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I now wish to move into film and express my abilities through the camera even further. I am trilingual, thus can offer not only my visual expertise but also lend my lingual skills where needed connecting my eyes and thoughts with the world I experience in the future. Now at American Inter-Continental University, I am nearing completion of the requirements for my BFA in Visual Communications, after which I intend to seek a strong, vocational training in the art that has characterized my life.

Rockport does not have to motivate me. As you can see I bring to Rockport an enduring level of commitment and passion carried on in my photographs, through my life and though the very lens through which I explore the world around me.

My determinations to realize my potential is unending. With your assistance I have every confidence I can see them through.
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I have learned that in life it is important to create balance. My goal is to share the knowledge I have learned to help maintain the balance that should naturally exist between man and earth. Part of my challenge will include discovering new ways to preserve the environment and spur others on to do the same.

My goal is simple... I wish to start my own digital scrapbook company. Perhaps I will go on to achieve even more with your assistance and tutelage. I know that with hard work and your caring and wise hand, I will find the right path on my journey.

Why should Rockport accept me? I am possessed of the qualities that Rockport seeks to embed in their students every day. Together I am certain we can realize the full potential of my creative spirit and work toward building a better environment…

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