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Brechts Impact on the Work of Boal

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Brecht’s Influence on Boal: An Examination
Attempting to trace the influence on a particular artist can always pose a host of problems, given the fact that in the lifetime of an artist, they have been impacted by a host of artistic influences. However, the work of Boal has a very evident debt to Bertolt Brecht, most notably in Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed (Babbage, 6). This work make constant reference to Brecht’s thoughts on Epic Theatre, and orbits around many of Brecht’s motifs on politics and anti-illusionism, along with a critical production aesthetic (Babbage, 6). This paper will examine how the work of Augusto Boal via his Theatre of the Oppressed, was undeniably influenced by the work of Bertolt Brecht.
One aspect of Brecht’s profound influence on the work of Boal, and arguably on so many artists of the era, was that he encouraged a new means of thinking about…… [Read More]

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