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Building Class Curriculum in Private Schools

The purpose of this work is to research five credible and informative articles about how to build a course curriculum for use in private schools.

Historically, private schools have failed to meet the national standards required for students to graduate from high school.

In the work entitled, "Regular Classroom Practices With Gifted Students: Results of a National Survey of Classroom Teachers state is that The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT) to determine the extent to which gifted and talented students receive differentiated education in regular classrooms across the United States that Four questions guided this research pertaining to modification of instructional practices and curriculum materials to meet the needs of gifted and talented students. Through use of survey samples that were drawn in stratified random sampling procedures and a survey instrument called the "Classroom Practices Questionnaire (CPQ) was developed to obtain background information on the teachers, their classroom as well as their school districts and perceptions of their teaching behavior in relation to gifted and average students in their classes. The major finding of this study is that third and fourth grade teachers make only minor modification in the regular curriculum to meet the needs of the gifted students. Teachers who do make provisions for the gifted generally assign "advance readings, independent projects, enrichment worksheets and reports of varying kinds. The report states "Differentiating curricula for the gifted implies modifying the curriculum to meet students' differing learning rates, styles, interests and abilities. A differentiated curriculum can involve either acceleration or enrichment. It includes experiences that focus on thinking skills, abstract concepts. Advance level content, interdisciplinary studies and differentiated curriculum is implemented..." (Archambault, et al., 1991)

In a separate study the National Commission on Excellence in Education published a recommended curriculum with its basis on higher standards in student achievement in private schools. Findings indicated that the private school in meeting the 1990-91 commissions recommendations for graduation was stated to be "mixed." (Broughman & Rohr, 1995)

In a separate study an…

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