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MeToo in the Workplace

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#MeToo in the Workplace
With the downfall of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and the fall from grace of several other prominent persons in media and entertainment, business and government— from Charlie Rose to to Matt Lauer to Rep. Patrick Meehan to Les Moonves to Kevin Spacey—a veritable slew of names and stories has appeared, propelling the #MeToo Movement into existence (Glamour). However, some have questioned whether the #MeToo Movement has run into a wall and lost steam just when it looked like it might usher in real change on the heels of so much awareness being raised (Tchen). The question this paper asks is: Has the #MeToo movement changed the way corporations address sexual harassment in the workplace? The answer is that, yes, in some ways it has changed the way corporations address sexual harassment in the workplace—at least in high-profile cases wherein companies want to distance themselves from any…… [Read More]

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IRAC Stoll v Runyon

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IRAC: Stoll v. Runyon

Issue 2
Cynthia Stoll was subjected to both quid pro quo sexual harassment and a hostile workplace environment at the Sacramento Post Office. In recognition of the psychological and physical trauma she had experienced, Stoll requested “back pay with interest and front pay until her normal retirement age, as well as the payment of her attorney's fees” (Stoll v. Runyon, p.1241). The Post Office refused to award front pay.
Issue 2
Stoll contended she was eligible for disability benefits due to the fact her psychological disturbances were trigged by her harassment.
Rule 1
The Office of Federal Operations (OFO) and the US Post Office both refused to award front pay, given that Stoll had been so psychologically debilitated by her experience she might not work again and argued that front pay in this instance would be tantamount to compensatory damages which were barred under…… [Read More]


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Sexual Harrassment Quid Pro Quo

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3) Implement formal and informal problem solving mechanisms, grievance procedures, investigative measures, and disciplinary procedures to resolve sexual harassment complaints.

4) at least once a year, conduct training sessions for employees. These sessions should teach employees what sexual harassment is, explain that employees have a right to a workplace free of sexual harassment and review your complaint procedure and encourage employees to use it.

5) at least once a year, conduct training sessions for supervisors and managers that are separate from the employee sessions. The sessions should educate the managers and supervisors about sexual harassment and explain how to deal with complaints.

6) Monitor your work environment by talking to employees and inspecting the workplace for offensive material

7) Take all complains seriously. Immediately investigate complains and respond to all valid threats.

8) Assess the work environment for sexual harassment awareness by surveying employees and union members.

9) Hire human…… [Read More]


Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment prevention
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Sexual Factors That May Affect

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For instance, according to Begley, "Men who were promiscuous back then were more evolutionarily fit since men who spread their seed widely left more descendants. By similar logic, evolutionary psychologists argued, women who were monogamous were fitter; by being choosy about their mates and picking only those with good genes, they could have healthier children" (2009, p. 52). Although modern men and women may not look like Cro-Magnums, they all want to act like them deep down inside because of these primordial drives. In sum, Begley concludes that, "We all carry genes that led to reproductive success in the Stone Age, and that as a result men are genetically driven to be promiscuous and women to be coy, that men have a biological disposition to rape and to kill mates who cheat on them, and that every human behavior is 'adaptive' -- that is, helpful to reproduction" (emphasis added) (p.…… [Read More]


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