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¶ … Great Escape

One of the biggest challenges facing most organization is maintaining effective control of projects and how managers are trained in dealing with a host of issues. For large entities, this is problematic because it means that they could see declines in productivity and the utilization of different resources. Once this occurs, the underlying profit margins of the firm will decrease. This is the point that they could lose focus on their long-term objectives and will see a decline in market share. To avoid these kinds of issues requires understanding how to: effectively control the project and the way mangers can maintain influence over the operating environment. Once this occurs, is when we can see what specific strategies must be utilized in achieving their objectives.

Knowing How to Control the Project

To control any kind of project requires utilizing techniques that will improve communication and collaboration. The best way that this is achieved this through using different tools in conjunction with one another. A few of the most notable include: the use of committees and the team centric philosophy. As far as the use of committees is concerned, there are a wide variety of organizations that are using them to maintain control of projects. This is because, it allows everyone to carefully examine, the various strategies that are available and the possible risks involved. Once this occurs, is when the committee can create a plan that will reduce the possibility of adverse consequences happening. This is the point that...


("Introduction," 2011)

A good example of this approach can be seen with how these techniques were used in the movie the Great Escape. What happened was the high ranking officers formed an escape committee. They had the job of determining what plan would be implemented and how this was to take place. As they evaluated, a total of four different plans and their underlying risks in order to determine what was happening. This is important, because it is showing how this basic strategy was used to find the right plan with the highest probabilities of success. For a variety of organizations, this is a blue print that can be used to effectively control the project. ("Introduction to Part 2," 2011)

The team centric philosophy is when there is an approach of having the various team members work together in dealing with a host of challenges. The way that this is achieved is by having different segments of the organization subdivide into numerous teams. The basic idea is that by making these kinds of changes, you can have select groups that will handle specific aspects of a particular project. Over the course of time, this will make the firm more productive by having everyone focus on certain segments of the business. This is the point when the company will have greater amounts of flexibility, in adapting with the various challenges that they…

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