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Dawson Downey

Jessup Takes the Blame!

Today, in a remarkable turn of events in the murder trial of Marines Pfc. Louden Downey and Cpl. Harold Dawson, the hearing reached a dramatic conclusion. Col. Nathan Jessup, took responsibility in ordering the death of Pfc. William T. Santiago.

The courtroom was stunned when defense attorney Lieut. Daniel Kaffee accused the experienced officer who has commanded the Marine outpost on Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in his screams "I want the truth!"

Col. Jessup was eventually escorted out of the courtroom today by military police and is being held for questioning in his role of Santiago's murder. In a sly move of lawyer tactics LT. Kaffee baited Col. Jessup into admitting his role of ordering the " code red." Code Reds are slang for fellow military personnel discipline action upon one another as opposed to reporting it through the chain of command. In the case of Santiago, his murder was a result of a code red attack due to his poor performance alleged by two young Marines on trial. Dawson and Downey have claimed their innocence throughout the trial because they believe the code red is part of their job and duty.

Lieut. Daniel Kaffee, the son of a well-known lawyer, placed his reputation and career on the line when he questioned Col. Jessup in this manner. According to the uniform code of military Justice, if LT Kaffee's claim is without substance, he would have been court-martialed himself and thrown out…

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