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In the Old Testament, Eden appears as a lush tropical rainforest full of fruit and life. In other words, it is presented as an image of perfection. In the Old Testament, the character of Cain is said to have a mark on him. This mark signifies his breaking of the covenant with God by committing the first murder. In the story of Job, Job suffers by losing everything, from food to family. The purpose of this suffering is to test Job's love and trust in God.

The Odyssey: The events that are of most importance in the Odyssey are the travels of Odysseus and his reestablishment as the rightful ruler. This theme of Odysseus takes up where the Iliad left off and thus completes the tale of Odysseus' journey in war, his battle back home, and his eventual homecoming. The fact that the women in Homer's works often play a cunning, two-sided role that often times causes the downfall of their husbands tells the reader that women played a second-class role to men but also controlled the destinies of men. This poem is an epic because it spans twenty years and covers much ground in the pursuit of an ultimate goal. Being the main character, Odysseus is an epic hero.

Oedipus the King: Teiresias plays an important role in the play in that she is the instigator of the plot. Jocasta learns of the whole truth about midway through the play due to her general observations. Oedipus begins to suspect himself of killing Laius when he begins to remember things.

The Apology of Socrates: In order to prepare his responses to the forthcoming accusations, Socrates describes his learning process from the past. During the exchange with Miletus, Socrates proves that he is a liar by causing Miletus to admit that he is a liar. Socrates refuses to take a different approach because the approach he decides to take allows him to reach an intellectual…

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