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Having said this, it is difficult to image a man such as Darby falling for her.

The film version of Elizabeth is also changed by certain plot changes that were made in the movie. Perhaps one of the most annoying scenes in the film is when Elizabeth goes outside in her bedclothes. Austen's Elizabeth would have never done such a thing. It is also worth noting that it is difficult to believe that the Bennets were as poor as the film depicted. A few of the party scenes where Elizabeth is the object of Darcy's attention are excluded from the film and they do not allow us to see Elizabeth's true character like we should. It is also worth noting that her personality seems to change halfway through the film. The first part of the film she spends far too much time giggling and in the second half of the film, it seems as though she has her sights set on being nothing more than a victim.

In short, Joe Wright's film version of Pride and Prejudice is worth watching but not as a companion piece to the novel. The strongest character of the story has been changed and while many may claim that these changes are small, they are significant because they deal directly with who Elizabeth is. She is not a beautiful girl that knows she can get along being cute and giggly - she is a smart, clever girl that would rather get along with others on what she has in her brain. Her wit is squashed in an attempt to loose the humor and become more serious than intended. We walk away from this film realizing that there is a difference between true wit and…

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