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The appendixes.

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The online community presents the reader with a multitude of information on how to write the business plan. A valid source in this sense is represented by Maire Loughran's article on the website. Throughout this article, the author identifies a total of eight key elements to be integrated in the business plan. These refer to the next ones:

The executive summary which states the objectives of the plan

The provision of general information on the company soliciting the funds from the potential equity investors

The description of the products and/or services to be provided by the firm

The objective and factual analysis of the industry, the market and the competition encountered by the economic agent

The provision of more detailed company information, including primarily data on the managerial team, the organization and the ownership of the firm

The marketing plan as an integrated effort to create customer appeal

The plan for operations, and last

The financial projections.

Answer number 4

The business plan to be submitted to the potential investors is a complex document which has to simultaneously reflect the company's strengths, as well as its capabilities and the managerial commitment to the


In other words, the business plan presented to the potential equity investors is much like the marketing campaign on the products introduced to potential customers -- it has to contain both valid information, as well as promises of benefits for the audience.

At the level of the actual information, this would contain financial projections, past and present results, resources available, market features (such as targeted customers and their response to the company's products and services), competitive position, resource needs and so on. This would however be presented in a manner in which the business plan is appealing to the potential investors. Through these lenses, the business plan would also include a short section on commitments and the letter of the business owner to the shareholders. It must however be recognized that the potential investors would be more interested in factual information, and this should as such be dominant in the business plan.


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