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Hacking Essays (Examples)

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Hacktivism One Expression of the
Words: 2323 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19870559
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Anonymous is one of the groups that can be seen as participating in this form of hacktivism, as is ikileaks.

ikileaks is probably the best know hactivist site to the general public because of the sheer volume of political information that it has made public and because of the unapologetic nature of the owner of the site. This is unfortunate in many ways because it has given individuals a false view of what hacktivism is because Julian Assange seems to have been motivated more often by pique than by genuine political concerns for making the world a better place. This is not, as one might guess, how the ikileaks founder sees the nature of his mission.

ikileaks, like Anonymous, is based on the idea that information -- all information -- should be available to everyone. This is a radical claim, and indeed resembles radical claims made by groups in the…

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Hacktivism Securing the Electronic Frontier Consider How
Words: 591 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97466184
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Securing the Electronic Frontier

Consider how cybercrime is defined and how it relates to the issue Internet vulnerabilities.

Cybercrime is any illegal or illicit activity which is mediated by internet usage and which is aimed at accessing, stealing or destroying online data. This may include hacking of government websites, phishing scams, disruption of commercial service sites or penetration of privately held databases containing personal information about private citizens. The presentation given by Hypponen (2011) at a recent TED conference helps to underscore the vulnerabilities to which the Internet exposes us, indicating that both our privacy and our financial security are at risk on the web. Cybercrime presents an ongoing challenge to database hosting services, commercial entities, political organizations and government agencies, all of which must find a balance between creating user-friendly, accessible web experiences and establishing fortified defenses against potential breaches of privacy, security or stability.

2. hat are…

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Hacker Hacker Techniques the Hackers in
Words: 3074 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46013389
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Such people may not geneally take shelte unde the canopy of hackes but as a esult of the moe seious attibutes of thei motivation. (Hacke Motivation) Most of the people ae anxious about the pobability of being an objective fo exploitation by a hacke. It is quite nomal that if a compute has been installed fo home use and only connected to the Intenet fo two hous once a week, then it is not vulneable to be a victim of a hacke. Application of such judgment makes it possible to indicate the vulneability of being hacked, basing on the level of Intenet exposue, as high-isk and low isk and the Intenet Secuity fims ae most common victims fo the hackes.

The High pofile media-fiendly victims ae inclusive of the lage copoation's sites, political paty sites; celebity sites, etc. which ae vulneable to the assaults. Any body having thei own website,…

references and Deter Computer Crime" Yale Law Journal. Vol: 112; No: 1; pp: 47-51

Hacker Mitigation and Culture in the International Systems
Words: 2409 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87369052
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Hacker Culture and Mitigation in the International Systems

The explosion of the internet technology in the contemporary business and IT environments has assisted more than 300 million computer users to be connected through a maze of internet networks. Moreover, the network connectivity has facilitated the speed of communication among businesses and individuals. (Hampton, 2012). Despite the benefits associated with the internet and network technologies, the new technologies have opened the chance for hackers to attack the information systems of business organizations and collect sensitive information worth millions of dollars. Each year, businesses have been a victim of cyber-attacks in the United States. As an increasing number of people and businesses own internet-enabled devices, more businesses have become a victim of cyber-attacks, which has become a critical concern in the business and governmental environments. (Hacker news, n.d.).

The objective of this paper is to analyze the cyber incidents of the Sony…


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Global Payments Hack With the New Advancements
Words: 1359 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24873438
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Global Payments Hack

With the new advancements of technology comes the many risks and dangers is also carries along. The evolution of the internet and connect-ability technology has brought everyone closer and has nearly eliminated many communication barriers that have been present throughout recorded history. These new advances have also accompanied a rise in cyber criminals, wishing to invade a person's or business' digital information. The purpose of this essay is to examine computer hacking and hacking processes that pose risks and dangers to society. The essay will use the company Global Payments as an example of how a hacking problems effects many and highlights the dangers involved in our digital world.

This essay will view Global Payments and their hacking problem from a third party accounting system point-of-view. The company's security assessment will be analyzed and different software issues will be discussed. Finally the essay will conclude by offering…


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How the Chicago Airports Were Hacked
Words: 986 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31614371
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Aircraft Flight Disturbance

Internal Memo:

Lessons Learned From September 26th O'Hare International Airport Incident

Senior Management

ecommendations to Avert Widespread Flight Disturbances

On September 26th, 2014, both O'Hare and Midway airports experienced a day-long disruption of operations that led to over 2,000 flights being cancelled and the entire nation affected by the disruption of operations. An employee with psychological problems intent on killing himself started a fire in the basement telecommunications room of the Aurora, Illinois control center, then attempted to slit his throat. After posting his suicide note on Facebook, relatives called 911 and both his life and the control center were saved. The fire damaged the most critical areas of the IT infrastructure for air traffic control for both the O'Hare and Midway airports, forcing air traffic control locations in adjacent states to take on one of the busiest areas of the country for air travel. The lack…


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White Hat
Words: 964 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21127822
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White Hat

Ethical hacking is the act of having individuals who are professionals on how computer and networks systems work seek vulnerabilities and deficiencies in a network computer's security system so that they may know how and what other computer hackers can and cannot break into (Bishop 2007). This type of hacking is done so that companies themselves could know what information is more vulnerable than others, and how secure their security systems actually are. Ethical hackers attempt to break into data systems in a non-malicious way so that they may know how much others who do have bad intentions can access (Palmer 2001). The individual who conducts this ethical hacking is sometimes referred to as a "white hat" as opposed to a "black hat" which are both references from Western movies depicting the "good guy" and the "bad guy." In order for a network to be truly secure, it…


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Cyber Warfare Cyber Attacks
Words: 749 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75669028
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Cyber warfare, a term defined by Clarke (2010) as an action of a nation-state to effectively penetrate another nation's computer resources or networks for the sole purpose of causing malicious damage or even disruption is a major cause of national and global security concerns (p.6).In this paper, we identify some cyber warfare tools (either Attack, Defense, Exploitation), and write a scenario to execute the tools. We also identify if the tool is for UNIX or Windows hacks, outer Attacks, etc. Also identified is why you would want to use the tool as opposed to another tool which may conduct the same form, via comparison and contrast.

Cyber warfare tools

These are the tools that are used in carrying out cyber warfare activities. They may either be attack tools, defense tools as well as exploitation tools.

Exploitation tools

Vulnerability exploitation tools are the tools that are used for gathering information on…


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Avoiding Plagiarism and Integrating Source Material Into
Words: 1488 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92084276
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avoiding plagiarism, and integrating source material into the body of the paper (Hacker, 106). Each main challenge involves utilizing many steps, which combine to make a research paper a descriptive analysis of a writer's thesis. The steps involved include: finding a topic, researching the topic, finding sources that support the writer's main idea, outlining the paper, writing the paper, identifying the thesis, writing the thesis, and ensuring that all source materials are properly cited in order to avoid plagiarism.

In order to put a research paper together, the writer first has to find a topic and determine the general questions that he or she wants to answer in the paper. Having found a topic, the writer begins basic research so that they can further narrow the topic into one that can be addressed in appropriate detail in their particular paper. Research can be done in a variety of ways, the…

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General Aspects on Social Engineering
Words: 5828 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6466480
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Social Engineering as it Applies to Information Systems Security

The research takes into account several aspects that better create an overview of the term and the impact it has on security systems. In this sense, the first part of the analysis reviews the concept of social engineering and the aspects it entails. Secondly, it provides a series of cases that were influenced by social engineering and the effects each had on the wider picture of information security. Thirdly, the research looks at what policies are set in place to avoid this type of practice and how has the information security society responded to the threat posed by social engineering. Finally, possible solutions to the issues social engineering raises are also presented in the context of the increased technological environment in which business is conducted in the world we live in today.

General aspects on social engineering

A non-academic definition of…


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A Survey Of It Professionals" in Dimension Research, Sept. 2011, available online at 

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IT Systems Technology Has Now Become a
Words: 1119 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54763642
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IT Systems

Technology has now become a euphemism for the information age. As individuals, information rarely escapes our grasp as now anybody can have access to its vast array of knowledge. More importantly, in the midst of our global society, technology has a profound role on our nation's ability to participate in a more competitive environment. As the age old adage states, "Knowledge is power," and in many instances this statement is correct. Information allows individuals to make better informed decisions regarding projects that can have grave implications on society if the solution is incorrect. Further, information allows more convenience in regards to access and search of particular concepts. Technology allows humans to live longer while allowing them to live more productive lives (Gregg, 2006). The benefits that technology derives are as difficult to enumerate as they are to fully comprehend. However, it is my contention that the information age…


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Honeypot Continuation How Can a
Words: 2231 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 57477348
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g., if thee is a pobing attempt o geneal scanning on the pots). Data will also be collected fom the log file of the monitoing tool and fom the log of the opeating system as well. Accoding to Thomae and Bakos, honeypots also have some distinct advantages fo data collection puposes, including the following:

Honeypots have no poduction use, most activity diected at honeypots epesents genuine attacks, leading to few, if any, false positives.

Honeypots can captue all activity diected at them, allowing the detection of peviously unknown attacks.

Honeypots can captue moe attack data than most othe intusion-detection solutions, including (fo some kinds of honeypots) shell commands, installed attack softwae, and even attacke-to-attacke inteaction though chat seves o othe communication mechanisms (Thomae & Bakos, pp. 1-2).

Honeypots facilitate this type of data analysis if popely administeed. Fo instance, afte collecting data fom log files, secuity pofessionals should analyze it…

references and deter computer crime. Yale Law Journal, 112(6), 1577.

Unauthorized Information Systems Access
Words: 1175 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37005463
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Unauthorized Information Systems Access

Scan the Internet for articles or evidence of Bank of America being a victim of hacking. Based on the results of your search, if the bank has been hacked, assess the circumstances around the hacking and the resulting impact to the bank's customers and operations. If the bank has not reported hacking incidents, assess the most likely security measures that the bank has implemented to protect the business from hackers.

Bank of America has experienced many data breaches in the past, yet the most troublesome are the ones where customers' data is stolen and immediately resold on the black market by employees. There are also those instances where employees and subcontractors gain unauthorized access to ATMs and steal money. These are two of the recent incidences of how the Bank of America security systems and processes have been hacked by employees and those operating in the…


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Network Vulnerabilities and Controls
Words: 1304 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4388821
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Network Vulnerabilities and Controls

Computer networks are constantly under threat from many different sources of attacks. In order to get a clear understanding of the different views on computer security and its characteristics, it is important to define a network. This term means a group of computers that have been interconnected to communicate to one another using electrical signals. The network can be either wired or wireless and the most common of them nowadays is the wireless computer network. The internet or wide area network can link very many computers that are widely and geographically apart.

Computers are therefore linked to communicate with one another via the internet. However, these same computers are prone to attacks from all different angles. Any unauthorized access to ones computer can be defined as an attack since in the process, valuable information may be retrieved from the computer or even deleted. The information may…


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Information Warfare
Words: 2405 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61022595
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Warfare: An Overview

In today's age, traditional warfare, though a major player as we see in the Iraq war, has in some arenas taken a back seat to information warfare.

y definition, information warfare is the offensive and even defensive utilization of information and information systems to deny, exploit, corrupt or destroy an adversary's information, information-based processes, information systems and computer-based networks while protecting one's own. Parties use information warfare to gain military, public relations or economic advantage. (

Users of information technology are most often nation-states and corporations. For instance, by gaining access to a rival company's databases, a business can get a valuable advantage on price-points and supply chains. Countries can decide how much to spend on military equipment by discovering how much in military stocks adversary nations have.

One major focus recently on information warfare has been hackers. For instance, the most recent generation of mobile phones…

Bibliography The information warfare site. Glossary of information warfare terms. Web source of information warfare sites.

Curious Case of Gary Mckinnon
Words: 1383 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 47613422
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Curious Case of Gary McKinnon

There is much controversy with regard to information in the digital age and Gary Mckinnon's case is especially intriguing when considering this discussion. The Scottish hacker is charged of having hacked into a U.S. database containing information stored on around one hundred computers owned by the U.S. military and by NASA. Mckinnon committed these activities between 2001 and 2002 and faced over ten years of judicial battles against extradition until 2013. In addition to the problematic implications of his crime, the case was even more difficult to address because of the U.K.'s reluctance to extradite the hacker.

hen discussing this case, it is essential to consider the gravity of the situation, taking into account that McKinnon willingly acted against the U.S. military and NASA at the time when he accessed and stole files from the two institutions. Such an act is a direct affront to…

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Ethical or Unethical Ground Rules Manifested in
Words: 821 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30394391
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ethical or unethical ground rules manifested in the situation (ethical theory that is broken) as well as which ethics theories should be applied to remedy the situation.

The Murdoch incident involved various leading British newspapers, specifically the 'News of the World' but also other tabloids all published by News International, all of which were a subsidiary of News corporation .The owner of News corporation was upert Murdoch hence the alias The Murdoch phone hacking scandal. Essentially, employees of the corporation were accused of employing improper means in their endeavor to gain new stories such as telephone hacking and bribing police officers during the years 2005-2007, and their targets for these stories almost always involved celebrities, members of the oyal family, and politicians. On 6 July, British prime minister David Cameron announced that a special investigation commission would investigate the incident. Lord Justice Levesonas named chairman of the inquiry on 13…


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Expression of Ideas and Information and Structuring
Words: 554 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 83049430
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Expression of Ideas and Information and Structuring Written Communications Containing a Thesis and Argument

The most important part of academic writing is to make sure that the audience understands what is being communicated and there are some solid ways of achieving this if certain steps are followed, including providing a thesis statement and using topic sentences. It is also vitally important for academic writers to encapsulate their main thesis and argument in their analysis of texts in ways that make them distinguishable and understandable. Finally, it is also critically important for all writers to avoid plagiarizing others by ensuring that all sources used in a research paper are properly cited and all ideas are properly attributed. This paper provides a review of selected chapters from Diana Hacker's ules for Writers (2004) to explore these issues in greater details, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the…


Hacker, D. (2004). Rules for writers. New York: Bedford Books.

Honeypot to Determine if Dictionary
Words: 4047 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 66729043
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An oveview of seveal honeypots and thei espective applications, thei level of involvement, and demonstated value to date ae povided in Table 1 below.

Table 1.

Types of honeypots by level of involvement.

Honeypot Name/Type


BackOffice Fiendly

BOF (as it is commonly called) is a vey simple but highly useful honeypot developed by Macus Ranum et al. At NFR. It is an excellent example of a low involvement honeypot. BOF is a pogam that uns on most window-based opeating systems. All it can do is emulate some basic sevices, such as http, ftp, telnet, mail, o Back Oifice. Wheneve someone attempts to connect to one of these pots, BOF is listening and will then log the attempt. BOF also has the option of "faking eplies," which gives the attacke something to connect to.


Specte is a commecial poduct and what I would call anothe 'low involvement' poduction honeypot.…

references and deter computer crime. Yale Law Journal, 112(6), 1577-1578.

Computer Terrorism According to Weimann
Words: 562 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32867246
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Hacking, the apolitical counterpart of hacktivism, is also not necessarily a form of terrorism. However, cyberterrorists often use hacking as a tool of terrorism.

Terrorists may be tempted to use computer attacks for several reasons including the following. First, cyberterrorism can be relatively inexpensive. Second, terrorists can easily remain anonymous when they use computer terrorism. Third, the scope of the attack can potentially be larger than physically combative ones. Fourth, cyberterror can be launched and managed remotely and fifth, computer terrorism can garner instant and widespread media attention. Cyberterrorism is not only in the province of international terrorist organizations but may also be used by fanatical religious groups or even by disgruntled employess. Using computer terrorism can also become an adjunct to traditional forms of terror like bombs.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has investigated vulnerabilities in their own systems and have hired hackers to expose weaknesses in their systems.…


Weimann, G. (2004). Cyberterrorism: How Real Is the Threat? United States Institute of Peace. Retrieved April 17, 2007 at

Chief Security Officer As the Chief Security
Words: 2148 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99079372
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Chief Security Officer:

As the Chief Security Officer for a local University, my main role is establishing and maintaining an enterprise wide information security program that helps to ensure all data and information assets are not compromised. This process involves developing a plan to conduct a security program that prevent computer crimes, establishes a procedure for investigation, and outlines laws that are applicable for potential offenders. To develop an effective plan, the process would involve identifying recent computer attacks or other offenses that have been carried out against higher educational institutions and processes established by these institutions to prevent the recurrence of the crimes. In addition, procedures, methodologies, and technologies that could be bought to lessen computer crime threats and effective laws for convicting offenders will also be examined. The other parts of the process include identifying computer crime fighting government programs and the types and costs of computer forensics…


"Data Security Breach at Ferris State University." (2013, August 16). Local. CBS Local Media.

Retrieved December 16, 2013, from 

Easttom, C. & Taylor, J. (2011). Computer crime, investigation, and the law (1st ed.). Stamford,

CT: Cengage Learning.

Persistent Threat Historical Background of
Words: 5786 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 46613349
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According to Toronto Star reporter Stephan Handelman in an article printed in 2005, the U.S. senior intelligence analysts consider China to be the greatest long-term threat to U.S. stability. China's military force and computer intelligence has reached its peak. Both the Europeans and the U.S. agree that the expansion of the Chinese military is more than "worrisome."

Another article posted on November 16, 2007 by the Washington Post claims that spying by China in the United States is the biggest threat keeping American technologies secret. Advances by the Chinese military are catching U.S. intelligence officials by surprise. It has also been suggested that the U.S. Department of Defense could inadvertently outsource the manufacturing of key weapons and military equipment to China. China is attempting to reverse its move into free markets by setting up state-owned enterprises and control over the 12 major industries, which include oil, telecommunications, shipping, automobiles, steel…


1. Article: online

Kim Zetter (February 3, 2010). Threat Level: Privacy, Crime and Security Online

Report Details Hacks Targeting Google, Others, (1), 1. 

2. Article Publication: online and hardcopy

The Problem With Sony What to Do When the Hackers Come
Words: 652 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 83777531
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hacking of Sony's network information systems last year that led to the pulling of a big-budget comedy from theaters and the resignation of head Amy Pascal remains a current problem for businesses and not just Sony. As he Wall Street Journal reports, this incident shines a light on the protection that businesses need against hackers -- but it also highlights the need for management to communicate with more self-awareness, always considering that someone somewhere might be listening. Words do come back to haunt us, as Amy Pascal has learned the hard way. Fritz (2015) of the Journal reports that "Ms. Pascal was outraged and upset at the way her emails were picked apart by the media and even found herself chased by paparazzi amid the controversy over whether Sony would release the Seth Rogen comedy "he Interview," which the hackers -- said to be connected to North Korea -- wanted…

The strengths and interests I have gained in the study of management/leadership during my journey are that I now understand the importance of a strong leadership theory and the value of organizational culture as well as the importance of security. I'd like to research these topics, therefore, in a case study like the one described.

Fox News. (2016). Hacker group releases information about Cincinnati Police

Department employees. Fox News. Retrieved from

Crime and Security
Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63919515
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In the Facebook v. Power Ventures case, the former brought a lawsuit against the latter, alleging violations of several Acts – specifically the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) as appertains to this discussion. Of concern was the move by Power Ventures to facilitate the aggregation of the social media accounts of a user such that the user could use just a single website to view activities (including messages and posts by friends) in the said social media accounts. In essence, users of the Power Ventures website,, had an option of accessing their profile on Facebook via the said website. It is important to note that although third parties are permitted by Facebook to make use of applications in their interactions with users of the social media site, Power Ventures eventually elected to bypass terms of use as highlighted by Facebook with regard to information access and gathering. The…

Education Experiment the Impossibility of
Words: 1576 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61932481
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ather than a fixed set of rules and objective standards that are impossible to develop and apply in any case, this combined approach would presently a consciously subjective view of education in specific instances, with certain knowingly constructed variable examined and described particularly in their relationships to each other as elements of social phenomena. That is, the subjective nature of education itself is more open to examination by modes of inquiry that are aware of their own subjectivity, as the standards of objectivity that are held as paramount in traditional science are simply inapplicable and wholly inadequate to an examination of education.


Natural and real experiments depend upon the existence of a rigid framework of previously agreed upon realities and truths, for which further casual relationships can be inferred. Not only does the lack of theoretical agreement in the study of education preclude the use of these experimental methodologies…


Mjoset, L. The contexualist Approach to Social Science Methodology. In Byrne (2009) (Ed) the SAGE Handbook of Case-Based Methods. London: Sage.

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Mobile Computing and Social Networks There Are
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Mobile Computing and Social Networks

There are many mobile apps in the market that have been designed to cater for various tasks and processes. Mobile apps were initially designed for gaming but improvements have been made to ensure that they can be used for business purposes. Applications have been designed to improve efficiency of mobile devices. Users have been able to make use of mobile phones to replace devices such as desktop computers and cameras.

Effectiveness and efficiency mobile-based applications

Technological advancements in the field of communication have undergone numerous changes over the decade. Mobile phones conventionally used for basic communication can now be used to conduct more features. The software being used in the mobile devises have enabled the devises to be used for more application than communication. The mobile devices being sold in the market are considered smart phones due to the array of applications that they can…


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Will and Estates Law in Australia
Words: 2779 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74640817
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Australian Property and Trust Law

The objective of this study is to examine a specific scenario. That scenario involves the writer of this work as solicitor for the Goldstone City Council, a fictional authority in Queensland, Australia and head of the property law division of the Council under the direction of the Head Legal Counsel. The Head Legal Counsel has asked the writer to provide a written response to her in regards to the following matter: In 2014, a wealthy local citizen, Mr. obert Kennedy, died. Clause 5 of his Will provides:

"I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the sum of FIVE HUNDED THOUSAND DOLLAS ($500,000.00) to my trustee, the said James Stewart, to establish a fund for the intercultural education of my grandchildren within the Asia-Pacific region AND I DECLAE that the fund so created shall be utilized towards the costs of travel and accommodation within that region and the costs…


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Pony Botnet
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Pony Botnet attack. Details about the attack, resolutions, and concerned parties will be studied.


Botnets can be loosely described as a collection of interconnected compromised devices, known as 'zombies', synchronously working with compromised devices to execute malicious tasks. Zombies are not self-directed like internet worms; they need proper direction to carry out a particular function. Zombies can be transmitted by a variety of channels for instance, an Internet elay Chat (IC) channel, from where the commands are sent by a master channel by these zombies (Jermyn, 2014). Some typical botnet tasks include mass spamming a company's email address. One email address could be attacked by numerous zombie devices instigating a denial of service.

In case of smartphones, botnets can cause potential damage to cellular network infrastructure because they have firm hierarchical dependencies; therefore, they would be unable to counter this cyber-attack. The recent academic work based on mass…


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Computer Law
Words: 1015 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84311650
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Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was enacted into law in 1986 to deal with the hacking of computer systems operated by the American government and certain financial institutions. Through its enactment, the legislation made it a federal offense to access a protected computer without authorization or to an extent that is beyond the authorized access. However, since it was passed into law, the act has been amended severally in attempts to expand its scope and penalties. In addition, the act has developed to be an important legislation since it's used widely not only by the government to prosecute hackers but it's also used by private corporations to help protect their trade secrets and other proprietary information.

Penalties and Fines in the Law:

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is considered as one of the most essential computer-crime laws because it was the first significant federal legislation to offer some protection…


Easttom, C. & Taylor, D.J. (2011). Computer Crime, Investigation, and the Law. Boston, MA:

Cengage Learning.

"United States v. Morris -- Bloomberg Law." (n.d.). Case Briefs. Retrieved December 3, 2012,


Interview Narration in Basic Terms There Are
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Interview Narration

In basic terms, there are a variety of ways in which an individual can respond to a new object or substance. Indeed, for an individual to develop a new behavior towards something, such an individual first undergoes a transformation of sorts where he or she eventually develops new conceptions regarding the said substance and its nature. In this text, I come up with a narration of a Paxil user whom I interviewed. In the later sections of the paper, I will seek to interpret what the interviewee said.

My subject in this case, Peter, has been using Paxil for the last three months. The same was prescribed to him after he suffered a major depression. In brief, Paxil has been in use for quite a while now and though it is considered relatively effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression, it does occasion some major side…

Works Cited

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E-Voting Positives vs Dangers
Words: 1766 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36169129
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e-voting, or voting through ATM-like electronic terminals. Specifically, it will discuss the pro and cons of the election process moving into an electronic age away from the "hanging chads." It will include issues of security such as hacking and vote count integrity. E-voting is a controversial new way for many people to cast their ballots, but it is not foolproof. E-voting faces challenges on many counts, and it will be interesting to see how the terminals work in the upcoming Presidential election in November. Voting electronically sounds like a good, workable idea, but is it really?

The 2000 Presidential election and the fiasco in Florida's vote count were just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to voting in America. Today, voters are faced with more than punch cards. They are faced with "e-voting." What is e-voting? E-voting is a more practical way of voting by using electronic touch-screens…


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Paxil Tying Drug Readings Using Readings Support
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Paxil tying drug readings: (Using readings support analysis)… the articles: "The

Analyze Paxil

In order to properly analyze the drug known as Paxil, one must give prudent consideration to a number of factors. The first of these, of course, is the fact that by the very definition of this narcotic, it is a mind altering substance that is able to readily induce changes in one's brain or psychological state that often time have effects upon the physical body as well. Additionally, it should be noted that the very nature of this particular narcotic is quite different from other narcotics, in particular those which are used for recreational purposes -- namely mind altering substances such as alcohol and marijuana. It is quite possible for users to view occasions to engage in either of these substances as opportunities for fun and pleasure, particularly marijuana. However, although there may be medicinal purposes of…


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Workplace What Makes a Good
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Another element that Hacker and Sommers review in their textbook is the concept of knowing who your audience is and how to adjust your message to fir the unique nature of that audience. Essentially, in the past, I wrote what I thought, with no second thinking of who the reader was going to be. Yet, in professional business writing, one has to be clear of how to approach an audience. You could be writing to a potential client, or even your boss. Knowing how to manipulate language in order to better approach particular audiences is a skill I feel like I can work harder to develop. As I plan to write in more of a professional context, there is a direct need to understand how to persuade and get very different types of audiences engaged in my writing content. This is something I feel like I can really gain some…


College Board. (2004). Writing: A ticket to work…or a ticket out. College Entrance Examination Board.

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Securing the Electronic Transfer Securing
Words: 976 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 38772049
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Essentially, securing the electronic frontier is very critical because of the potential harms that cyber crime and fraud cause to individual, businesses and nations as a whole.

One of the effective strategies that could be employed to secure the electronic frontier is the collaboration of the government with the private and public organizations. Increasing number of governments has implemented method to secure the electronic frontier without success. Since corporate organizations are more equipped to counter IT threats than the government, a collaboration of the government with organizations will be more effective.

Moreover, the international organizations such as the United Nations should also play effective roles in securing electronic frontier. The United Nation should make a law to ensure that all member nations are obliged to secure electronic transfer in their respective nations since lack of cross-border treaties for data sharing is creating havoc to corporate organizations. Essentially, some countries such…


Berkowitz, B. & Hahn, R.W. (2003).Cyber-security: Who's Watching Store? Issue of Science and Technology.

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Liberation vs Control in Cyberspace
Words: 950 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68574002
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Liberation vs. Control in Cyberspace

Deibertt, Ronald & Rafal Rohozinski. "Liberation vs. control: The future of cyberspace."

Journal of Democracy, 21.4 (2010): 43-56

The Internet is a paradox. On one hand, You Tube and Twitter have been widely credited with creating a more open and liberated world, and giving rise to the Arab Spring and other global pro-democracy movements. Yet while the Internet facilitates communication, it also allows for a greater degree of control of ideas through surveillance. "Even in democratic countries, surveillance systems penetrate every aspect of life, as people implicitly (and perhaps unwittingly) consent to the greatest invasion of personal privacy in history" (Deibertt & Rohozinski 2010: 44). What is unique about the Internet is the degree to which people are complicit in sharing information, enabling themselves to be observed, not its 'liberated' aspects: users are completely unaware of the degree to which they are laying their lives…

Groups that have good intentions are often unaware of that websites can be used to propagate social malware attacks, and have few controls to prevent such abuses. "The advocacy group Reporters Without Borders unknowingly propagated a link to a malicious website posing as a Facebook petition to release the Tibetan activist Dhondup Wangchen" (Deibert & Rohozinski 2010: 54). Using the screen of a reputable group or even a government website can be a convenient screen for a hacker.

A nuanced understanding

The Internet is not inherently good or bad nor is it essentially 'free' by its very nature. Those who would behave in a coercive manner, whether criminals, governments, or corporations, can use the Internet just as easily to engage in surveillance and stifle freedom as it is for advocates of democracy to use it as a vehicle for liberation. The Internet is much more highly regulated than would appear on the surface, and one of its great dangers, in contrast to other forms of speech, is that users are not always aware of how and if they are being controlled, and by whom (Deibert & Rohozinski 2010: 56).

Information Security Evaluation for OSI Systems a Case Study
Words: 4698 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 79647966
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An analysis of IT policy transformation

The aim of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of information security policy in the context of an organization, OSI Systems, Inc. With presence in Africa, Australia, Canada, England, Malaysia and the United States, OSI Systems, Inc. is a worldwide company based in California that develops and markets security and inspection systems such as airport security X-ray machines and metal detectors, medical monitoring anesthesia systems, and optoelectronic devices. The company is also represented by three subsidiary divisions in offices and plants dedicated to the brands, apiscan Systems, OSI Optoelectronics and SpaceLabs Healthcare.

In 2010, OSI, Inc. had sales of $595 million with net income of over $25 million. As of June 2010, the company was comprised of 2,460 personnel globally. The parent company provides oversight and fiscal control to the different divisions, and is connected through its virtual network world-wide intranet system;…


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Global IT Policy (2009) OSI, Inc.

Security Planning for Information Technology IT
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IT Security Plan

The technological advances that have been witnessed in the past twenty to thirty years, has placed a tremendous emphasis on data and information. Computers have changed the world in many facets and the ability to communicate and perform work have been greatly assisted by the digital age. Along with these new found powers, there exists also new found threats. The ability to protect these investments and resources of an informational matter, has produced new sciences and approaches to accomplishing such a task.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss and analyze how to establish an information security program to protect organizational information. This essay will address the specific guidelines and elements that compose such a program and explore ways in which these methods can be exploited for the fullest possible benefit. Specific guidelines will be discussed however this is a general overview of a program and…


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Grimes, R. (2012). IT's 9 biggest security threats. Infoworld, 27 Aug 2012. Retrieved from

systems development process
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New System

Why is it important for everyone in business organizations to have a basic understanding of the systems development process? Would your response change if the organization is licensing a system rather than developing their own from scratch?

All individuals within business organizations operate as end users. In particular, being end users of the system, the hold with them business information and knowledge that the information system personnel require in order to cultivate and advance all of the elements of the design of the information system. Taking this into consideration, it is imperative for every individual within business organizations to have a basic understanding of the system's development process as their input is fundamental to the design of an efficacious information system (Rainer et al., 2013). In the case that the organization is licensing a system instead of cultivating one right from the start, my response would change. This…

Company Issues and Leadership for
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Short-term wins creation

In this case, the insistence is on the enhancement of credibility for change through demonstrating gains made. In the case of News Corp, those who excel in change related initiatives could be rewarded and recognized going forward.

Building on Change/Consolidation of Gains

Here, quick wins should be taken as a beginning and not as an end. Hence in a way, victory must not be declared before the whole change process is over. When it comes to News Corp, efforts could be undertaken to ensure that each success or failure is taken as an opportunity to learn.

Institutionalization of New Approaches

Lastly, change should and must be made to stick. Hence effectively, change should be made part and parcel of the organization by anchoring the same on the corporate culture. In regard to News Corp, to embed change on the culture of the organization, efforts may be undertaken…


Hiatt, J. & Creasey, T.J. (2003). Change Management: The People Side of Change. Prosci.

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Anderson Rw & Chantal K 1998 Transition
Words: 1083 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87452129
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Anderson, RW & Chantal K. 1998, Transition banking: financial development of central and eastern Europe, Clarendon Press, Oxford.

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Denison, D 2003, Reviews on Organizational Culture: Ashkanasy, Wilderom, and Peterson (ed.) The Handbook of…

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Woodbury, G 2001, An Introduction to Statistics, 1st edition, Duxbury Press, George Woodbury.

Internet Laws
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Internet Ethics and the consumer's private existence in an unstable regulatory environment -- untapped economic waters in a wild, wild west of identity theft and chronic consumption

hen it comes to Internet ethics, even in the absence of legal requirements, businesses must themselves self-regulate when it comes to consumer privacy. If they do not, it is likely that the government will step in to do so, as the government has done in the European Union. This will only hurt businesses economically, and do damage to the equal ethical obligation corporations owe to shareholders. Furthermore, good business sense is about trust between the consumer and the business, and this is not honored when businesses unfairly spy upon casual surfers of their websites, or use consumer data for their own profit as well as research and marketing purposes.

Americans, according to a recent poll cited by J. Hodges in the journal of…

Works Cited

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Malware Since the Earliest Days
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However, nothing can be done until the malware actually occurs. With all the different viruses, worms and Trojans, how can security managers possibly predict what malware will occur next? In contrast, a behavioral rule defines legitimate activity in a system. Any activity not matching the profile will cause the security product to be triggered. As rules are not specific to a particular type of attack, they can block malicious behavior without having to recognize the precise attack used. Thus, there is additional protection against new attacks as they emerge. It is to effectively prevent any unauthorized applications, including malicious code and Trojans. or, it could protect a webserver by making it impossible for anyone to access the webserver to change the files and limiting the risk of a hack (Franklin, 2002).

However, the dilemma comes how many rules should the system have? The security manager must decide between an effective…

References Cited

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The best method of prevention." Toolbox. Retrieved from website September 16,

Is a Bachelor's Degree Worthwhile
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Value of a BA Degree

The Value of BA Degrees

Would you say this statement is "True" or "False"? Too many people are going to college these days. Many experts in business say that the statement is true. People once thought that college degrees were the most important advantage that people could attain through their own efforts (uiz 2011). But the situation is changing. A look at employees and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley underscores a more pessimistic and sobering view of college education (uiz 2011). People who work in technical jobs without the benefit of formal coursework in higher education can be free to follow their interests and creativity (uiz 2011). These new technology experts don't need to get locked into boring corporate jobs that pay well in order to pay off enormous student loan debt burdens (uiz 2011). The cost of higher education keeps rising and there are those…


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Table A-4. Employment status of the civilian population 25 years and over by educational attainment. Economic News Release, Bureau of Labor Statistics. United States Department of Labor. 2 November 2012.

Challenges of Protecting Personal Information
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Protecting Personal Information

When considering the ever-changing and highly competitive global landscape of business today, large firms must be able to effectively globalize their operations in order to reach a greater potential client base, stay at the cutting edge of their respective fields and sustain profitability in the long-term. With the current exponential growth of technology and computerization of business and learning, consumers have become much more connected to the businesses they patronize (Kurzweil, 2001). Accordingly, companies are faced with the continuous task of finding new ways to understand and subsequently accommodate the needs of those customers, while simultaneously securing lucrative business models and job environments. In accomplishing the aforementioned objectives, firms must also be able to supply a secure environment in which clients can feel safe in accessing the products and services of the business. Knowing that many organizations are utilizing the highly effective means of online systems construction…


Allen, C., & Morris, C. (2007). Information Sharing Mechanisms to Improve Homeland Security. Retrieved March 28, 2011, from 

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History and Industry Trends
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Information Technology

1985 "Hacking," or entering / gaining unauthorized access to a computer system, has been committed by a group of young computer programmers. The victims of this new incidence of hacking were the Pentagon and the telecommunications company, AT&T.

Nuclear energy became the primary source of energy used in weapons making, characterized to be more efficient and powerful compared to its predecessor, the atomic bomb (energy).

1986 The first operation was conducted which granted a patient an artificial heart, lengthening the life survival of patients who have poor heart conditions.

1988 Stealth bomber aircrafts were manufactured and introduced by the United States. These new aircrafts provide ease and increasingly rapid speed of flight without being detected by enemy radar (especially during war time).

1990 Switzerland had produced the first solar-powered vehicle, which runs on solar power alone, without the use of excessive fuel energy. This project aims to provide…


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Information Technology IT Security and Design
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Non-discretionary controls means than there is mandatory access control. In this type of system, security is enforced by a strict set of rules that creates a hierarchy of permissions that users cannot override. Essentially, this type of system is meant to hinder insider users from actually working against the system. Users cannot access crucial internal information as to become spies, thus they cannot see the internal designs of the system to stop leaks such as selling internal designs to competitors, implanting spyware or other malicious software, making critical errors that would injure the system, or access sensitive records that can be leaked to outside sources.

According to the research traditional UNIX is not non-discretionary, but rather a version of a discretionary ACL. In this, there are options as to what users have access to sensitive security information from within the system design. Unlike non-discretionary systems, typical UNIX systems categorize users…


IBM. (2004). Securing UNIX applications using Trivoli Access Manager for operating systems. Developer Works. Web. 

Li, N., Byun, J.W., & Bertino, E. (2011). A critique of the ANSI Standard on role based access control. CERIAS and Department of Computer Science. Purdue University. Web.

Shattered Glass Is a 2003
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Moving beyond the plot and the intricacies of life at the New epublic though, and into the world of Hollywood producers, writers, and actors, one must also ask about the veracity and credibility of the portrayals of journalistic acumen for the general public. Films such as Alan Pakula's All the President's Men (1976), Peter Weir's the Year of Living Dangerously (1982), or oland Joffe's the Killing Fields (1984), all present the journalistic morality surrounding slant, sourcing, and frankly, what to exclude to ensure the acceptance of the story. There are more examples about aggressive and expose' hunting reporters, but one asks if Glass is not being shown as the typical, epitomizing print journalism through the eyes of Hollywood, as opposed to the rouge, well-intentioned, but naively arrogant, reporter? (Bowden).

When one replays some of the key scenes in the movie, one is struck by the calm, but budding nervousness Christensen…


Beckerman, G. "Facts and Fictions: Shards of Glass." Columbia Journalism Review.

42.3 (2003): 54. Print.

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293.2 (2004): 146. Print.

Wimax Is Coming The 700
Words: 1772 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80985702
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150). Already, the major telecommunication companies are adopting iMAX into their business plans. "U.S. operator Clearwire plans to launch 2.5GHz iMAX services this year. The company's Xohm service aims to start operations in Baltimore in September, followed by Chicago and ashington, D.C., before year-end" (Lemon 2007, p1.). Computer giant Intel is adding

iMAX as an option to its Centrino 2 laptop chip platform in 2008 and making them available in those cities. Today, Baltimore and Chicago, tomorrow New York, and perhaps soon all of the United States will have the option of iMAX.

orks Cited

Barthold, Jim. "Mobile iMAX + 700-MHz Spectrum + Cable: Perfect Together."

Telecommunications Magazine. 1 Jun 2006. 13 Aug 2008.

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13 Aug 2008.

Jennifer Government Max Barry's Jennifer
Words: 429 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70334256
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Jennifer government is the quintessential bureaucrat. She works for the government and has the important job that effects many people. However, exemplifying the problem of a bureaucracy orientated government, Jennifer Government's work is guided not by the concept of upholding the system, but by what is best for her. Thus, the result is that the system ultimately does not work, as is further demonstrated in the book by the fact the government has no real power besides trying to prevent crimes (which it even fails to do).

Thus, as the symbol of a useless government, the bar-coded Jennifer Government sets out to solve a crime but lets her personal biases and needs guide her work. This is symbolic in many aspects. At the most basic level, Jennifer Government represents the government bureaucrat sitting behind the desk at the Department of Transportation that is more interested in holding a personal conversation…


Barry, Max. Jennifer Government. New York: Knopf Publishing Group, 2004.

Crime the Purpose of This
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Many people using illicit and illegal drugs often have no impulse control and may turn violent or to another form of crime. Once an individual's mind is altered from the constant use of drugs, he or she will often steal, lie, and cheat to make the next dollar to obtain more drugs.

Many people could share family related drug stories that have led to criminal activities. About 10 years ago, several acquaintances under the influence of cocaine robbed a pharmacy and stole thousands of narcotics. The man and women then stole a car and cocaine from a dealer and drove across the country; several days later they were both apprehended and sent to jail for a long time. This example illustrates that one impulsive behavior after another can lead to a series of crimes committed. Freud's Psychoanalytical Theory offers a rationale to why individuals would use illegal drugs -- impulse…


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Boss I Think Someone Stole Our Customers
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Boss I think someone stole our customers

Flayton Electronics Case Study

Brett Flayton, CEO of Flayton Electronics, is facing the most critical crisis of his career when it is discovered that 1,500 of 10,000 transactions have been compromised through an unprotected wireless link in the real-time inventory management system. Brett has to evaluate his obligation to let customers know of the massive leak of private data, define a communication strategy that would notify customers across all states of the potential security breach, and also evaluate the extent to which the Flayton Electronics' brand has been damaged in the security breach. In addition, steps that the company can take in the future to avert such a massive loss of customer data also needs to be defined and implemented.

Assessing the Obligations to Customers vs. Keeping It Quiet

Ethically, Brett Flayton has a responsibility to tell the customers immediately of the security…


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Successful Action Against Wiretap for
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(4) Racketeering is defined as a "pattern" activity exhibiting factors such as a frequent nature, number, and variety of planned actions, one that has a long duration or time span involved, a number of victims, a number of separate transactions involving unlawful conduct; and a presence of distinct injuries. Steve's actions clearly are racketeering. ("Overview of Civil RICO," 2006, 'lectric Law Library)

Question B

hat type(s) of damages could BUG receive?

In he early 1980s, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the profits from racketeering were subject to forfeitures, thus BUG could receive the profits that resulted from IRETAP's information gleaned through illegal racketeering. Civil RICO cases often result in broad interpretations by the lower courts, and often have costly settlements, such as in the case of the tobacco companies conspiring to cover up information about cigarette's carcinogenic damages. (MacLean, 2005)

orks Cited

MacLean, Pamela a. (Sept 9, 2005) "ill…

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Mobile Security
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Mobile Device Security

Analysis of Routing Optimization Security for Mobile IPv6 Networks

Defining and Implementing Mobility Security Architectures

Approaches to defining, implementing and auditing security for mobility devices have become diverse in approach, spanning from protocol definition and development including IPv6 through the creation of secure mobile grid systems. The wide variation in approaches to defining security for mobility devices has also shown the critical need for algorithms and constraint-based technologies that can use constraint-based logic to isolate and thwart threats to the device and the network it is part of. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the recent developments in constraint-based modeling and network logic as represented by mobile IPv6 protocols and the role trust management networks (Lin, Varadharajan, 2010). These networks are predicated on algorithms that are used authenticating the identity of specific account holders, in addition to defining a taxonomy of the factors that most…


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Byrd Limousine Benefits to the Organization Milestone
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Byrd Limousine

Benefits to the Organization

Milestone 1 -- Company Background


echnology Used to Augment Project

Value of the Approach

Business Process Change


echnology or business practice

High Level Implementation Plan

Project Summation

he Byrd Limousine Company is an organization that has provided specialized limousine services to Southern California clients for over two decades. BL is owned and operated by Shelonda Byrd Hale, and has seven full time drivers, five male and two female. he company caters to individuals who want stylish or specialized transportation using a driver and a larger, more luxurious automobile. he market that provides these types of services is very competitive and continues to evolve as new models of limousines become available. At present, Byrd Limousine processes data for clients, services, and internal information manually. he enclosed Proposal of ransaction Processing Systems will allow BL to use a more automated, and streamlined, way to…

Technological forces also have a major impact on any new business. In today's business environment, technology is being perceived as a critical source of competitive advantage. For the limousine business, we will need to deploy technology in various processes, be it accounting or supply chain or even an e-commerce website for marketing and distribution. To take advantage of advanced technology, we will need to take a close look at the technologies being deployed by our customers for reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage and regularly upgrade ourselves with such technology. Further, we will really need to be proactive and innovative and take advantage of new technologies available in the marketplace. For example, we can deploy new technologies for e-marketing to a wide range of target audience for boosting our brand. Technology is also vital to touch the customer, whether that is with frequent purchaser cards, e-zines, newsletters, or even tracking purchases and rewarding top clients. Additionally, the ability to track and respond to real-time sales is crucial to remain competitive (Cram, 2006).

Even with a small limousine business, the role of technology can play an immense part of future success. Email and keyword marketing using Google AdWords, for instance, could be targeted to local audiences for a small investment (e.g. limousine in ourtown, parties in ourtown, etc.). The real power, though, will be in capturing clients and using those lists to keep in touch via email, using programs like Constant Contact. Additionally, DTP (Desktop publishing) has become so inexpensive that with a very small investment, one can produce professional quality menus, brochures, and promotional material that can easily be changed to reflect specials or seasonal product.

Taking technology a step further, it will be necessary to break the bounds of current "thinking" and think outside the box. Innovation will be quite critical for us to sustain competitive threats and establish presence in such a competitive industry dominated by both established players (franchises) and other small entrepreneurial ventures. In order to create our own niche and distinct image and win back market share, we will need to spend on research and development and promote a culture that fosters creativity and innovation. We will constantly need to come out with innovative limousine varieties and beverages to establish a mark for ourselves in the marketplace. This may include new ways of employee reward and educational programs; new ways to track and reward customers; new and innovative promotions and advertising methods, and a niche that, from the very moment of