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Public Policies in Maryland That

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In "The Annapolis Report" -- a review of the 2010 legislative session -- the MPPI explains that due to the governor taking funds from the HUR all the counties' share and the Baltimore City share will be "significantly reduced" (MPPI). In fact the counties' share will "have been all but eliminated" the MPPI continues, quoting from an article in the ashington Post that asserts "…counties will have to contend with almost no 'highway user' revenue."

Moreover, through 2015, the Post is quoted suggesting that Maryland counties "will have to make due with less than 10% of the hundreds of millions they have typically received each year over the last two decades" (MPPI, p. 9). The actual dollar amount that the counties and Baltimore City will lose due to this dipping into funds by the governor is around $400 million, the MPPI explains.

Included in O'Malley's budget moves -- the legal…… [Read More]

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