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Compensation and Benefits Package for a Secretary

A pharmaceutical company has recently hired a new director for its human resource department as part of its initiatives to enhance productivity and organizational success. The company is also seeking to hire a new secretary for the HR department and develop an employee compensation and benefits package for this position. This package will be utilized for the position of secretary for the HR department once a suitable candidate is hired. Generally, pharmaceutical companies hire educated and highly talented individuals because of the nature of their operations, which requires high academic qualifications. In essence, the need for high academic qualifications for this industry is fueled by the fact that these professionals deal with patients whose needs are constantly evolving. The development of a suitable compensation and benefits package for a HR secretary in this pharmaceutical company requires examining compensation and benefits packages in the pharmaceutical industry.

Outlook of the Pharmaceutical Industry

One of the most important steps in designing an employee compensation and benefits package for the new position in this pharmaceutical company is conducting an industry outlook with regards to employee compensation and benefits. The pharmaceutical industry basically employs pharmacists whose main role is to dispense prescription medications to patients and provide expertise with regards to use of these prescriptions safely. Moreover, these professionals offer advice on living a healthy lifestyle, provide immunizations, perform health and wellness screenings, and supervise medications provided to patients (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). In addition to working in a pharmaceutical company, pharmacists can also work in retail pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics.

The Bureau Labor of Statistics projects that employment in this industry will grow by 14% by 2022, which is relatively as fast the average for all professions or occupations. This projected growth will be fueled by increased demand for prescription medications that will in turn contribute to increased demand for pharmaceutical services. While employee compensation and benefits in this industry varies depending on the specific kind of job, the median annual wage for pharmacists was approximately $116,670 in May 2012 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). There are numerous employment opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry including business and financial occupations, management occupations, and office and administrative support occupations.

Compensation and Benefits for HR Secretary

As previously mentioned, this pharmaceutical company is seeking to hire a new secretary for its human resource department as part of its initiative to enhance productivity and success through improved operations. The company's management belief that streamlining and enhancing operations in the human resource department is crucial towards addressing the needs and concerns of employees within the organization. As these needs and concerns are constantly and effectively addressed by the HR department, employees are increasingly motivated and satisfied with their respective jobs. The increased employee motivation and job satisfaction contribute to enhanced participation in and input to organizational processes and activities, which eventually results in more productivity and success. To this extent, the company's management believes that hiring effective HR managers and supportive staff like a secretary will help towards enhancing the operations of this department and generate significant benefits. As a result, the company has hired a new director for its human resource department and is seeking to hire a secretary for this department.

The development of a suitable compensation and benefits package is an important part in…

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