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I believe that people respond best when they are offered the tools to help themselves. For example, students need to learn how to think critically and not necessarily to memorize a list of facts. Patients often need to learn about their bodies and how to change lifestyle habits or adapt to certain conditions rather than simply to take pills. As a nurse I intend to help people help themselves, by teaching the patients in my care about their bodies and how they can improve their sense of well-being.

While I do not yet know what areas of nursing I hope to specialize in, I am aware of my special gifts with working with children. This is another reason why my background as a teacher will make me a better nurse. Children would offer an ideal counterpart to my tendency to give enthusiastically because I know how freely and joyfully children can receive the help they need. However, I know that all the patients I work with will receive the best care and attention possible.

The transition to living in a new country with new customs, languages, and traditions parallels my transition from teaching to nursing. I have become a strong individual from the experiences I have been through and will joyfully share my strength, optimism, and integrity with all of my colleagues as well as all of my patients. What I lack now is the proper training and education to put my skills into practice. I am seeking admission to the nursing program because I know I will use my degree to its fullest, representing your institution as a professional nurse immediately after graduating and continuing to enhance my credentials throughout my career. I intend to upgrade my nursing skills periodically, perhaps opting to specialize when I find which areas I am most talented at or most needed in my community. Being from a country with more limited opportunities than the United States I appreciate the resources available to me here. I also appreciate the health care resources available to all American citizens. Thank you for…

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