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Despite this array of potential benefits I also came across numerous obstacles including risk issues that encompass security and privacy concerns. With this in mind when starting my own business I'll will focus to prevent and take every precaution possible to overcome and therefore give myself advantage over the competition.

Potential customers how many have you talked to?

While attending seminars, talking to friends and meeting new people during my research I spoke to at least 30 people.

A what did you ask them?

Did you shop online? How many times? What was your experience? Were you satisfied with the transaction? Were you satisfied with the product? Why do you shop online? What products do you buy online? What website do you use when shopping online?

A what did you find out?

According to my findings, although online shopping is already a multi-billion dollar industry, electronic commerce is still in its development stage. About 56% of people that I talked to prefer to 'feel' and 'touch' the product they buy. The other 44% of people describe online shopping as fast, convenient and the biggest plus was the ability to shop in the comfort of their own home. Interesting part of my findings was gender please see table below.

A how many are likely to buy?

By conducting a short survey of 18 people (9 male and 9 female), I was able to present the following trends of online transactions. Although the diffusion of innovation line of research would tend to suggest that younger or better educated subjects would be more likely to adopt this innovation, statistical testing of these variables was not significant. There were differences, however, on gender. As table below shows, more male respondents report...


All respondents reported to have a home PC with access to the internet. A little more than 44% of overall respondents reported making at least one purchase online. Remaining respondents are considering doing it in the near future. Their biggest concern was security of the online transaction. Keeping this in mind I'll put a lot of emphasis on making my online store very secure by using services such as HackerSafe.

Competitors how many have you talked to?

I don't know anyone that have this kind of business, however I research organizations like, CDnow and online travel agencies such as One of the strongest benefits of their service which I noticed was the availability of information about products and services they provide, which reduced my uncertainty in the purchase decision process. For example, travel sites allow potential customers to research flight alternatives and make fare comparisons, as well as read hotel reviews and check rates on accommodations. Moreover sites like allow their consumers to listen to new artists and preview sound clips before making a purchase. This kind of approach I'm planning to incorporate into my online store.

A what do they sell?

Books, Movies, Music & Games, Digital Downloads, Electronics & Computers, Home & Garden, Grocery, Toys, Kids & Baby, Apparel, Shoes & Jewelry, Health & Beauty, Sports & Outdoors, Tools, Auto & Industrial, Travel tickets and hotel packages.

A what price do they charge?

Compare to physical stores the prices are on average 10 to 25% cheaper. This is due to the fact that online stores don't require physical shops and don't need as much employees. Since they have lower costs, they can sell

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