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The company has no strategy so it cannot be determined if this proposed project fits with the strategy. Therefore, AcuScan needs to decide whether or not to pursue this project and if yes, then how.

It is recommended that this project be aborted. There is insufficient evidence to support the contentions of Pat and Chris that this product can be developed or marketed within the budget we can afford or the time frame needed to turn this company around. There is considerable pressure on management to find another successful product. However, that pressure has resulted in poor decisions based on


Betting the future of the company on a project for which we do not have a defined development process -- and for which the team responsible for the development has been left entirely out of the planning process -- is irresponsible. The company needs to focus on genuinely achievable strategic objectives and finding innovative solutions to its market challenges.

Focus needs to be placed on developing a strategic direction for this company. When that has occurred, then new projects can be discussed. In the meantime, an appropriate development process should be developed by Kelly so that all managers understand how the development process works before imposing unrealistic specs, time frames and budgets on the development…

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