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Mannerism Essays (Examples)

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Cultural Movements of European Art After the
Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28538433
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cultural movements of European art after the Renaissance, namely those style periods of Mannerism, Baroque, and Rococo. In the late sixteenth century, Mannerism was a unique artistic technique that made use of distortions of scale and viewpoint. The Baroque movement in art and architecture enhanced Europe between the early seventeenth and middle eighteenth centuries as it emphasized dramatic and at times tense affects. The Baroque artists and sculptures consistently used very bold, curving forms, and extremely elaborate ornamentation. However, unlike Mannerism, they emphasized balance of incongruent parts. The Baroque musicians of the period also flourished throughout Europe and were known for their expressive dissension and complex embellishment of tones. Rococo, which originated early in eighteenth century France and may be considered by some experts as merely an extension of the Baroque movement, was an artistic approach used to create beautiful architecture and art works that were often based on flora…

Renaissance and Other
Words: 1277 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28540931
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Renaissance Art

The relationship between patronage and art

During Early and High Renaissance of Italy, it was through the vehicle of patronage was the key fashion in which an artist established his artistic identity as well as established himself economically. For instance, in considering Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus," it is important to remember that this vision is not an individualistic picture of a an artist living outside of his society. Rather, the patron who commissioned the Botticelli painting for his country villa was a member of the rich and powerful family of the Medici, and demanded that certain artistic standards and ideals be reflected in the work. (Sandro Bottecelli, ebart, "The Birth of Venus (

The Medici family had a fascination not so much with tale of Venus, but with the Neoplatonic philosophy of beauty this female form had the potential to represent. Venus, it was thought, and all…

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Human Interaction Basic Concepts of Human Interaction
Words: 1577 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97496622
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Human Interaction

Basic Concepts of Human Interaction

Conformity & Obedience

Human interaction is the phenomenon which takes place when two humans have a tendency to have an effect over one another. Individuals are mainly unaware of the fact that they are responding to the external factors and are adapting to the surroundings. Every situation requires the humans to react differently and thus demands a different mannerism altogether. A simple example of such behavior is individual's behavior which shows professionalism in the work-related settings whereas the same individual will exhibit different behavior when found with friends or family. Hence, every situation requires individual to consider the external factors requiring thorough analysis of what to say and how to respond. The two fundamental examples of such behavior are conformity and obedience. These two terms may sound the same however individuals exhibit these two sets of behavior differently in different situations.

Human behavior…


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Gender as I Walked Down the Pedestrianized
Words: 660 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96550528
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As I walked down the pedestrianized shopping mall, I immediately took note of the configurations of people on the sidewalk. There were many groups of females together -- either in twos, or groups of four or more. There were also some lone females, too, of course. There were many couples, and also a few groups of male friends. When looking at these different configurations of people and individuals, the way they "do" gender became almost immediately apparent. The most obvious and glaring sign of "gendered" identity is clothing. Women on this shopping street tended to dress quite nicely. Many were wearing high heels, and those who were in flats were in stylish ones as opposed to sneakers. Some of the men were dressed nicely too, but many were wearing sloppy clothing such as old T-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. In addition to the differences in what men and women were…

Modern Art Old Wine in
Words: 1111 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25833555
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Rather than seeking to emulate an ideal, they sought instead to cobble together influences, styles, and techniques from a range of different traditions. Relying on what others have created without actually valuing those creations on their own merits is not respectful of either tradition or innovation.

The result was a hodge-podge of aesthetics that is not without merit, but that is criticized now (and for quite a time) for not having a clear focus. annerist artists neither venerated the past nor sought to create an entirely new way of seeing. They often did incorporate fantastical subjects and twisted the forms of both of these creatures and of human subjects into sinewy shapes. The effect was not so much dreamlike (or even nightmarish) but distorted.

Even as annerist artists borrowed freely from other traditions and so seemed to devalue the worth of innovation and the allure of the new, they did…

Modern art in general has had a much more positive regard for the innovative and new. The reasons for this are complicated but may reflect consequences that have arose since the Industrial Revolution. Industrialization brought about two important trends that affected the ways in which artists interact with and feel about the new. Industrialization made constant innovation a social good in a way that had never been true before. The fact that new technologies made it easier and easier to create novel objects in the commercial world bled over to a push toward the innovative in art.

The early phases of Modernist art played directly with the ideas of how technology and art intersected with each other and how the new era of the machine made it more difficult to create work that was based on the past. The machine changed everything and made it imperative for artists to re-evaluate what it meant to be an artist at all. Daumier's 1862 Nadar Elevating Photography to the Height of Art is an ironic visual exploration of the ways in which having artistic tools such as the camera made it impossible to make art as it once was. Timothy O' Sullivan's A Harvest of Death (1863) proved incontrovertibly that new technologies changed the way in which everyone (not just artists) would view the world.

The next phase of Modernist art continued the valorization of the new, although in far more ironic ways. Indeed, irony itself in many ways can be seen to be the way in which many artists chose to confront the emphasis on the new. Beginning with the (then) new century, artists tried to combine new technologies and new social mores to ensure their audiences that they were the newest and therefore the best thing. Giacomo Balla's Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash (1912) focused on the ways in which technology affects the literal ways in which people view the world while a work like Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2 (1912) incorporating much more traditional artistic techniques with the innovative idea that art could only be defined by the artist.

Interview With Homosexual Person
Words: 4037 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19566830
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Homosexual Interview

The subject of this interview is a twenty-nine-year-old homosexual male of African-American descent, originally from Miami, Florida. He has been employed as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer since his 1997 graduation from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he majored in Kinesthesiology and Movement Science

and minored in Broadcast Communications.

The subject seemed ideal for this interview because he is openly homosexual himself, but acutely irritated by the common homosexual "affect" that he characterizes as a learned or emulated set of effeminate mannerisms and speech patterns that many people have come to associate with (or even expect from) male homosexuals. The subject has repeatedly expressed his disgust with homosexuals whom he describes as "flames" or even "faggots," because as a comfortably assimilated homosexual male, he believes that he (and all homosexual males) suffer from stereotyping and the homophobia that he believes it inspires. Specifically, the subject…


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Art and the Counter Reformation
Words: 2624 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 99296312
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The painting is shocking because of its dramatic perspective. First and foremost the table is not situated in the centre of the painting, nor is Jesus. In a symbolical manner this transmits the idea that God is no longer in the centre of man's world and this accounts for the chaos that seems to be omnipresent. The lower side of the painting is dominated by human figures and an atmosphere of panic and confusion seems to be dominating. The upper side of the painting is filled with angels. There is a clear separation lien between the scared world of the divine and the one of the people. The dark colours, as well as the composition succeeded into transmitting the desired message, managing to appeal to the viewer's emotions.

The aroque

As opposed to the simplicity that the Protestants supported, a new style emerges, that is the aroque. This new artistic…


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Home Influence on Formal Landscape
Words: 1965 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24168197
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Vignola began his career as an architect in ologna and supported himself by painting and making perspective templates for inlay craftsmen, later traveling to Rome to work and study. His talent and skill was utilized by the papacy, including Pope Julius III and the papal family of the Farnese. He worked with Michelangelo and was deeply influenced by his style.

It is believed that Cardinal Gianfrancesco Gambara commissioned Vignola to design the Villa Lante in 1566. The first casino was completed immediately, but the second one was not finished until after 1587 when the Cardinal passed away. The two casini differ mainly in the style of frescoes. The first casino uses a riotous highlight of color used to highlight the architecture, while the second casino was done in a more classical style of fresco and plaster sculpture combination.

The gardens of the Villa Lante incorporate water features in "a visual…


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Perceived Effect of Culture on
Words: 14190 Length: 44 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 64453060
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This, he says, is a big challenge considering the fact that all team members along with the top management come from different cultural backgrounds.

Polley and ibbens (1998) in their pioneering research assert that team wellness has got to be tackled in order to create high performance teams. The challenges that need to be over come have been thoroughly researched. The most commonly found problems are: lack of commitment and consideration from top management; probability of sharing enhanced productivity; creation and sustenance of trust (Polley and ibbens, 1998); and skills to deal with conflicts; both within tasks and amongst people (Amason et al., 1995).

Polley and ibbens (1998) assert that emergence of these problems can be either (1) persistent; and/or (2) immediate and/or intense. Extending the team wellness concept, Beech and Crane (1999) outlined a five dimensional strategy to overcome the problems most event managers might face when creating high…


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Gender & Sexuality Gender and
Words: 460 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 33470740
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Typical examples include the occupations held by males and females and their recreational interests. Social role theory is particularly important in connection with sexual mores that prescribe very different sexual and courtship roles based on gender.

Connection between concept and article:

The article Gender Is a Relative Term in Politics, Study Finds incorporates the concept of social role theory in the way it describes the extreme rarity of female political candidates facing male candidates in high-level face-to-face debates in connection with political races. In the Unites States, it has been almost a quarter of a century since a male and female candidate for high-level national political office faced each other in a debate.

This is a direct function of the extent to which social expectation influences males and females differently to aspire to political office or achieve other positions of relative social power.

While the article focuses on the issue…

Music Battle of Styles The
Words: 2989 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6380375
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She is both subordinate to, and a supporter of Erisbe. The continuous repetition of the same phrases also serves to weave a kind of emotional melody, one that impresses the audience with the meaning and depth of Erisbe's feelings.

Laments fulfill an... integral role in the works of...Cavalli. All Cavalli's operas include at least one lament, and some of them several. Moreover, these threnodies fulfill their task admirably: they 'purge' the passions in the Aristotelian sense...they act as an effective foil for the lieto fine -- and they provide opportunities for good solo singing and for good music to boot. Since twenty-seven operatic scores of Cavalli survive, it is of course much easier to generalize about him [than about other composers of his time].... fairly formulaic: the descending tetrachord in the minor mode; the cadential extension; intensification by the repetition of words.

hile in the above example, Erisbe's and…

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Starting Point Carol Delaney's Dictum
Words: 1872 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79725256
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The Jewish naming in Istanbul was foreign to the local people.)

It is for that reason too that we are so apt to see communication or transmission of language as a 'simple' ordinary activity and expect the other to understand us. We forget (as Delaney for one pointed out) that language is a string of interpretations that symbols into verbal form. The symbols -- the way that we see the phenomena -- are engineered by our own particular experiences. Ipso facto, it therefore makes sense that each interprets these phenomena differently and that each imposes a different lens as symbol. It follows, therefore, that we are bound to fail in catching the drift of the person's message (or communication) as the sender intends it.

This was the insight that came to me through the project of watching two people communicate to one another in the cafeteria. It was as though…


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Motivations for Firms to Expand Overseas the
Words: 2099 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18654628
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Motivations fo Fims to Expand Oveseas

The 5 majo easons that companies expand intenationally (o globalize) ae the following:

They seek

(1) cheape o moe plentiful supplies,-

Sometimes the esouces in one's own county (eithe labo o mateial o both) can be too expensive fo the company. Seeking cheape esouces, they may decide to elocate to anothe county whee such is the case. Fo instance, many companies choose to elocate to pats of E. Euope o to Asia whee they may find a pool of cheap labo. They may also find moe plentiful supplies fo thei poduct than can be found within thei own county (fo instance, someone poducing pape may want to move to a county whee tees ae in lage supply)

(2) new makets

The maket in one's own county may be too glutted to intoduce the poduct thee o fo the business to succeed. Anothe county, howeve,…

references. Aspects that are comfortable in one may be uncomfortable in another. A successful business will therefore have to adapt to the mannerisms of the country rather than standardizing its offerings.

3. Furthermore, consumers in some countries are far more sensitive to aspects such as price and availability of product than are consumers in another country.

4. Countries may find a certain marketing image contradictory to its morals or values and be threatened by it. They may also find it politically threatening. Companies have to be sensitive to these messages and therefore have to adapt their marketing to cultures.

5. Finally, although not least, consumers in different countries may use products in different ways depending on country lifestyle. For instance, Americans may desire certain gadgets in their cars that the relaxed Europeans may well desire others. For vehicle manufactures to succeed in these various countries they would have to adapt their product to culture. (MSI To Standardize or Not to Standardize: Marketing Mix Effectiveness in Europe

Japanese History Attribute Meiji Masculinity
Words: 4126 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 99910135
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Disorder does not descend from Heaven,

It is the spawn of a woman. 10

Contemporaneous with relocating the capital from Edo to Tokyo was the drawing up of the 'Memorandum on Reform of the Imperial Palace' in which Article 1 states that the emperor would 'deign to hear about all political matters' in the front throne room adding that 'women are to be prohibited from entering the front throne room' 11.

Yoshii Tomozane, enior ecretary for Court Affairs peremptorily dismissed all court ladies, after which a rare few were reselected for appointment. In his dairy, he noted: 'this morning, the court ladies were dismissed in their entirety… the power of women already lasting for centuries has been erased in a single day. My delight knows no bounds." 12.

In this way the power of the 'hens' was removed from the 'Enlightened regime' of Meiji rule and suppressed throughout the country.…


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Will Rogers -- American Intellect
Words: 1006 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26582937
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This, in combination with his slick use of language, and ability to use up-to-date sland and invented words to fit his needs, linked him not only with the cowboy tradition, but speech and mannerism of the American South. Because of this easy going style -- and ability to cut through the extraneous and find the base truth in the matter at hand, allowed him to move through social classes in all countries, standing for the virtues of a self-made-man, with the obvious respect for capitalism, utilitarianism, and faith in the progression of humans (Brown, 1979)

The standard definition of an intellectual is a person who uses intelligence (thought and reason) in a critical way to analyze issues and give not just a summation of rote memorization of facts, but of analysis and synthesis. Was Will ogers an intellectual? How could he not be -- he meets every standard, and then…


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Nature and Nurture the Relatively
Words: 1287 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 38447121
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That is simply because individual in the same family are much more likely than unrelated individuals to share similar foundational experiences by virtue of their exposure to similar parenting and resources in their immediate environment throughout their early lives (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2007; utter, 2006). Just as hesus monkeys tend to adopt maternal behaviors and elements of personalities of their mothers irrespective of their genetic inclinations, so do human infants and growing children and adolescents internalize and adopt various aspects of the behaviors and reactions exhibited by their parents and other significant adult behavioral role models in their lives (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2007).

Twin Studies

The quality of resources available to siblings (such as food, medicine, educational opportunities, etc.) is generally very similar within biological families (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2007; utter, 2006). To the extent these factors contribute to the development of behavior, it is extremely difficult if not impossible…


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Renaissance Is Perhaps the Best
Words: 909 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37306021
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The Renaissance gave them the opportunity to explore and create without restraint. As a result of this, learning took on an entirely different meaning in that it included the human experience as a significant aspect of knowledge, increasing the desire to know more.

A result of a desire to learn resulted in an invigorated self-confidence that only reinforced the belief that mankind had the power within him to understand all things, including nature. This new outlook on life and mankind resulted in an expansion of knowledge, especially in literature and science. Renaissance artists broadened their skills by using oil paints and incorporating realism to their work. Leonardo di Vinci is perhaps one of the most prominent artists of this time. His work illustrates the new trains of thought that mankind was taking. Another artist that cannot be ignored when mentioning the Renaissance is Michelangelo; a man whose art speaks volumes…

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Sociology Has Been the Relationship
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57803678
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What variable(s) and factors does each model include that the other overlooks? Integrate one reading of your choice to your analysis on how social class of families impact school-related processes and educational outcomes.

Laureau finds that the social class of parents affects the parent-school-child triad. Middle class parents get more involved in their children's activities than do working class parents. This involvement has a positive impact on the child's educational attainment. According to Lareau, due to the parents' education, occupation, income, and social networks, middle class parents feel more equal to teachers than do working class parents. This enables them to question and monitor teachers rather than deferring to teachers. Additionally, they have the financial resources to purchase educational resources and usually have more flexibility in their jobs to permit greater involvement. Therefore, they have more frequent abilities to participate in their child's educational pursuits, which results in greater educational…

Eder found that teachers' perceptions of students, and therefore their treatment of students, were based on students' family backgrounds and social mannerisms. Differences in social mannerisms were often misinterpreted as being reflective of the students' abilities. These attitudes toward students' intellectual abilities led to ability grouping in reading and math, which become sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy for these students.

Alexander considered the social class origin of the teacher and his or her perception of student abilities. Alexander found that teachers from high socioeconomic backgrounds perceived lower SES and Black students as lacking in maturity. Additionally, these teachers had lower academic expectations for lower SES and Black students. However, teachers from lower SES backgrounds did not have these perceptions. These perceptions impacted the grades the students received at the end of the year. In classrooms of lower SES teachers, there was no correlation between student's SES or race and his or her year-end grade. Conversely, in classrooms of teachers of high SES backgrounds, students of lower SES and Black students had significantly lower grades than those who were white or of higher SES. Alexander attributes this to the social distance between teachers and students.

According to the Wisconsin Social-Psychological Model, how we see ourselves depend on our interpretations of how other people see us. As has been stated in the other models, when parents and teachers have high expectations of students, they perform better. Mistry et al. (2009) found that both parents' and teachers' expectations of students impacted student achievement. They also found that teacher perceptions were based on the perceptions of earlier teachers, so if as indicated in the Eder and Alexander models, teachers base their expectations on misunderstandings

Gender-Based Communication Differences in Her
Words: 861 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3726301
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Those conversations also invariably include expressions of success or confidence as well. However, they discuss their feelings and those of others relatively rarely. In many cases, even the closest of male friends maintain a relationship that is sustained largely by common interests such as in sports or recreational interests. They may know one another for many years without ever really discussing their feelings or their intimate thoughts about personal matters. Women, tend to do the exact opposite, focussing on discussions about people instead of inanimate objects or impersonal interests. Close female friends typically know everything there is to know about one another and they invariably know one another better and more fully than their respective husbands or boyfriends know them.

As Tanner explains, these tendencies are likely functions of both biology and social learning. From the evolutionary biological perspective, males would have had to worry more about projecting their strength…

Teaching ESL
Words: 872 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29791639
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Applying language universal in the ESL format

I would show the ESL students the commonalties between their specific language and English. For instance that both languages have distinction between vowels and consonants and also between front and back vowels as well as between obstruent and sonorant consonants.

Going on to grammar I would show them that distinction exists in both too between noun and verb, between pronoun and between subject and object.

Using their language as contrast, I would select subject, verb, pronoun object, choosing via images and actions to illustrate these (e.g. book being both object and noun). Book I would show them can have an -s' added in English as plural but 'fright' which is a verb cannot have an s added to it.

My first activity, in other words, would be to show them that commonalties exist between the new strange language and their own, and that…

Partner and I Were Intending to Conduct
Words: 645 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39938343
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partner and I were intending to conduct a business trip to a foreign country, planning ahead of time would be necessary in order to conduct that trip in the most effective way and achieve the best results. The more important the business matter, the more crucial it is that energy and time be absorbed into the planning.

This is particularly so since we would need to make a positive impression on our foreign hosts, and there are, therefore, cultural mannerisms and nuances that we need to understand as well as how to relate to our foreign business associates in the best possible manner.

Planning for the business trip might, conceivably, involve research on three planes: firstly, research into the company or companies themselves (or, in other words, into the objective of one's mission); secondly, into the general aspects of the country as a whole so that we are able to…

Small but Successful Systems Integrator
Words: 2180 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97773921
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This skill will help am in all areas of his life.

The counseling protocol

I will introduce am to these ideas by using a mixture of Rogerain non-directive counseling with behavioral and cognitive techniques, as well as Gestalt by placing am in the other's shoes.

It seems to me that although am's confidence needs working on, the best route to rectify his self-esteem is by focusing on the problem and having am address it in a practical incremental way.

Discussion with team

My plan of action will be open-ended listening where I will encourage them to share their reactions about am. I will involve am in these meetings so am can discuss his concerns with his colleagues resulting in each gaining a perspective and understanding of the other's situation and feelings. I will encourage all participants to be as concrete and as open as possible so that all concerns get…


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Interracial Intercultural Communication Interracial
Words: 678 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39195921
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This can help increase the tolerance and cultural awareness of future generations, which is always a positive benefit for a more progressive society.

Different types of conflict styles can also impact how individuals fair within the context of an intercultural or interracial relationship. The way many cultures handle how they deal with conflict differ dramatically from other cultures. As a result, when two individuals from different cultures come together, they may often find that they have conflict because of how each party handles conflict. An indirect conflict style is one which tends to shy away from confrontation. Many cultures utilize such conflict management styles as a way to stay neutral and not dive into a conflict that would be emotionally exhausting. For example, many Asian cultures tend to exhibit very indirect conflict management styles. Yet, these can often be misinterpreted as being indifferent, where the individual is mistakenly thought to…


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Water in the Middle East
Words: 22307 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58217118
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While on one hand, the Nile gets the highest discharge from rainfall on the highlands of Ethiopia and upland plateau of East Africa, located well outside the Middle East region; on the other hand, discharge points of the other two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris, are positioned well within the Middle East region, prevailing mostly in Turkey, Syria along with Iraq. In other areas, recurrent river systems are restricted to the more northern upland areas of Iran and Turkey, in common with the coastline of Levant (Peter eaumont, Gerald H. lake, J. And Malcolm Wagstaff, 1988).

The conflict in the Future

It is widely believed by many experts that those who control the waters in the Middle East; control the Middle East; and those who control the Middle East; control the oil supply of the world (David M. Hummel, 1995). From the above mentioned facts it is clear that the water…


Anthony H. Cordesman. Peace is Not Enough: The Arab-Israeli Economic and Demographic Crises. Part Two. Population Growth, Fertility and Population Doubling Rates, Regional Trends, National Trends, and the "Youth Explosion" Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1998.

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Vicarious Learning Amongst Children Within
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(1996) that do not this particular element as a deciding factor in the procedures (e.g., Meltzoff, 1988).

esearch Question will explore the dimension and effect of vicarious learning and its importance in today's world at a very early stage of a person's life: school life. Does vicarious behavior and observance or peer pressure/influence have an effect on the viewer or observer's behavior? Is this effect long-term or short-term, good or bad? How do the students adopting the behaviors and others around react to these changes?


In order to see the practical implications of vicarious learning in students, we will observe them in strict everyday curriculum and extra curricular activities that are interlinked with their school activities. Even though they will be observed in familiar surroundings, the influence or modeling will be coming from both familiar and unfamiliar people and fellow students whether in the same age group or not…


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Cultural and Construction History of
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Charles Van Doren has concluded that the Copernican Revolution is actually the Galilean Revolution because of the scale of change introduced by Galileo's work.

The technological innovation of the Renaissance era started with the invention of the printing press (the Renaissance). Even though the printing press, a mechanical device for printing multiple copies of a text on sheets of paper, was first invented in China, it was reinvented in the West by a German goldsmith and eventual printer, Johann Gutenberg, in the 1450s. Before Gutenberg's invention, each part of metal type for printing presses had to be individually engraved by hand. Gutenberg developed molds that permitted for the mass production of individual pieces of metal type. This permitted a widespread use of movable type, where each character is a separate block, in mirror image, and these blocks are assembled into a frame to form text. Because of his molds, a…

Ladies and Gentleman Cultures Change Dramatically Over
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Ladies and Gentleman

Cultures change dramatically over time, and thus how we view different cultural and societal roles have also changed. In a modern context, where women are fighting for greater equality, what is considered gentlemanlike and ladylike has evolved since the time of Baldassare Castiglione's The Courtier. Although some elements remain relatively similar when comparing a modern idea of what a gentleman is, there are a number of clear distinctions that have changed dramatically.

Castiglione's The Courtier presents a very clear and defined sense of what it was like to be a gentleman and lady back in the 1500s, when it was written. Published in 1528, the work outlines both the characteristics of a gentleman, or courtier, and a perfect lady written in the style of fictional conversations. From this description, a character type can be generated, which can then be tested against the more modern connotation of gentleman…


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Bramante Architecture a Fact of History Is
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Bramante Architecture

A fact of history is that enaissance marked a new emerging base towards the already established architecture of antiquity that was rooted in thorough recovery of the past and new inventiveness, but it was because of this that the great cities of Europe gathered much of their form that is admired by the world today. The word renaissance has entered the minds of people with dominant positive connotations of pure genius and renewal. (Campbell, 2004)

enaissance architecture is the architecture of the early 15th to 17th centuries in different areas of Europe which demonstrated a revival of elements of the ancient Greek and oman thought and culture. First established in Florence by Filippo Brunelleschi, the renaissance spread like wild fire to other parts of Italy as well and from there the style was carried to France, England, ussia, Germany and other parts of Europe. (Gromort)

During the enaissance,…


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Press, USA.

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Rise of the Secular Turkish Republic it
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ise of the Secular Turkish epublic

It was in 1923 that the epublic of Turkey appeared on the face of the globe. The Turks consider the preceding years i.e. 1919-1922 as the years of their struggle for independence. The Turkish state that was formed as a consequence of this struggle was a completely new republic despite the fact that various partition schemes were proposed by the triumphant Allies during and after The Great War I (Alaranta 115). This paper will discuss the rise of the Secular Turkish epublic. It will elaborate the state of the empire when Sultan Abdul Hamid II came into power. It will also tackle the actions taken under his leadership to restrain European authority and involvement which eventually led to Sultan's demise. However, the rise of the secular Turkish epublic is mainly due to the countless efforts of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Therefore, this paper would extensively…


Ahmed, N. "Sultan Abdul Hamid II." History of Islam. WordPress, n.d. Web. 29 May 2012. .

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History From 1865 to the Present Day
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istory from 1865 to te present day. To focus te researc, select six subtopics (specific events or developments related to te topic, separated in time); tree from before 1930 and tree from after.


Tere are more tan 50 million immigrants (legal and illegal) and teir U.S.-born cildren (under 18) in te United States as of August 2012. As of te last decade, most immigrants come from te following countries: Honduras (85%), India (74%), Guatemala (73%), Peru (54%), El Salvador (49%), Ecuador (48%), and Cina (43%). Approximately, 28% of tese immigrants are in te country illegally. Rougly alf of Mexican and Central American and one-tird of Sout American immigrants are ere illegally.

Te Center for Immigration Studies (Rigt Side news) finds tat immigration as dramatically increased te population of low-income individuals in te United States, altoug many immigrants, te longer tey live in te country, make significant progress. However, immigrants…

Pula, James S. "American Immigration Policy and the Dillingham Commission," Polish-American Studies (1980) 37#1 pp 5-31

Yakushko, O et al. (2008) Stress and Coping in the Lives of Recent Immigrants and Refugees: Considerations for Counseling International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, 30, 3, 167-178

Philosophy of Life Humans Have a Distinguishing
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Philosophy of Life

Humans have a distinguishing nature, which defines the way they think, act, and feel. The human nature has influenced the culture that humans have kept with each other. In my observation, humans have a distinct culture that defines their operations and activities. For many years, many studies have been carried out to establish the human nature, which defines all human beings. Various views on the nature of human beings have been developed to explain human behaviors and mannerisms. Aristotle and Plato argued that humans may be explained as conjugal animals because they couple when adults to build household. It is also argued that humans are political animals with the potential of developing complex communities besides being mimetic (Oruka, 1996).

ecent years have seen the development of modern views on the nature of humans, such as, a being with potency to think, develop, and replicate. This modern view…


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Mass Media and Racism
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Racism in Media

Television news casting has a long history of perpetuating negative stereotypes of the Black community through what the news broadcasts and how it creates images that are transformed into symbols that become associated with the African-American community. Through these images, certain signs and symbols are created that later become associated with the Black community. hile attempts to make media more inclusive have marginally succeeded, failure lies in its inability to create any sort of social change but instead continues to perpetuate stereotypes.

In "Racism and the Media," Yasmin Jiwanai describes the role the media has on people's everyday lives. Jiwani writes that the media provides "us with definitions about who we are as a nation; they reinforce our values and norms; they give us concrete examples of what happens to those who transgress these norms; and most importantly, they perpetuate certain ways of seeing the world and…

Works Cited

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(October 1999). Web. 3 December 2012.

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University of California Press, 2003. GoogleBooks. 3 December 2012.

What Motivates People or Corporations to Partake in Enterprise Crime
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motivates people or corporations to partake in enterprise crime?

Among the peculiar aspects that come with business ethics, as in comparison with other domain names of applied ethics, is it handles a wide array of human matters which are more often than not stricken by serious criminality, as well as an institutional structure and atmosphere that is also oftentimes noticeably criminally inclined (Hilts, 2003). The oddity of the situation may also be lost on professionals within the area. It's quite common, for example, at business ethics discussions for most of presentations to become more concerned with straight-forward criminality and they tend to avoid ethical issues within these debates which are actually where we find frequent questions regarding where the correct strategy for countering crimes lies. In this way, all of the discussions of the 'ethics dilemmas' at the beginning of the twenty-first century continues to be very deceptive, since the…


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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1
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Memory, Identity, And Body

In a hypothetical situation, Barack Obama and Miley Cyrus are both involved in a horrific accident. As a result they are both horribly injured and only one can live. They undergo an operation wherein the parts of the brain that support specific episodic memories, but only those specific parts, are transferred. The body of Miley is given the brain pieces of Obama and the body of Barack Obama is given the brain pieces of Miley. The person who is now in Miley Cyrus's body awakens and the doctor states that Miley has survived. hile the body is now that of Miley Cyrus as well some would say is the soul, the memories she has, memories which shape personality; are those of Barack Obama. The doctor makes this supposition only because of how Miley looks, but does not consider the impact of the inclusion of a brain…

Works Cited

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75. Print.

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Invention of Tradition
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Traditions that are presented as age old and showcase a link between the distant past and present tend to have their origins in present times and are rather modern public, social, cultural and political manifestations. Most have their origins not more than three to four centuries ago. 'Invented traditions' is hence the name coined to aptly, if loosely, represent the devised or imposed (if forced) traditions seen today. These new traditions may have been instituted formally in recent times (and can be ascertained to a specific date or year) but were established very rapidly, and came to be recognized as traditions. The tradition of the royal broadcast of Christmas is an example, which illustrates the point. The broadcast started in Britain in 1932.

Invented traditions are those practices that are impressed upon the peoples of a nation or society or even a part of the society through repetition, making it…


Hobsbawm, E., & Ranger, E. (2012). The Invention of Tradition. Canto Classics. Retrieved from

Understanding How to Apply Ksas
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Strategic Project Management

For any organization, one of the biggest challenges in strategic project management is incorporating the different personalities together with specific objectives. The result is that conflicts will emerge and they will fail to achieve their larger goals. To deal with these challenges all firms must have a clearly defined strategy that will assist them throughout the entire process. To help them, there is a focus on the talent / skills in order to make it work and create a logical framework. Together, these different elements will illustrate the best approach for achieving these larger objectives. (Schmidt, 2009)

What kinds of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are required? Who needs to be on your team and what will their contribution be in terms of KSAs? How will you address the gaps? Identify the talent the project requires. Explain how you plan to get those needs met.

The company…


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Developing Mindful Practice
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Mindful Practice

This is a case Black male 21 years of age, conceived with HIV and offered up to child care since he was five years old. He was constantly moved from one care center to another, and vulnerable to mishandling. He is experiencing issues of uneasiness/wretchedness around a considerable number of issues. These issues particularly manifest when searching for vocation. He is discouraged and would not like to connect with individuals, only in isolation, if at all, such as behind buildings or warehouses and the like. He is especially jittery, nervous in circumstances when queries need to answered or assessments about him arise, dread of dismissal, stress over breaking down and fear about appraisal. The nervousness gets under his skin and overshadows his thinking to an extent where he is scattered, that he stops thinking justifiably and rationally and can't make it in time for interviews, job or any…


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Leadership Experiences
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Leadership Qualities

I have had leadership experiences in different settings such as schools, teams, and the workplace and through these I have had a better understanding about leadership qualities and behavior. One of my leadership qualities is communication. I am able to convey clearly and concisely what I want done, and this in turn makes it possible for me to relate my vision to my subordinates and therefore work towards the common goal. In addition, this open level of communication has enabled my team to know that they can easily trust and rely on me and therefore makes me able work harder (Prive, 2012). Another leadership quality that I have is commitment and drive. I am constantly working hard to ensure that the set objectives are achieved, even in times when we experience setbacks. In addition, another leadership quality I have is honesty and being ethical. In general, corporate governance…

Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality
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Personality Psych Analysis of Tony Soprano
Psychodynamic Theory
Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality
Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality makes the argument that human behavior is resultant of the interrelations amongst three constituent parts of the mind including the id, ego, and superego (Petocz, 1999). This theory of personality lays substantial significance of the manner in which conflict, more often than not unconscious, amongst the areas of the mind end up shaping an individual’s behavior and personality. The Id deals with instantaneous satisfaction of basic physical needs and desires and it functions completely unconsciously. The Superego takes into account social rules and morals, and is largely referred to as a person’s conscience. The Superego develops as a child progressively learns what is deemed to be right or wrong. Lastly, the ego, unlike the instinctive Id and the ethical superego, the Ego is the sensible, realistic part of an individual’s personality…

Knowledge and Skills to Get
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It involves the replacement of rule of thumb gradually with science for the mechanical arts.


The existence of the two rivers i.e. Euphrates and Tigris gave this name Mesopotamia which means the land between rivers to the region. Agricultural revolution was begun by the people of this region in about ten thousand years ago. They domesticated animals and plants instead of hunting and gathering as was common in the time. Their crops were tended in houses built of mud-brick or reeds and clustered in villages (Hyman 138). Their grains were stored in the granaries that they built and their trade and account were recorded in a token system that they developed. There was a sudden change and growth in the civilization of the southern Mesopotamia between 3000 and 3500, with the main focus being in the cities of Ur and Uruk. Rendering of the old ways of agriculture less…

Works Cited

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Self Is Empty Toward a
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An empty self wishes for nothing more than to e guided and taken care of, easy prey for an abuse therapist, or even one who is not intentionally abusive but is not trained to recognize and understand the underlying issues. Wide and varied research supports Cushman's theory on this point, proving that decontextualization of the individual, the devaluation of the patience, a belief in the universality of a therapeutic technology and the encouragement of idealization can all lead to therapeutic abuse (608). Cushman compares patients who are exploited by life-style therapy to people who are victimized by cults. Their empty selves make them susceptible to feeling "transformed" because they cannot see themselves within a larger communal matrix. Cushman argues that a main component of preventing this kind of abuse is part of what he is after in writing this article -- straightforward talk about life-style solutions and their possible dangers.…


Cushman, P. (1990). "Why the Self is Empty: Toward a historically Situated Psychology." American Psychologist. Vol. 45 (5), 599-611. doi: 003-066X/90

Socrates if the General Consensus
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His humility, focus on love and virtue, and selfless devotion in the face of persecution make him an example of "practicing what you preach" (Woods). He "embraced poverty" and refused to accept money for his "teachings" (Nails). Moreover, Socrates could be considered more "innocent and wide-eyed" than Jesus because he refused to believe that anyone had evil intentions, only that evil actions sprung from ignorance. He also believed that people were born virtuous, and therefore did not worry so much about the upbringing of his own sons.

Socrates had various other unusual beliefs that set him apart, and that he stuck by in deed as well as word. For example, he believed in the superiority of oral communication for accurately conveying information; as a result, he never authored any writings, leaving it to Plato and others to attest to the history of his philosophy. In addition, he was highly eccentric…


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History of Western Art Compare
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As a result, both works of art share this similarity, as they want to instill the audience with a sense of awe and respect for this person. (Stokstad, 2011)

When you step back and analyze both statues, it is clear that Donatello as well as Michael Angelo is trying to impress upon the audience a sense of: strength and respect for their statues. This is illustrated by the way they are using his physique, to underscore his physical strength and sexual prowess. However, both artists have different interpretations about what this character should look like. As far as Donatello is concerned, he is highlighting these momentous changes that are occurring (through a graphic depiction of the aftermath of the battle). Where, he shows David posed victoriously, with his foot on top of Goliath' severed head. This is important, because Donatello is trying to instill in the audience a sense of…


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Top Al-Qai'da Leaders Living or
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Richard Reid

Richard Reid, better known as the "shoe bomber" has nearly eight charges held against him. He was arrested as a result of his efforts to demolish a commercial flight using bombs concealed in his shoes. Richard was born in London in 1973. He had a Jamaican father who was in prison for a majority of his childhood. The early separation of his parents reflects family dysfunctionality. Even though he had been educated in one of UK's better schools, the lack of proper family support subjected him to getting involved in several crimes. An interracial background might have resulted in adjustment problems in an environment dominated by whites. He was imprisoned several times, and accepted Islam while at Feltham young offender's institution. On his release Reid became a part in the London based, Brixton Mosque. He made an effort to get involved in mosque proceedings but ended up getting…

Works Cited

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Social Work Antonio Case Study
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This leads one to believe that they are not very well off financially and the mother has not real education in order to obtain employment since she is currently attaining administrative assistant training. Antonio also has issues with controlling his behavior when in the daycare environment, as he frequently has violent outbursts and crying spells.

If one were to assess Antonio from an Eco-Feminist perspective one would be better able to understand Antonio and his present behavior. Ecofeminism is the social movement that regards the domination of women and nature as unified. It is one of the few movements and analyses that in fact connect the two movements. Lately, ecofeminist theorists have extended their analyses to reflect on the interconnections flanked by sexism, the domination of nature, and also racism and social dissimilarities (What is Ecofeminism, n.d.). Daniel spent a lot of time suppressing Hilda in his behavior that he…


"Neil Adger on Social Resilience." (2010). Retrieved December 2, 2010, from Ecological

Sociology Web site: 

Kendall, Diana. (2008). Sociology in our Times. Belmont: Thompson Wadsworth.

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Appealing to a White Christian
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As a character, Celie's own experiences have not engaged her on the same levels that Shug's sexual experiences have. This is to say that Celie's life and collection of experiences have not been personally gratifying or freeing in the way that Shug suggest sexual experiences should or can be. To Shug, sex is more about the personal gratification and the freedom of bodily and emotional expression that comes with the act of making love (Selzer, 69). Since Celie's life has revolved around taking care of her children and making sure the men in her life are happy, she really hasn't had much time to develop her own personal sex life in a gratifying or selfish way.

It is important to make the distinction between acting selfishly as the men in Celie's life have and acting selfishly as Shug suggests Celie do. These are two separate things, and the act of…

Works Cited

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Indigenous Culture in Australia Has
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" [Parliament of Australia]

The Future

Australia's aboriginal population is currently estimated around 4,60,000 roughly constituting 2.3% of the national population. [Australian Government] However, the sad fact is that aborigines have higher rates of alcohol and drug abuse and unemployment. Prime minister Rudd declared a state of emergency in the northern territory following high reports of alcoholism and child sexual abuse among the aboriginal communities. Efforts were also taken to restrict the use of welfare money only in stipulated shops so as to ensure that money is not spent on alcohol. Such intervention measures have created controversies but the government persists with these emergency measures citing the acute needs of the aboriginal communities. Prime minister Rudd envisions a future "where this Parliament resolves that the injustices of the past must never, never happen again. A future where we harness the determination of all Australians, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to close the…


1) Dr. Michael Halloran, 'Cultural Maintenance and Trauma in Indigenous Australia: Paper presented at the 23rd Annual Australia and New Zealand Law and History Society Conference, Perth, Western Australia (2-4th July, 2004), retrieved Aug 24th 2010, from, 

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Jungian Analysis Patient Background and
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" The subject describes how his mother also adamantly refused to consent to the use of Novocain or any other anesthetic when he visited the dentist (despite his pleas and pleas from the dentist) because of her distrust of "chemicals."

There is likely a direct connection between the subject's development of a highly abrasive and uncontrollable on-air persona and the degree to which the subject's control over basic aspects of his life was denied to him throughout his formative years (Casement, 1998; Mitchell & Black, 1995). More specifically, the subject was denied the right to express himself and he was often forced to abide by very conservative rules of proper conduct both in the home and also outside the home, such as by his mother's repeated warning that he was her "representative" outside the home. The self that developed seems to reflect both the explicit absorption of certain ideas from…


Andrews, J.D.W. "Integrating visions of reality: Interpersonal diagnosis and the existential vision." American Psychologist, Vol. 44; (1989): 803-17.

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Onegin What We Lost in
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This loss of interest in the people and society around us has largely been seen as endemic of the Industrial Revolution. As the verses that comprise this novel were written when the Industrial Reovlution was still only a few generations old, Pushkin can be seen as remarkably observant and perhaps even prescient in his assessment of the bored young heir. There is a great irony to Onegin's boredom -- and our own -- in a world of surplus such as that created (for many in society) by the advent of industry. Onegin clearly does not want for stimulation of the senses; he goes to lavish balls and other events of high society in St. Petersburg, and can afford any other pleasures he might want. This affordability, however, is precisely what leads to his boredom and frustration. Industrial societies have lost the connection to pleasures that working directly for them imbues…

Future of the Economy of Humanity or
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future of the economy, of humanity, or the world, but my own. The quote reminds me of the person I have imagined myself becoming after I finish school and move on to bigger things -- an adept, knowledgeable leader with a stable value system as a basis for his decisions.

In the past, I have seen how a lack of principles can lead to indecision, and a substitution of what we know is right for what we know is comfortable. I have seen how the lack of a value system can affect a person and those around him. I have also seen that a person without principals lacks the capacity to take care of another human being, to take risks concerning business matters, and to actively guide her life with assertiveness and candor.

As I move into the future, I intend to keep the philosophy that Jefferson indicates in his…

King Philip's War and the
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Narragansett warriors ambushed Captain Michael Pierce's column here
in one of the greatest victories for the Native Americans in the war."
(Pike, 1) The victories of the natives would also extend to the total
destruction and colonial abandonment of Providence as marauding native
alliances gathered the steam of righteous resistance against the Europeans.
Still, the Europeans were very effective at exploiting existing
tensions with historical roots between different native tribes.
Accordingly, "the Pequots remained allies of the English during King
Philip's ar, as did the Mohegan and the Eastern Niantic. On December 17,
1675, the Connecticut contingent that joined inslow to attack the
Narragansett included about 150 Mohegan and Pequot led by Oneco." (Pike, 1)
This would help the Europeans to turn the tide against the natives,
ultimately chasing them into a massive swamp fort where one of the most
notorious and bloody battles of the war would be fought.…

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Dawn of Civilization the Battle
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Is there such a thing as retribution, though -- or at least does evil ever regret its actions. As the story ends, Misfit seems to be thinking about goodness and probably thinking that evil is not the answer to the problems in his life. At the end of the story Misfit regrets killing Grandma, and says that "she would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life." Everyone has evil inside them; sometimes we see only good or only evil; but the battle exists on various planes in a regular, almost evolutionary manner -- the conflict is what drives humans forward. What are these consequences, though? If Mme. Loisel would not have been so determined to rise above her station and show off, or if she had been more honest and less presumptive, she would not have spent a…


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Hypocrisies in Contemporary Hip-Hop Culture
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Most fundamentally, virtually everything associated with Hip-Hop culture as it pertains to males relates to the portrayal of masculinity and a high degree of self-esteem, a positive self-image, and to being a powerful person on every level. This is portrayed in numerous specific ways, including the lyrics of songs, the adoption of certain physical mannerisms, manner of dress, and to inferences of social and physical dominance of men, particularly toward women (Price, 2006).

In many respects, these images completely contradict reality. For example, Hip-Hop artists have frequently appeared on prominent cable television programs profiling their success through guided tours of multi-million-dollar mansions and expansive estates complete with several brand new Lamborghinis, Ferraris, olls oyce, and Bentleys in their driveways. Aside from the social irresponsibility of promoting ostentatious displays of luxury to impressionable youth, in many cases, the portrayals are themselves largely phony (Price, 2006).

That is simply because much more…


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Leadership an Initial Evaluation of
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In order to accomplish this, I will need to in some ways "symbolize the norms" of what others expect (Wren 1995, pg. 188). This does note mean subsuming my identity, but making sure that I am more easily identified with than my mannerisms and extreme intellectualism sometimes allow.

How to ecognize Change

ecognizing change in oneself is supremely difficult, but there are tangible measures in leadership situations that can be used. The best way for me to tell if my expectations have fallen more in line with reality, for instance, would be to see how well and how easily my group accomplishes the set goals. If the goals seem to be creating an inordinate amount of stress and work, then it might be best to reduce expectations again. When it comes to changing the emotive content of my communication, asking a few trusted members of the team for their input…


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British Wordsworth's Preludes the Prelude
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ordsworth's often chose a model for his narrative structure that resembled a river. This allowed him to emphasize the differences between his text and retrospectively processed narratives. hen looking at a river, the flow happens in the opposite direction as in a forking path, which changes the suggestion of the model and makes a river a more apt metaphor for prospective texts. In a path model, the possible options are ever increasing when looking to the future, but only one option can be followed. This gives the person traveling a series of choices that decide an otherwise indeterminate future. A river highlights the simultaneous contributions of many small tributaries, all of which travel unavoidably toward the same predetermined end. In a text with a plot that is structured like a river, there is no guesswork involved about which path the plot might take. There is always one point toward which…

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Art of Comparison Two Treatments
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We do not know if Grammatica is portraying something real or merely representing an image from the stage. This too, is symbolic of its period. The mannerist and baroque eras reflected a time when art was being made to serve the propagandistic purposes of a Church under siege. Like the headless warrior on the stone table, it also was under attack by evil forces. These forces needed to be fought by any means necessary. All were participants in this battle -- and so the figure of the lowly older woman following the direction of the more upper class Judith. Individual initiative is replaced by group action. Impulse is substituted for carefully-planned covert attack. Judith's pointing finger is indicative of a place to which the two must go, a prearranged location that apparently is known only to Judith. Again, secrecy is more important than openness, if secrecy means victory and ultimate…

Active Learning Style in Hands-On
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Roles can be rotated regularly to give all team members experience; and 5) Task or sequence interdependence

This occurs when one group member must first complete his/her task before the next task can be completed. For example, collecting water samples might be assigned to two group members, while research on how to collect samples is done by two other group members. (Foundation Coalition, 2009)

Cooperative learning according to the University of Wisconsin cooperative learning group is stated to be structures that "...generate ideas for open-ended questions or problems. The instructor poses an open-ended question and asks groups of students to generate multiple responses. Groups then summarize their responses and report in one of several ways: in writing, random calling, groups reporting to each other, etc. A faculty member might apply one of these structures at the beginning of a new topic by briefly describing the topic and then asking groups…


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Criminal Justice - Juvenile Court
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On several occasions, the judge did seem to make an inquiry into motivation or reasoning, but the juveniles failed to give a coherent answer; it was clearly not a setting in which they felt comfortable opening up about their lives and issues. Instead of pursuing the matter to get a satisfactory answer, the judge just moved on to the ruling phase if the juvenile declined to give a full answer to questions or just responded "I don't know" or "I guess so" when it should have been obvious that there was much more to the story.

In another case, the judge asked a juvenile if he (the juvenile) knew why he was so angry at his mother. Everything about his body language, his facial expressions, and the way he stared at his mother suggested that he knew exactly why he purposely made his mother's life so difficult. Even as the…