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Conflict of Handling Styles

This is a response to two scenarios that try to solve a problem using solution solving models and leadership qualities.

Scenario Background (1)

Colleagues in internal medicine in one of the community hospitals stopped a radiologist following a staff meeting that unanimously agreed that such an action be taken. A week earlier, an internist had referred an elderly man suffering from chronic cough for an x-ray (chest). The patient had also been diagnosed of bronchitis. On a Thursday, morning, the internist had received an x-ray report which indicated that the patient had been diagnosed of bronchogenic Carcinoma. The internist wondered why the radiologist had not shared the report with him verbally. He was upset and complained about it but did not use abusive language.

Handling a conflict

This would have been the best scenario TKI would use. TKI have been on the forefront on conflict resolution assessment. They have done this job for over 30 years. The instrument does not require any special qualifications for its administration. Already, it is being used by Organizational Development (OD) and Human Resources (HR) consultants as a catalyst in discussing various issues that help in learning how conflict --handling modes may affect groups, organizational or personal dynamics. TKI measures how a person would behave when faced with a conflict. Conflict situations refer to any concerns raised...


When this happens, collaborating could be the best option available. Collaborating may involve any attempt to work with other people so as to find a solution that will meet their concerns. It means researching on issues to identify the underlying needs or wants of the two parties. In the above case, both the radiologist and the internist would benefit from the scenario. The internist's concern was that things were not being handled as they should have been. The radiologist on the other hand, could have reasons why things were being handled differently. Expressing this out could help to have this sorted out.

Promote Change

To do this, it may be necessary to expend valuable resources in addressing and resolving conflict. It helps to improve communication in the place of work may appear to be a luxury when it actually is not. It is an effective measure that can help to preserve important resources in a place of work.

Creating productive and a happy employee (Rau --Foster) -- Investing in the education of an employee…

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