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¶ … stakeholders in the project have had friction throughout the program which you -- as the manager -- have been able to resolve. The latest conflict seems to be very destructive to the completion of the project. The project is on a very tight time line, and the resolution must be determined quickly.

Conflict resolution is a critical component within managements overall skillset. Due primarily to changes in culture and organizational structures, conflicts occur. It is up to management to effectively handle these conflicts for the benefit of the entire organization. Two articles that provide valuable insight into conflict resolution are entitled. "Bargaining: Power, Tactics and Outcomes," and "Strategic Management of the Family Business: Past Research and Future Challenges."

The first article provides insights into bargaining situations with an emphasis placed on conflict resolution. The proposed framework in bargaining power is based on the notion of dependence. It also emphasizes the tactical and subjective nature of bargaining power. It is suggested that bargaining is understood by knowing how bargainers perceive and manipulate power. This is particular true with conflict resolution where management must, on occasion, exercise their power to come to a reasonable solution. This solution, due to...


This framework of conflict resolution is applied to concessions. Social-psychological data are used to indicate how different images of bargaining power result in different levels of concession.

The second article, although emphasizing conflict within a family business, is pertinent to conflict within a business setting as well. The article emphasizes communication and candor between family as a primary reason for success and failure within business. Family owned businesses due in part to candor and honesty are better able to shift strategic focus and innovate more rapidly. In many instances, within the business setting management is unwilling to address issues with candor. This is especially true, when the result is uncomfortable. This lack of initiative and candor ultimately harms all parties involved. Therefore, the project manager in this instance, much like a family business, should address all parties quickly and with candor.

To help identify risks, what are some questions a project manager could ask when reviewing the project charter and WBS?

To gain support and cooperation for projects, a project manager must obtain a project charter that has been signed off by the project's sponsor. To help identify risks,…

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