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AIDS and Dating

This will be an opinion sheet on the r-strategists and k-strategists as they apply to the current aids epidemic and dating.

In the good-ole days, American society used to be staunch k-strategists in regard to dating and the sexual revolution. Dating was controlled and marriage was the ideal type of relationship for the masses. The k-strategy of one woman per man and a single family unit were okay and all was good. Just look at television from the fifty's and it is obvious that socially the k-strategy was accepted. Shows like Father Knows Best or Ozzie & Harriet with the 'Beave' reigned supreme. Aid's was a none entity and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) were thought happen to only to the raunchiest of people.

Then along came the discovery of antibiotics and the control of the STD's. Wow, the United States and the world saw free love and the sexual revolution take over the show. The United States was on a role sexually and the r-strategists had the run of the candy store. Basically, the sexual revolution freed those who wished to experiment sexually and with as many partners as one…

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