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Estruscans refers to a sophisticated and seafaring persons from Asia Minor who appeared in Italy about 800 BC settling in Etruia, North of Latium. This group soon gained control of the Latins thus the introduction of the Greek cultur to the more primitive Romans. The influence was vital in the domination of the Roman interaction and way of life for two critical centuries. The group was also great at business transactions thus the opportunity to utilize its interactions while trading with other entities or culture in the form of maritime system. They also contributed towards the development of sewer systems, construction of the temples, and paved streets hence realization of the rapid development of the society. Estruscan were vital in teaching the Romans how to work in pottery, metal, and leather industry. They also participated in the development of crafted weapons, and furniture as well as implementation of the alphabet in translation of the Roman spoken language into writing. This group was also essential in the development of two crucial and distinct social classes in relation to characterization of the Roman Society. These classes include the upper class (patricians) and the lower class (plebians). It is ideal to note that the lower class consisted of outsiders to the cultural and political life the Romans.

Founding of Rome - Roman Empire

The Greatest Naval - Government Expenditure

The most pertinent architectural designs in the ancient Rome existed between 100 BC until the early 200 AD. Some of these architectural structures were of marble and most are still firm to date. The Roman Empire architecture the renowned road network, public baths and aqueducts at substantial expenditure. In the third century, Rome had to spend more of its finances on the military to expand their territory and shield their foreign interests. The Roman Empire administration spent immense amounts of money in expanding their territory. It spent additional money in keeping its restless citizens entertained. The government spent little finances on civic courses and supporting the magnanimous army was a daunting task. Rome eventually buried itself in an eternal hole when they added hefty pension payments to retired soldiers and bureaucrats. Most of the magnificent cities in the U.S.A. are experiencing a crumbling infrastructure and network. The government does not have sufficient resources to refurbish ageing cities.

The First And Second Illyrian War & Invasion

In each year, in spite of what figures depict, the government spends heftily, compared to what it earns. It continuously promises to remit payments in the future in the form of retirement pensions and social security in 232 BC. Notably, the government has not funded such payments and may require future taxation to achieve such goals. Government colossus such as Medicare is similar to the colossus of the ancient Roman Empire. Every time, the populace of America ages as scores of baby boomers enter retirement. An ever-augmenting cost of health care merged with the aging populace that will expect more, will lead the U.S.A. government into an immense burden. Fused with the monetary needs of infrastructure, military operations and upkeep, the economic system of the U.S.A. may suffer the same way as the ancient Rome.

The War With Parthia - Military Obligations

Numerous historians conceived that it was the continuous fighting with the German communities from the North and Eurasians that contributed to weakening the Rome's military. Profound studies have postulated that stress emanated from the East. Rome fought the Persian and Parthian Empires for six centuries. This compares to present day Iraq and Iran. Rome would result into warfare with a majority of the Mideastern nations. Such wars between Roman's and its foes continued and proved to be an immense drain on Rome's financial resources. The warfares of the ancient Rome have elicited strife in the same regions, where the U.S.A. has taken a pivotal role.

The USA has involved itself in Middle East wars. This is constantly draining the America's economic system and numerous finances from its rate payers. Further indulgence might be necessary to shield American petroleum prospects in the Middle Eastern territories. Various military operations may be necessary for the U.S.A. such as protecting the Israel dispensation or attacking Iran. There is a concern of North Korea and Russia for America since both tend to disagree on most affairs. The American military power is frail around the globe in present times and may continue into the future. With no predictable decline of the Middle East conflicts and terrorism, Americans may have the burden such as ancient Rome.

The Praetor And The Pontifex Maximus

In early Roman periods, taxes were minimal and insignificant. The Roman Empire was apt to achieve monetary prosperity for its nationals. The monetary system continues to develop until the burden of dealing with the military mandated the Roman Empire to augment the taxes on its people. Inheritance and land taxes augmented substantially forcing numerous Roman middle class people into bankruptcy. The upper classes experienced the tax burden when the Empire imposed it on them. The government taxes decreased because most citizens could not afford remitting taxes. This resulted in decline because Rome no longer could finance its military or mercenaries who would shield the northern borders from invasion.

In America, such a scenario is occurring. The rate of inflation is significantly high in the nation. In the sectors of housing, education, energy and insurance are experiencing inflation at rates higher than the conventional three per cent. The government continues to claim that inflation is under check. In 200, the dollar-euro exchange rates were that a dollar could purchase 1.2 Euros. In the present epoch, it can only exchange for fewer Euros. This is clearly inflation since it now takes additional dollars to purchase a euro. The American government is aware that it is leading itself into a bottomless pit. To exercise its towering responsibilities and future assurances, it can only increase taxes or induce inflation into the economy. The economy can continue growing and produce sufficient tax amounts to fight the current monetary burdens.

No More Kings! Eltruscan - Creation Myths

In the 509 BC, the son of the tyrant of Etruscan Superbus, was lustful with lovely Roman lady called Lucretia. Superbus, at a tender age, had no compunction in forcefully having sexual intercourse with the young Lucretia and eventually leaving her. In vengeance, Lucretia's family members, killed Superbus and placed the Romans in a revolt against the current ruler. The insurgency resulted in the ousting of the Etruscans and formed a new Roman republic. The defining event of this uprising came when Horatius individually fought on the bridge of the Tiber River against invasion by an Etruscan army and his fellow soldiers murdered behind him. It is clear that the mythology is full of exaggeration and at worst fictional. The rebel Roman republic went ahead to conquer the expansive tracts of Italy in defense of its newly acquired liberty. In the present Boston America, a group of rebels tipped a tea cargo into the anchorage in a process of defying their colonial authorities. In the oncoming battle, the significant act of the U.S.A. domain is the bold ride of Revere Paul to send a warning signal to his compatriots of the approaching British military army. From such as a struggle, the Americans defeated their colonial masters and ejected them from their land. Just like the Romans, the Americans proceeded to conquer immense tracts of colonial territory in defense of their hard-earned freedom. Warfare techniques of the Romans and Americans were different, but the sentiments were similar. Both nations had a foundation of mythical liberty.

Hannibal's Scorched-Earth Policy

This comprises of tales of underdogs fighting an evil ruler in defense of their equitable liberty from their colonial masters. Despite of the mythologies being untrue and exaggerated, the crucial issue is that the legend endured and implicated in everything that the new dispensations did for oncoming centuries. The founding figures of the constitution of America would have no issue with that comparison. The founding fathers were the first people to draw the constitution. It appeared natural to emulate the famous republic of the ancient Rome for inspiration.

Partnering With Crassus

A request for aid from various Greek cities prompted the Roman Empire to conquer the south Italy. A petition from San Francisco resulted in California joining the U.S.A. A reply to Gallic antagonism led the Roman Empire into northern Italy. An immensely suspect invasion on the U.S.S. Maine presented America with the reason to attack Cuba. Neither nation could agree that the expansion of their domain to the neighbors' territories was ruthless. Alamo is emblematic of something lying on the issue of defensive warfare and which is insidious. Myth making takes its role in such a situation. The Alamo poses as an emblem of American individualists protecting their autonomy against the domination of Mexican junta. It is true that the Alamo posed as the rallying call for America's takeover of Texas. The Alamo sheds light on the rationale that controlled the…

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