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¶ … political scrutiny and media coverage, the Veterans Administration (VA) is facing a lot of questions about its ethics, its practices and its performance when it comes to the care of the patients they are charged with healing (Hicks, 2014). Whether it be mental health, physical maladies or procedural issues, the common refrain is that the veterans of the United States are not receiving medical care that is complete, timely or done/managed in a competent way. Further, many say that this is not remotely a new issue or problem (Pearson, 2014). This research study will deign to look at the overall ethical issues in play in the VA right now as they pertain to patient care, healthcare management and research.

Research Question

This study will assess whether the VA is being managed and operated in an ethical fashion. For those issues that are found, there will be a discussion and recommendations on how to improve patient outcomes and the overall ethical climate of the VA. With that in mind, the...


The hard facts and numbers that stem from quantitative data will be exceedingly useful but there will surely be some qualitative data from both clinicians, management and patients that will be useful in painting the entire ethics and performance picture. A blended approach to research data allows a compare and contrast between the two to make sure everything lines up. Data alone does not tell the whole story and some qualitative accounts can be biased or incomplete.

Decision Rule

The decision rule that shall be used for this study is fairly simple. A…

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