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Ethical and Criminal Responsibility

The employers have ethical obligations to undertake corrective and preventive actions as managers gain awareness of their legal responsibilities. For this reason, the top management should be aware of the reasons for actions and the danger from employees to other people. Under many work laws, employees are proving the counterfactual aspect through instilling affirmative defense. The defenses defeat all forms of employer liability within worker's suits as well as the preclusion of remedies. The reinstatement and front pay is based on the payback periods and other forms of time where employers discover the level of misconduct among employees. The defense pervades work law and other international Labor principles. The federal and state statutes on employment discrimination allow for tort law and state contract to take charge of the compensation statutes used by the various state workers. The legal commentary on human resource management is a critical component to consider.

It matters whether employers have irrefutable evidence that such employees pose the danger. Further, it is their responsibility to disseminate valuable information about the employee's reasonable suspicion to similar actions. Various state courts justify employee-misconduct defenses to contract liabilities through emphasizing on the principles of state contract law. Such material failure for different...


The fraudulent-inducement defenses have fundamentally different state courts with the reasonable adoption of employee misconduct arguments within contract liability and other wrongful discharges. The opaque grounds are described as states that recognize common law tort claims. The illicit discharges within the violation of public human resource management policy are stipulated as recognition for employee misconduct defense. This follows the preclusion of reinstatements, full back pay, and front pay (Kibert, 2010).

That obligation runs along the employer with ethical obligations taking refuge for preventive or corrective action. Conventional twin policies in the liability include fair compensation to victims and deterrence of alternative harm (Bertagni, Rosa & Salvetti, 2010). The goals are served through holding employers liable in each of the wrongful acts performed by employees. Liability within this case is any solicitation of employment contexts with unfair dealings by the company and enterprise at risk. Holding employers liable deters future harm as employers can position to reduce sexual harassment accidents and other intentional wrongs through proper supervision and organization of employees.

However, the independent contractor relationships are different. Ideally, the necessary level of closeness holds hirers liable for wrongs committed by the independent contractors. International practice is different as this is deemed as an unfair practice. The main reason is that such wrongs are not materialized through the organization's internal risks…

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