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Yoko Ono and Her Art

Yoko Ono was born in Tokyo Japan in 1933. She came to America to study in college, and eventually made her home here. She became very influential in the artistic community in the 1960s, and her avant-garde type of artwork was very controversial but influential. She helped found the "Fluxus" group of artists, who tried to make their work different and meaningful. She works in many mediums like photography, real items (like ladders, signs, and even pieces of paper), and painting. She is probably best known for marrying John Lennon in 1969, but she worked as an artist before she met Lennon, and continues to put on art shows in galleries around the world.

The art work I have chosen is "Half a room - Hospital version" by Yoko Ono. It was completed in 1998, and is a montage photograph that was exhibited in Stockholm in the spring of 2004. The photograph shows a stark hospital room filled with things that would be common in a hospital room, like a bed, wheel chair, oxygen tank, table, etc., but they are all painted pure white, and they are all cut in half. She has used this "half a room" theme many times in…

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