the global tourism trade and as such is an area of tourism that is and should be promoted by destination countries and locations. This is true for Hong Kong as well as in other locations throughout the world. Ashworth (1989) writes that urban regeneration and tourism have become critically important activities beginning in the 1980's. Ashworth specifically notes two elements that link the ideas of the city and tourism and which show the complex relationship that exists between the features of a city and the functions of tourism that serve to result in shopping tourism in the city. The first element is comprised by the specific characteristics of a city and how this serves to impact tourism activities. The second element is comprised by the various attributes of the city represented in the accommodations that tourists receive and that which represents the infrastructure of the city.

II. Tourism in Hong Kong

The Tourism industry in Hong Kong is reported as "a major pillar of the economy…in 2009, it contributed to 3.3% of Hong Kong's GDP…employing over 193,200 individuals accounting for 5.5% of total employment…" in Hong Kong. (Hong Kong Tourism Commission, 2011) Visitor arrivals for the first half of 2011 is reported to have risen by 14.7% compared with the first half of 2010. Hong Kong features 184 hotels with 61,828 rooms, a total room supply increase of 1,724 rooms (2.9%) as compared to June, 2010. Reported as the average length of stay of overnight visitors in 2010 was 3.6 nights. To lengthen the stay of visitors the Hotel Accommodation Tax has been waived since July 1, 2008 and the government is reported as having "undertaken a number of initiatives to promote hotel development to meet the diversified needs" of Hong Kong visitors. (Hong Kong Tourism Commission, 2011)

III. Shopping Tourism in Hong Kong

Shopping tourism is a strong industry in Hong Kong, which features luxury brand streets. Particularly popular with tourists is…… [Read More]

Cheung, Sidney (nd) Cultural Tourism and Hong Kong Identity. Department of Anthropology. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Retrieved from: http://cuhk.orientalecom7.com/en/publish/workingpaper4.pdf

Discover Hong Kong by Rail (2012) Hong Kong Tourism Board. Retrieved from: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/things-to-do/discover-hongkong-rail.html
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Online Table Reservation and Menu-Order Essay

Words: 2427 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4858321

Many people who choose to eat at upscale restaurants consider themselves gourmets who enjoy showing off their knowledge of fine food by ordering dishes using correct French pronunciation or by knowing the difference between flambe and flame-broiled. To have the meal pre-ordered takes away the excitement of interacting with fellow foodies or people who enjoy such dining experiences. In addition, no online reservation service can routinely offer diners with table selection or other fastidious details that a live hostess or waiter can.

However, this service could appeal to event planners and people who are responsible for organizing and arranging meals for large amounts of people. By allowing people to order online, conference and other large event planners may be able to provide more flexibility in the menu offerings and hasten the ordering process by having drink, appetizer, entree and dessert choices in hand instead of having to collect even pre-ordered orders once again.

Expanding the market

Another option for this kind of service is to use it as an advertising vehicle for tourist sites and chamber of commerce web site. The site could then expand its offerings to less upscale restaurants, but serve more as an online advertising vehicle than as a service vehicle. An online service that is already used in this manner is online service information for families who are visiting different places. Offering a link to this web site on chamber of commerce web sites and tourist advertising web sites. Families visiting in new places can use this service to make reservations at a restaurant and preview the menus and make orders before going to the restaurant. In this way, parents bringing their children to family restaurants could pre-order their dinner so that they do not have to wait a long time for their meal at the restaurant. In this way, families can still enjoy a meal out without having to contend with entertaining their children while waiting for a waitress to arrive…… [Read More]

Andrews, Whit. (2000). OpenTable.com. Internet World 6.8: 32

Carlson, S. (2000). Internet Booksellers Rely on Low-Tech Legwork of Student Representatives. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 46.26
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Online Profiling the Extensive Collection Essay

Words: 2797 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24130980

They worked with the FTC to define the following four Fair Information Practices, rules designed to prevent companies from abusing the information they receive through online profiling (Computer law tip of the week, 2000):

Rule 1 (Notice): A company must notify customers that it uses online profiling to track their online habits. If it collects personally identifiable information about customers, such as their names, addresses or telephone numbers, the company's website must clearly and unambiguously notify them of this fact before the company collects this information.

Rule 2 (Choice): Depending on the type of information a company collects, there must be opt-in and opt-out options. Opt-in, or obtaining the customer's permission, is required to link personally identifiable information that a company has about a customer such as name, address or telephone number with data acquired about Web surfing habits. Opt-out means that the customers have to be given the chance to say no, but they don't have to explicitly agree. Opt-out is required when merging non-personal data about customers.

Rule 3 (Access): Customers must have reasonable access to personally identifiable information that a company keeps about them for profiling.

Rule 4 (Security): A company must make reasonable efforts to protect the data it collects for profiling purposes from loss, misuse, alteration and improper access.

Compliance with Self-Regulation

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), NAI's membership constitutes over ninety percent of the network advertising industry in terms of revenue and ads served. Therefore, the FTC has concluded that legislation is required to bring the remaining ten percent of the industry in compliance with NAI rules of online profiling conduct. Further, the FTC states that:

Self-regulation cannot address recalcitrant and bad actors, new entrants to the market, and drop-outs from the self-regulatory program. In addition, there are unavoidable gaps in the network advertising companies' ability to require host Web sites to post notices about profiling, namely Web sites that do not directly contract with the network advertisers; only legislation can guarantee that notice and choice are always provided in the place and at the time consumers need them." (Online profiling: a report to Congress, 2000).

Still, others argue that…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Arnis, D. (2000, Feburary 1). Online profiling: A threat or a benefit?. http://www.netfreedom.org/news.asp?item=106

Berman, J. (2000, May 25). Privacy online: Fair information practices in the electronic marketplace. http://www.cdt.org/testimony/000525berman.shtml
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Online Learning Essay

Words: 1056 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73698709

Online Learning

What is the future of distance learning (including online learning as well as distance alternatives to internet delivered instruction)?

The future of distance learning is often viewed in black and white terms -- that is, that online learning will completely replace face-to-face instruction in the classroom, or that online learning is destructive to the purpose of pedagogy. However, the truth is likely to be between the two extremes. On one hand, distance learning for over-committed learners at community colleges with many outside 'life' obligations and individuals seeking supplements to their education such as executive MBAs, seems to be growing. Even the most prestigious schools in the nation, such as New York University's Stern School of Business, offer part-time executive MBA programs that marry limited onsite education opportunities with online opportunities, as noted on the website of the school.

But distance learners in all situations must be highly motivated. "While some people thrive on the independence and freedom offered through such classes, others find themselves regretting their decision and wishing they had enrolled at a traditional school instead," because of the varying commitment of online teachers as well as fellow students in the 'distanced' environment of the online school. (Littlefield, 2005) Often, for lower school students, or students who are still learning the basics or who are still exploring their educational options, such a high level of educational motivation is not psychologically feasible. In fact, reading skills of a higher rather than lower level are frequently demanded of distance learners. Thus, other than supplementary video learning, pure distance might be difficult for lower-grade students, such as students still in high school or in K-12 settings, although online learning may have its place in supplementation to more traditional classroom instruction.

Does the future of online learning differ based on the educational setting? For instance, is the future of online education different for K-12, postsecondary, and organizational learning environments? Why or Why not?

Thus, the background and psychology of the online learners and the nature o the online settings remain critical to…… [Read More]

Dover, Kimko. (2005) "Contract Work in Adult Education." About. Com. Retrieved 4 Jul 2005 at http://adulted.about.com/cs/employment/a/contract_work.htm

Labour, Michel Charles Juwah, Nancy White and Sarah Tolley (2000) "Facilitating Online Learning." Online Tutoring. Last Updated 21 Feb 2002 Retrieved 30 Jun 2005 at http://otis.scotcit.ac.uk/onlinebook/otist607.htm
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Online Escort Services and Their Essay

Words: 2783 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9121935

, 2001). Based on the proliferation of the Internet and the near-ubiquity of personal computers in many affluent homes, these rates can reasonably be expected to have increased even further in subsequent years.

In fact, it would appear that the more people of both sexes are using the Internet for these purposes, the more ways they are finding to do so. In this regard, Green and her associates point out that, "The fact that one can access sexually related materials and interact with others anonymously on the Internet has opened the doors even wider. Using anonymous screen names, individuals can explore and express their sexual interests with little fear that friends, coworkers, or even spouses will discover their activities" (2001, p. 303). Furthermore, the individuals who participate in these encounters can do so with other anonymous individuals without the risks typically associated with face-to-face relationships; if an anonymous online relationship turns sour, it is a simple matter to discontinue it.

In addition, and perhaps more importantly for this analysis as it applies to online encounters, gender identification in computer-mediated forums can be difficult - if not impossible -- because the individual's physical appearance is not in evidence unless he or she so desires by exchanging pictures or using video cameras). Today, Internet users "can literally change his or her gender (known as gender-bending), personality, or physical description at will. The Internet is a ripe environment for the experimentation and exploration of one's identities" (Green et al., p. 303).

Implications for Policymakers, Healthcare Practitioners and Sexually Oriented Enterprises.

While there are some clear gender differences in how online sexually oriented services are viewed, as well as some important community standards that come into play in this analysis. Because these sexually oriented services are projecting an increasingly prominent presence in both online and offline settings based in large part on the profitability of such enterprises, identifying how such activities tend to affect those who participate becomes an important consideration for policymakers and clinicians alike. For example, in their chapter, "Nudity and Sexual Appeals: Understanding the Arousal Process and Advertising Response," LaTour and Henthorne (2003) report that, "There…… [Read More]

Benotsch, E.G., Cage, M., & Kalichman, S. (2002). Men who have met sex partners via the Internet: Prevalence, predictors, and implications for HIV prevention. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 31(2), 177.

Giuseppe, R., Tiziana, T., & Anolli, L. (2003). The use of the Internet in psychological research: Comparison of online and offline questionnaires. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 6(1), 73.
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Online Auction Sites Including Ebay Essay

Words: 462 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9784625

There are additional verification services for security in addition to interactive chat between buyers and sellers as well. eBay, Priceline.com ad Skyauction.com all use multiple layers of security to ensure fraud does not occur in their sponsored transactions. In reviewing potential flights on skyauction.com it is clear that going directly to an airline's website and shopping for specials can actually save money. It is apparent that the costs of running the site are included in the fees as well. Overall, if the deal was good enough for a flight and the security of the site could be verified, using an auction site would save a significant amount of money. Yet the risks associated with any online transaction with an unknown seller would have to be weighed against the benefits on a transaction basis. In other words I would be very careful about using an online auction site until I was able to verify the seller, their credibility, and the sites' credibility and security as well.… [Read More]

Dimitris Bertsimas, Jeffrey Hawkins, Georgia Perakis. (2009). Optimal bidding in online auctions. Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 8(1), 21-41.

Li-Chang Hsu, Chao-Hung Wang. (2008). AA Study of e-Trust in Online Auctions. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 9(4), 310-321.
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Learn About the Shopping Strategies Essay

Words: 1194 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57398428

When searching for an item, the website will be designed in such a way that it will suggest some similar items for customer with different color, size, prints and designs. Similarly, the website will be designed to create a unique user profile, and the more customers log in, the more accurate the website will create their profiles. In their profile, customers will provide information on the items they like and the items they do not like. Thus, the user profile will be a system that would know each customer's sizes, and in different brands and this strategy will create a brand advantages for luxuriousimplicity.com.

Typically, luxurioussimplicity.com has some unique features generally different from websites such as Gilt.com or Zappos.com. The features of luxurioussimplicity.com will assist customers to locate what they are searching without problem. More importantly, luxurioussimplicity.com will differentiate itself by offering unique shopping experience for customer due to its overall layout. The best thing about luxurioussimplicity.com is that it is possible for customer to create a unique user profile. Typically, when customers log in, it will be possible to match their profiles with the items in the online catalogues. When making constant online purchase, the luxurioussimplicity.com will use the past shopping history of customer to suggest possible items that would be of interest to customers.

Moreover, luxurioussimplicity.com will offer loyalty card to customers who make regular purchase from the website. To participate for the loyalty card, luxurioussimplicity.com will ask customer to provide personal shopper profile where they could make regular purchase based on the points they have already accumulated with loyalty card system. Each purchase a customer makes from luxurioussimplicity.com will yield more points and this could be translated into gift card. Using this strategy, the luxurioussimplicity.com will be able attract more customer to the website. Moreover, luxurioussimplicity.com will offer a genuine discount for customer, where the website will offer lower price as well as enhancing more customer experience.

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Week 8


Data Collection

This week will focus on secondary data collection. For example, the data will be collected from different website pages to understand different page layouts. The information will also be collected from library, blogs and newspaper items.

Week 9


Data Collection

The week will be based…… [Read More]