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African-Americans: Harlem Renaissance and the Black Power Movement

History does show that America has been a nation that has been seeing itself do some changes that have been happening over and over again. Also, America is recognized as being the home of the free and the brave. However, this nation that is considered to be beautiful has not at all times been this way. America has had to gone through a lot of ups and many downs to become the beauty that many look at today. Racial discrimination had a very strong part in American society. Although today, there are still racial dissimilarities. These racial dissimilarities are not as bad as they were in the back in the days of slavery and afterwards. Two of the main explanations that positive steps have been made in the direction of removing racial disparity is the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Power Movement. It is quite obvious that these two events assisted in shaping who Americans are at the moment. Even though these two events did not completely eradicate racial discrimination, they were huge rolls in making it less. These two events have many things in common, but then again also numerous differences. Without the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Power Movement, America would not be where we are these days.

Although African-Americans were appreciating the new land in the United States, they could tell that there was still something lost. Most did everything they could just to keep racial discrimination at bay. They made up new culture and then made sure they went out of their ways to be looked at as the typical American. They started looking at themselves as "New Negro's" for the motive that they defined themselves by an appreciation of some kind of ethnic difference. Likewise, they had this belief that they were living a thoroughly life that is diverse and a whole culture that is all the way new. Discrimination went on so the African-Americans left the south to head to bigger and better cities that had more chance. A lot of African-Americans went all the way to New York and mostly Harlem. Even though here the "New Negro's" begin an upheaval of their culture called the Harlem Renaissance (Huggins, 2009). This occurrence started in Harlem, the upper part of Manhattan. Also, the happening changed Harlem in to a center of creativity and art. It was at…

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Countee Cullen was another individual who played a part in the Harlem Renaissance. His works attracted critical attention at New York University. COLOR which was his first collection of poems, (1925), was printed before he completed school. Countee was recognized as being a part of the fresh generation of new authors that came out in the renaissance. Countee in 1927, printed two more books of verse - The Ballad of the Brown Girl and Copper Sun - and revised a collection of Negro poetry called Caroling Dusk. By 1928, he was the receiver of the Guggenheim comradeship and made the decision to do some work in Paris. In Paris, Cullen found a way to live for two years and went through fairly any racial discrimination there (Lewis, 2011).

During the era of the renaissance men were not the only active writers but women played a huge part as well. For instance, Zora Neale Hurston was a female that was known for being flamboyant and a colorful figure that brought in a lot of disagreement whenever and wherever she came on the scene. Hurston was a significant African-American woman author of the Harlem Renaissance. Also, she received the most acknowledgement for achievements and was the most productive of the women in the Renaissance era. Different the other authors of the Renaissance, Hurston was not really considered to be a writer by training. Moderately, she was an anthropologist and was trained to observe. This training is what makes her literary contributions so unique. Hurston developed skills in careful observation, recording such observations and presenting them intact to a reading audience. In this sense, she was more than just another writer. She was a folklorist as well. In this was her strength.

There were many achievements during the "roaring twenties" by African-Americans. They excelled in all forms of art during the time known as the Harlem Renaissance. Without this period of time, our modern day arts could have been quite different.

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