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Marketing Plan for Emergency Services

One of the major concerns across the country is the emergency medical services of the nation, and the impact of societal factors on these services, such as the increasing rate of crime, the lack of employment opportunities, and the level of poverty. The Chevra Hatzalah Emergency Medical Rescue Service in the city of New York offers well-organized and professional medical service. The main objective of this marketing plan is to assist Chevra Hatzalah Emergency Medical Rescue Service to become the best and most preferred source for pre- and post-hospital emergency medical necessities in the target markets. This marketing plan will facilitate the Chevra Hatzalah Emergency Medical Rescue Service to have a competitive edge/advantage in the market targeted; this will therefore increase its level of market share. The market plan also places emphasis on the current market situation, the objectives and the goals, the applied marketing strategies, and also the financial features (Hiebing and Cooper, 2000).

Situation Analysis

A geographic and demographic foundation for market segmentation will be employed for this marketing plan.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis


1. Strong and effective office with citywide coverage

2. Statewide recognized center

3. Good Brand image as a result of proper services

4. Excellent quality in terms of services

5. Good positioning of base of operations. Easily accessible to the main routes (Barley, 2007).


1. The management administration at the main office has to approve all decisions and therefore can cause delays.

2. Apparent weak levels of communication with the main office and the other branches.

3. Main office management style affects organizational culture negatively; this can be corrected (Barley, 2007).


1. There are several unemployed individuals who can serve as personnel once they are trained.

2. Possible venture with the local police department and the breakdown vehicle services to work together.

3. Contractual arrangements with medical providers who are private practitioners.

4. Not so many emergency rescue medical services in the expanse and therefore great possibility to increase market share and dominate (Barley, 2007).


1. Increased level of competition from private emergency medical services

2. Negative press and media coverage for inadequate patient treatment services or poor emergency control of the scenes

3. False reports and gossips by rival companies on their promotions

4. Comprehensive submission to the Occupational Health and Safety Act might be costly

5. Increase employee membership into the unions (Barley, 2007).


The private sector in the field of emergency medical services is presently in the growing phase. In the past number of years, there has been an increase in the business with private businesses opening up including Chevra Hatzalah Emergency Medical Rescue Service. The main stimulus for the increase in the private business is the lack of comprehensive service provided by the state and government services. Nonetheless, with regards to this business field, the consumers are also uninformed as to the kind of quality services they ought to attain or receive. Despite the fact that all of the Emergency Medical Rescue Services offer similar benefits, the level of quality of their services does actually differ. Chevra Hatzalah Emergency Medical Rescue Service has a competitive edge or advantage over its competitors for the reason that the business does have a good reputation amongst its consumer base. By making use of proper media coverage as well as continued word of mouth, the business can increase its market share (Barley, 2007).

Marketing Objectives and Goals

1. Become the number one preferred emergency and medical services business

2. Increase the consumer base of the company

3. Increase the financial revenue of the business

Target Audience

The main target markets of the marketing plan will be hospitals and clinics, the huge chunk of the population that is employed and also the rich individuals.


So as to achieve a competitive edge over the other rivals, Chevra Hatzalah Emergency Medical Rescue will position the services that it offers in every...


This varied approach or strategy is intended to offer differentiated services compared to those being offered by the competitors and at a price that is lower compared to what is charged by them. This positioning will offer the business the highest level of advantage over its competitors worth regards to every targeted market (Luther, 2011).

Marketing Mix

1. Product

Chevra Hatzalah Emergency Medical Rescue Service offers the following main product services:

1. 24/7 emergency medical services, by telephone, for health care advice and information; this is performed out of the main offices. Medical advice and information on critical life-saving aspects and specific health care incidents are offered by doctors, health care practitioners, and other also medical personnel during emergency calls received from patients during the period that a medical team is sent out to the location. These individuals are assisted by telephone to temporarily handle their emergency circumstances as they await medical assistance.

1. 24/7 emergency medical response not only by road (vehicles going to the emergency site), but also by air (Chevra has helicopters and small planes to use as needed), as well as at the scene of required emergency medical assistance. This is a highly rapid and speedy response that utilizes the most appropriately suitable transportation from an emergency scene via road or air medical equipment. These transport vehicles are operated by highly skilled and well-trained paramedics as well as other emergency care skilled employees, overseeing short-term and long-term life-saving measures, as well as stabilization treatment en route to hospital facilities.

1. 24/7 transference of patients to appropriate emergency medical facilities. For instance, assuming a cardiac emergency call from a local patient: Chevra emergency services will provide best-fit transportation services (road and/or air-lift as necessary) to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility. It is the policy of Chevra for any sort of life-threatening emergency, to offer optimal transportation by air or road as most appropriate and timely to assist the patient and rapidly provide emergency health stabilization while transporting them to the nearest and/or most appropriate medical facility (Barkely, 2007).

1. Price

The fees for the services offered by the business will be divided into different categories. Initially, the policy holders of the Chevra Company will be offered a flat rate emergency service fee of $350 per annum for any of the available Chevra services. A second level of fee categorization will be one of unlimited pricing offered to private consumers. This health care service fee will be determined by the kind of services preferred by the consumer. For instance, if the patient prefers to request emergency healthcare transportation via air transport rather than road, the basic fee quoted will be of course much higher.

1. Place

Services offered by the Chevra Emergency Health Care Service will not be wholly centered on any specific location, but will encompass the entire city, state, and nearby surroundings. This expansion is a potential drawback as well as positive factor, as emergency health care requires highly rapid response; a broader geographical range may result in lower levels of care due to simple delays in reaching more distant locations.

1. Promotion

The promotional approaches and strategies for the Chevra Emergency Health Care Services will vary depending upon the different target markets that are aimed by the businesses. However, in general, the promotional strategies will range from advertising, marketing, and sales promotion to public relations. The main office of the Chevra Emergency Health Care Service will carry out mass media promotion and advertising not just in the local state where the business is head-quartered, but in other states as well. Pamphlets and brochures will also be distributed throughout the state, in hospitals, health clinics, physicians' offices, other health care services, and law enforcement offices as well, to ensure that the availability of the Chevra Emergency Health Care Service and their quality services are widely disseminated. As well, Chevra Emergency Health Care Service will also seek to increase its customer base via word of mouth from former patients (Westwood, 2013).


The main marketing strategy will be to utilize 'billboards' for advertisement along well-trafficked highways and roads. The number of these billboards will be increased in the local and broader area of the state. These advertisements should focus not only on the excellent and vastly superior quality of emergency services offered by Chevra, but should also address cost effectiveness of these particular services. Because Chevra offers emergency medical services, the general focus should always address the rapid response and thorough support for health provided, including not only the well-trained paramedic personnel but also the telephone support offered during the lag between initial call-in and service arrival. This strategy will start out within the smaller municipalities and then further on to the large ones (Barley, 2003). The expansion out of the local area is a highly risky venture given the single main office and the urgent nature of emergency services; it is possible that a broader local base of consumers should be the…

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