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Nursing Theory

Laura Polk's theory of resilience holds that an individual has the ability to rise above adversity. There are a number of factors that contribute to how this occurs -- dispositional, relational, situational and philosophical factors all play into this ability to be resilient (Jackson, 2015). This theory has significant implications for nursing practice, and can be evaluated through the lens of evidence-based practice.

Polk's Theory of Resilience

Individuals rise above adversity

Dispositional, relational, situational, philosophical

Can be evaluated through evidence-based practice

Nurses can influence the different factors that contribute to resilience. The theory was developed on the basis of Polk's own real-life experience. She recognized that nurses can put themselves in the position of the patient, at least to some extent, and by doing this can empathize with the patient. This empathy allows the nurse to see the


Nurses can then not only administer care, but take the time to coach the patient through the care. The nurse can encourage the patient while administering care, providing encouragement to rise above the challenge

Nurses can influence the resilience of patients

Nurses can empathize with the patient

They see the treatment through the eyes of the patient

Not only administer treatment, but coach

The patient receives encouragement to rise above

Slide 3: By encouraging the patient to combat adversity, the nurse is improving the disposition of the patient, relaying better situational information, and building a positive philosophy with the patient that the patient can then be in a better frame of mind to be resilient in the face of adversity. Patients are less likely to lose hope, and are more likely to fight for their own well-being, when nurses apply Polk's theory of resilience.

Improves disposition

Relays better situational information

Improves patient philosophy

Builds stronger mental patients, who are more likely to recover

By encouraging the patient to be resilient, the nurse will help improve patient outcomes

Slide 4: At the core of the theory is the idea that we can "transform disaster into growth experience." One of the central roles of the nurse is to work with patients in their process of overcoming adversity. Polk arrived at this conclusion through the study of nursing, and used evidence to help refine her theory (Polk, 1997).

Transform disaster into growth experience

Work with patients to overcome adversity

Polk formulated the theory, then tested it…

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