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Boesch & Boesche-Achermann found that this organization was key to a hunt's success -- when three or four chimps hunted, there was a success ratio of more than half. The chimps knew it, too; 92% of all the hunts the researchers observed were carried out in groups. Of those that were done in groups, 63% had some level of coordination. This statistic differs greatly from Jane Goodall's chimps at Gombe, who coordinated only 7% of their hunts. Boesch & Boesche-Achermann suggest that this contrast is of value to our understanding of human evolution; when a dramatic climate change struck Africa, east of the Rift Valley, it caused our ancestors to -- in adaptation to these new conditions -- develop cooperation in hunting. However, in Boesch & Boesche-Achermann's rainforest-dwelling chimps, we also see a high level of cooperation. Thus, we may need to rethink the timeline and setting of human evolution. Similarly, Boesch & Boesche-Achermann's chimps' hunting and tool use was more complex than Goodall's chimps,' and food sharing -- an behavior thought to be unique to humans -- occurs much more frequently in Boesch & Boesche-Achermann's chimps than in the chimps in Gombe.

In their article, Boesch & Boesche-Achermann continue to cite evidence for the fact that the course and setting of human evolution needs to be reexamined. Their evolutionary point-of-view dictates that they continually relate their findings to evolution and, specifically, that of humans. The article, as a whole, angled itself as surprising and revealing -- most of their key points' significance hinged upon the fact that they were in opposition to or considerably different from current evolutionary thought.


Boesch, Christopher, and Boesch-Achermann, Hedwige. "Dim Forest, Bright…

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Boesch, Christopher, and Boesch-Achermann, Hedwige. "Dim Forest, Bright Chimps." Natural

History September (1991): 50, 52-56.

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