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Assertiveness Essays (Examples)

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Leadership Is Absolutely Necessary in
Words: 1136 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57628210
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For some leaders this means acting as a mediator to help those who are conflicted to resolve their issues (Hernez-Broome and Hughes). In addition most large organizations actually have conflict management procedures in place to assists with conflicts that arise. Leaders are often responsible for making sure that these procedures are followed and carried out.

hat is motivation and how does a leader motivate others?

Motivation is the act of persuading an individual to perform in a manner that is conducive with the goal that needs to be met (illiams). There are several ways that leaders motivate the people that they manage. These modes of motivation may include everything from reward systems to promotions. Good leaders want those that they manage to be intrinsically motivated as opposed to being extrinsically motivated. Individuals who are intrinsically motivated tend to perform in a way that is expected without needing any type of…

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Dream I Become a Business Consultant in
Words: 1556 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99643501
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Dream: I become a business consultant in a company that specializes in developing marketing strategies for cosmetics products.

• My Life Role: College student

• My Long-Term Goals in This Role:

I earn an associate of arts (A.A.) degree by June 2012.

I earn a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree by June 2014.

I participate in a two-month business internship in an advertising company in the summer of 2014.

I earn a master of business administration (MBA) degree by June 2016.

I publish a scholarly business journal article by the time I earn my master's degree.

• My Short-Term Goals in This Role: (this semester)

I achieve an A in my English 1, Counseling, Introduction to Business, and Business Law classes by May 12.

I complete a research paper about the importance of marketing strategies for my introductory business class by April 14.

I discuss the findings of my paper…

Facilitating Group Interaction Group Interaction
Words: 2052 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30508124
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A particular individual might look for a solution to a problem which will have a least effect on the organization, whereas another individual might look for a solution to shake the organization. (Scott, 2007)

4) if a team is not at its most efficient, discuss how performance could be improved in each of these areas.

It has been observed that a lot of managers have been toying with the use of small groups in their learning abilities and the available literature on the subject has been on the rise. The most interesting part on this score is that there are a lot of interesting and divergent ideas regarding the manner in which to teach small groups. The difficult part is the fact that the vast multitude of ideas can create confusion by managers who are merely learning about small groups and also regarding what they should do or refrain from…


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Transformative Use of Small Groups" Westport.

Personality and MBA Studies There Are Various
Words: 1073 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28821665
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Personality and MBA Studies

There are various personalities that are displayed by different people in the society. That is what makes up a diverse society. The personality that I am considered to be is the innovative, individualistic, versatile and entrepreneurial personality. At times this is referred to as Jungian 16-Type Personality specifically the ENTP character. This is because I am resourceful, creative, and quick in the intellectual field. I also like to engage in debates and am excited over new ideas and always assertive as well as outspoken. I like having people around me and I have that ability to grasp concepts and apply logic to get amicable solutions (BSM Consulting Inc., 2011).

Apart from my character traits, there are those values that I hold dearly to and would like to see myself applying in life and getting from life as well. Values, according to National Defense University (2011) are…


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Leadership Is a Complex Process Involving the
Words: 997 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98112377
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Leadership is a complex process involving the ability of an individual to inspire, motivate and redirect ways of thinking. It refers to the ability to bring out the best in oneself and others. In any set up, there must be rules and regulations to guide the relationships between people and activities. In a set up like an organization, there are goals and objectives that the organization aims to achieve. These objectives and targets rely on the ability of a leader to organize and direct activities towards their attainment. Leadership is the ability of one individual to stir the sentiments and behaviors of others towards the achievement of the set goals. The leader does this by transforming the goals to be a common goal to others.

Methods used by leaders to influence group members

Leaders can use power to get things done. How a leader uses these powers determines the success…


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Yeats' Implications of Female Power
Words: 2310 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 33481000
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Thus, at the end of the poem, Yeats uses words to suggest that Leda has made a full transformation from weak women to one with a sexual assertiveness that can only be described as a shudder and a power that is greater than Zeus's. Through this suggestion, Yeats also points out that women are different than the Greek's conception of them in the myth. Instead of being weak, his word choices argue that they are powerful enough to overcome even the greatest of powerful men, and that this struggle to become powerful is what makes them gain that ability.

Finally, the structure of Yeats' poem itself suggests Leda's eventual rise from a weak, sexually conquered, "staggering girl" (2), to a strong, sexually assertive woman. This can be seen, first, through the chronological nature of the poem. Content, imagery, and word choice all trace Leda's evolution in a chronological fashion. In…

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< >

Substance Abuse Treatment in Community
Words: 3814 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 61851475
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The inclusion of alcohol and drug education is a vital component of most drug and alcohol abuse interventions, for both the users and non-user. (Montagne et al., 1992). This education can be offered as a preventive measure to beginners of abuse of substances of to the vulnerable group to save the future generations from the menace and the whole society from the drug's association with crime. Alternatively, it should be offered to be taught as part of the educational curriculum in schools

ecent literature reviews have not found enough evidence to convince many researchers that drug and alcohol awareness programs have great impact on changing substance and drug use, attitude and behavior (Eliany et al., 1993). Although it is of great effort, it has been observed that education alone is not enough to change the actual behavior of alcohol and drug use (Tobler et al1976), in the actual examination of…


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Bloom, B.E., and Covington, S.S. (2001) "Effective gender-responsive interventions in juvenile

China IR Study Notes
Words: 3601 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91167370
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Is China a status quo or aggressive power?

Johnston (2013) argues that China's allegedly new assertiveness is nothing of the sort. He makes the case that this view underestimates the aggressiveness of past Chinese foreign policy, and that the country has not really changed its level of assertiveness. This aligns with the explanations that Fravel (2007) has of past hard power that China has used in border disputes, which also highlights that there has been aggression in the past. The author also argues that the assertiveness level of Chinese foreign policy since 2010 has been overstated. The crux of the argument made is that China was always assertive in certain contexts with respect to foreign policy, and it remains assertive in those contexts. The level of assertiveness has not actually changed much. Perhaps people are just noticing it more -- he literally shows a graph of news articles about…


Callahan, W. (2012). China's strategic futures. Asian Survey. Vol. 52 (4) 617-642.

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Organizational Bahavior Conflict and Decision
Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82794735
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However, according to this model, what can be termed as the best way is defined by how the decision made marries with the content and context of the matter at hand. The contingency model establishes that a decision that is made for a particular context may not be applicable in another, even though the contexts may be similar. It also establishes that a unified role is played by the managers who have the decision making capacity. When faced with a particular issue, the managers must find the best way to deal with the situation and they have to create an effective decision process which minimizes conflict. Whatever the situation, the management has the obligation to analyze it and evaluate the assumption that need to be drawn to align the organization with the changed environment. The conclusion must be evaluated on the basis of the effectiveness, efficiency and the solution it…

Management to Leadership Organization Where
Words: 2213 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Seminar Paper Paper #: 31514376
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These are the systems in which people are eager to utilize all of their capabilities for their jobs and carry out their task effectively. (Lancioni, 2002) These Workshop engage all the participants rapidly in the simulations. Throughout these simulations participants agree upon the fact that everyone -- every individual -- at different times, experience being on the Top, or sometimes in the Middle, sometimes in the Bottom, we are sometimes Customer and sometimes Supplier -- and our position changes a lot of times even in one day. The Organizational Workshops are highly effective in increasing knowledge and giving insight of systemic conditions that are present in an organization and how everyone react individually towards such conditions. They provide an opportunity to learn latest leadership and other related strategies to handle these systemic conditions as soon they take place. These workshops teach how to improve team collaboration, job performance every day…


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Globe Study Leader Effectiveness and Culture
Words: 1362 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97620162
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Leader Effectiveness and Culture: The GLOBE Study

The Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness esearch Program (GLOBE) is a multi-phase, cross-cultural project that was carried out by investigators around the world to investigate inter-relationships between organizational culture, societal culture and organizational leadership (House et al. 2002). obert, J. House saw the need for cross cultural leadership theory as well as research and conceived the action point of a global research undertaking in 1991. The program formally began in 1993 with a team of 160 scholars who studied societal and organizational structure, and the attributes of effective leadership in 62 countries (Ahlstrom and Bruton, 2010). The researchers measured culture at different levels of industry organization and society and presented results in the form of qualitative and quantitative data sourced from responses of 17,000 managers from a number of entities (951 organizations to be specific), from the 62 societies. This text compares…


Ahlstrom, D. & Bruton, G.D. (2010). International Management: Strategy and Culture in the Emerging World. South-Western: Cengage learning

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Business Ethics Has Been Increasingly
Words: 2073 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 34277095
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An example of this can be seen with the Gray Matter Ethics Game at Lockheed Martin. This is a simulation that will take the employee through a host of ethical situations that they could be facing. Where, employees and managers will be able to learn how to apply the standards to various ethical issues that are being faced. This is significant, because it shows how the company is continually practicing and addressing different ethical challenges on a regular basis. In many ways, one could argue that this is what has helped the company to become so successful. As these standards will change the culture within an environment, helping to improve the professionalism of staff and the relationship that they have with customers / suppliers. When you put these two different elements together, this highlights the how Lockheed Martin has been able to use their ethics policy, to change the way…


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DQ 3 What Has Been
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14821615
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What is your most common conflict management style at work and in your personal life? Is it the same? Why or Why not? Do you use all the styles? Would you like to use one more often than you do?

The most common conflict management style varies by the situation and the people involved. In my personal life I am very confident and are very assertive, often with little cooperativeness at times. As I am responsible for making a part of my family function I have to focus on getting things done, being assertive and not necessarily bending with exceptional cooperativeness. In my professional life I try to be not as assertive and also cooperate more, partially out of wanting to learn by doing and also due to the fact I respect those I work for. This shifts my conflict management style to more of a compromising role. As my…


Shih, H., & Susanto, E.. (2010). Conflict management styles, emotional intelligence, and job performance in public organizations. International Journal of Conflict Management, 21(2), 147.

Creating Leadership Development Plan Leadership
Words: 1620 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35265445
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The need in the short-term to create greater confidence in managing the uncertainty of the role is critical. As is the need for creating more opportunities for shared risk with subordinates. The development of this skill however will need to be medium-term as taking extension courses at a local university to make my ability to analyze and solve complex problems and build a more consistent action strategy is critical. In the medium-tern the need for also managing time as it relates to all of these factors in the problem solving characteristic is also critically important. In summary, over the long-term the need for more focus on creativity and its role in managing needs to be focused on through additional training and also through mentoring to understand how to better analyze and solve problems over time.

Assessing the Sustaining the Vision Characteristic

The dimensions included in this leadership characteristic are really…

Interview and Resume Preparation
Words: 2557 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 44066223
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The person/message feedback reflects whether the focus is on the person who sent the feedback or the message. The immediate/delayed one is focused on the timeline of the feedback. The monitoring one has to do with the spontaneity and sincerity of the feedback. Finally, the supportive-critical one reflects the divergence or convergence of the feedback with the original message.

Self-centered feedback is a combination of the feedback types previously mentioned, being a person-focused one, most likely supportive, intentional and positive. This type of feedback can enhance the communication content if it reflects a sincere, unbiased opinion, but because it's likely to be subjective, it can distort the feedback message and implicitly become detrimental to the communication.

6. Interviewing

It is said that non-verbal communication accounts for more than 90% of the message sent out in an interview. In fact the verbal content weights only 7% of the message the interviewer…

Pierce, J.L. And Newstrom, J. 2000. Leaders and the Leadership Process. McGraw Hill: Boston, MA.

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J.L. And Brower, a.M. (Eds.) What's Social About Social Cognition? Research on Socially Shared Cognition in Small Groups. pp. 3-28. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.

Undone by Wally Lamb Dolores
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33632210
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From these three individuals, she is able to understand herself more as an individual, eventually realizing that she cannot be Dolores without these individuals. In effect, each individual acts as an inevitable part of Dolores's whole personality.

Dolores as the victim: Projections of victimization from her mother

In the novel, Dolores's mother became the embodiment of the female victim: she was not only abused by her husband, but was portrayed as constantly taken advantage of and victimized by other men in her life. It is through these voluntary and involuntary forms of victimization that Dolores grew up having the psyche of a victim as well. This belief projected itself when Dolores was raped by a "family friend," Jack.

As a battered wife, Dolores's mother went through a cycle of assertiveness-subservience-rebellion behavior. This is illustrated in one fight she had with her husband, wherein she accused him of being "an old…

Prevention and Early Resolution of
Words: 6691 Length: 23 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 36350929
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"Twenty-three million Americans experience workplace bullying within their work lifetimes" (cited in Seagriff, 2010, p. 575). With the economic challenges Americans are facing recently, tensions in the workplace are also on the rise, as employees increasingly worry that their jobs are in jeopardy. This fear over possibly losing their job means many employees will not risk reporting bullying to their employers.

Interdependence conflicts, as mentioned, are another common type of workplace conflict. This type of conflict centers on an employee's dependence of another person's assistance, input or output to perform their job (Kankanhalli, Tan, & Kwok-kee, 2007). In other words, task interdependence varies depending on the extent which an employee needs materials, information or support from their workplace peers, in order to do their job. "Task interdependence alters the course and consequences of conflict. Some have asserted that because high task interdependence implies the need for intensive interactions among members,…


Bacal, R. (1998). Conflict prevention in the workplace: using cooperative communication. Winnipeg: Bacal & Associates.

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Dorothy Parker The Good the
Words: 1611 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 59039565
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Lynn Bloom states, "Parker's poetic techniques -- far more distinctive and striking in comic than in serious poetry -- reinforce the impression that the verse is more an exercise in verbal wit than the interpretation of an authentic emotion or experience" (Bloom). This is true and is demonstrated with poems such as "Condolence," "But Not Forgotten," "Epitaph for a Darling Lady," and "The Evening Primrose." The light-hearted attitude toward some of life's more difficult issues is refreshing as well as clever. Parker's poem have a rhythm that makes them feel light as her attitude. e cannot help but smile when we read them and meet them with a confirming nod. Parker's poetry demonstrates that we have permission to laugh at life, especially when the going gets tough. She shows us that a sense of humor can be just as valuable as life itself.

orks Cited

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Albert Ellis Contributions to the
Words: 2842 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52909936
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Patients must learn that the quality of their lives is contingent on their ability to love their own self without condition, so they may then learn to love others without condition and treat them accordingly (AEI, 2007; Ellis, 2000b). In a world where competitive and aggressive personalities are hailed as necessary to achieve greatness, it is not hard to see why so many people would need help learning how to appreciate their own being and their achievements without becoming ego-gratifying and hurting others (AEI, 2007; Ellis, 2000b). If one were to follow the paradigm established by Ellis exactly, they are more likely to worry about helping out others than "proving" themselves; they are also more likely to seek out joyful and happy events rather than dwell on dysfunctional pastimes (AEI, 2007; Ellis, 2000b).

Ellis provided the psychology community with many tools they can use in therapy to help patients achieve…


Albert Ellis Institute (AEI), (2007) "Albert Ellis" Albert Ellis Institute, Retrieved November 25, 2007:

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Ellis, a. (2000b) Self-help therapy that really works. Atascadero, CA: Impact Publishers.

Charismatic and Transformative Leadership the
Words: 1605 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68006825
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He has also had to grapple with a dangerous world, including escalating tensions in the Middle East. These challenges have forced him to deviate from the inspiring, common touch of the rhetoric of the campaign.

However, some of the perceived shift in tone in Obama's leadership seems less due to circumstances and more due to greater knowledge of his character, such as his more aloof and cerebral side that his advisors tried to hide during the campaign. These qualities have made it difficult for him to communicate the full benefits America has accrued from his leadership, and allowed some of his political adversaries to position him as elitist, despite his relatively modest upbringing. But although he may not always be as charismatic as a reasoned and cautious leader, he is always transformational in his aspirations -- otherwise he would never have undertaken the risks of reforming healthcare at all. There…


Dowlin, Joan E. (2011). President Obama's calm assertiveness. The Huffington Post.

Retrieved June 27, 2011 at 

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McManus, Doyle. (2009, February 15). For Obama, governing isn't campaigning.

Personality Clusters -- Where I Fit in
Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80109594
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Personality Clusters -- Where I Fit in

The five big traits, or personality clusters, of a person are an interesting and useful way to classify personalities. People are so different from one another as far as personalities are concerned and it is interesting to attempt to classify yourself.

The Extroversion cluster is one cluster that I can truly identify with and classify myself as belonging to. The Extroversion cluster involves positive emotions, warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity and the seeking out of excitement. These are all terms that could be used to classify my personality.

I try to stay happy and positive as often as possible, although it is difficult at times. Constant movement and activity is important to me, as is staying busy in general; not only does it keep me out of trouble, but it keeps me productive and helps to make sure my head is in the right…

Negotiation Style in Life One of the
Words: 846 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1708461
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Negotiation Style

In life one of the most common techniques that are used for sorting out a wide variety of conflicts is negotiation. This is when two parties are communicating with each other in order to reach an acceptable outcome. However, with each negotiator there are unique styles that are used to deal with the various challenges that they are facing. To fully understand the different styles, we have completed the self-assessment questionnaire. This will allow us to determine what techniques can work most effectively for us based upon the responses and personality traits.

Competing Style

The competing style is when the arbitrator is self-confident and assertive about seeing the results achieved during this process. The way that this is accomplished is by pushing both sides to make some kind of offer in an effort to come to an agreeable solution. As a result, this basic approach is highly assertive…

Women's Issue
Words: 1748 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40844022
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Mermaid and the Minotaur: Sexual Arrangements and Human Malaise by Dorothy Dinnerstein. Specifically it will discuss a major women's issue brought forth by the book. Dorothy Dinnerstein's book, 'The Mermaid and the Minotaur" rocked the feminist world when it was first published in 1976. Not only was the book controversial, it espoused some values that did not seem entirely feminist at all. In fact, the central thesis of Dinnerstein's book is that many of the gender difficulties and differences between men and women arise from the fact that a majority of children spend their early childhood under the influence and domination of women, and so, this affects our relationships throughout our lives. Many people, of course, took offense to this theory, and so, re-released in 1999, the book remains controversial and thought-provoking at the same time.

Dorothy Dinnerstein was born in 1923, the daughter of Jewish Socialist pacifists. After graduating…


Dinnerstein, Dorothy. The Mermaid and The Minotaur: Sexual Arrangements and Human Malaise. New York: Other Press, 1999.

Easlea, Brian. "Patriarchy, Scientists, and Nuclear Warriors." Course Text. 79-89.

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Leadership 360 Complete Report the First Thing
Words: 1586 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4182852
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Leadership 360 Complete eport, the first thing that stood out to me was the dramatic difference in how I perceive myself and how others perceive. I rated myself higher than the others rating me did on every single dimension. There was not one area where my perception of myself was lower than my raters' perceptions of me. In addition, my personal choice raters rated me more highly than my teammates did on every dimension but assertiveness, suggesting that I am not interacting in a teamwork setting in the same way that I might in other social contexts. It was, furthermore, disheartening to see that my teammates ranked me below average on every dimension but assertiveness. This indicates to me that I am not being realistic about how I interact with a group situation. I see myself as a more competent and more capable leader than I am actually being, which…


Leadership 360 Report. (2012). Retrieved November 16, 2012 from The Gabelli School of Business.

African-American Women Are at Greater Risk for
Words: 622 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 69054166
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African-American women are at greater risk for contracting HIV than other races. Stemming from this hypothesis, it will be investigated whether race, in this case being African-American, impacts the course of HIV after infection. Past research has indicated that African-American women, including both adults and adolescents, are disproportionately at risk for the contraction of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the resultant development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) (Kennedy & Jenkins, 2011; Johnson et al., 1994). esearchers have explored the impact that sex-related issues have on the increases risk among this population, and it has been determined that sexual assertiveness is an interpersonal predictor of sexual behavior that poses increased risk for contracting HIV (Kennedy & Jenkins, 2011). Furthermore, research has indicated that women demonstrated low sexual assertiveness are at a greater risk for the development of HIV (Kennedy & Jenkins, 2011). It may be suggested that research in this…


Kennedy, B.R., Jenkins, C.C. Promoting African-American women and sexual assertiveness in reducing HIV / AIDS: an analytical review of the research literature. Journal of Cultural Diversity, 18(4), 142-9.

Johnson, E.H., Jackson, L.A., Hinkle, Y., Gilbert, D., Hoopwood, T., Lollis, C.M., Willis, C., Gant, L. (1994). What is the significance of black-white differences in risky sexual behavior? Journal of the National Medical Association, 86(10), 745-59.

Empowerment the Concept of Empowerment Is Not
Words: 3598 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31465552
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The concept of empowerment is not a new one, but it seems that within the last two decades it has become a buzz word. Thinking about empowerment goes back to people who were denied any type of rights whether that be to decide how they were going to live, work, eat, or make any decision regarding their own lives. It does not matter what era of history is perused there are incidents of leaders empowering people to become better.

Martin Luther was a Catholic monk who decided that the church was conducting religious business the wrong way. He wanted fame, but he also wanted the individual citizens of Germany to be able to see that they were responsible for the relationship they had with God. Of course, Luther had a rough time of it. He was arrested, excommunicated, treated as an outlaw, but he was the guiding spirit behind…


Business Dictionary. (2011). Definition of empowerment. Retrieved from 

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Dickson, K.E., & Lorenz, A. (2009). Psychological empowerment and job satisfaction of temporary and part-time nonstandard workers: A preliminary investigation. Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, 10(2), 166-179.

Behavioral Styles and These Can Have an
Words: 699 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61692202
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behavioral styles, and these can have an impact on a workplace. They have been outlined on a grid of responsiveness vs. assertiveness. A low assertiveness/high responsiveness person is "analytical"; a high assertive/high responsive person is a "driver"; a high assertive/low responsive is euphemistically known as "expressive" while low assertive/low responsive dubbed "amiable" (Levit, 2013).

As a manager, these different styles are going to be seen in the workplace. They explain how people will behave in the workplace, so it is important to be aware of these behavioral differences, and what they mean for the individual in question. They provide a framework for understanding individual behavior, and allow the manager to have a sense of what to expect from someone. These behavioral styles are also important in that the manager can have a better sense of how to motivate people, if they understand their basic behavioral styles, and the manager might…


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Skills and Strategies to Minimizing Conflicts
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Conflict Management Project Analysis

ere you surprised by the results of your conflict management style assessment? hy or why not? Explain.

I was not surprised by the results of my conflict management style assessment. The results depict my nature, behavior, and approach to conflicts. I endeavor to strike a balance between aspects revolving around conflicts. At times, I do not resist getting involved in a disagreement. Avoiding to back out from a conflict occurs as one of my pro-characteristics. I believe in effective ironing out issues through discussions, arguments. At the end of these arguments, there should result in a certain level of agreement between conflicting sides. The attribute of winning surpasses the attribute of backing out from an argument.

Encouraging open sharing of concerns and issues enables me to take decisively an angle of view that addresses my perspective on a certain subject. Despite my appetite for winning an…

Works Cited

Lexington. "America's gun divide" The Economist, 29 March 2013.

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Premarital Relationships How Do They
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Those individuals who are most likely to idealize their partners are those who are also most likely to be disappointed. It also seems to be the case that those most likely to idealize their partners are those who are most likely to move quickly from engagement (or an equivalent but less formal relationship) to marriage. Such a quick trip from first date to the altar is often a very poor choice in the long run, as summarized below:

Waller... assumed that courting couples are generally blissful, optimistic lovers who, in order to sustain their romance, draw attention to their desirable qualities, suppress thoughts and behaviors that might weaken their romance, and try to see the best in the other person. After they are married, however, spouses may no longer be as motivated to "put their best foot forward" to impress their marriage partners; moreover, the intimacy of marriage makes sustaining…


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Transforamtional Leadership on Subordiantes Development
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" (Asgari and Silong, 2008)

Asgari and Silong states that there were two primary objectives of the study reported which were those of:

(1) assessing the impact of six dimensions of transformational leadership behaviors -- contribution and affect -- on citizenship behavior; and (2) to test the mediating impact of the LMX on the transformational leadership behaviors-citizenship relationship." (Asgari and Silong, 2008)

It is reported that the subjects of the study were full-time employees and managers working in the educational organization in the country of Iran. This survey included 220 respondents. Data is reported as having been collected "...on a structured questionnaire containing standard scales of transformational leadership behaviors, LMX, and organizational citizenship behaviors. After establishing the psychometric properties of the scales, hypotheses were tested through statistical analysis of the data." (Asgari and Silong, 2008) Results are stated to indicate that "...dimensions of transformational leadership behaviors are more likely to…


Asgari, Ali and Silong, Abu Daud (2008) The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership Behaviors, Leader-Member Exchange and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors. European Journal of Social Sciences. Vol. 6 No. 4 (2008).

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School & Peers' Influence on
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A teenager's ability to thrive in his/her social circle may have more to do with innate qualities such as companionship than looks or talents, attributes that are commonly associated with popularity.

Whereas peer relationships can clearly have a positive role in social development, there are certain types of peer orientation that can also be detrimental. There are some teenagers who are extremely orientated to their peers to the extent that they break parents' rules, sacrifice school performance, undermine their talents, and even hide positive areas of their lives in order to maintain their peer relationships (uligni et al., 2001). This is the type of peer orientation that parents commonly object to and for good reason. Extremely peer oriented teenagers often feel that they have to stand out and hence seek problem behavior-oriented peer groups such as those that regularly skip class, abuse alcohol, and use drugs (uligni et al., 2001).…

For parents who may be concerned about their child's troubled peer relationships or peer orientation, much can be learned from these documented evidences on child social development. Parents must understand that problems such as bullying, deviant behavior, association with problematic peer groups, and the like are often processes that evolve over time and involve an interplay between many early risk and protective factors (Schwartz, et al. 2000, Fuligni et al., 2001). While some of these factors are temperamental in nature (e.g. non-assertiveness, submissiveness), many of them are also parental control related. For instance there is evidence to suggest that maternal over-protectiveness can be a factor in the bullying of submissive and passive victims (Olweus, 1993 in Schwartz et al., 2000). Similarly, excessive parental control during the teenage years can drive adolescents to place greater importance on their peer relationships rather than their parents (Deveraux, 1970, in Fuligni et al., 2001). On the other hand, a complete lack of parental control or support can also lead adolescents to seek more advice from their peers and thus be more influenced by them rather than their parents (Bonfrenbenner, 1967; Condry and Simon, 1974; and Steinberg, 1987; in Fuligni et al., 2001). Hence, parents must try to exert a developmentally appropriate level of control on their children and learn to adjust their relationship with them to accommodate their child's increasing level of maturity.

Parents should encourage their children to cultivate friendships within peer groups that are achievement oriented, wherever they may be found - in school, a sports or hobby club, church, work, etc. Studies show that association with healthy peer groups such as these are less likely to result in children showing problem behavior and low academic achievements in the latter adolescent years (Fuligni et al., 2001). Parents should also try to promote closeness in the family (e.g. By having meals or doing simple things together). Family cohesion has been shown to buffer the effects on adolescents who may be involved with deviant peers and is hence a protective factor for possible problematic behavior (Fuligni et al., 2001).

This paper has described the many roles that friendships and peer groups can play in a child's social development. The impact of these relationships is especially significant during the volatile teenage years, a critical transitional stage when children have to renegotiate relationships with their parents while at the same time seek acceptance from their peers. Friendships can either make or break a child and the important role of parents lies in giving them age-appropriate freedom and control; providing a supportive, cohesive home environment; and encouraging their children to associate with peer groups that have a positive influence.

Self-Assessments Title of the Assessment
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I need to acknowledge that I can only control how I react with an environment, but that I cannot control the environment itself, and I can try to ensure that my reactions are consistent across time and space. Finally, I need to make some changes to how I deal with stress in general, which may make me more resilient in my professional life. I need to learn to laugh at myself, and I need to embrace a more optimistic outlook. Finally, because resiliency is linked to personal stress levels, I need to engage in healthy behaviors, such as eating right and exercising.

Title of the Assessment: Assessing Your Creative Personality

Purpose of the Assessment: The purpose of the assessing your creative personality assessment is to estimate the subject's creative potential.

Actual Score: +1

Interpretation of Score: I have an average creative personality.

Improving Effectiveness / Efficiency: With all of the…

Bem Sex Role Inventory How
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Women un Fotune 500 companies and men may become 'stay-at-home' dads. Howeve, despite the fact that a woman has made a cedible bid fo the pesidency in ecent memoy, and the geate success of women in pofessional life, it is likely that 'soft-spoken' is still viewed as a moe desiable attibute fo a female. Attibutes such as 'athletic' may have become moe gende-neutal, given the geate pemeation of women in spots and some of the most limiting steeotypes, that women ae moe 'shy' might have deceased to some degee. The list of positive female and male attibutes would likely have moe convegence today, and thus thee would be moe gende-neutal values. Howeve, some taits would likely still be seen as moe desiable fo men and women along the lines of the oiginal list, although to a lesse degee -- leadeship skills might be seen as moe impotant fo males to…

references to different words for assertiveness, presumably because women were discouraged from being assertive in Bem's view, when she first constructed the test. Today, we might be more apt to ask: why is assertiveness seen as the most positive value for men, and for women wishing to assume what are considered more masculine positions in the workforce? What does this say about our culture as well as about gender stereotypes? Being a good listener is equally as important as being a leader, as is intelligence and open-mindedness.

Emperor's Club A Study in
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In fact, from the movie's beginning, Bell's actions are both unethical and obnoxious. Bell uses his leadership skills to convince other boys to join him in his delinquency, offering them contraband materials and taking them on against-the-rules outings. Regardless of these actions, however, Bell's two largest unethical acts during the movie are the incidences in which he cheats. It is these incidences that suggest Bell has not learned from his unethical mistakes, while Hundert has. In fact, throughout the movie Hundert feels sorry for his unethical actions, and he does his best to repair them. He talks about them with other faculty, confronts Bell about his choices, and at the end of the movie apologizes to the boy who was knocked out of the competition by his actions. Bell, on the other hand, simply cheats again in order to obtain another position of power. In both their motivations and their…

Marriage Preparation Programs the Objective
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(PREP Inc. 2012)


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Culture in This Briefing New Employee Human
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In this briefing new employee human resources, we will be considering cultural management issues in the tourist industry and how they impact upon our business. Our company, Beach Bum Ltd. is a travel consultancy Agency which was recently hired to provide a critical analysis on whether or not sustainable tours can attract American ecological tourists to travel to countries such as Tanzania and Namibia. We are a culturally eclectic group of advisors specialising in all aspects of tourism. Cultural sensitivity is not only our watchword, but our bottomline. Please do not feel overwhelmed by all of this information. Some of you may feel as though you are back in college. est assured, the difference between profit and bankruptcy in our business is the ability to sell in that person's culture. People like to feel important and an acknowledgement of their importance is not just being nice. It is also…

Reference: Managing an International Workforce . San Francisco: Pfeiffer. p65-67.

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Foundations of Leadership
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As the world becomes more populous, busy, and interconnected, the need for good leadership will grow. Furthermore, this leadership will be needed in a number of different social and cultural contexts. (Gibson & McDaniel, 2010, 451-452). Fortunately, we are undergoing a renaissance in the study of leadership and our notions of leadership are becoming more diverse and, at the same time, more fundamental.

Leaders are produced by their environment, which includes their personality, their experiences, and their organizations. Leaders tend to grow out of organizations in which they embody the core values and ambitions shared by the organization.

The Traditional Models of Leadership

The traditional view of a leader is someone who is dominant, competitive, and authoritarian. (Medina, et. al., 2008, p.249). Although most leaders do exhibit these qualities, that does not mean that a leader must have such qualities. The reason these types of leaders are prevalent is…


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Businees Enterprise and Innovation in
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As a consequence, the government created the National Innovation Agency. This agency focuses on ensuring collaboration between different important players in the innovative field in order to improve the results of innovative processes in Thailand.

The most important sectors that the agency focuses on are represented by bio business, like biotechnology, bio-based materials, and natural products, and by energy and environment, design and branding. The strategic programs developed by the agency refer to building the national innovation system, cluster grants and venture capital schemes, innovation management and entrepreneurship professional development program, and promoting an innovation culture. This reveals the country's strong interest in supporting innovation processes.

Regarding the activity of building the national innovation system, the National innovation Agency has supported the establishment of the University Business Incubator. This program must reach the objective of supporting and developments of commercial value and innovation from research and development. The principles that…

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Cockpit Management in Commercial Airlines
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CM is extremely efficient in preparing crews for these always changing roles in aircraft, because it helps them become more flexible and fluid, too. In fact, the captain, Al Haynes, who landed United flight 232 in Sioux City Iowa on July 19, 1989, now teaches CM to both United crews and other airline crews. His management of the emergency in the cockpit helped the crew land the crippled jet when it seemed nearly impossible. He said after the crash that the crew, even off duty United personnel flying non-rev, worked together to manage the situation and come up with creative ideas to fly a plane without hydraulics. He said to the crew, "What do you want to do, I don't know, and let's try this, and you think that'll work, beats me, and that's about the way it went, really" (Haynes). Thus, correct CM procedures in the cockpit can save…


Bowers, Clint a. "Chapter 4 Establishing Aircrew Competencies: A Comprehensive Approach for Identifying CRM Training Needs." Aircrew Training and Assessment. Eds. O'Neil, Harold F. And Dee H. Andrews. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000. 67-80.

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Nursing Consideration for Patients With
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Behavioral approaches alone or combined cognitive behavior therapy may be used. Behavioral techniques might include simply not buying trigger foods or avoiding certain shops; that is, building up new habits to replace existing ones. Another example would be modifying eating behavior such as eating in the same place each day, or concentrating solely on eating and not watching television at the same time (Fiona Mantle, 2003)."

It is worth noting here that research has shown that people will change and transform their eating habits, once they learn the advantages and disadvantages of their eating behavioral patterns. However, at the same time, it is also worth noting here that since eating habits can be transformed through learning, they can also be unlearned, however, the process of unlearning may take place through a lengthy passage of time. As Fiona Mantle (2003) writes, "Eating behaviors are learned behaviors therefore they can be unlearned,…


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Chinese-American Women and Their Experiences
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Figue 1. Demogaphic composition of the United States (2003 estimate).

Souce: Based on tabula data in Wold Factbook, 2007 (no sepaate listing is maintained fo Hispanics).

Fom a stictly pecentage pespective, it would seem that Asian-Ameicans do not epesent much of a theat at all to mainsteam Ameican society, but these mee numbes do not tell the whole stoy of couse. Fo one thing, Asian-Ameicans ae one of the most divese and fastest gowing goups in the United States today (Hong, Kim & Wolfe, 2005). Accoding to Alvaez and Kimua (2001), studies have documented time and again that, consistent with thei histoical teatment, Asian-Ameicans continue to be the tagets of acially motivated popety vandalism, vebal haassment, theft, physical assaults, and in some instances, homicide; futhemoe, othe studies have confimed that a pesistent patten diving anti-Asian violence is the peception of Asian-Ameicans as foeignes who pesent an economic, academic, social, and/o…


Due to skills and abilities

4. Based on what you know and believe, would you agree or disagree with the following statements?

Racism in America is no longer a problem for Chinese-Americans.

Racism in America is no longer a problem for women and minorities

Individual Development Plan
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Individual Development Plan

My Current State

Strengths: I am an excellent team player and I possess the ability of communicating well with other members of my team and motivate and inspire others towards accomplishment of goals. I believe that through team building, I am able to consistently develop and sustain cooperative functioning relationship with other team members.

I have a characteristic state of acceptance and inflexible assertiveness and thus I can describe myself as a positive thinking personality. I also have a superior conflict management record whereby I am capable of identifying and taking steps to avoid potential circumstances which could lead to distasteful confrontations.

I am also a person of elevated integrity and I believe in honesty in order to implant mutual confidence and trust. This has enabled me to create a culture that promotes high standards of ethics inside me and my team members. With this, I have…


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Walter Mitty and the Story of an
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Walter Mitty and the Story Of an Hour

An Analysis of Thurber's "Mitty" and Chopin's "Story"

James Thurber's comic "Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and Kate Chopin's "Story of an Hour" may at first glance seem to have little in common. One is the humorous tale of an aloof husband who spends more time in his imagination than with his wife in reality. The other is a short, level-toned narrative that describes a woman's exultation upon learning that her husband has died. Setting style and structure aside, the two stories actually begin with a common theme (even though they treat of it differently): that theme is the escape from one's spouse. This paper will compare and contrast the theme, structure, literary elements, style and definition of Thurber's "Walter Mitty" and Chopin's "Story" and show how the two authors take one idea in two completely different directions only to arrive at…

Reference List

Berkove, L. (2000). Fatal Self-Assertion in Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour."

American Literary Realism, 32(2), 152-158.

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Deneau, D. (2003). Chopin's The Story of an Hour. The Explicator, 61(4), 210-213.

Assertive Communication Effective Communication the Benefits of
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Assertive Communication

Effective Communication

The Benefits of Assertive Communication and the Importance of Interpersonal elationships in the Health Care Industry

There is a large body of evidence that effective communication between healthcare workers their patients and their peers can have a significant influence on patient outcomes. According to study published in Issues in Medical Nursing (Kameg, Mitchell, Clochesy, Howard & Suresky, 2009) breakdowns in communication increasingly result in incidents that put patients in jeopardy. The average time a patient actually spends in a hospital is shorter than ever before while the number of healthcare professionals required to facilitate medical care for an individual patient is increasing. Often healthcare professionals experience anxiety and lack the confidence to openly and candidly express themselves. The importance of healthcare professionals acquiring the skills and creating the interpersonal relationships to effectively communicate with patients, their families and other healthcare providers cannot be underestimated.

Effective communication…


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Palmer and Milner's Integrative Stress Counseling A
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Palmer and Milner's Integrative Stress Counseling: A Humanistic Problem-Focused Approach is a book in a series on counseling that focuses on the integrative counseling technique. This technique seeks to employ many principles of stress counseling that seeks to help clients focus directly on solving the problems that are the cause of their stress. The approach also explores underlying thinking styles that have contributed to the stress and seeks to develop changes in the thinking patterns.

Earlier models of stress and coping are examined in an effort to illuminate their inadequacies and highlight the need for a more integrative approach. Examining these techniques gives rise to the integrative approach that is considered transactional in nature and depends upon an individual's coping resources. The integrative approach differs from an eclectic approach because it has a theoretical model as its basis.

Not all clients and counselors are perfect candidates for integrative counseling. A…

Work Cited

Palmer, Stephen and Pat Milner. Integrative Stress Counseling: A Humanistic Problem-

Focused Approach. London: SAGE Publications Company, 1998. Print.

Rosalind and Viola's Cross-Dressing
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Twelfth Night and as You Like It

Cross dressing is an important element that renders serious repercussions in Shakespeare's plays. Two plays that emphasize cross dressing and the repercussions it can bring are Twelfth Night and As You Like it. hile the characters of Viola and Rosalind have very different reasons to explain their cross dressing, each circumstance while causing complications, also works in their behalf. Their ability to fool those around them generates interest and adds an element of complexity to each play. Namely, each woman is able to accomplish something she would not have been able to do as a woman. Rosalind teaches Orlando the ways of love and Viola makes her way into Orsino's house and heart.

In As You Like It, Rosalind is forced to assume to role of a man as a result of fleeing the Duke's Court and seeking refuge in the forest of…

Works Cited

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Effectiveness of ASEAN
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The study will be delving into: What ASEAN constitutes and what remains beyond its scope? The aim of this study will be handing out a wide-ranging presentation of the present stance of ASEAN and its accomplishments till date, along with its challenges. The paper is intended as a suggestion for a master-plan that can be employed as a future pathway where ASEAN political-security support must be going towards in the forthcoming years.

To start with let us have a brief introduction of the organization. The creators of the Association of South East Asian Nations - ASEAN, visualized it as ultimately assembling all the nations of the region and managing them to lend a hand in assuring the peace, permanence and growth of the area. While the area was in a state of turmoil, a lot of nations were under pressure for the existence of the nation or autonomy. First…


ADBI (2002) "Did East Asian Developing Countries lose Export Competitiveness in the pre- Crisis 1990's?" ADBI Research Paper 34; Tokyo.

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How Emotional Intelligence Eq Impacts Business Today
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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Impacts Business Today

The article discusses how emotional intelligence (EQ) impacts business today in light of its increased use in the modern business environment. The discussion begins with an evaluation of the concept of emotional intelligence and the reasons it was introduced by Daniel Goleman in 1998. This is followed by an evaluation of the difference between emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient and the use of the concept of emotional intelligence in business today. The last two sections examine the effect of the use of emotional intelligence on business today and the reason for the increased demand for employees with high emotional intelligence.

Companies once believed that hiring individuals with high Intelligence Quotients (IQs) was a reflection of a sound recruiting strategy until the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) emerged. Emotional Intelligence introduces a new way of looking at the root cause of the successes and failures…


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Conflict and Style
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assessment of conflict and style

Conflict management assessment using the Thomas Kilmann Mode

According to Kuhn and Poole (2000), conflict management style entails the consistent and general orientation towards a conflict situation or the other party. It manifests in the behaviors observable forming a pattern and sharing a characteristic that is common over time (Kuhn & Poole, 2000).

The conflict mode instrument by Kilmann assesses behavior of individual in a conflict situation. The mode instrument looks at conflict situations as those where individuals have differed incompatible concerns. In these situations, behaviors of individuals fall in two distinct dimensions. One is assertiveness where an individual seeks to satisfy strongly his or her own needs. Second is cooperativeness where the extent that an individual makes attempts to meet the other party's concerns. These two distinctions on observable behavior among individual in a conflict situation yield to the five…


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Problems Brought to Light When Globalization Is a Company's Goal
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Guitars: A Critical Analysis of a Global Problem

orking with people in another country outside your own country is always challenging but it does bring issues into focus that you don't have in your home office. Dealing with people of different ethnicities, from different cultures, using different languages than you are familiar with -- these are delicate issues that can be good learning experiences but they can also go terribly wrong. How much or how little training a manager has had before moving to a foreign location for a company is critical in understanding how well that manager will do in the foreign experience. hat specifically does this experience contribute to your skills? Dealing with diversity, with unfamiliar dynamics in a business genre can help a person be more flexible and ethical when returning home.

Step ONE: (2): Business at the Base of the Pyramid is a way to help…

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Psychoeducation in Action
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Foster Care

Mentoring foster children: Psychoeducation in action

One of the developmental challenges for foster children is finding positive role models, particularly if they experience frequent upsets in their daily routine as they shift from one home to another. Other adults can act as mentors to provide a stabilizing force in children's lives such as adults involved in Big Brothers/Big Sisters-type programs. Positive authority figures, both formal and informal are necessary to support normative development. Outside activities; spending time with children; and offering academic and personal support such as tutoring and counseling must be conducted in an appropriate way but can provide a vital source of positive reinforcement. Ideally, mentoring should be an enriching and entertaining experience but should also contain elements of psychoeducational interventions which encompass problem-solving strategies for the child's problems. Psychoeducation encompasses the principles of "behavioral therapy, self-assertiveness training, problem-solving training, communication training, and further family…


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Women Come Out of an Abusive Relationship
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women come out of an abusive relationship, the negative psychological traumas they feel continue. This study makes a comparison between forgiveness therapy (FT) and alternative therapy (AT)-assertiveness, anger validation and interpersonal skill building for women who have been abused emotionally and had been separated permanently from their romantic partner or spouse for up to two years or more. A total of 20 women in Midwest city who were abused psychologically made up the participants. Psychological abuse from one's spouse characterizes a very agonizing infidelity, which often leads to very serious depressing psychological results for the partner who has been abused. There are reports of both standard deviations and mean scores for every measure at pretest, posttest, as well as follow-up for everyone in the forgiveness therapy group and both pretest and posttest for everyone in the alternative therapy group. This represents the first research for the demonstration of the efficacy…


Reed, G.L., & Engright, R.D. (2006). The effect of forgiveness therapy on depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress for women after spousal emotional abuse. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology, 74(5), 920.

Does the Fisher Ury Model Work
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Negotiation Skills

A High Impact Negotiations Model: An Answer to the Limitations of the Fisher, Ury Model of Principled Negotiations

This study aims to discover the ways in which blocked negotiations can be overcome by testing the Fisher, Ury model of principled negotiation against one of the researcher's own devising, crafted after studying thousands of negotiation trainees from over 100 multinational corporations on 5 continents. It attempts to discern universal applications of tools, skills, and verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that may assist the negotiator in closing deals with what have been "traditionally" perceived as "difficult people." This study concludes that there are no such "difficult people," but rather only unprepared negotiators. The study takes a phenomenological approach to negotiations, with the researcher immersing himself in the world of negotiation training from 2012-14, for several major multinational corporations, intuiting the failings of the negotiators with whom he comes in contact,…


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China and the U S Relations
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Interoffice Memorandum [ecipient Name]

MEETING THE CHINA CHALLENGE: Discussing the possibility of China and the United States escaping Thucydides' Trap.

elevant National Interests.

Vital. Prevent China and the U.S. going to war; ensure a continual alliance between China and U.S. governments.

Extremely Important. Protect U.S. citizens, embassies, personnel and other significant U.S. infrastructure within areas facing potential attack, including cyber-attacks; limit access to sensitive data and restrict the flow of information from the U.S. to China as well as regulation of airport and immigration policies.

Important. Prevent sabotage and espionage by utilization of white hat hackers and U.S. Intelligence Agencies. Continual leaking of information will hurt the U.S. government in the long run.

Analysis. China is a growing world power. Within a few decades it has generated a surge in both wealth and productivity. China has become the country that manufacturers virtually everything, from appliances to important factory equipment, and…


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Feminism Today How Women Are Hyper Sexualized and Why
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Sexual Objectification of omen in Music

hen compared to the female singers of the early 20th century, the women in music today represented a much more blatant example of sexual objectification. This is not to suggest that three-quarters of a century ago women were not also objectified; it is simply to acknowledge that the objectification has been amplified to such a degree that women in music are eroticized in their music videos (in virtually all cultures, East and est, as the music videos in K-Pop, J-Pop and estern Pop all indicate) and in their performances on stage. omen performers from CL to Miley Cyrus to Beyonce all contribute to this sexual objectification by essentially flaunting their sexuality and utilizing it in a post-feminist manner of being the sexual aggressor rather than the sexually passive receiver of the "male gaze," as Mulvey called it in her deconstruction of the sexual objectification…

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Positive and Negative Personality Traits
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Entrepreneurial Personality Traits Discerned

Entrepreneurship, and successful entrepreneurship in particular, is far from a perfect science. Success in this field is predicated on a host of different factors, including various aspects of marketing, product, client base, market conditions, and possibly even some luck. Nonetheless, there are a number of different traits of entrepreneurs that one is able to study and which may truly affect the ability of one to succeed in this role. Furthermore, there are certain conditions and other characteristics that could compromise the former, and even instances in which the former is able to compromise the latter. Fortunately, there is a bevy of research which has explored these personality traits and their impact both on entrepreneurs and their particular ventures. A prolonged examination of this research, in addition to a synthesis of findings, readily demonstrates the personality traits of most importance to entrepreneurs are those pertaining to assertion…

Leadership Style in Community-Based Healthcare
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They will need others to contemplate on some issues as well as complete the required tasks. Therefore, an ENTJ leader will need to accompany a team as expected. That is to say, that a team player should remain incorporated in the leadership processes, if this is a necessary component that will enable completion of the set task. Here, one will establish that the leadership associations remain a two-way corporation/correspondence to enhance personal freedom. In addition, the development of the policies in for instance the community healthcare provision, will have established structures that allow effective coordination of activities involved such that implementation of the appropriate strategies are done as expected (Sperry, 2002). Still in as the working as a team is concerned, organizations structure that concern making decisions, and essential detailed examination of the elements of the structure to answer the arising questions are vital considerations. Moreover, bringing together the necessary…


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