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Informative Essays (Examples)

An informative essay is an essay that is written expressly for the purpose of giving the reader information about a topic.  Also known as expository or informational essays, informative essays are intended to be free from bias.  In contrast to persuasive or argumentative essays, where the writer is trying to convince the reader to adopt an opinion or perspective on the topic, in an informative essay the writer’s only goal is to make sure that the reader finishes the essay better-informed about a topic than when he or she began reading the essay.

The key to writing an informative essay is to know your topic.  You cannot teach the reader about a topic that you do not understand.  Therefore, subject selection plays a significant role in informative essay writing.  Ideally, you want to choose a topic that you already know well; when that is not an option, you want to choose a topic that you find interesting and that will be easy for you to research, so that you can teach your reader about the topic.

One of the drawbacks of informative essays is that they need to be free-from bias.  Writers often find themselves slipping into a persuasive-writing mode.  However, losing objectivity can really weaken your informative essay.  Before including information in your informative essay, you need to ask yourself if it is objectively verifiable. 

You probably have experience writing informative essays; most modern K-12 writing programs emphasize expository writing.  However, if you want to see how to elevate basic expository writing to college-level informative essays, our example essays are a great way to start.   

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Worry Bout Audience Analysis Word Count 1000-1250

Words: 1385 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88467511

worry bout audience Analysis ord Count: 1000-1250 words (This word count refers ONLY essay . It include audience analysis orks Cited page. If essay falls short minimum word count, I automatically deduct riting Informative Essay (Corresponding chapter The Little Seagull Handbook: -7) General Information An informative essay organized primary functions: report a unfamiliar topic; analyze meaning, pattern connections; explain works; explore questions answers.

Informative essay: The impact of the economic crisis upon young people

Although the consensus amongst economists is that the United States has extricated itself from the worst of the recession of 2008, the impact of the economic crisis is still palpable amongst many demographics within the United States. Recent college graduates are amongst the hardest-hit. Given the sluggish labor market, many new college graduates are struggling for work, while the previous generation was able to find jobs with much greater ease. These workers are burdened by high…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Goudreau, Nicole. "The 10 worst college majors." Forbes. 11 Oct 2012. 25 Jan 2013.

"Help Wanted: Millions of Cloud-Skilled IT Workers Needed." Microsoft Press Release.

19 Dec 2012. 25 Jan 2013.
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Construction Site Safety Meeting

Words: 1261 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93771855

Safety Meeting

Conducting an informative safety meeting can seem like a large task. The purpose of a safety meeting is to effectively convey safety information to employees. Effective communication of safety guidelines and rules can help to reduce the chance of injury on the jobsite. Safety meetings are most often conducted by supervisors, the foreman, or even the company owner. Like everything else, if you follow a plan it can be done with minimal stress. Here is a detailed, step-by-step plan for conducting an informative safety meeting, using a construction company as an example.

The first step in the process is choosing a place to hold the safety meeting. You will want to choose a comfortable area, so the employees can focus their full attention on you and the information you are conveying. It can be hard to focus if an area is too hot or cold, or if there…… [Read More]

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Mastery Over Nature Exotic Animal Trade

Words: 1388 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92993858

Mastery Over Nature and the Exotic Animal Trade

Humankind has always had a fascination with nature and specifically animals in nature and even more specifically with conquering the animal or gaining mastery over the animal. The exotic animal has been the focus of great aspiration of humankind to attain mastery over. The reasons for this are varied in nature with some individuals obtaining exotic animals for their own pleasure and as examined in this particular informative study there is desire for obtaining exotic animals so that human beings can experience the animals of nature.

Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide, South Australia

The setting examined in this study is that of the Adelaide Zoo, located Adelaide, South Australia. The work of Kay Anderson entitled "Culture and Nature at the Adelaide Zoo: At the Frontier of Human Geography" reports that in the suburban backyard, people unknowingly "make their more routine interventions in nature by…… [Read More]


Adams, G., Fisher, L., Le Blond, D., Mazur, N., McMahon, C., Peckover, T., Schmiechen, J. And Sharrad, N. 1991, The role of the Adelaide Zoo in conservation, Report prepared for the Royal Zoological Study of South Australia, Mawson Graduate Centre for Environmental Studies, The University of Adelaide.

Anderson, K (1994) Culture and Nature at the Adelaide Zoo: At the Frontiers of Human Geography. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. N.S. 20(3) 275-294. Retrieved from:

Tarpy, C. 1993, 'New zoos -- taking down the bars', National Geographic, July: 2-38.

Thomas, K. 1983, Man and the natural world: changing attitudes in England 1500-1800, Allen Lane, London.
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Art of Having a Guest

Words: 470 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69111059

The author of "The Art of Cookery" made a similarly wise decision by using a time order as this reflects the style of the piece. The piece is meant to present a very formal topic, and using time order reinforces the point that the formality of this process is contained in its timeliness. Furthermore, the author's secondary development method of informative process was necessary in order to make the essay what it is -- a how to piece.

4. Both of these essays are alike in many ways. The fact that they are both expository essays makes them very similar, as both have the purpose of explaining. Since both essays used, at some point, the informative process, they can both be described as how to essays. Furthermore, both essayists took into account their audiences when penning this work, deciding on the style that would best suit the audience. These essays…… [Read More]

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Advertising and Personal Selling

Words: 945 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49903028

Marketing Mix for Panera Bread Company


Advertising refers to any form of non-personal communication meant to persuade, inform, and remind customers to buy a product (Shapiro, 1984). Panera Bread Company has adopted the informative approach as a way of winning and retaining customers. In this strategy, the aim is to let the clients get to know the features of the products being offered. These features include the price, quantities sold, the quality as well as how the products are consumed. Some information to the effect of the ingredients used to bake the breads as well as how the bread needs to be consumed (Peter and Donnelly 2013).

The informative objective also involves teaching the clients about the hazards of overconsumption of the product. Panera Bread Company has warned the clients of over consumption of bread -being a processed food in its adverts. The action seeks to comply with the…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Peter, J. Paul and Donnelly James H. Marketing management: Knowledge and skills. 11. ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2013. Print.

Scott, David Meerman. The new rules of marketing and PR: how to use news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing, & online media to reach buyers directly. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2007. Print.

Shapiro, Benson P. The marketing mix. Boston, Mass.: Distributed by the Pub. Division, Harvard Business School, 1984. Print.
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English Usage of Language

Words: 1593 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26679930

female of a dog or other animals of the dog family e.g. fox a gray hound *****. However, when used as slang it implies derogatory characteristics of a woman especially a cruel and unpleasant one. In terms of relating it to something or somebody it implies 'making bad or critical comments about someone/something or complaining' inclusive of 'unpleasant situation etc.'.

Thus, its literal meaning is quite different from its common usage. How the literal meaning fell devoid giving birth to a totally new, informal and derogatory meaning is questionable. Although the formal version of the term is still used to imply the gender difference a male dog and a female dog, the informal term still prevails. There lies no apparent connection between the two meanings and it is not easy to comprehend how the two evolved simultaneously for the same word. Attitudes play a major role, the term '*****' is…… [Read More]


Naylor, Gloria. "The Meanings of a Word." Language Awareness. Ed. By Paul Eschholz, Alfred Rosa, and Virginia Clark. New York, New York. REL. St. Martin's Press.

S.I. Hayakawa "Right Word -- A Modern Guide to Synonyms" Harper & Row, Publishers.

Judith Ortiz Cofer, "The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria"
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Male & Female Communication General

Words: 905 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17908922

For example, women are taught to collaborate, and affirm rather than subvert other people in conversation. But women can recognize that the need to speak up when provoked, if they are conscious of their conversational tendency. A woman whose idea is stolen by a male co-worker in an aggressive, male-dominated firm that praises competition cannot simply complain to her boss after the meeting where the co-worker claimed 'their' idea was 'his,' or assume that the truth will eventually be revealed about the theft. Likewise, a male who wishes to maintain a good relationship with a female boss can benefit from engaging in conversation that is not stereotypically 'facts' related (like baseball scores) but is more relational, such as inquiring about how the boss' day is going (Simon & Pedersen, 2005).

Again, stereotyping is never valid, and if you meet someone who differs from these generalizations, or if you yourself do…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Buchanan, Holly. "Male vs. female: Communication Styles." Marketing to Women.

2006. 8 Nov 2007. 

Tannen, Deborah. You Just Don't Understand. New York: Quill, 2007.

Simon, Victoria & Holly Pedersen. "Communicating with Men at Work: Bridging the Gap with Male Co-Workers and Employees." Male / Female Communication Newsletter. March 2005. 8 Nov 2007.
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Internet Advertising Forms a Critical Part for

Words: 1825 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7581684

Internet Advertising

Advertising forms a critical part for the operation of any business. The business owners rely on advertising in order to get in touch with their customers. This brings the need for an efficient way of reaching the potential customers with information about the products. Consequently, many of the business owners have turned to the internet as media for advertising with the main aim of reaching their potential customers faster than before. The adoption of online advertising (internet use) has triggered a hot debate on whether the internet has changed the image of advertising in the market. Some people argue that the internet has benefited advertising while others have their own views about the internet limiting advertisement. Some of the services offered by the internet include e-mail advertising, display advertising, affiliate advertising, behavioral marketing and semantic advertising. This article supports the view that the internet has benefited users in…… [Read More]

Works cited

Gwyn, David. The Key Benefits Of Online Advertising. 2002. Retrieved from: http://david-

O'Guinn, Thomas C, Chris T. Allen, and Richard J. Semenik. Advertising and Integrated Brand

Promotion. Mason, Ohio: South-Western/Cengage Learning, 2009. Print.
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Muslim Communities the Muslim Community

Words: 1252 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43204662


, America's Muslims were put "at risk of becoming the nation's focus of anger" (Dilley, 2001, par. 1)

One common misconception about Muslims is that we are violent terrorists when in fact Islam does not allow the murder of innocent people. The Koran even mentions, "Fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress limits. God does not love transgressors." Yes indeed it may be true that jihad or holy wars were practiced during Islam's revelation as it is sometimes used for religion's expansion and defense purposes. But we should know that most of the time, Islam spread because of negotiations, exposure, and preaching (Hossain, 2004).

Another misconception is that all Arabs are Muslims. Muslims, in fact, are composed of various ethnicities, of which on 18% are Arabs. There are Muslims from Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Indian subcontinent to name a few (ibid).…… [Read More]


Adherents (2005). Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents. Retrieved from  on October 17, 2009.

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El-Hadi, N. (2005). Islam and the Nature of the Universe. Retrieved from on October 17, 2009.

Henslin, J. (1993). Sociology. A Down-to-Earth Approach. Massachusetts: Allyn and Bacon.
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Outsourcing and Off Shoring This

Words: 1451 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32860407

Plus, SweatX's proponents supposed it would make accessible a model that would provide anti-sweatshop campaigner confirmation to push most important brands like Gap plus Nike whose goods are made chiefly in Asian also in Latin American sweatshops to elevate their workplace values. It should be noted that the majority of SweatX's thirty-five fabrication workers have started other jobs, characteristically with harsher conditions and inferior pay. Although the company's for the most part recent executive team wishes to keep the brand name alive under a very new trend. Somehow, SweatX may well also bond with human rights along with labor crowd like United Students adjacent to Sweatshops as well as the National Labor Committee. Which have splurge the precedent decade exposing sweatshop exploitation and underneath workers' move violently to unionize about the world. Auxiliary, SweatX may possibly help building a U.S. marketplace for union commodities made in underprivileged countries by selling…… [Read More]


Thomas L. Friedman. "30 Little Turtles." New York Times, February 29, 2004.

Richard Appelbaum & Peter Dreier. "SweatX Closes Up Shop." The Nation, July 19/26

Charles Fishman. "The Wal-Mart You Don't Know." Fast Company, Issue 77 December 2003.
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Macro-Economic Choices the Three Major Categories for

Words: 1197 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16699388

Macro-Economic Choices

The three major categories for the federal government's revenues include: individual incomes taxes, corporate income taxes and social insurance taxes. Individual income taxes accounts for the largest amounts of spending for the federal government. As, these figure increased from: $1.1 trillion in 2010 to $1.3 trillion in 2011. While social insurance taxes are the second largest source of revenues with them providing at total of: $938 billion for 2010 and $978 billion for 2011. Then, there are corporate income taxes that are accounting for revenues of: $252 billion for 2010 and $292 for 2011. ("The udget and Economic Outlook," 2011)

What are the three major categories of expenditures for the federal government? Please comment on each and indicate their relative importance to each other. Relative importance can be indicated by dollar amounts, percent of total revenue or expenditure or, though less informative, by ranking.

Three categories for the…… [Read More]


The Budget and Economic Outlook. (2011). CBO. Retrieved from:

Debt Panels Plan would cut $4 Trillion. (2010). CNN. Retrieved from: 

What are Leading, Lagging and Coincident Indicators. (2011). Investopedia. Retrieved from: 

Freid, C. (2011). Deficit Reduction Proposals. CBS News. Retrieved from:
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Ethics Project

Words: 4363 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61479708

Life and Death: The Life Support Dilemma by Kenneth E. Schemmer M.D

Kenneth Schemmer in his thorough, thought provoking book brings to life the controversial subject of the life support issue. For years, many all over the country have pondered, "What if a person were in some kind of an accident and the physicians told them that they were not going to make it?" And all that he or she could do is just lie there in extreme pain waiting for their life to the end. Or even worse case scenario what if they happened to end up completely brain dead? These debated questions are taken on by Dr. Schemmer in making his point that life support decisions may not necessarily be the decision of the family, the doctor or the patient but by a higher being that gives life and takes life. Schemmer uses these controversial questions in his…… [Read More]


Court backs right to die | terminally ill have right to refuse medical life support. (1984, Dec 28). The San Diego Union, pp. A.1-1.

Ackerman, T. (2005, Mar 27). Life support battle shifts / A decade ago, patients families had to press for 'right to die. Houston Chronicle, pp. 1-B.1.

Allen, P. (2000, Oct 07). Right to die upheld despite new euro law, doctors can end life support rules judge. Daily Mail, pp. 33-33.

Dolan, M. (2001, Aug 10). Justices deal setback to right-to-die movement; health: State court bans removal of life support from conscious patients whose wishes are not clear. Los Angeles Times, pp. A.1-A.1.
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Psychology Adolescent Sexual Behavior This

Words: 1101 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17373491

Peer competence was defined as a "child being well liked by others and having clearly identifiable, mutual friends. Additionally, others respect her/him, and follow his/her ideas." (Zimmer-Gembeck, et al.) Although teacher may know their students well, there is no guarantee that a teacher is completely accurate in an assessment of something with so many variables.

Based on these measures of peer acceptance and attractiveness, many questions would simply go unanswered. For example, in neighborhoods where crime is rampant, social acceptance may be based on an ability to survive yet in a different atmosphere social acceptance may be based on clothing allowance - when there is cross contamination of these two social settings, is a person still as accepted and therefore attractive?

Subjective Reflection do not want my attempt of presenting an analytical, informative, and critical assessment of this research project to understate my disappointment in the overall project. I was…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Zimmer-Gembeck, Melanie J., et al. "A Prospective Study of Intraindividual and Peer Influences on Adolescents' Heterosexual Romantic and Sexual Behavior." Archives of Sexual Behavior August, Vol. 33 No. 4 (2004): 381-(14).

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Washing Conducted by Green and Slemen 2005

Words: 1146 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41334481

washing conducted by Green and lemen (2005). Literature on the subject, as they show, brings down a lot about the importance of washing hands before food preparation. Epidemiological research indicates that a lot of diseases break out in restaurants where inadequate hand-washing has been performed, and that many people acquire disease from eating meals outside the home. Over and again, reviews present information about the importance of washing hands before preparing food, but as the authors demonstrate, minimal to none investigation has actually been conducted on current practices of hand-washing. It would be informative, therefore, to investigate current practices and factors affecting these practices in order to see how, and in which ways, we can improve hand-washing practices.

The literature review on the subject was general and skimpy. Merely an abstract outline was presented, but the methodology - which was the brunt of this article -- made up for deficiencies…… [Read More]


Glynis M. Breakwell, Sean Hammond, & Chris Fife-Schaw (1995) Research methods in psychology

London; Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications

Green, LA & Selmen, C (2005) Food preparation practices: A qualitative study. Food Prot. Trends. 21, 981-990

Keegan, S. (2009) Qualitative research: good decision making through understanding people, cultures and markets London; Philadelphia, PA: Kogan Page
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CVD Vascular Leg Disorders in Adults With

Words: 312 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90890585


Vascular Leg Disorders in Adults with Substance Abuse Issues

Vascular leg disorders, namely chronic venous disorders (CVD) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD), are frequent yet generally unacknowledged complications of injection drug use (IDU) (Pieper, Templin, Kirsner, & Birk, 2010). One study provides a quantitative analysis of the relationship between PAD and exercise habits in adults that engage in IDU. In the sample that was used, overall activity was relatively low and most participants walked less than half a mile a day (Pieper, Templin, Kirsner, & Birk, 2010). There is a significant inverse between PAD and CVD and being active and engaging in some form of walking or exercise. This study is quantitate in nature and provides that statistical findings of the experiment with a large sample.

By contrast, other articles are more informative in nature. One informative article gives an overview of a particular drug that can be used…… [Read More]

Works Cited

McKeage, K., & Keating, G. (2008). Parnaparin. Adis Drug Evaluation, 106-122.

Pieper, B., Templin, T., Kirsner, R., & Birk, T. (2010). The Impact of Vascular Leg Disorders on Physical Activity in Methadone-Maintained Adults. Research in Nursing & Health, 426-440.
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Chippewa's Aboriginal Homeland

Words: 1579 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96366973

Chippewas of ama First Nation


Author's note with contact information and more details on collegiate affiliation, etc.

This paper will study the Chippewa people of ama First Nation. The paper will provide a larger context within North American history and Chippewa history to reflect upon this tribe's cultural traditions and heritage. The paper will focus upon several key aspects to the culture such as the interaction with Europeans, reputation within the aboriginal tribes of Canada, and the rich oral history/tradition of the Chippewas of ama First Nation. The paper serves to be informative and comprehensives.

A Brief Examination of the Chippewas of ama First Nation

The Chippewas of ama First Nation are one of numerous tribes that compose the First Nations. The First Nations is a collective term that refers to the aboriginal tribes of Canada, not including those who are Inuit and/or Metis. North American aboriginal tribes have…… [Read More]


"Chippewas of Rama First Nation." 2012 January 2012

"Mnjikaning History." 2012 January 16

"M'njikaning First Nation." 2012 January 16

"Ojibway People." 2012 January 16 <>
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Human Biology

Words: 1206 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9708958


Comparison of Websites

Cancer, the very mention of the name triggers a feeling of hopelessness and void in the lives of people. Learning to face this dangerous disease in a positive manner is almost half the battle and it requires a lot of inner strength. In majority of the cases people lose the fight at the very mention of the disease, seemingly doomed to the inevitable, engulfed by an all-consuming fear. With the advancements in medical science that we have today we are better prepared now than ever before in dealing with the disease. However it is important to be knowledgeable about the disease in order to put up a positive fight. Today the Internet is perceived as a rich source of information. In this regard let us compare two websites that contain a lot information pertaining to the disease and its treatment methodologies.

This site carries exhaustive…… [Read More]


Designed by 'American Cancer Society', Accessed on 2nd March, 2003

Designed by 'Cancer Information and Support International', Accessed on 2nd March, 2003,
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Managing Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relation and Direct Marketing

Words: 4174 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80914305

Managing Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relation and Direct Marketing

Hundreds of theories exist that examine, outline, define and analyze the best methods for managing advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing campaigns. Slick advertising agencies offer manufacturers and retailers a variety of tools that do in fact support the advertising and sales promotion process. The primary key element however, that is common among all of these areas, and the one factor that truly will influence a marketing, sales or public relations campaign's success in the marketplace, is the ability to target audiences and respond effectively to consumers ever changing wants, needs and desires.

Consumers are becoming increasingly shopping savvy. The advent of technological advances such as the internet have allowed consumers new avenues for researching products and services on online at anytime. Most consumers have discovered that bargains can be found just about anywhere nowadays with a click of…… [Read More]


Alonso, J. Shintaro, O. "Right messages for the right site: online creative strategies by Japanese multinational corporations." Journal of Marketing Communications, Vol. 9, No.4, (December) 2003. 221-239

Axarloglou, Kostas. "The Cyclicality of New Product Introductions." Journal of Business Research, Vol. 76, no. 1: University of Chicago

Brucks, M. & Grewal, D., Ozanne, J. & . "A Study of Information Search Behavior during the Categorization of New Products." Journal of Consumer Research, 18 (March) 1992, 45204663

Hellenbeck III., Edward. A. November 11, 2003. "Great Service: The Key to Sustainable Differentiation." Marketing Available:
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Business Scenanario on Parrent Company

Words: 896 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18910891

In addition to the fact that it reveals the strongest benefits, it also has the advantage that most of its limitations can be easily overcome. In this order of ideas, both time and resource consumption can be reduced by using the previous FedEx campaigns. This strategy does not imply a lack of creativity and originality, but it is based on several advantages, as follows:

Along its existence, parent company Federal Express has created numerous marketing campaigns which have managed to attract both employees as well as customers -- this expertise is vital for the success of the Kava-based subsidiary, Pacific Express

FedEx still possesses its previous campaigns and can readjust one to suit the recruitment requirements of PacEx

The endeavor would materialize in the benefits of reduced time in creating a new campaign, combined with the decade long expertise of FedEx

The campaign would be modified and adjusted to the…… [Read More]


2009, Cost / Benefit Analysis, Mind Tools, last accessed on August 17, 2009

2009, Decision Making, Management Help, last accessed on August 17, 2009

2009, Website of the FedEx Corporation, / last accessed on August 17, 2009
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Role of Spirituality and Religion

Words: 701 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53088840

The author certainly communicates effectively, and is not afraid to share her personal beliefs. However, her beliefs seem to be a major part of her argument. I have no argument that spirituality can be extremely important to the mental health of many people, but I also think for some it can be an impediment. In fact, it can be so overwhelming and all encompassing that it actually adds to mental instability and lack of awareness of the real world. This may come under the form of religious zealousness, but she does not address this in her article, except in the form of cults, and they are not the only religions that can create zealots that essentially give up reality for their notion of religious values and their importance. In fact, while this is a scholarly essay with many sources, for the most part, it seems to champion the author's own…… [Read More]


De Veau, Laura "The Role of Spirituality and Religion in Mental Health." From Critical Thinking to Argument: A Portable Guide. Barnet, Sylvia and Hugo Bedau, ed. New York: Bedford/St. Martins, 2005. 213-220.
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Celebrating the Pity of Brotherly

Words: 769 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 965923

His solution is really an anti-solution. He urges people to have only one boy, but his implied message is clear - big brothers make stronger, better, younger brothers.

Close to the end of the essay the author writes, "If you think my case is an isolated one, you are gravely mistaken. There are probably millions of young men around the world who would not be the same men they are today had it not been for their older brothers" (Krull). I had to laugh, because his descriptions of how older brothers treat their siblings is so right on. They are bigger, and they will not let younger brothers forget it. I have gone through many similar circumstances with my older brother, and sometimes it makes me angry, because just like in this essay, my parents seem clueless about his actions. However, the essay made me laugh, because the author is…… [Read More]


Krull, Andrew Koritz. "My Turn: Celebrating the Pity of Brotherly Love." 14 Aug. 2006. 20 July 2007.
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Technology the Introduction of New

Words: 2422 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5816443

Teachers at all levels need to be able to expand their understanding and use through professional development and grant opportunities, as well as be given time to attend trainings and conferences. They need to be encouraged to assume a leadership role and be asked to share their ideas about instruction with their peers at educational meetings and state conferences. When teachers have a positive attitude and believe technology is useful, are personally interested, and offered support and training, they get excited and, as a result, motivate their students, and use technology successfully to promote learning and achievement.

Active involvement in technology-supported innovations was a source of inspiration and professional renewal for these teachers. This points to the need for active training within all the school systems on a continual basis.

Similarly, Fleming, Motamedi, and May (2007) found that pre-service teachers who had experience with technology in college would more likely…… [Read More]


Angers, J., and Machtmes, K. (2005) an Ethnographic-Case Study of Beliefs, Context Factors, and Practices of Teachers Integrating Technology. The Qualitative Report 10(4), 771-794

Barron, a.E., Kemker, K., Harmes, C., & Kalaydjian, K. (2003). Large-scale research study on technology in K-12 schools: Technology integration as it relates to the National Technology Standards. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 35,489-507.

Bower, B.L. (1998). Instructional computer use in the community college: A discussion of the research and its implications. Journal of Applied Research in the Community College, 6(1), 59-66.

Cuban, L., Kirkpatrick, H., & Peck, C. (2001). High access and low use of technologies in high school classrooms: Explaining an apparent paradox. American Educational Research Journal, 38, 813-834.
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Interview Is With a Long-Time

Words: 1778 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53880576

I get excited about ideas I have for new products and services, and I'm motivated for them to succeed on a personal level. Of course, the income helps motivate me too! I really feel pressure to succeed so I can take good care of my family, so I think that's the extrinsic motivator for me, making sure my family is well taken care of and secure. Otherwise, it's all intrinsic for me, I love the feeling I get when I succeed at something, and it works. it's very satisfying and it makes me feel in control and in charge of my own life and destiny.

ME: I think I'm intrinsically motivated, as well. I find I do much better on assignments that interest me, (like this one), than on assignments that I don't feel any connection with. I think that's the same in many areas of my life. Outward motivation,…… [Read More]

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Words: 1589 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86641328

The subject of the book is clearly applicable to the field of paleoanthropology because the same techniques can be applied to studies of human populations and their response to changes in the environment. In the contemporary world, the discussions in the book are also important in analyzing the nature of global warming, what might cause it, and what its consequences might be, given that global warming is one of the issues raised as a cause for the Permo-Triassic extinction. The book therefore may suggest what sort of future we ourselves face if the temperature does warm to a significant degree over the next several decades.

In addition, the book can give the reader a good idea of the sort of work being done today in developing an image of the change that has already taking place and so the change that might be taking place now worldwide. Those who believe…… [Read More]

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Ask Don't Tell Policy of

Words: 1668 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56634937

The viewpoints offered, the statistics presented, and the arguments suggested cover the full spectrum of possible approaches on this issue and, not unexpectedly, some of the articles do a better job of not only presenting the issues but also in remaining even handed in presenting their information. The articles that were cited herein, except for the New York Times' article, were chosen for a limited purpose and not for the overall perspective that they offered. Nevertheless, all the articles did a remarkable job of attempting to present both sides of not only the overall issue but also the limited issue that the article addressed. In light of the emotional nature of the subject, writing an article in such a detached, professional manner is not always easy.

The DADT policy is some sense a microcosm of the change that is undergoing in our society relative to alternative life styles and how…… [Read More]

Works Cited Bill Clinton: I Regret DADT. 22 September 2010. 7 April 2011 .

Leo Shane, III. "GAO: Gay ban cost military $53,000 per dismissal." Stars and Stripes 20 January 2011.

Mulrine, Anna. "Marine chief: 'don't ask, don't tell repeal could be deadly 'distraction.." Christian Science Monitor 14 December 2010.

New York Times. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." New York Times 22 December 2010.
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Finances Critical Book Reviews America's

Words: 2634 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79526987

Sorkin, however, posits no argument per se. ather, his book offers insight into how the financial crisis manifested from a far more personal perspective of those involved than anything else. The book is informative in nature, and give insight into some of the thought processes and activities those on the outside may not otherwise be exposed to or privy to. The title of the book sums it up best, and the book outlines how the banks and the primary players and stakeholders have become too big to fail. The book highlights the self-interest of those in charge of some of the biggest financial institutions in the world and their blatant disregard for Main Street.

The book has a place in the larger academic debates raised within public knowledge because it adds to the public's real knowledge of those involved in the nation's financial industry and government offices. Instead of speculating…… [Read More]


Cassidy, J. (2008). Anatomy of a meltdown, New Yorker, 84(39), 1-756.

Cherry, C. (1998). God's new Israel: Religious interpretations of American destiny.

UNC Press Books.

Cohan, W. (2010, Nov. 27). The power of failure. New York Times. Retrieves from
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Early Childhood Educational Center Program's

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Orientation will be held in a similar way, with parents exposed to Hahn's philosophy and rationale of the school curriculum, introduced to each of the teachers and invited to participate in joining in the various activities. Monthly reports will summarize the monthly events. Yearly reports will summarize the institution's annual achievement.

Description of assessment process used to document children's progress.

The Work Sampling System will be used which is a comprehensive assessment system for children in preschool though third grade. This consists of:

1. A modified Developmental checklist, arranged by 4 of the customary 7 domains: social development, language, art and music, and physical development.

2. Portfolios of children's work collected three or more times and year

3. Summary reports, written by teachers three times a year based upon their observations and ongoing records (Valeska Hinton early childhood educational center, Peoria, Illinois).


6 declines of modern youth; Kurt Hahn.…… [Read More]


6 declines of modern youth; Kurt Hahn. Wilderdom

Esquith. R. (2009) Lighting their fires: raising extraordinary kids in a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world. New York: Viking

Four antidotes to the declines of modern youth -- Kurt Hahn Wilderdom

Dr. Kurt Hahn
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Building Class Curriculum

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uilding Class Curriculum in Private Schools

The purpose of this work is to research five credible and informative articles about how to build a course curriculum for use in private schools.

Historically, private schools have failed to meet the national standards required for students to graduate from high school.

In the work entitled, "Regular Classroom Practices With Gifted Students: Results of a National Survey of Classroom Teachers state is that The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT) to determine the extent to which gifted and talented students receive differentiated education in regular classrooms across the United States that Four questions guided this research pertaining to modification of instructional practices and curriculum materials to meet the needs of gifted and talented students. Through use of survey samples that were drawn in stratified random sampling procedures and a survey instrument called the "Classroom Practices Questionnaire (CPQ) was developed to…… [Read More]


Archambault, Jr. Francis X. et al. (1991) "Regular Classroom Practices With Gifted Students: Results of a National Survey of Classroom Teachers Office of Educational Research and Improvement [Online available at ERIC Digest]

Ingersoll, Richard; and Rossi, Robert (1995) Who Influences Decisionmaking about School Curriculum: What Do Principals Say? Issue Brief National Center for Education Statistics Washington DC July 1995. ERIC Digest Online

Broughman, Stephen; and Rohr, Carol L. (1995) Private School Graduation Requirements, Issue Brief. National Center for Educational Statistics Washington DC January 1995. ERIC Digest Online

Turner, Jeannine (1996) Final Report on the NSF Grant to the Science Academy of Austin, 1994. Publication Number 94.04 Austin Independent School District. TX Department of Performance Audit and Evaluation. National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA. March 1996. ERIC Digest Online
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Social Cognitive and Behavioral Drinking

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Social Cognitive, Behavioral Drinking

Social Cognitive/behavioralist Drinking

Drinking behavior provides informative demonstration of how social cognitive and behavioralist theories provide complementary rather than competing explanations of human agency. Bandura (1999) casts social cognitive theory against various determinist and materialist theories on the assertion humans are "sentient agents of experiences rather than simply undergoers of experiences" because people explore, manipulate and influence the environment they discover (p. 4). This contrasts against "automaticity," habit, "tendencies to repeat responses given a stable supporting context" (Oullette and Wood, 1998, p. 55). Oullette & Wood (1998) compare habit learning to skill development, where practice can lead to "nonvolitional, frequent, and consistent experiences in a given context" but new situations require deliberation (p. 55). Wood and Neal (2007) largely reiterate this summary as repeated learned behavior (843). The present inquiry is particularly interested in how and why particular behaviors become repeated after negative consequences have been…… [Read More]


Bandura, A. (1999). A social cognitive theory of personality. In L. Pervin & O. John (Ed.),

Handbook of personality (2nd ed., pp. 154-196). New York: Guilford Publications. (Reprinted in D. Cervone & Y. Shoda [Eds.], The coherence of personality. New York: Guilford Press.)

Ouellette, J. & Wood, W. (1998). Habit and intention in everyday life: The multiple processes by which past behavior predicts future behavior. Psychological Bulletin 124(1), 54-74.

Wood, w. & Neal, D.T. (2007). A new look at habits and the habit -- goal interface. Psychological Review 114(4), 843 -- 863. Retrieved from DOI: 10.1037/0033-295X.114.4.843
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Photojournalism Was a Defining Feature of the

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Photojournalism was a defining feature of the Vietnam War era, bringing informative but usually horrific images from the front lines to the pages of print and the tubes of television. Therefore, photojournalism was instrumental in shaping the American public sentiment towards the war. Imagery laden with bloodshed and brutality impacted the minds and hearts of Americans, giving fuel to the already fiery anti-war, counterculture movement. Moreover, the Vietnam War was the first televised war. Not only were powerful black and white still shots available, as they were throughout the Korean War. During the height Vietnam War in 1968, about 60% of Americans watched the wartime coverage on television (Kennedy, 2008). Photojournalism during the war in Vietnam altered pubic perception of the war and related social and political consciousness; it also affected the profession of photography, photojournalism, and the nature of the Fifth Estate in general. Journalists and the public were…… [Read More]


Gist, D. (2012). The photographer's war: Vietnam through a lens. The Conversation. Retrieved online:

Hubert Cookman, C. & Stolley, R.B. (2008). American Photojournalism: Motivations and Meanings. Northwestern.

Kennedy, L. (2008). Photojournalism and the Vietnam War. Photography and International Conflict. Retrieved online: 

Lamb, D. (2009). A Photo-journalist's Remembrance of Vietnam. Smithsonian. Retrieved online:
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Rising U S Crime Rate Crime in the

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ising U.S. Crime ate

Crime in the United States

Crime in the United States took a sharp uptick starting in the middle of the 20th century but has actually leveled off since then, at least for the most part. However, even with the moderation in crime, especially in larger cities that have traditionally been problematic, crime in some cities is still alarmingly high and there are some cultural and social trends that are becoming more and more prevalent and, by extension, more commonly talked about as well. This essay will explore a couple of the more notorious examples of this in motion.

Crime Falling

One study conducted for this research noted that predicting the crime rate at any given point in time can be exceedingly maddening to predict because of how a single happenstance or course of events can have a massive effect on the overall rates. The study uses…… [Read More]


Burdett, K., Lagos, R., & Wright, R. (2003). Crime, Inequality, and Unemployment.

American Economic Review, 93(5), 1764-1777.

Carrington, K. (2006). Does Feminism Spoil Girls? Explanations for Official Rises in Female Delinquency. Australian & New Zealand Journal Of Criminology

(Australian Academic Press), 39(1), 34-53.
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Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Next

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Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Next Terror: Assessment of How a Significant Terrorist WMD Attack Might e Conducted by a Non-State Actors Perpetrator and Why They Can't Stage an Attack

Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMD) have considerable effect to the economies of both developed and developing countries. In the modern world, most terror groups have resolved to use Weapons of Mass Destruction to harm their enemies. The entire syndicate comprises state actors and the terror group, which intends to destroy the target country. The state actors have direct links or channels of communication with such attackers, foreign allies, and several residential alliances with almost similar connections to the terror groups. Most of the terror groups lack essential materials that would aid in the making of some of the most dangerous weapons such as nuclear bombs. The various forms of attack involved when using lethal weapons include dispersion, dissemination, and…… [Read More]


Anthony Cordesman, Terrorism Asymmetric Warfare, and Weapons of Mass Destruction, (New


Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002).

Eric Croddy, James Wirtz, Weapons of Mass Destruction, (London: ABC-CLIO, 2005).
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Poor Website -- Informal Memo Purpose

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Poor ebsite -- Informal Memo

Purpose / Opening Statement

It is difficult to know how many new websites are being put up every day but clearly the numbers are enormous. Meanwhile, the purpose of this paper is to locate a spiritually-related website that needs changes; also, the purpose is to evaluate it. Hence, in advance it should be clear that when looking for a spiritually-related website on the Internet, a user wants a site that clearly spells out what it offers, is user-friendly as far as links and has an obvious informative purpose with credibility. In that regard, the website called "Constellation Seven" is among the most cluttered, confusing, prosaic and artistically disastrous to be found on the eb. This paper discusses this terrible website and suggests how it could be made better and more usable.

Research Method

By going into Google and typing in "the worst websites" or "websites…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Common Sense Media. (2013). Lesson: Identifying High-Quality Sites (6-8). Retrieved

March 12, 2013, from

Constellation 7. (?) Constellation Seven / Revelation Ministries / For Christ Jesus / The Son of God. Retrieved March 12, 2013, from

Hasan, Layla (2011). Assessing the quality of web sites. Science Direct. Retrieved March 12,
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Safety and Heath in it Environments Applied

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Safety and Heath in it Environments

Applied Business esearch: The need for Safety and Health Standards in Hazardous Working Environments in the Information Technology

Businesses including IT firms are flooded with IT tools like microcomputers, photocopiers, digital surveillance tools, internet, among others. There is mounting evidence from a review of literature that in the IT work environment, especially the IT industry, present hazardous working environments to workers. Workers in these environments also undergo stress from the lack of knowledge of the tools, the lack of, or reduced human contact. Information technology tools also create electrical and fire hazards, which threaten the safety of employees. Employees also suffer from health issues like bleary-eyes from bright screens and monitors of IT tools. The research proves the need for increased safety and health measures in these environments. In the end, the research creates knowledge in the business community of the importance of increased…… [Read More]


Fraihat, H.M. (2003). Taxonomy and remedy of work hazards associated with office information systems. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 3(1), 127-127.

Information Resources Management Association (1994). Managing Social and Economic Change with Information Technology. Proceedings of the Information Resources Management Association International Conference, May 1994. IDEA Group Publishing.

Jones, L.K. (1996). A harsh and challenging world of work: Implications for counselors. Journal of Counseling and Development: JCD, 74(5), 453-453.

Koreneff, I. And Sims-McLean, K. (2005). Excel. Glebe, NSW: Pascal Press.
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Qi Plan Part IV Implementing and Revising

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Quality Improvement Plan: Implementing and evising

Authority, structure, and organization for the Mayo Clinic

Board of directors

The implementation of quality improvement initiatives require a detailed authority designation, structure, and organization of the compete project. Mayo clinic is known for its quality and technology initiatives. The programs are conceived and implemented using progressive technological approaches. The project management and organizational oversight structures are developed in accordance with the requirements. As a result the coordinated and coherent efforts of the clinic provide an overall governance model for successful project completion. The authority, structure, and organizational roles are discussed in the following sections.

Authority, structure, and organization for the Mayo Clinic:

Board of directors:

Board of directors is responsible for review and approval of the plan. The pros and cons of the plan are discussed in the broad meetings. The financial requirements and capital investment requirements are also elaborated and approved by…… [Read More]


Chute, C.G., Beck, S.A., Fisk, T.B., & Mohr, D.N. (2010). The Enterprise Data Trust at Mayo Clinic: a semantically integrated warehouse of biomedical data. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 17(2), 131-135.

Kolker, A., & Story, P. (2011). Management Engineering for Effective Healthcare Delivery: Principles and Applications. USA: Medical Info Science Reference.

Mueller, P.S. (2009). Incorporating professionalism into medical education: the Mayo Clinic experience. The Keio journal of medicine, 58(3), 133-143.

Sawatsky, A.P., Rosenman, D.J., Merry, S.P., & McDonald, F.S. (2010, August). Eight years of the Mayo International Health Program: what an international elective adds to resident education. In Mayo Clinic Proceedings (Vol. 85, No. 8, pp. 734-741). Elsevier.
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Health-Related Apps Have You Found

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The main downside to cloud computing is if something goes wrong with the provider of the cloud, the entire system and its data could be compromised. Network and connectivity problems with the provider could result in the entire system becoming inaccessible, bringing productivity to a standstill. Finally "before adopting this technology, you should know that you will be surrendering all your company's sensitive information to a third-party cloud service provider" (Viswanathan 2012).

Q3. Informal Poll: smart phones and tablets, which features and capabilities have you found most and least desirable?

My smartphone gives me a great deal of peace of mind. Not only can I call people -- I can also check my email, Facebook, and other social media accounts very easily. It enables me to stay in touch with both friends and work wherever I am. When I am driving, I can use my phone's GPS applications to ensure…… [Read More]


Springen, K. (2012). High-tech health: 11 Best health-related mobile apps.

Chicago Magazine. Retrieved: 

Viswanathan, P. (2012). Cloud computing -- is it really all that beneficial? Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. Retrieved:
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Dysarthria Mayo Clinic Dysarthria Website the Title

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Mayo Clinic Dysarthria Website

The title of the Website being reviewed is Dysarthria and its address is 2. The website is sponsored by the Mayo Clinic, which is a not-for-profit health care entity that provides information to medical professionals, conducts research, and provides patient care, and is written by the Mayo Clinical Staff, a number of medical and research professionals. 3. The Mayo Clinic specializes in treating difficult health issues and is known for its groundbreaking treatments. This center is consistently placed as one of the best hospitals in the U.S. And devotes close to half of its resources to research. 4. While it is a hospital that encourages new patients, there does not seem to be any economic bias within the website itself and is entirely devoted to the presentation of the latest and most up-to-date information concerning the disease Dysarthria. 5. In fact, the website was…… [Read More]


"Dysarthria." Mayo Clinic. Retrieved from

"Dysarthria." American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Retrieved from
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Population and Society Residential Segregation

Words: 819 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68254862

Michael Powell describes the combination of factors that contribute to the harsh and drastic shift in the economic realities of the wealthy, black communities in Memphis, TN. This article was published by the New York Times just over two years ago, certainly during severe economic times during the United States, which have not subsided in the present, a few years later. The article provides a brief and modern history of the growth the black middle class in Memphis and some surrounding towns.

For a time, many black people were employed very well, owned attractive property, and lived comfortable middle class, American lifestyles. As of 2010, there were drastic events occurring with great frequency that changed the lives of many blacks for the worse. The article describes the rise and the descent of the middle class black community in Tennessee during the early 21st century. Additionally, the article provides evidence of…… [Read More]


Farley, Reynolds, & Frey, William H. "Changes in the Segregation of Whites from Blacks During the 1980s: Small Steps Toward a More Integrated Society." American Sociological Association, Vol. 59, No. 1, 23 -- 45.

Powell, Michael. "Blacks in Memphis Lose Decades of Economic Gains." The New York Times, Web, Available from: 2012 July 20.
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Web Pages Devoted to Mental Health in

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web pages devoted to mental health in general and mood disorders in specific. CANMAT and Dr. Ivan's Depression Central are two worth investigating. The Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT) is an organization of Canadian mental health professionals who specialize in mood and anxiety disorders. CANMAT runs an educational and informative website, the most navigable site on the eb, non-commercial, reliable source of information about depression and anxiety. hile the "here to Find Help" section is aimed at Canadian residents, the information on mood and anxiety disorders contained in the site is universal.

The CANMAT board of trustees consists of 21 psychiatrists and one psychologist, all of whom are associated with major Canadian universities. They are not trying to sell anything; there are no links to pharmaceutical companies nor are there pop-up ads. The site's content is edited and compiled by an MD. There are sections…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Canadian Health Network. Health Canada. 2002.

CANMAT. Ed. Sagar V. Parikh. 2001

Dr. Ivan's Depression Central. Ed. Ivan Goldberg, MD. 2002.  

Mayo Clinic. 2002.
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Web Design the Proper Procedure to Design

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Web Design

The proper procedure to design a website involves planning, innovation, and proper execution. The purpose of the website, along with its actual content, when melded together correctly, offers the visitor information and flexibility.

The first step a website innovator undertakes is to determine the audience of the website. Secondly, the innovator determines what the purpose of the website is. Although both of these steps seem simple, it is a crucial step. These two items need determined and defined clearly before further planning.

The goal of the site is the next determination. The website innovator decides what the goal of the site is. Website builders design sites to disseminate information. Other sites implement a design to sell or persuade, while others collect information from the visitor. Many times, the sites have multiple purposes, such as provide information and sell a product or service during the visit. (An example of…… [Read More]

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Career Advancement

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Career Advancement

"Why a company should hire you as a personnel, operations, deployment manager."

I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for a deployment manager because of my extraordinary combination of experience, education, and acumen. I have been exposed to a variety of high-pressure situations and have always handled myself in a diligent and professional manner. I have experience as a program integrator and deployment manager, a deployment readiness officer and logistical coordinator, a central issue manager, and a deployment mission manger. All of these positions have provided an environment in which I have been able to fine tune many of the skills that are needed to fulfill a personnel, operations, and deployment manager.

I attribute much of the success that I have so far achieved in my career to my self-motivation and military professionalism. The military taught me a lot about maintaining a professional composure through some…… [Read More]

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Non-Profit Change Management

Words: 2695 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6674836

Administration & Policy Development

The author of this report is to engage in an assessment task that centers on human services and social workers in a clinical setting. The author of this report shall be focusing on the social work department in a hospital and juxtaposing the conditions and issues within that hospital to the scholarly research that is to be referenced and mentioned throughout this report. At specific issue is the number of patients being seen by the social workers, the high physical and mental demands that this fact and others put on the social workers and the remedies that can be conjured up and implemented to address both of those issues. Complicating these aggravating factors are penny-pinching bureaucrats that are focused on budget limits and saving dollars than preserving the mental health of the employees and quality of care for the patients. While solutions may seem elusive, they…… [Read More]


Bargal, D & Schmid, H 1993, 'Organizational change and development in human

service organizations: a prefatory essay', Administration in Social Work, vol. 16,

no. 3, pp. 1 -- 13

Cameron, K & Quinn, R, 2011, 'An introduction to changing organisational culture', in K,
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Communication Kelley Services Staffing Solutions

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The author tries to take credit for making those two movies into hits.

2. Disinterested -- there is no compelling reason provided as to why the audience should care. The writer does not address the needs of the audience. Moreover, the writer has obviously not proofread the letter. The entire presentation is sloppy and unprofessional.


What is the main idea of your message in relation to audience need?

That I offer a service that is of value to the audience

What are the additional ideas of your message that respond to audience needs?

The author has a positive history with the audience

The author was a success when employed by the audience

The author has enhanced their skills

The author has built a track record of success

The author would like to renew the business relationship

It is to the benefit of the…… [Read More]

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Death Investigations

Words: 396 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24242808

virtual autopsy table and video depicting an autopsy was very informative in many different ways. The practical knowledge expressed in these two examples was complete and simplified for the lay person. The knowledge was enhanced by the visual aspects of both examples. The subject of autopsy is one that is extremely amplified by the use of visual examples and the inclusion of them in this instruction, has provided a new appreciation and respect for the practice and its necessity within our society's criminal justice system.

I learned that it takes a unique and special professional to perform these tasks on a day-to-day basis, and a certain personality type is also needed as well. One of the most glaring ideas that resonated with me on this subject was the precision that autopsy must have in investigating the causes of death. Autopsy examinations are critical to the criminal investigations that require such…… [Read More]


Australian Museum (nd). Interactive Autopsy. Viewed 18 Nov 2014. Retrieved from 

The Virtual Autopsy Table. Vimeo, 2 Oct 2009. Retrieved from
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Viola Da Gamba Terms Structure

Words: 3042 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38132164

In Germany, the gamba was used primarily in pieces of sacred music, such as those written by Heinrich Schultz.

It is important to note that, although the courts, royalty, and upper class of Europe were extremely fond of the gamba, there were also many soloists who performed on a smaller scale. Particularly in England, the gamba was an instrument in many private homes, where amateur players performed for their own enjoyment, and for their friends and families. Since the instrument was simple to play on a small scale, it was popular for many amateur players and with the treatise mentioned above, nearly anyone had access to writings aimed at improving one's skill.

The gamba was even a tool for courtship in the Renaissance, played by young men in the presence of women as part of the process to gain her respect and adoration. In the manual for courtship "Il Libro…… [Read More]

Orpheon, "Origins."

Harry Haskell, The Early Music Revival (London, England: Thames and Hudson, 1988), 45-47.

Orpheon, "Origins."
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Words: 3900 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67551527

A level of quality assurance should be indicated within the confines of any study or related matter provided in literature used to inform, mimic, or develop in the means of school counseling.

Retrospective Studies = Research conducted by reviewing records or information about past events elicited through interviews with persons who have, and controls who do not have, a disease under investigation (UP, 2002). This term may apply to the study of habits or past behavior of subjects to who school counseling focus is directed. In observance of such habits and past behavior, proper and necessary approaches to certain students/subjects can effectively be taken.

Single-blind Design = Typically, a study designed in which the investigator, but not the subject, knows the treatment assigned. Occasionally, the subject, rather than the investigator, knows the assignment (UP, 2002). As in the Double-blind Design, this approach of study may be of such listed or…… [Read More]


University of Pittsburgh. 2002. Research Coordinator Orientation. PDF file available;

Missouri Division of Tourism. 2007. Research Terms. PDF file available;

Readex Research. 2006. Research Terms. Learning center. Retrieved from the World Wide Web, May 15, 2007:

U.S. National Institute of Health. 2007. Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results. National Cancer Institute. Retrieved from the World Wide Web, May 18, 2007;
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Language and Comprehension Are Both

Words: 1763 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99663052

Ketch asserts that it is through this natural process that students comprehend and become critical thinkers. Likewise, Pinnell seems to share similar beliefs about natural processes and educators allowing children to explore these processes. The author asserts that

"Concentration on skills draws attention away from the normal and self-reinforcing uses of language, and instruction often unnecessarily makes a natural everyday activity seem foreign and stilted. Language studies suggest that efforts should be redirected to take advantage of nature's most powerful incentive for developing facility with language -- the child's intention to communicate meaning to other people, the use of language for a variety of purposes (Pinnell."

Both of these assertions support the importance of oral language. Ketch encourages this by explaining the importance on conversation is developing critical thinking skills. Likewise Pinnell enforces this by explaining the importance of language use among children.


The purpose of this discussion was…… [Read More]


Ketch, a (2005). Conversation: The comprehension connection. The Reading Teacher, 59(1) 8-13.

Pinnell, G.S. (1975. Language in primary classrooms. Theory into Practice, 14(5), 318-327.
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Positive Effect of Taking Vitamins

Words: 1006 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67952730

I noted also how hard work pays off: which is the central idea or thesis of the narrative essay. Because a narrative essay is by definition less formal than an expository one, the baseball scholarship piece is not as structured or divided into sub-sections. However, I do use transitions between paragraphs in the form of clauses like "Before I stepped up my training..." Those clauses helped enhance the flow of the narrative in the same way transitional words and phrases helped the flow of writing in the vitamin essay.

In the sports narrative, I also employed stylistic techniques that would have not worked in an academic essay like the one on vitamins and health. For example, in one paragraph I used a series of parallelisms that serve as a literary device such as those used by poets: "I started to lift weights and train rigorously. I watched what I ate.…… [Read More]

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Department Stores Such as Macy's Nordstrom and

Words: 1047 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51326224

Department stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom and Saks are showing signs of recovery after the economic slump. 'Nordstrom is expected to post earnings of 79 cents per share for the quarter, more than doubling the 31 cents it posted in the year-ago period' (Cardona 2010). Nordstrom, Saks and Barneys are direct competitors as they cater to high-end clients whereas macy's is more in the middle-priced-ranged market like JC Penny. Nordstrom had the advantage of its robust online selling and a chain of Nordstrom Rack outlets to enjoy increasing sales even during recession. Saks was hardly hit when the luxury market fell and was not able to rebound as quickly as Nordstrom. Although Macy's is slowly getting back to its knees, it's still tough for middle-priced-ranged department stores because shoppers prefer either high-end products or those at value-oriented stores. Market segmentation involves the segregation of consumers into subsets of clients with…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Cardona, Mercedes. "Investors hope sales, macy's and Nordstrom are back in vogue." 2010.

Cumbrowski, Carsten. "50 questions to evaluate the quality of your website." Web. 21 Jun 2011.

WiseGeek. "What is market segmentation." Web. 21 Jun
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Mcdonald's Integrated Marketing Campaign This Paper Is

Words: 12619 Length: 48 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21725758

McDonald's Integrated Marketing Campaign

This paper is divided into two distinct sections. The first chapter is based on literature reviews of various scholarly works that are related to the topic of integrated marketing campaign that are also relevant to the McDonald marketing campaign that was created to celebrate the inherent democracy of the McDonald's brand. The first chapter is further divided into three parts; the first section mainly focus on advertising in general and then specifically into fast food advertising. The second section in literature review is based on new media as a marketing communication tool and lastly, in the same chapter different aspects of marketing campaign will also be analyzed. The second chapter is a personal reflection on the experience and lessons learnt by the student while preparing the dissertation.

Table of Content

CHAPTE ONE: Literature review


Section one:


Advertising theories

Types of advertising

1.2.1 Digital advertising…… [Read More]


Ben H., (2005): "4udible revolution," The Guardian,

Berry, R. (2006). Will the iPod kill the radio star? Profiling podcasting as radio. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 12(2), 143.

Brownell, K.D., & Horgen, K.B. (2004); Food fight: The inside story of the food industry, America's obesity crisis, and what we can do about it. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Blanchard, O., (2008) Macroeconomics. Harlow: Pearson Education
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Radio Advertising Bureau Is a Sight Mostly

Words: 342 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82944473

Radio Advertising Bureau is a sight mostly devoted to those in radio advertising seeking general information, training tools, and market sales data concerning the radio industry. The site is somewhat informative and should be considered an effective vehicle for radio advertising.

The articles on the home page advance the interests of radio as well as most of the links in the side columns. The "Find It Fast" pull-down menu of different types of advertising markets is extremely informative as it offers statistics and other useful data concerning specific industries.

In addition, the Media section which offers ideas for advertising and success stories, is informative as well as the Co-op section which offers helpful tools such as newsletters and a "training corner."

Perhaps the most interesting feature about the site is the variety of links offered to those interested in the radio advertising, such as the RAEL site and the EDI…… [Read More]

Works Cited http://www.rab.comvisited January 29, 2003
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Alreck P & Settle R 2011 The

Words: 2815 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45437249

Alreck, P., & Settle, R. (2011). The survey research handbook (3rd ed.) New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

Alreck's book offers an effective method in research. The book is a very powerful way to acquire information focused directly and immediately on the decisions and problems of today and those of the future. In addition, the handbook provides the methods and guidelines for conducting practical, economical surveys from start to finish.

This resource is particularly valuable for its practicality. In this information age, data is an important asset for today's organizations. In many instances to better assess risk data is needed. Particularly for system institutions such as banks risk is often more important than financial, technical, or human resources. Survey research is a very powerful way to acquire information focused directly and immediately on the decisions and problems of today and those that might occur in the future.

Andrews, R.D. & alters,…… [Read More]

Wayne, A.J. (2012). An Empirical Study of Privacy Risk Assessment Methodologies in Cloud Computing Environments. Ann Arbor: ProQuest.

This literature includes a vast array of dissertations and theses published from graduate schools and universities from around the world. These studies manly relate to differing aspects of cloud computing. The text has a particular emphasis on privacy related issues that are prevalent throughout the world. The text also provides details on properly assessing the risks embedded within a cloud computing network.

The text is informative; however it does prove difficult to read without proper background knowledge. In addition, the text is grounded in theory with little real world application. Even with these shortcomings the book does provide interesting suggestions on how to properly access risk within an organization.
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CPA V MBA Annotated Bibliography

Words: 2170 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9590707

he article also focuses on the differences in decision making of senior accountants based on the type of education they received vs. he amount of practical experience they had. he article focuses on these issues as it pertained to the value of accounting education and experience in the stock market. Overall this resource is well written and seeks to provide a point-of-view from the epicenter of the finance world -- the stock market.


I. Introduction

hesis: Accountants with a CPA license rather than an MBA degree have a better chance of getting hired, advance and succeed in the public accounting field.

II. Certified Public Accountant

A. Steps required to become a CPA

B. Certification requirements for public accountants

C. Job Prospects/Demand for CPAs

D. Global need for CPAs

E. Career Advancement for CPAs

III. Compare and Contrast demand for CPAs vs. MBAs

A. CPA as a highly specialized certificate…… [Read More]

The survey found that entry level accountants needed to be better equipped to use their skills in business situations, to determine accounting issues and audit business risks, and to effectively communicate with management. As a result of this survey and other debates the CPA exam was changed in 2004 to make it more conducive to the situations that candidates would face in real life business environments.

Although the newer tests are designed to certified those with the best skills, it also reduces the number of people who will pass the test. For this reason some firms are offering incentives to those candidates that are able to pass the test. The article explains that because the certification is essential to progress and career development in accounting as well as the profitability of a business providing an incentive for passing the exam is beneficial to exam takers and businesses (Charron & Lowe 2009).

Overall CPAs are simply in demand in a manner that MBAs are not. The research indicates that CPAs have more specialized skills that are needed and sought after.. The demand for these skills are both national and global. Even though there are some benefits associated with having an MBA, these benefits are outweigh by the advantages associated with a CPA and therefore accountants with a CPA license rather than an MBA degree have a better chance of getting hired, advance and succeed in the public accounting field.
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Networking Event I Attended Was

Words: 744 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30484637

I had already composed a list of the companies I was most interested in visiting, from the list I had obtained before going to the event, and then from the complete list given to me upon entering the expo. I went to those booths, introduced myself, and provided them with a copy of my resume. In some cases I was asked to fill out an application, and was told I would be contacted if my experience and education matched what they were looking for in a candidate. I tried to shake hands, make eye contact, and speak confidently to make a good impression, I asked questions about the company, and I took business cards from the people I met, so I could send a follow-up email to remind the company of my presence, when they looked at my resume later on.

The most successful of my efforts involved one company…… [Read More]

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Impregnated Mosquito Bed Netting in

Words: 5949 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35956222

The race between new drugs and new resistances has not stopped since then.... And in 1986, WHO's expert panel concluded that a magic solution could not be relied upon, and that furthermore, malaria patterns were determined by a variety of socioeconomic as well as biological, climatic and geographic factors. " (Banfield, 1998. p. 35)

The article refers as well to the impact of malaria on the people of Kenya "... where people in the Bomet district were dying at a rate of three or four a day..." (Banfield, 1998. p.35)

Another general study which includes informative data relative to the topic of this study is The Heavy Cost of Malaria and AIDS by De Giorgio (2000). This article refers to some significant economic aspects and to the way that the high rate of malaria infections is affecting the economy of Kenya, as well as other countries in the region. The…… [Read More]



Banfield, J. (1998, September). Malaria: Africa's Public Enemy No. 1. African Business 35+. Retrieved November 4, 2006, from Questia database:

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Brown D. (1996) Antimalarial 'Bednets' Greatly Reduce Child Mortality in Africa, Studies Show. The Washington Post April 4, 1996.
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Cio com Website Review With the Dynamic Technological

Words: 901 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31314681

Website eview

With the dynamic technological world, Web 2.0 since 2004 has been majorly associated with web applications that facilitate interoperability, interactive information, sharing, collaboration and user-centered design on the World Wide Web (, 2011). Instances of 2.0 applications include web-based communities, hosted services, web applications, social-networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, blogs, mashups and folksomnomies.

A Web 2.0 site is more interactive, it allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content, unlike the non-interactive websites where users are limited to the passive viewing of information that is provided to them. The CIO website is an integral part of this technology and utilizes it fully.

Appearance and target audience

The CIO website has been designed in an easy access display with the various pages quick access tools at the top of the page giving the user a friendly navigation options from the news, to…… [Read More]

References, (2011). What is Web 2.0?: Getting Beyond the Hype of Web 2.0 Retrieved march19,

2011 from

CIO, (2011). News. Retrieved march19, 2011 from
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Devoted to the Principles of

Words: 706 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43740037

" Easier said than done -- unless one purchases one of the company's books, of course, and follows its philosophy, and then things will become "pretty simple. Slowly but surely, my team and I got on top of three things knowing what we needed to do." (Brewster, 2004)

The bullet points and questions for the self are characteristic of most 'selling' managerial sites. But where can one find a management website that is more practically informative than a historical and academic resource, like the Bamboo ebsite, but is not so blatantly self-interested in its approach as Simplify Your Business? One option, obtained through, is to use this informative site directed to educate and inform laypersons rather than experts or students. In an article entitled "Managing 101." The author introduces basic managerial principles in a useful way. Although question-directed in its approach as well, it is far more specific and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Brewster, David. (2004) the Essence of the Manager's Mission

Simplify Your Business. Retrieved on 19 November 2004 at

Management." (2004) Bamboo Web. Retrieved on 19 November 2004 at

Reh, John. (2004) "Management 101." Retrieved on 19 November 2004 at
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Emarketing E-Marketing -- Evolving Techniques Today's Virtual

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e-Marketing -- evolving techniques

Today's virtual marketplace is growing increasingly competitive. This is due to the influx of new products and also the new ways advertisers have devised to market those products. Using the Internet for advertising and to deploy innovative marketing strategies has become almost ubiquitous for cutting edge products and companies in today's day and age. However, the use of such e-marketing techniques as banner advertising, popup windows, permission marketing, loyalty programs, and email marketing has note proved universally effective.

Banner advertising and popup windows

The most popular form of advertising on the Internet's orld ide eb is currently banner advertising, with popup windows ranking a close second. ith banner advertising, a banner of graphic image and link are displayed on a highly trafficked web site. The visitors to that site see the banner when the page loads. The banner commonly advertises a complementary product, service, or…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Beal, Barney (14 Jul 2004)"Getting Loyalty Programs Right." CRM. Marketer. Retrieved 13 Jul 2005 at,289142,sid11_gci992695,00.html

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Godin, Seth. (1999) Permission Marketing. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Kristula, David. (1996) "Banner Advertising." Dave's Site on Web Ads. Retrieved 13 Jul 2005 at
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E-Groceries Feasibility Study of E-Groceries Recent Technological

Words: 6223 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33583415


Feasibility Study of E-Groceries

ecent technological developments have seen different plans of action being actualized as it relates to e-Groceries retailing. However, challenges have limited the full realization of this aspect with the greatest hindrance has been logistics; more wasteful operation has often prompted resources being utilized on working expenditures. In this case, enhancements geared towards logistical effectiveness are seen as standouts amongst the most essential steps towards the implementation of this project. This study focuses at the feasibility of a distinctive e-grocery logistics framework and usage plan. The primary target is to study how best to actualize an e-Grocery business from the logistical perspective in order to guarantee some business success. The second target is to recognize, model, and assess diverse logistical results that could be utilized as a part of e-basic need retailing. esults for realizing more remarkable delivery proficiency are displayed and modeled.

For the realization…… [Read More]


Aka-li, E. (2005). Applications of Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Research. New York: Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

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Dholakia, R.R., Dholakia, N., Fritz, W., & Mundorf, N. (2012). Global e-commerce and online marketing: Watching the evolution. Westport, Conn [u.a.: Quorum Books.
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K9 K12 in the Field

Words: 1378 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39094383

Clay County

The Field Experience Project that I participated over this course has enlightened me in many ways. Having a different perspective as an observer was a very valuable way of examining the teaching environment. The purpose of this essay is to summarize my experience as an interviewer and observer at the Clay County High School in Clay, V. This essay will first give some background on the circumstances of my situation before capturing some specific items that occurred while I was there.

After describing some of the background information about the school, I will then give an account of my experiences at the school. I will describe the details about my activities and interactions while I was present as an observer. The final part of the essay will discuss some of my specific observations about culture and how culture affected the school that I observed.


Clay County High…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Barth, R. (2002). The Culture Builder. Educational Leadership, 59, 8. pp 6-11. Retrieved from %20Culture%20Builder.pdf

Chenoweth, E., & Galliher, R.V. (2004, October 15). Factors in-uencing college aspirations of rural West Virginia high school students. Journal of Research in Rural Education, 19(2). Retrieved [date] from

Clay Count High School Website. Viewed 1 March 2013. Retrieved from

US News and World Report. Clay County High School. Viewed 1 March 2013. Retrieved from schools/clay-county-high-school-21332
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Are There Keystone Species in Information Ecologies That Might Affect Knowledge Management Processes

Words: 1504 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61951133

Keystone Species

In mid-1800's, telegraphy was invented. This invention was revolutionary because it decreased all the hurdles in communication of information. This type of invention or any innovations that connects two or more people and acts as a survival tool for a particular group i.e. ethnic or technological group is known as Keystone specie. Even though Specie is a term mostly used for living organisms, here in a larger context keystone specie is referred to as "a system of people, practices, values, and technologies" that is essential for the survival of anything. (Johnson, 2010)

The keystone species concept has been a mainstay of the ecological and conservation biology literature since its introduction by UW zoology professor Robert T. Paine in 1969. His seminal paper extended the conclusions of a field experiment published three years earlier. The research resulting in the keystone species concept was done on Makah Tribal lands on…… [Read More]


Johnson, S. (2010). Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. London: Penguins Books Ltd.

Keystone Species Hypothesis. (1996). Retrieved September 24, 2011, from 

McNely, B. (2010) Exploring a Sustainable and Public Information Ecology, S.Carlos, SP, Brazil.

Nardi, B.A. And V.L. O'Day (2004) Information Ecologies. Chapter 4 in Information Ecologies: Using Technology with Heart. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
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Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

Words: 1813 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61657458

Tale of a Shaman's Apprentice by Mark J. Plotkin, "chief ethno-botanist for Conservation International" (Plotkin: Back cover). The orks Cited one source in MLA format.

Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice

ith the augmenting technological development at a rapid pace, today life offers no guarantees but innumerable luxuries. However, the pruning of trees and cutting down priceless forests and vegetation that can provide evidence of life on earth has crippled the economy, with every sketching moment millions of people all over the world suffering from fatal diseases. Isn't it better to prevent the causes then to spend billions of dollars every year in conducting researches for the cure and possible treatments? As the adage goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Hence, to search for cure of fatal diseases, that have transformed this world of happiness into one of suffering and to look for preventive measures, Poltkin,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Plotkin M. Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice: An Ethno Botanist Searches For new Medicines In The Amazon Rain Forest. Penguin Books Publishers, ISBN: 014012991x, 1994. Pages: 328
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Police Strategies

Words: 1955 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50516603

Police Programs and Strategies between New York and Los Angeles Police Department

For the past decade, the prevalence of deaths caused by crimes and other crime-related activities in the society has increased. Especially with the increasing development of weaponry, strategies, and prevalence of drug addiction, the occurrence of crime in the America society has been one of the primary concerns of most police enforcers and the government in the present time. New York and Los Angeles are examples of cities wherein the occurrence of crime and other offenses against the law and society are prevalent. This paper will discuss the police programs and strategies and crime statistics of the New York and Los Angeles Police Departments, and analyze each department's effectiveness in combating crime an offenses caused by the criminals and delinquents of the society. In relation to the analyses of both departments' police programs, this paper will also study…… [Read More]


Official web site of the New York Police Department:

Official Web site of the Los Angeles Police Department: