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Identifying Marketing Opportunities in the Health Services Industry

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Marketing Plan for Kaiser Permanente
Part A
For nearly three-quarters of a century, Kaiser Permanente (hereinafter alternatively “Kaiser” or “the company”) has provided quality health care to a growing number of customers (About us, 2018). Indeed, today, Kaiser has more than 12 million members and its future appears bright providing the company can capitalize on its core competencies using a marketing plan that focuses on achieving its current and future organizational objectives. The purpose of Part A of this marketing plan is to provide a framework in which the company can achieve its current and future marketing objectives in an increasingly volatile and competitive marketplace based on the assumptions listed below.
Statement of assumptions
The following assumptions apply to this marketing plan:
· The marketing data provided by the company and third-party analysts are accurate and complete;
· Current trends in changing demographics in the U.S. population will create an…… [Read More]

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Marketing of New Products

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Company and Product Overview
Herschel Supply is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in backpacks and similar items. The company was founded in 2009 and has become quite trendy, experiencing strong growth since that time (Herschel Supply, 2017). They now sell in the US, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and more, in addition to their home market. Herschel products are sold at a premium, and are known for their simple, elegant styling, and sturdy construction.
The company is now planning to expand its product line into suitcases. This is a natural extension given the current flagship product is backpacks, and the company already produces smaller travel bags. Launching a line of suitcases would give Herschel not only a natural extension, but access to a large market. The suitcase business is highly competitive, but there are no brands that have the same brand image and attributes that Herschel brings, so executives believe…… [Read More]


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Social Media Strategy for Marketing

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Social Media Strategy
Executive Summary
This document outlines the social media strategy to promote an e-book as part of an inbound marketing campaign for a B2B software company. The company has some data on its target audience and their social media usage, and this information is helping to drive this strategy. The strategy will be focused on lead generation and ROI objectives. There will be a mix of unpaid social media posting, and paid social media ads, with the objective to generate interest in, and entice the downloading of the e-book. The form for the download is where the leads will be collected, and this will form the basis for the evaluation of this particular social media campaign.
Social Media Strategy
The purpose of this social media strategy document is to outline the external social media strategy for the company. This document will cover the following: social media platforms, target…… [Read More]

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Industry Analysis Casual Restaurants

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Industry Analysis

One of the first choices a diner makes when selecting a restaurant is whether to choose a chain or an independent venue. Chain restaurants offer consistency in their menus and the level of quality and service they offer. But as chains grow, the level of quality can become more variable and priorities can shift from pleasing patrons to serving the needs of stockholders. In contrast, the Rusty Moose is an independent restaurant that provides a unique dining experience to new and loyal customers.

Some weaknesses that come from being an independently-owned restaurant include the costs of marketing and the challenges of building and sustaining a loyal customer base. The immediacy and trust that customers develop over time with a restaurant becomes an integral part of its brand and must be continually reinforced for the restaurant to grow.
One advantage for an independent restaurant is its ability to create…… [Read More]