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In fact, sometimes books and movies can create misperceptions that are more difficult to over come than having no knowledge at all. With all of these challenges in mind, I have enjoyed socializing and taking the time and effort necessary to share my culture with others in a meaningful way. I am fortunate to be talented in academics as well as sports. In high school, I have done well in my studies even though I was also a basketball player, a high jumper, a runner and a badminton player. I hope to use my skills to participate in UMass Boston academic clubs as well as to be a part of...


It is my hope that this extra level of participation will provide me with an even greater opportunity to interact with the university community.
Most importantly, while I have come to embrace my own culture and gifts, I also have great respect for the talents and diversity of others. I am just as excited about learning from others as I am about sharing my own life.

In summary, I believe that I would quickly become a valued member of UMass Boston's community. I am looking forward to your admissions decision. Thank you for your consideration.

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