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¶ … financial analysis and more specifically financial ratios has been noted by Finkler, Marc and Baker (2007, p.253) to be important to managers since it can help them in making informed decisions. In this paper, we present the concept of ratio analysis as applied to healthcare facilities.

The concept and purpose of ratio analysis

Financial statement analysis is noted by Flex Monitoring Team (2005) to be very important to managers, boards, payers as well as lenders for them to effectively make the right judgments on the financial health of their organizations. Ratio analysis is one of the most accepted methods of assessing the financial health of an organization. The data that is used for ratio analysis is derived from income statements and balance sheets. It is a fact that most health care systems, hospitals as well as various other healthcare organizations routinely employ ratio analysis in evaluating their financial condition and then comparing the obtained values with those of other organizations or for previous periods. Their aim is to look out for any meaningful changes that may be exhibited in the differences obtained. Most healthcare organizations usually compare their own financial ratios with those of similar healthcare organizations in...


For instance it is very useful to compare the financial position of two or more Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) but very useless to compare the financial position of a major teaching hospital with that of a Critical Access Hospital (CAH). Such information may not be informative since these two categories of health care facilities have totally different organizational missions.

A large number of healthcare facilities are also noted to be in a quest of adopting the use of cost-effectiveness (CE) analysis in their decision making processes that are concerned with resource allocation (Eicher et al.,2004).

There are several types of financial ratios in use in assessing the financial health of organizations. Liquidity ratios for instance are used in measuring how easily a given firm can meet its various obligations. Profitability ratios on the other hand are used in indicating the earning potential of a given firm. Asset management ratios are used in measuring the efficiency of a given company turning its assets into sales. The Dent management ratios on the other had is important since they indicate the extent to which a given company is leveraged in terms of its own debt. These ratios also indicate how well as given firm can handle its debt using its operating income and assets. Finally, the Dividend/Market Value Ratios…

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