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Byrd Limousine

Benefits to the Organization

Milestone 1 -- Company Background


Technology Used to Augment Project

Value of the Approach

Business Process Change


Technology or business practice

High Level Implementation Plan

Project Summation

The Byrd Limousine Company is an organization that has provided specialized limousine services to Southern California clients for over two decades. BL is owned and operated by Shelonda Byrd Hale, and has seven full time drivers, five male and two female. The company caters to individuals who want stylish or specialized transportation using a driver and a larger, more luxurious automobile. The market that provides these types of services is very competitive and continues to evolve as new models of limousines become available. At present, Byrd Limousine processes data for clients, services, and internal information manually. The enclosed Proposal of Transaction Processing Systems will allow BL to use a more automated, and streamlined, way to keep track of their daily organizational activities.


The current manual system used by BL is inadequate because it is time consuming, inefficient, and modeled by needing manual (slow) input from staff. The processing of data manually often leads to human errors that continue to reduce profit. Thus, there is a need to increase the quality within the organization. The Transaction Processing System offers several benefits to BL:

Less time consuming

Improved accuracy

Provides more data to management

Allows for a competitive edge within the limousine market (Byrd Limousine, 2012)

Benefits to the Organization

The proposed transaction processing system will be used to keep all the transaction within the organization such as sales records, receipts, cash deposits, payroll, credit transactions, and marketing expenses. This will drastically improve the functionality and streamline the business, improve the relationship between the business and customers (effeciencey), reduce human error, and generate needed information functionality automatically. Benefits include:

Reduction of human error

Imrpove effeciency and thus relations between BL and its client base

Generate needed functionality automatically

Maintain and exceed the demands of the industry

Give the company a competitive edge by increasing the professional look and feel of the organization

This improved information system will automate many steps in BL's business process that were formally manual. This process will change the flow of information, making it possible for BL to keep up with the competitive demands within the industry. Simultaneously, management will be able to make better, quicker, and more accurate decisions. This will allow BL to grow the business based on accurate data, changing the manner in which the business paradigm operates (Laudon & Laudon, 2012).

Milestone 1 -- Company Background

The use of a new, automated, transaction system will reduce costs over time and thus defray the expense of new systems implementation. Strategic performance will increase, as will financial decision making and business management, thus allowing the company greater flexibility in its operations.

Byrd Limousine is a small company, headquarterd in the Southern California area of the United States. It was started by the mother, Mr. s Byrd, and her daugher, because they saw the need to provide quality, low-priced limousine services in the area. Currently, they have nine employees and pride themselves in offering great prices with even greater customer service. BL has competitive rates and programs that increase repetitive business. In addition, BL offers upgraded services for its many corporate accounts.

The Transaction Processing System (TPS) will reduce BL's costs by drastically reducing manual writing and data entry. Limousine orders will increase due to extra time the drivers are available, as well as streamlined services. Management will be able to strategize, use real-time data, track cars and drivers, and improve functional effeciency. Once certain trends are analyzed, there will be more accurate information that will allow management to update pricing structures, thus maximizing profits. TPS will improve customer service and provide clients with up-to-date and professional information. Loyalty programs will help reward repeat customers, easily tracked through an electronic database system. In addition, this will help the company predict transportation trends, need for vehicles, and customer preferences. Errors will be reduced, and will offer a wide range of additional features that will improve cost-control and save time now spent on inventory management, purchasing, and accounting.

TPS is loaded with secure, virus and hacker protection, perform regular database backups, and more easily capture credit card data. The system may not be accessed by any unauthorized users,…

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