Communication Management Plan Life Alive Marketing Plan

1.1 Project meetings Meeting









Status Meeting

Communication of expansion progress and deliverables




Marketing Communication Initiatives April 2013-May 2018

These initiatives are directly meant to maintain the cafe, and will receive priority in the planning and implementation of the communications and marketing of the business to be accomplished in 2013-2018 fiscal years.

1. National and regional recognition initiatives: these are to coordinate survey reports, media placements, and publication distributions to position Life Alive in the national and regional stage.

2. Consumer communication initiatives: these are to coordinate and assist efforts in the cafe's consumer management section to communicate with prospective consumers, and enhance communication with current consumers.

3. Internal communication initiative: this is to offer a comprehensive information on the cafe to various parts consumers, investors, and employees.

4. Community service initiative: this is to demonstrate to the local community the ability of Life Alive to provide local supplies of fresh and healthy food and produce collaborative efforts and commitment to creating a healthy community.

5. Identity and branding initiative: create advocacy in...


Diversity initiative: offer leadership in publicizing and promoting Life Alive commitment to diversity in the workplace.
These initiatives are geared towards meeting of challenges are like changes in consumer trends, competition from new entrants, technology developments, economic and political issues. To create a strategy that will address this, the goal is to use an integrative approach that is technology, competitor, consumer, and market driven. This is because, consumer trends indicate that the company creates healthy and fresh products that will compete with emerging organic and fresh produce shops. At the same time, take advantage in the increase in consumer purchasing power. The strategy also adopts market trends where organic companies expand their markets using multimedia, social media and internationalization via exporting.

Marketing initiatives:

a. Mixed Marketing Strategy

Product development,

Pricing development between 2013 and 2014

Product development, increase its range of products from organic and fresh produce found locally, and regionally.

Differentiation Strategy

Targeted high-end-users, health consumers, and organic market

Uses outsource network management & core competencies to increase efficiency.

Competitor strategy

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