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Business Plans Essays (Examples)

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Business Plan
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Outline Paper #: 614152
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Business Plan Outline

Writing a business plan outline is a little different from writing an outline for an essay.  You want to make sure that you have all of the parts, but you may not be structuring each part in the same way.  That is why we are providing a blank template for a business plan outline.  This will help you know what parts you need to include in your business plan outline and make sure that you have included all of the information you need, whether your business plan is being completed for coursework or as part of a business pitch for investors.  

I. Executive Summary

          A. Mission

          B. Company and Management

          C. Services

          D. Market 

          E. Competitive advantages


Fire Alarm Company Business Plan
Words: 723 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 22032517
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Fire Alarm Business A fire alarm company is one of the business opportunities available for potential small and medium business owners. Similar to other businesses, starting a fire alarm company is a complex process that requires a lot of work on the part of the entrepreneur or small business owner. Given the complexities involved in starting up a business from the ground up, there are several steps to consider when starting a fire alarm business. The first step is the ideation phase, which entails generating and refining the business idea (Gibson par, 1). The process of establishing such a company begins with generating a business idea, which in turn becomes the premise for developing a good business plan. This process entails conducting a quick search of existing companies or competition in the chosen industry. The entrepreneur establishes what existing companies are doing, current gaps in the market, and how to…

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business plan for a philippine restaurant
Words: 959 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 36402563
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Philippine Bistro

The restaurant concept is for a restaurant that specializes in Philippine turo turo style dining. This type of dining is similar to a buffet, in that a number of different items are on display. The difference is that the customer points to the items that they want, and the server then gives the customer a portion of those items. The food will be focused on traditional Philippine dishes.

Target Market
In our city, there is a fairly large Filipino population. Yet, the population is not yet served by any restaurant. As such, Filipinos in this area either eat at home, or they must eat other foods that are not of their culture. Eating is an important aspect of Filipino culture, and as such having some restaurants to meet this need is important. Further, there is a belief that many of the non-Filipino people in the area will…

Business Plan for Legal Cannabis
Words: 1001 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 65036900
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OrganiGram Holdings has a few strengths on which is can draw in order to thrive in the post-legalization market. The first strength lies in the cultivation talent. The company has been producing for the medical market for several years, which means that it has developed competency in the agricultural side of the business, producing different strains that deliver particular medical results. This talent will be important going forward into the legalization era. Further, the company has been able to develop competency in the manufacture of edibles. This market is particularly lucrative in US states that have fully legalized cannabis – being able to deliver products with a specific THC or CBD level, in a variety of formats including mints, cookies and bars, is essential to being competitive in the recreational marketplace.
The business savvy of the ownership group is another strength, because when the recreational market opens up there will…

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Business Planning
Words: 1313 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19781935
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The business plans provide guidance to the owners, investors and management at the start up entity and advances through some phases of success. The actual or prospective business owner of the entity creates a business plan as a means of providing clarification of every aspect of the business operation. A business plan is an imperative component that paints the bigger picture of how the business will operate, the different personnel necessitated, the costs that can be incurred and the potential income to be generated. Characteristically, a business plan comprises of the objectives to forecast and prepare for the growth and development of the business. Furthermore, a number of business owners create a business plan with the main objective of providing guidance to the management, which will be responsible for the everyday running of the entity and also with the main aim of encouraging investment of capital. Typically, there are five…

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Space Antenna Industry Business Plan
Words: 1801 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 96150172
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Executive Summary
Space Antenna Inc. is a company that has started up to produce antennae for the telecommunications industry. The antennae will communicate with satellites in space. This is a growing industry, which creates opportunity for new entrants. The key success factors are to be able to innovate, which typically results in antennae that not only have more features and better performance than their predecessors but come in at a lower price as well. Thus, engineering skill is one of the most important things that will drive success. The organization has therefor e been built with the needs of R&D in mind, in order to ensure that we can bring to market the best products, and start to build market share that way. We are backed by a venture capital group, and they have brought in a professional management team, which will allow the founders – all engineers – to…

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Summary of Restaurant Business Plan
Words: 927 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21819407
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Chocolate Shop
Chocolate et Franky is a gourmet chocolate producer that will focus on the large market retailers such as Whole Foods and Bristol Farms. The chocolate will be a premium quality product, and this will be reflected in the price, and in the details of the marketing. There will be a retail chocolate shop at the production site, and this will serve as a gateway for the fans of the chocolate to interact with the brand, buy merchandise, and learn about the process of making chocolate. However, most of the business will be focused on developing the retail trade.
The Product
Chocolate et Franky will be predominantly a packaged chocolate product. The head chocolatier has extensive connections with wholesalers around the world and therefore has access to some of the finest cacao, the ingredient from which chocolate is made. This access will allow our company to produce a premium…

Juice Bar Business Plan
Words: 3748 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28748435
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Personal Management Plan
1- The Juice Pharm
My organization is called The Juice Pharm and is inspired by Clean Juice, a company that is a 100% certified organic juice bar. Every item and ingredient is organic. No GMO (genetically modified organisms), no contaminated food items, all-natural produce from all-natural farmers who believe in sustainability—that is the foundation of Clean Juice’s business. For my organization, I would base my business’s core values on the same concepts and vision of developing a sustainable future and serving clients with healthy, non-toxic, all-organic juice drinks. I want to pursue this business because I myself believe in the concept of sustainability and want to develop a business that promotes the production of healthy, all-organic products for consumers.
2- Mission/Vision/Values
The mission of The Juice Pharm is to develop a sustainable future by working only with 100% certified all-organic, all-natural farmers to source the fruits…

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Strategizing and Business Planning
Words: 367 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13710859
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How does Kim and Mauborgne’s business plan standard compare to the approach to strategy in the textbook?

Kim & Mauborgne (2000) offer a customer-focused approach to creating a business plan that first begins with a buyer utility map, or an assessment of how the new business idea aligns with the actual needs of customers and what customers perceive as useful. The second tool or the price corridor mass focuses on what is the best price to generate buyers. The third tool, the business model guide, determines if the idea can be delivered at this optimal price point.
Thompson (et al. 2013) instead uses Porter’s generic strategies to define how to create a business plan in a non-sequential fashion. These generic strategies include cost leadership by offering the lowest possible price on a product versus competitors, a differentiated strategy in which the product satisfies a unique need that no other competitor…

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The Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from: winning-business-idea-when-you-see-one
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The quest for competitive advantage: Concepts and cases, (20th edition). New York, NY:

A Modern Airline
Words: 5271 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 84831172
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Yolo Airlines is a low-cost airline carrier that conducts its airline operations in the United States. The business operations are based on a low-cost structure and the airline is able to generate high returns as a result of the unique business model and efficacy in its strategic operation. The vision of the company is to become the most superior low-cost carrier airline in the United States market that provides not only a distinctive experience to all consumers but at the cost-effective rates for the products and services rendered. On the other hand, the mission of the company is to provide consumers with a cost effective product offering in terms of flights to different regions in the United States but at the same time offer them with services that match their high lifestyle in terms of comfort and also convenience. Unlike other airlines in the industry that utilize a…

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healthcare home for veterans
Words: 2706 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79924929
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This business plan is for a care home for veterans. The home will be a new facility, a new business, and will serve the needs of the local community. In terms of positioning, the veteran's care home will serve a slightly premium market. While recognizing the role that government agencies have as payers, the home will also be able to cater to the needs of veterans whose families wish to offer a higher standard of amenities and service, to go along with meeting the medical needs of veterans who need this form of care. This business plan will outline the key elements of the new care home, including the organizational structure, environmental analysis, financial plan and aspects of implementation and evaluation.
Part 1: Organizational Structure
The organizational structure of the home will be similar to those of other care homes. Heading up the home will be the Chief Executive…

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Homely Care
Words: 5105 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 53423604
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Executive Summary
Homely Care provides assisted living solutions for aged individuals and senior adults. Homely Care is devoted to providing superlative and the highest quality care level to California senior citizens who necessitate or wish for an assisted living facility. Homely Care is situated in an ideal climate in the community of Roseville in California. The residents experience enjoyable conditions of a mixture of both coastal and inland climates. This kind of weather is deemed ideal for seniors who may be experiencing illnesses such as arthritis, pain in different joints in the body, or are vulnerable to cold conditions. This is considered to be a prime location for the business owing to the significantly increasing number of elderly individuals in the State of California.
The legal form of ownership of Homely Care will take up a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) structure. The main reason for selecting this legal form is…

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Words: 4493 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 76805476
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Project’s Objectives and Goals
Integrated Emergency Preparedness Solutions Inc. purposes to capitalize on Emergency Preparedness, Management, Execution, and Analyses. Its main objective is to better apply data and research, as well as our specialized skills, to better serve a larger facet of healthcare and emergency response systems.
The objectives and goals set for the project are as follows:
1. To protect individuals, organizations, and society at large from harm
2. Prevent the occurrence of disasters and ascertain that all sensible measures are taken to diminish them
3. Administration and implementation of emergencies that take place
4. Assess prospective emergencies prior to, during, and subsequent to their occurrence
5. Sustain customer service and diminish interruption and disruption of business operations
6. Protect organizational brand, reputation, and image
Actions to Achieve the Goals and Objectives
In order to accomplish the aforementioned goals and objectives, it is key to conduct the following actions:…

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Selling Coconut Oil Beauty Products Vietnam
Words: 1669 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 33754535
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Value Prop
Most emerging economies will eventually transition from being an import-dominated market to one where domestic firms hold sway – we intend to be that company for the Vietnamese cosmetic industry.
VietCoco is a holding company that performs two functions. First, we operate coconut plantations, as coconuts are easy to grow in Vietnam. We have adopted a vertical integration strategy (Investopedia, 2018), where the coconuts we produce are then used to produce beauty products, which will be built as a local Vietnamese brand that can compete with imported brands. At present, the beauty product industry in Vietnam is dominated by foreign companies, but the typically progression of market development is that a domestic business, position slightly below the luxury foreign company, and earn market share by offering equivalent quality at a slightly discounted price.
Value Proposition
A value proposition is that we are going to offer the equivalent quality…

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Assisted Living at the Windsor of Ocala
Words: 1914 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 26691985
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Executive Summary
This business strategy document provides a general overview of the general health care environment in which the Assisted Living at the Windsor of Ocala facility in Florida is situated. It assesses issues such as cost and economic environment as well as health care environment, and provides an overview of competitors at the local, regional and national level. It also gives a description of the Windsor of Ocala’s internal environment with an analysis of the community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as its competitive advantage, with a SWOT analysis providing key differential advantages between it and its competitors.
The strategy also includes an overview of what directional strategies are involved in the Ocala’s mission and forward guidance. The long term directional strategies for Ocala are provided and defined. The strategic alternatives available to Ocala are also discussed in detail, and an evaluation of alternatives and strategic choice…

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Business Plan Product Description Market
Words: 4066 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 52314183
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As part of the research triangle, Raleigh has a significant portion of its population that fits the target market. For the Farmery to succeed, it only needs to capture a small portion of the market share. This is especially true because the store has a small footprint, and has the flexibility to set up on vacant lots without the costs of either renting or developing fixed real estate. The Farmery therefore needs to focus on two or three key elements to ensure adequate market penetration.

The first of these is location. Let it not be understated that location, location, location is critical to the success of any retail business. Because food is not normally something that people are willing to travel more than a few miles for, it is important that the Farmery target a neighborhood where there is a high concentration of individuals that fit the target market. There…

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Business Plan Relating to the Sale of a New Financial Divorce Software
Words: 6850 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 96636947
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Business Plan for a Financial Divorce Software

Business Plan Divorce Software

Business Plan relating to the Sales of a new Financial Divorce Software.

Business Plan relating to the Sales of a new Financial Divorce Software









Business Identification

Keys to Success

Company Summary

Industry History

Legal Form of Ownership

Location and Facilities

Management Structure

Products and Service

Market Analysis

Target Market

Industry Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Market Strategy

Ps of Marketing

Price List

Selling Strategy

Sales Forecast

Implementation Strategy

Overall Strategy


Control Plan

Financial Statements and Projections

evenue and Cost Estimate

Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement

Forecasted Balance Sheet

Financial Assumptions

Breakeven Point

Financial Position

Capital/Investment Needs



Executive Summary

Financial planning is involved in every aspect of life. Individuals and businesses have to formulate their daily, monthly, and yearly budgets in order to achieve a balance between their incomes and expenditures.…


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Business Plan Improvements the Financial
Words: 800 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 10195574
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Supplier power

Suppliers tend to have a moderate power on the steel industry. This situation is mostly determined by the switching costs of firms in the industry. Another factor of influence on this situation is represented by the importance of volume to suppliers.

Entry barriers

It is difficult for companies to enter the steel industry. This is because of the great investments that are required in order to produce steel products or to purchase them. The limited success to distribution is another factor that increases the difficulty of addressing this industry.

3. Market analysis

This industry is characterized by an increasing demand for steel. The business sectors that report such significant demand increase of steel are represented by: the construction, the infrastructure, and automobile sectors. Producers of steel and organizations in the field tend to focus on developing user friendly steel products. This can be achieved by developing light weighted…

Reference list:

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Business Plan to an Organization
Words: 1015 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 64423035
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Additionally, businesses must anticipate seasonal shifts in demand when allocating and anticipating costs. A toy company cannot assume that the revenue it enjoys after a Christmas marketing a 'hot toy' will be sustained all year 'round.

In terms of taking a long-term view, a business should treat its employees in an ethical fashion. If employees are treated in a respectful manner, they are likely to perform better and show more loyalty to the organization. Additionally, if a company is found to be exploiting its employees, as was the case of Nike and the 'sweatshop'-type conditions of its offshore operations, this negative publicity can deter individuals from buying from the company. Employee costs in the long and short-term, in terms of compensating employees for overtime and giving them reasonable benefits, must also be included in the business plan. Also, the possibility of stock options, should the company incorporate, is another issue…


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Business Plan This Business Plan
Words: 2364 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 59889851
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The office and administrative expenses would remain constant even to that point, as would the insurance expense.

Exhibit B: Cash Flow Statement, Year Two

At this point, the business is earning a healthy return and Mr. Ahn is receiving will be able to bring in a reasonable salary. The nature of the business may well change at this point. At the maximum revenue of $144,000 per year the pretax profit would be $63,600. As a result, it is likely that a clinic will be formed with other practitioners in order to minimize expenses and increase profitability.

e did not include taxes in our cash flow examples because the company is going to be set up as a sole proprietorship. This means that the income from the company will be rolled into the income for Mr. Ahn, as well as his liabilities. Mr. Ahn's personal expenses are therefore not included in…

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Business Plan -- Rocky Mountain Sports Fishing
Words: 2090 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 76681575
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Business Plan -- ocky Mountain Sports Fishing, LLC

Business Description

Definition of the Market

Services Offered


Marketing Strategy

Financial Management

ecreational fishing is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, both for salt and freshwater. Conservative estimates show that there are upwards of 30 million individuals with more than a 1-2 time/annum interest in the sport. This has an overall impact on the economy of $125 billion (Williamson, 2012). Consumer demographics show that it is primarily a male oriented event. Mobility and technology have improved the sport in the last two decades, as well as maps, surveys, and handheld sonar and GPS devices. For this reason, as an organized sport, it is chiefly an upper middle and above income sport that also may require several thousand dollars in travel expense. There are even contests for ice and sport ice fishing in the U.S. And Canada.

Sport fishing is…


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Business Plan Proposal
Words: 781 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 47006697
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Business Plan Proposal:

The Ducks Poker Room

Business Plan Proposal: The Ducks Poker Room

Executive Summary/Company Description

The Ducks Poker Room will be a new for-profit gaming club primarily hosting players of versions of the card game known as "Poker." The Ducks Poker Room will also offer alternate games, including but not limited to promotions for prize pools involving tickets to college basketball and football games. Finally, The Ducks Poker Room will host patrons who are not playing poker.

Business Plan Objectives

Provide exceptional facilities, equipment, service, staff and merchandise that create a highly positive impression on our core customers;

Consistent entertainment atmosphere and product quality;

Capitalize on excellent location opportunity;

d. Launch the venue with a highly publicized grand opening event in the spring of Year 1;

e. Maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and automated computer control;

f. Maintain food costs below…

Business Plan Company Summary the Company Deals
Words: 814 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 77828205
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Business Plan

Company summary

The company deals in interior finish materials. The range is from the floor tiling and laminated floor boards to the paint and lighting systems. The company primarily sells and advices the clients on the best interior finish material to use, once they have finished their basic construction of the house. The company works closely with the homeowners, interior designers, architects, developers and construction consultants.

It is of great importance for the management of a business to know their areas of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to be able to capitalize more on their strength and take precautions on their area of shortcomings (Marketing Teacher, 2011). It will also enable us as accompany to seize the opportunities that arise and curb any threats like the budding competitors early in time. This is because before one engages the business to carry out a particular task, one must first…


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2011 from 

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Business Plan Is Critical for
Words: 1393 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 58009204
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Many people have become critics of the ethical standards of many industries, yet many such industries (pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, casinos, tobacco companies) remain highly successful.

Since the definition of ethics is always in the eye of the beholder, it is essential that the business frame the issue of ethics in a proprietary manner. Each firm will choose a slightly different version of ethics to which it will adhere, but that choice must reflect the ethical standards of potential investors and potential customers so as to continue to attract both groups. A business with a clearly thought-out, well-defined code of ethics is more likely to have those ethics permeate throughout the organization. If nothing else, the ethical principles will be consistent throughout the organization, such that management and other stakeholders know what to expect from their employees. That, at least, will provide insurance against the likelihood of an Enron-type situation where nobody…

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Business Plan Description of the Business the
Words: 2458 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59203893
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Business Plan

Description of the Business

The business is a gourmet candy shop. The shop will sell gourmet candy that has been sourced from all over the world. The shop will operate with one storefront location, and there will be an Internet/mail order component as well.

The rationale for the business is simply. There is a growing trend towards hedonistic approaches to dining. We have seen in the past few years the rise of the bacon fetish, high end craft beer and coffee, cupcakes, the move of fine dining to the mass market and a full embrace by Americans of better quality indulgent goods. Much of this trend can be credited to the aging of the population, as people seek to maximize pleasure. They have the financial means to treat themselves, and seek to balance this hedonism with a desire to be healthy. The intersection of these ideals is where…


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Business Plan This Business Plan
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The Head Pharmacist has worked as a pharmacist in the area for a long time, including at the small pharmacy in the medical clinic near the hospital where many doctors have their offices. As such, he is well positioned to make contacts with those doctors in order to build the reputation of our pharmacy.

Financial Plan

The financial plan will begin with the income statement. There are two main revenue streams, being retail and pharmacy. A third revenue stream within Pharmacy will be the online ordering, whereby customers can order over the eb and have their drugs ready for pick-up, or for delivery via the courier of their choice. Such revenue will be attributed to Pharmacy, and retail products will not be included in these orders.

ith respect to costs, labor costs are expected to reflect the staffing levels. hile there will be as many as 20 staff members, there…

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Business Plan for Legal Nurse
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This is further based on the following assumptions:

1. The company will charge $150 per hour for each client.

2. The company expects to spend at least 80 hours a year with each client.

3. The company expect to see at least 30 clients per year, which will generate a revenue of $150 x 30 x 80 = $360,000. For the purpose of this computation, this will be regarded as the selling price.

4. The company expects its yearly fixed costs to be $526,000. This fixed cost consists of the cost of staff remuneration, utility bills and advertising.

5. The company expects its variable costs to be about $344,000 a year, comprising of the cost of equipment servicing and maintenance, legal costs, and so on.

Given the above assumption, the company's yearly break-even point can be computed as follows:

The implication of the above computation is that LNS must service…


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Theory to What Companies Do. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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Business Plan Dontdatecreeps com the Following
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Once the customer has purchased a piece of information, has paid for it, has received it, and obviously viewed it, he cannot claim a refund, in case the information provided by the site did not satisfy the customer in any way. If the site cannot provide certain information due to certain facts that was required by the customer, the site will notify the customer that his request cannot be fulfilled and therefore, there will be no payment.

This issue is related to another, dissatisfaction regarded the provided services. As mentioned above, there may be situation when will not be able to fulfill certain requests. This could only happen because of the lack of information in the respective case. Therefore, it is only fair that the customer has to be informed that the requested information is not available. If the site cannot offer complete information requested by the customer, the…

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Business Plan in Order to Accomplish Our
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Business Plan

In order to accomplish our mission we set forth the following strategic goals, they include:

Build the Financial perspective of our business by addressing how shareholders view the firm and which financial goals are desired from the shareholder's perspective. Goals are closely linked to the business lifecycle and must be adjusted over time. For example, in the early stages, our goal is revenue growth, but as the company becomes more sustainable, profitability will become more important.

Increase customer value by discovering what a customer's needs and value expectations are and then meeting or exceeding these expectations. Some examples of things that customers value include a broad selection of products, quality, service, performance, and low price.

Achieve operational excellence through the internal productivity that optimizes those business processes that will best satisfy customers. Productivity is more than efficiency; it depends on the value of the products and services (utility,…

Business Plan Australia Has the
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Given the scarcity of lever machines on the market and the unique nature of the niche market, price elasticity of demand is expected to be low. There may not be many prospective consumers, but those who want this product will be keen and are unlikely to be strongly price sensitive. The best price would therefore be at the high end of the range, $1,200. This means that the selling price to the distributor would be $600, for a contribution margin of $350 per machine when sold through the distributor, or $950 if sold through the company website. These figures have been included in the contribution margin analysis.

Marketing Issues -- Place

Distribution for a niche product is a tricky proposition. Consumers are often far apart, meaning that it is difficult to use a storefront retail location to reach these consumers. The Australian market -- in particular with respect to high…

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Business Plan for Ginseng Root
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Despite these fluctuations in pricing levels, current projects indicate that demand for ginseng will continue to increase in the future due to greater demands from a burgeoning middle class Chinese market (How to grow ginseng, 2012). Although wild-grown ginseng commands higher prices, cultivated alternatives typically weigh more but the Chinese highly prefer the wild-grown version (How to grow ginseng, 2012).

As shown in Figure 1 below, West Virginia is located within the zones (3-8) that are regarded as being especially appropriate for cultivating wild-grown ginseng.

Figure 1. United States Zone Map for Planting Ginseng.

Source: Adapted from

While West Virginia is located in a highly desirable geographic location for cultivating ginseng, the task is fraught with opportunities for failure, weather conditions can adversely affect the growing cycle, the plants are sparse and difficult to locate, and the actual growing process, as well as its clinical effects, remain better described…


Guo, Z. (2000). Ginseng and aspirin: Health care alternatives for aging Chinese in New York.

Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

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Business Plan the Product That
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As a result, we expect to hit the market with premium pricing. The price point will also be set in accordance with the data gathered from our target market research.

A promotional message will need to be finalized and an advertising agency selected in order to help us build our promotional campaign. The promotional message will vary depending on the target market, focusing on different elements of the product. Two main features of all promotions, however, will be building brand awareness and promoting the product's innovative technology. Building brand awareness is critical because the brand is unknown at this time. By developing a brand, we will be positioned to extend that brand in the future. The main selling point of the device will be the technology. This message will be positioned more in light of what this technology allows the customer to do -- the coolness of the device is…

Business Plan for Marketing and
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The existence and specialization of these three competitors materializes in the need for Creativity Sure to excel in the offering of the three types of products and services offered by challengers Karina Advertising, Falling Agency and Dorna PLC.

4.2 PEST Analysis

Political forces: The development of a full legislation within the advertising field has yet to become a complete process. ecent efforts have however limited the operations of advertising campaigns in the meaning of having eliminated all features that are not compatible with the product or which promise unrealistic outcomes, such as the tremendous loss of weight. Other issues regulated by the new laws refer to truth-in-advertising, product labeling requirements, online advertising and marketing, the advertising of specific products, telemarketing and direct marketing, and finally, regulations relative to environmental marketing (The Official Business Link to the U.S. Government, 2009). The new Obama administration has yet to take a new stand…


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Business Plan Business Financial Plan for Sweet
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Business Plan

Business Financial Plan for Sweet Tooth Treats

Baking has always been a major part of my family life, and for generations there has been infamous cookie recipes past down from one cook to the next. Every holiday season, my cookies are notorious for being the best any gift receivers have ever had. Finally, I believe it is time to make my baking hobby and actual money making enterprise. I know I have the recipe, the potential customers, and options for both retail space and an online presence. The only thing missing is the initial push to make this hobby an actual business -- Sweet Tooth Treats.

Business Start Up Plan


The essentially product here is the various cookies, of different flavors and ingredients. I have several recipes for cookies, both permanent and seasonal variations. These products will be sold in both individual sales at a retail location,…


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Business Plan the Business That I Am
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Business Plan

The business that I am going to start is a small coffee microroastery and shop. The company will perform two basic functions. The first is a product function, the roasting of coffee beans. Green beans will be received by the company, roasted, and then both used in the shop and made available for a variety of retail channels. The second function will be a service function, based on the production and serving of beverages and light snacks. The staffing plan will be simple. The owner/manager/roaster will perform most of the management tasks associated with the shop. There will be an assistant manager who doubles with barista duties, as well as 4-6 part-time staff members, filling 3 FTEs in the barista/service function. This plan is based on experiences at other, similar operations, in addition to meeting a few other needs. One is the need to keep costs down, and…

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Business Plan Financial Projections as
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Thus, the price will be:

(220*P)-(220*25.57) - $2,250 = 220P -- 7875.4 = $35.7, so the price for the one-hour session will be $360. Given that the expected demand is 240, the income statement will be as follows:

Income Statement

Year 1



less variable costs


Gross Margin


less Fixed Costs


Income Before taxes



Net Income


The CMS website's search function is non-functional, so there does not appear to be any place to find out the reimbursement rate for this type of service. This is ok, because reimbursement rates will differ depending on the payer -- private insurers may have different rates anyway. The biggest issue is actually going to be with cash flow. All types of payers can be notoriously slow with their payments. It can take 60 or even 90 days sometimes to collect on billings, which will have an effect…

Business Plan Financials 8a There
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Inability to generate profits almost immediately from the retail side will impact our ability to grow on the board side, as we will then be supporting the store with the board sales. Our plan expects the opposite.

8c) Assumptions to Income Statement.

We assumed seasonality of retail/servicing revenues and calculated them on a per day basis around off/on/front shoulder/back shoulder seasons. We assumed custom board revenue will average over the year. Cost of goods sold was assumed to be 50% of revenue. We feel this is conservative, since the servicing side of the operation is typically greater than that. Rent will increase in the second and third years as we take on industrial space to expand our manufacturing capability. Salaries are based on store salaries that vary by season and manufacturing salaries. They were calculated on the basis of man-hours. The manufacturing salaries scale up with our production.

General administration…

Business Plan Biz Online Is
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The company shall have sales section, which shall be in charge of reaching market already created by the marketing team. We shall employ gorilla tactics whereby sales people are send to the client premises to discuss and delivery the service or make a deal.

The Biz online shall also have a group of sales representative based in the office. These sales representatives shall be tasked with outsourcing potential clients' telephone number and calling them. However, we intends to sale most of our services through online. Every client who would like to buy any of our services could simply login on our system and make payment through their Visa cards. Finally, Biz online intends to have a sales desk in the office as its long time objectives, to listen to clients, call clients and solve their query amicable.

Sales Forecast



1st Year

2 nd

3 rd


Coupon Sale…

Business Plan Funeral Services Business
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One tactic which has made the John Doe group unique in the industry is its recognition of the importance of community in the viability of individual enterprises. Its damaged relationship with the communities in which it has sought to operate can be rectified by aspects of its model which are already in place. Though the company operates thousands of funeral service establishments from a centralized point of authority, its acquisition strategy incorporates the families who have owned and operated the newly purchased assets into the business plan. As a result, John Doe's holdings are hybrid entities, armed with the resources of a large parent company but endowed with the close community relationship of an independent business. Taking advantage of this model should be central to the company's overall reversal of its negative public image. This will demand that the new core of central leadership make an effort to increase…

Business Plan for a Residential and Day Treatment Facility
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Business Plan Assisted Living Facilities

Residential and Day Treatment Facility

Business Plan

Residay Home and Residential Care provides assisted living solutions for senior adults. Residay Home and Residential Care is dedicated to making the provision of the highest quality care to senior citizens requiring or desiring an assisted living facility. Residay Home and Residential Care is located in the Tennessee Valley Area of North Alabama and is an alternative to the generally larger and less personal senior assisted living facilities specializing in the ability to make provision of a very high level of care in a smaller and more personal environment. Residay Home and Residential Care makes provisions of assistance to seniors in their activities of daily living including assisting with medication, meals, reminders, personal grooming, physical therapy and other such assistance. Further provided by Residay Home and Residential Care are opportunities for companionship, entertainment, and activities, which seniors enjoy…

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Business Plan Proposal Business Description
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Through acquisitions of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream, the company has grown to dominate the entire frozen desserts market within the U.S. And has a significant share globally as well. All of these competitors however have taken the traditional approach to frozen yogurt, offering only a very limited set of flavors, most often the most popular in their other products to save on costs. There is no product development occurring in any of these companies with regard to developing high energy frozen yogurt for customers to impulse purchase and take with them. Impulse purchasing accounts for 14% of total yearly sales in 2008 and is expected to increase in 2009 as companies seek to create greater levels of buyer activity based on price and availability, looking to overcome the perception of ice cream as a luxury (Gloria, 2008). The competitive landscape of frozen yogurt…


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Business Strategies the Business Plan
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The appendixes.

Answer number 3

The online community presents the reader with a multitude of information on how to write the business plan. A valid source in this sense is represented by Maire Loughran's article on the website. Throughout this article, the author identifies a total of eight key elements to be integrated in the business plan. These refer to the next ones:

The executive summary which states the objectives of the plan

The provision of general information on the company soliciting the funds from the potential equity investors

The description of the products and/or services to be provided by the firm

The objective and factual analysis of the industry, the market and the competition encountered by the economic agent

The provision of more detailed company information, including primarily data on the managerial team, the organization and the ownership of the firm

The marketing plan as an integrated effort…


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Business Plan for a Sleep
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Offered under the same roof are "consultative, diagnostic, and treatment services" which are stated to be provided "by board-certified practitioners in the fields of pulmonary medicine, otolarngology, family medicine and more." (2006)

Smith reports that the laboratories experiencing the most dramatic growth are two which are located the "farthest from the Hillsboro flagship" as they are located in two areas that were "formerly underserved." (2006) Smith additionally reports that the demand is stronger in the areas where the two fastest growing centers are located which supplies "plenty of fuel for expansion."

Smith states that the Sleep Health & Wellness NW is attempting to "fill a gap so that patients who previously were overlooked or not being reached or who fell through the cracks no longer are," she says. "We have no plans to open centers in areas where there are already quality sleep services programs. We only want to go…


Inspiration! Sleep Study Results & Analysis (2006) Q&a with Ron Richard, senior vice president of strategic marketing initiatives at ResMed HME Business April 2006. Online at 

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MacFarlene, James (2009) the Painful Pursuit of Sleep. Sleep Review Journal Jan/Feb 2009. Online available at

Business Plan for Green Tongues Summer 2011
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Business Plan for Green Tongues

Summer 2011

Company Information

Environmental and Industry Analysis

Products or Services

Marketing esearch and Evaluation

Manufacturing and Operations Plan

Management Team


Critical isks and Assumptions

Benefits to the Community

Exit Strategy

Financial Plan

Green Tongues is an advertising company that provides environmentally friendly advertising solutions to all those companies that value their environment and want to give back to the society in which they exist. Green Tongues envisions itself to be the premier advertising company in the near future in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region as consumers and businesses in this region are slowly beginning to realize the importance of environmental conservation. The six member states that comprise the GCC (i.e., Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) are shown to be well situated to take advantage of their political and economic clout in ways that promote environmentally…


Bains, K. (2008, January 9). Solar powered billboards in San Francisco, Africa, and Canada.

Solar Power Authority. Retrieved from .

Blanche, E. (2011, February). Gulf rail network: The dream becomes reality. The Middle East,

419, 12-13.

Business Plan Professional Medical Transportation In Order
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Business Plan

Professional Medical Transportation:

In order to prepare a Business Plan, it is worthwhile to note that professional medical transportation can be offered both as an emergency as well as non-emergency service. Services offered could be Priority Medical Dispatch, 911 Pre-arrival instructions, Emergency Ambulance Service, Wheelchair service and Scheduled Ambulance Service. Since Priority Medical dispatch will be taking the 911 calls, it has to be ensured that ambulance possessing the most sophisticated equipment and qualified medical experts reach during emergency situations. As regards 911 pre-arrival instructions, the dispatchers will be answering 911 callers, the information they require to tackle an emergency medical situation till arrival of the ambulance. (Services we offer)

Under Emergency Ambulance Service, paramedics and emergency medical specialist have to attend to emergency calls and deal with transfers among health care facilities, round the clock, all seven days in a week. Under Wheelchair service, non-emergency patients using…


Medicaid/Reach up Program. Vermont Public transport Association. Retrieved from  Accessed on 6 February, 2005

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Business Plan Marketing to Brazil
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Some Brazilian businesses might want to engage in joint arrangements to have workers going to do business or live abroad in English-speaking languages learn from these tapes, and there could be special discount agreements with such companies, to make use of these resources. Additionally, the national economy would greatly benefit from a more fluent population that was better able to engage in a variety of business endeavors in other nations. This would encourage the Brazilian government to not place any additional legal obstacles when engaging in negotiations regarding such an exporting arrangement.

There already a clear and strong desire to learn more about the United States, to do business with the United States, and to travel to the United States. Brazil was the ninth largest source of visitors to the United States in 2004 and has one of the fastest growing outbound travel markets in the world. "ith only 4…

Works Cited

Brazil." (Nov 2006) The Office of Electronic Information, Bureau of Public Affairs Retrieved 6 Dec 2006 at 

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Chapter 4: Best Prospects for U.S. Businesses -- Travel and Tourism." (Jan 2006).

Focus Brazil: U.S. Government Export Portal. Retrieved 6 Dec 2006 at

Business Plan for Slow Wing
Words: 4373 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 31123381
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Inventory Management Strategy. In his book, Streetwise Project Management, Dobson (2003) advocates the use of a just-in-time inventory management strategy to keep inventories low and manufacturing process more productive. This approach, though, will require close coordination with a Brazilian supplier, warehousing operations, planners and forecasters, and transportation directors throughout the inventory management process. In this regard, Epps (1995) advises, that such an approach requires the efficient transportation of materials from outside vendors directly to the work-in-process area, where the required value added processes of the manufacturing operations take place, which is followed by the shipping of the finished products to the customer within a reasonable timeframe. This inventory management strategy can save manufacturers the costs of inspection, stocking, material handling, inventory tracking, carrying the inventory, and the dangers that are typically related to damage to parts and their tendency to become obsolete over time (Epps).

The just-in-time inventory management strategy…


Bolten, E.F. (1997). Managing time and space in the modern warehouse with ready-to-use forms, checklist & documentation. New York: AMACOM.

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Business Plan for a Market
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This can be defined at the system level of the consultancy's network architecture. Finally the firewall of the systems will be defined also through the definition of system parameters throughout the network operating system running the entire firm (Malecki, 2012). There will be little resistance to change for each of these implementations as they are designed to protect and streamline the work being completed in the firm. There will also be a clearer sense of accountability over data security once the Practice Leaders and senior consultants realize that if they accidentally lose their iPhone, iPad or laptop all data will be erased immediately, which forces them to be more vigilant how they uses these systems and also how they are backed up.

Impact of the egulatory Environment

As the proposed research and advisory firm is a private corporation, it does not need to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act as…


Cox, J. (2009). iPhone winning over it security skeptics. Network World, 26(34), 1-1,12.

Hamblen, M. (2012). iPhone 5: Pros and cons in the enterprise. Computerworld, 46(17), 6-6.

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Business Plan for Incentive Program
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In terms of the flexible working schedules, these would take the form of allowing the staff members to work more hours in fewer days or fewer hours, spread across more days. Basically, the 8-hour strict schedule structure would no longer be implemented. The requirement with this incentive is that of ensuring employee collaboration and making sure than when an employee wishes to make use of the flexible working schedule, another staff member is able and willing to replace him. The schedule decisions would generically be subjected to mutual agreements between the staff members, approved by the manager.

The flexible working schedule has the ability to increase employee on the job satisfaction due to the fact that it allows the individual to better balance his personal and professional responsibilities. The individual will not for instance be on the job and worry about a sick child or a parent in need, but…


Bruce, A., How to motivate every employee: 24 proven tactics to spark productivity in the workplace, McGraw Hill Professional, 2006

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