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CRM Project Plan CustomerSuccess2015

Project Description

Connecting with and keeping customers buying over the long-term is essential for any business to grow over time. One of the most cost-effective and efficient approaches to galvanizing a company around its customers is to use a CRM system (Banerjea, 2011). Cloud-based CRM systems are adept at quickly being deployed across any size organization, providing a more unified view of the customer and greater insights into overall purchasing activity (Harding, Cheifetz, DeAngelo, Ziegler, 2004). The CustomerSuccess2015 project is designed to enable our company to better attract, sell and serve our customers.

Business Justification

The following is from the Project Justification, which shows the costs and benefits of the project:

With a total cost of $90,000 and a monthly subscription fee of $10,000 for all components including integration and security services, the costs of the planned CRM implementation need to be compared with the potential benefits to determine the return on investment (ROI). Currently the following costs apply to the sales cycles for a typical customer: $200 per sales call by a direct sales rep; $160 per order rework (today there are on average seven reworks per order especially on build-to-order tablet orders for distributors and retailers); pricing errors from using old price books ($10,000 a month). The following table breaks out the costs of doing business today:

Sales cycle to close a customer: $160 x 300 customers per month = $48,000

Cost per...


Additional benefits accrued from streamlining and reducing the sales cycle costs to close a customer and reducing the cost per sales call by using the CRM system to more accurately plan selling strategies will save $58,000 a month and $696,000 a year
Names of the project manager and the key team members

The project manager will be a C-level executive who has the authority to redefine the organizational structure if necessary to get work done. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is often the most active in CRM implementation cross-functional teams as their role in the organization is most closely tied to customer's purchasing and long-term loyalty decisions (Limbasan, Rusu, 2011). Key team members include IT, pricing, sales, sales management, support, professional services and product management (Cunningham, 2010).

From the project ownership section:

Project ownership often is closely held within the Information Technology (IT) department of a…

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