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Ethic and Moral


Ethical and moral principles



Issues of Liberia Educational Division

Sexual Exploitation




Spoiled Child Syndrome

Teacher's salary issues

Psychological stress

Peer Pressure

Personal Observation


In this research paper we are going to discuss the unethical practices in colleges where instructors exchange grades for sex or money. It has been observed that not only girls are the victim of sexual harassment or money from their college instructors, but boys are also the victim of the same course. The focus of this study is to identify the ethical perceptions in the colleges. The case studies will explore the colleges moral and ethical principles that are contravene by college instructors. Disregard of gender, there have been many cases regarding instructors who exchange money or sex favors from their students. The researcher has found many unethical practices in college from many aspects.


Today, college instructors exchange grades for sex and money. Grades are very important for some students more than their self-respect and values. So, students are being accused for paying school staff and college teachers for academic favors or grades. There are so many colleges where college instructors have been charged for accepting gifts in the exchange for higher grades. There are some colleges and universities where grades are already confirmed before final exam. This act is unethical and we have found two reasons why teachers and students perform this unethical practice. The first is that school staff members or teachers are become dishonest or unsupportive of teaching values and morals to students. The second is that students have pressure on their minds from their parents or family members to get higher or good grades. When students are in pressure and in trouble, then they commit dishonest acts. This pressure could be from two ways; either they want to get higher grades for their self-satisfaction while some students are pressurized from their parents' side.

Sexual harassment can be done by both peers and individuals in a position of power on the person being harassed. In educational establishments, although sexual harassment initiated by students is the most common, can also be done by the teachers or other employees of the establishment, and the victim may be a student, teacher or other employee of the establishment. Sexual harassment of students by teachers or other members of the establishment can have dire consequences and harmful to the victim. While sexual harassment is defined as behavior "unwanted," many experts agree that even consensual sexual interactions between students and teachers constitute harassment because the differentiating power between the two creates a dynamic in which "mutual consent" is impossible.

Literature Review

According to the many researchers and respondents it has been identified that poor countries are the majority who is the victim of such cases. College instructors in these countries are violating the academic ethical and moral values. They are spoiling their young nation just for the sake of sexual pleasure or money. The sexist humor or racism issues should be highlighted in every college to have an understanding of the law, which exists and encourage one to take action. There is nothing important more than code of ethics in the colleges/universities; instructors should be reflected as a role model for their students in the process of learning.

In this research paper we have found other interesting facts require to be taken into consideration such as plagiarism issues in assignments, which is taken as a serious issue in all the colleges. But regardless of this key issue instructors are constantly passing their students with good grades in exchange for money or sex.

Ethical and moral principles

Lawenson et al. (2005) demonstrated the educational institutes ethical values that were contravene by a faculty member and students throughout the exams duration. Bray (1999) highlighted the ill-suited recruitment and admission operations passing students' assignment/project/research work as acceptable, and other unethical conducts noticeable in college environments.

Keeping & Robie (2004) discussed the three important examples of unethical conducts in colleges and these are comprise of sexual activities involvement for grades with students, receiving gifts or money for grades, and accept plagiarized work from student. Korschgen & Morgan (2001) reflected ethical issues in colleges, which is concentrated as amongst the hot subject for instance sexual harassment, and matters emerging from student-teacher relationships.

1. Case

The sports coach named Francis Murphy aged 39, offered 11th grade student to have sexual favor by offered the student that he will be a trainer and athletics gear of college in return. The police have arrested him after interrogate the boy's facebook, and planned a meeting by posing as a same boy. Murphy also offered student that he would help him in his financial issues in exchange for favors (Dailymail, 2011).

2. Case

Another case of Arlie Haddox aged 46 who have been suspended for the sexual offers he made to the students for grade. The evidence provided by the student that his instructor is texting him for sexual favor in exchange for good grade (Koko, 2010).

Issues of Liberia Educational Division

In Liberia mostly girls are the victim of Gender-based violence in the education division. Sexual harassment and sexual exploitation and abuse is the key issue in communities, education sector, and even homes, which is executed by community members, teachers, class fellows, and parents as well, who compelled them into this exploitative relationship in order to support their families financially (Marsh & Ward, 2006).

In 2006, UNICEF and CCF-Liberia initiated a program in order to protect abuse, and prevent sexual activities among the country's youth. This research program found that female youth is violated constantly and have a very risky life. The sources demonstrated that sexual exploitation and abuse is the major issue due to which girls are getting fail as they refused to give sexual pleasure to their teachers.

In tackling sexual harassment, and gender-based violence in colleges by instructors, the entire approach including administration, instructors, students and the curriculum is required to make sure that the bulletin is accordant and strengthen by instructor and students alike. Instructors can be a major instrument to change. Therefore, instructor who is the role model of his student should understand the effective role by undertaking gender-based violence, which also helps instructors to realize their own experience and attitudes about violence and gender.

Provided that some instructors are executors of abuse, and other might be a victim of unjust, it is significant that approaches to signify gender violence in colleges acknowledge the intended instructors' experience as well as students, so that collaborative and constructive association can be supported. The instructor training curriculum needs to prepare instructors for such a role.

In order to eradicate the abuse on students there should be a systematic cultural change with respect to the gender value. Their needs can be a good transformation in behaviors and attitudes among the people. There must be a social development, and economic growth which enhance the quality of education (Mirsky, 2003).

Sexual Exploitation

Issues of sexual exploitation

Sexual exploitation is the form of discriminative sex, which is illegal in almost all the parts of the world. It can occur anywhere, from classrooms to workplace to malls, this can be conducted anywhere and people can get affected by this.

Sexual harassment/exploitation can take many different forms which also include different Sexual harassment and different reactions, but in general it can be explained as any behavior which may involve direct or indirect sexual attitude. Sexual harassment may be described generally as unwelcome sexual behavior which sensible person would consider negative or offensive. This type of offense can be conducted by a person against another person of the same gender or opposite gender (Hanushek, 2007).

Such type of sexual exploitation is usually conducted in places where people have power over others and could influence or affect someone else in any way. Like seniors harassing their juniors as they know that the subordinates might not bounce back. Similarly, the cases of educational institutes, where teachers or senior students are into harassment practice in every different ways, but now things have become worse (Mirsky, 2003).

Today, students who are in their academics have found into sexual activities for things such as money, gifts and other different favors asked by the college instructors, and they know how to en-cash their body. Although this is unethical activity, but very common in colleges, and higher institutes where students use this unethical practice for grades, or money.

According to the research that was conducted in Bridgewater State University, this activity has been so much widely spread in institutes nowadays that almost every student know another student involve is into this barter of sex for money, grades or any other favor. This is also found common because it is a very easy way for them to earn more than sufficient amount of money in lesser time to fulfill their basic needs of food, cloth, education fees, etc. And when they receive them, they spend it for luxuries and desires.


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