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Roberts' tax plan appeared to adequately address and balance these two conflicting concerns, and was defeated for primarily political reasons. Turning to this side of the issue, then, it can be seen that Roberts needs to build better compromises and coalitions, and perhaps find areas of the budget and/or other public policy that can be used to bring certain Republican legislators over to her cause. Political wins often have little to do with practical needs and more to do with appearances, and Roberts might have to "play the game" a little more than she has.


It does not appear likely that Oregon has anything like the clarity and consistency needed to create market-like equilibrium when it comes to the funding and spending of state programs, such as are proposed in the Tiebout Model. Rather than attempting to achieve this type of equilibrium or political consistency, then, it is recommended that a series of fiscal and political compromises be made and heavily publicized as a way of reaching some level of consensus regarding the actual tax plan to be implemented in the state. Oregon as a state does not heavily compete with other states for residents, and in fact the unique Oregonian character makes the population and its political makeup rather steady, though diverse and somewhat stratified depending on the area of the state. This lack of competition reduces the constraint on the state's budget that might otherwise be experienced, suggesting that the raising of taxes in one or more areas is more politically and practically tenable than might currently be thought. It is recommended that such taxes be put in place as soon as possible to meet the state's fiscal needs.

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