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¶ … Leadership and Management of Nursing

Nurse turnover refers to the rate at which nurses quit work in relation to the rate at which they are employed. Just like any other employees, nurses are affected by a number of issues that can either make them stay at work or quit. In a situation where nurses are subjected to a situation that is unfavorable and unfair to them, they will eventually stop working. The reverse happens when the nurses are subjected to a favorable treatment. In any case, nurses are employees work under difficult conditions, with sometimes having to work at night outside their official working hours. This means that they need to be treated cautiously to avoid losing them.

Causes of nurse turnover

The main factors that influence nurse turnover include salaries, working conditions, and interpersonal relations that the management will have placed in the workplace. The hospital management should ensure that they avail sufficient salaries to the employees in order to make their lives better. Salaries are the best motivators to work. In this sense, the human life, as it should. It is also important to ensure that the employees are subjected to manageable working hours (McAllister, 2011). In order to enhance fairness, they must work for average hours in shifts of about six to eight hours and replacing the already tired ones. It is also important to have the workers working in such environments that support their social well-being

The Role of Nursing Managers

Nursing managers play a central role in addressing the issue of nurse turnover. Being the overall managers, they have a role to determine how the work is done within the hospital. They also have a chance to influence the psychology at the workplace by placing measures that are favorable to the employees (Ganong & Ganong, 2011). They also serve as the link between the employers and the nurses. This way, they can control virtually everything single activity that goes on in the workplace. The nursing managers also have the chance to influence the way in which the employees related to each other at the workplace. To improve the working environment further, the nursing managers establish contacts with them and collect views regarding how they want to be treated. The managers are the accounting officers and are thus empowered to institute…

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