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Communication in Organizations the Case

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al, (2008).

With such events still expected, the lessons to be drawn from this case is that extensive cross-cultural consultation needs to be conducted among the representatives from both sides hence ensuring there is a cultural balance and no disregard for one culture. Timely, open and continuous communication needs to be fostered between the two sides as this will give chance to iron out the few differences that may emerge.


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Raven, B, 1993, 'The…… [Read More]

Bambacas, Mary & Patrickson, Margaret, 2008, 'Interpersonal Communication Skills That

Enhance Organizational Commitment', Journal of Communication Management, Vol 12, No 1, Pp 51-72.
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Communication Management Communication in the

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Insomuch, Angela felt that she was being penalized because she worked from home. Although Ralph tried to explain that this was not the case, he was unsuccessful in conveying the real issue of missing a deadline. Consequently, the focus shifted to more of a personal nature because Angela felt unappreciated so they decided to reconvene to another meeting two weeks later.

Unfortunately, the meeting started with some hostility from Angela. She was very cold and nonresponsive to Ralph's questions regarding her well-being. Because Angela did not feel positive about the last exchange, she missed another meeting, plus she failed to submit a report. Her actions are labeled as passive aggressive because her lack of apathy has now transferred into a performance issue. With her constant interruptions and frustrations, Angela refuses to communicate and wants to resign. Clearly, conflict is an issue in which resolution is needed in the form of an agreeable negotiation, whereby both parties are satisfied. Consequently, Ralph offered a trial of 2 weeks in which daily communication from home would occur. If for some reason this proves to be unsuccessful, both agreed for trial two weeks in the office. Hence, should the four weeks proved unsuccessful and…… [Read More]

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Communication Transactional Analysis Model Communication Plays an

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Communication plays an extremely important role in the success of any organizational culture. How employees and management communicate with and respond to each other is what determines the level and type of communication that exists in the organization. In this connection, Transactional Analysis Model can help in identification of problems/conflicts that exist in communication method and offer useful suggestions. In short TA model can be effectively used to understand and analyze behavior of different organizational members. Transactional analysis Model was developed by Dr. Eric Berne MD in 1960s and it ruled the world of communication theories during the next two decades. It is still used widely to remove communication blocks. Transactional Analysis Model works on two important concepts: a) every person has three sides to his personality and b) when two people communication, one of these sides is evoked leading to a transaction.

It is important to understand what these three sides are and how they interact with each other in order to assess the effectiveness of this model in organizational communication. These sides are: Parent, Adult and Child. Parent is that part of us which is rather controlling, nurturing or dominating in nature. Adult is…… [Read More]

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Communication Skills What I Intend

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Third, I am of the opinion that communication is two-way. To be an effective communicator, one must be an effective listener as well. Interrupting others as they speak or being inattentive to what they have to say sends the wrong signal. Further, failure to be attentive to the message others are trying to put across could be constructed to mean one is disinterested in the whole conversation. Such a view in return makes others inattentive of what one has to say. In the light of that, I will strive to be an attentive listener so that others can be willing to listen to me as well.

Next, I am convinced that effective communication goes hand in hand with confidence. With that in mind, I will work on ways of enhancing my confidence. In this case, I will ensure that I develop the courage to say what is really on my mind. Personally, I tend to be hesitant to speak when in the company of people I am not well acquainted with. By opening up more to those around me, I will be able to shove up my confidence levels and in the process enhance my communication skills. Closely related to…… [Read More]

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Communication Theory Is Described as Any Systematic

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Communication theory is described as any systematic explanations of the nature of the communication process. It's important for businesses and organizations to understand communication theory because they can't accomplish their objectives and goals without effective communication between workers. Since it focuses on analyzing the processes with which information is transmitted from the sender to the receiver, communication theory also focuses on the various ways with which information is transferred from one medium to another.

Generally, communication is regarded as the magical factor that can guarantee a happy long-term relationship and organization success (Dainton, 2004). It's an important factor within the Navy, particularly in the Casualty Assistance Calls section since this section deals with helping sailors who have suffered a casualty. Therefore, it's important for the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer to possess effective communication skills because his/her main duty is to provide information, resources, and assistance in the event of a casualty.

Team and Group Communication Processes in the Casualty Section:

Communication processes play an integral role in the development of strategic and effective communication that enhances the possibility of an organization to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. The other significant role of the communication process is that it facilitates…… [Read More]

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Communication Discussion Discuss One Principle You Have

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Communication Discussion

Discuss one principle you have learned in this class and already put into practice.

Unlike many other classes, it is relatively easy to see the applicability of the principles of this class in everyday life. Communication, as it is often observed, is something that takes place on a daily basis. One cannot escape the dialogue of communication with others and with the world. Even making the decision to be silent, when others are speaking, communicates something, if only sullenness. However, as 'easy' as it may be to communicate or to convey a message, it is not always easy to put into practice the principles learned in a communication class, such as the need not only to put forth one's own desired message, but to receive the communicative messages of other individuals.

One of the most key principles learned in this class is the need to respect other individual's viewpoints in such a way that they feel acknowledged. This can be done as simply, as when debating a controversial issue in class, to reiterate what the other person has said accurately, before responding to it in a critical or appreciative fashion. Beyond this intellectual, rhetorical device, to do so…… [Read More]

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Communication Techniques Interpersonal Communications Project

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This, perhaps, has made me more of an avid listener that is eager to appreciate what others have got to say rather than being a high decibel demagogue that would neither brook any resistance nor would tolerate any dissidence, however mild that may be.

Thus, the very essence of communication, which is nothing but a means of encouraging and stimulating others to share their views while attempting to skillfully shepherd them to veer around towards the speaker's perspectives, and the form it would finally acquire, is heavily influenced by the speaker's personal behavioral traits.

Listening as a Potent Tool for Effective Communication

We must have heard numerous times the exhortation, "Listen carefully, I don't want repeat myself," in some form or the other but in our excessive eagerness to make ourselves heard, we have ignored such requests and pleas and put an unceremonious end to many a potentially enriching communication. But, as communication experts tend to repeat over and over again, effective listening forms as integral part of an effective communication as persuasive demagogy. (Frisk, 2007) It is effective listening and not talking that can open many closed doors and build bridges between individuals that no amount of brilliant oratory…… [Read More]

Carbonell, M. (2005). Extreme personality makeover: How to develop a winning Christ-like personality to improve your effectiveness! . Blue Ridge, GA: Uniquely You Resources.

Donahue, M.C. (1996, December 1). How active is your listening? (communication technique; includes advice for managing anger) . Current Health 2, a Weekly Reader Publication, pp. 23-25.
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Communication in a Nursing Environment This Research

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Communication in a Nursing Environment

This research paper deals with the subject of ensuring effective communication between nursing staff, their patients, and the patient's family. It is proposed that understanding and utilizing body language would be an effective way for a nurse to improve communication.

The nature of communication and of the importance of body language in the communication process was researched, with a focus on how this can be used to assist in communication. Based on the research, it is seen that body language can be used by nursing staff to ensure they send the right message to patients and their families and also to ensure the real message and the real state of patients can be understood.

From the research and its application to nursing and the environment of nursing, it can be seen that body language could be an effective tool in improving communication processes. In turn, this improvement in communication processes improves the quality of care given to both patients and their families.


One of the problems a nurse must deal with is how to communicate effectively with patients. Making this more difficult is the fact that in a hospital situation patients are often…… [Read More]

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Communication Effective Written Communication Is Necessary in

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Effective written communication is necessary in a number of different situations. In the first section of this paper, I discuss my areas of personal weakness in written communication. Those areas include improving my tone and voice, understanding my audience's point-of-view, and improving my self-confidence. Effective persuasive communication depends on rhetorical strategies like pathos, ethos, and logos. In the second section of this paper, I suggest how to solve a specific problem using effective written communication.

Whether dealing with a casual conversation with a friend about the need for sidewalks to improve community safety, an email to a boss proposing a new safety procedures, or an academic persuasive essay about the community's need for a free spay/neuter program, I will need to know how to communicate effectively. Effective written communication depends on choosing the most effective tone, voice, and style for each situation. One of the three aspects of my writing I wish to improve is my tone and voice. Second, I need to improve my ability to connect with my audience because effective communication takes into account the audience's backgrounds and points-of-view ("What is Effective Writing Communication," n.d.). In order to persuade others, it is important to remember the…… [Read More]

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Communication Problems in the Workplace

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Employees become frustrated and develop negative views concerning management. Any animosity that the employee may exhibit could result in workplace violence. If employees are terminated or laid off under such conditions, resentment could lead to violence (Chenier 1998)." stressful work environment can also lead to poor service and customer dissatisfaction (Waner 1995). In severe cases, problems communicating in the workplace can lead to the demise of a business or enterprise. Therefore, it is vitally important that workplace communications problems are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner. Over the next few paragraphs, we will discuss how communication problems in the workplace can be resolves.

Resolving Communications Problems in the Workplace

Stoppler (2005) explains that problems communication in the workplace will always exist to some extent. Therefore, managers and employees alike must find ways to resolve these conflicts. The author argues there are ten ways that communication problems in the workplace can be resolved. For the purposes of this discussion we will focus on five of these solutions.

The first concept that can be utilized is to be specific. Often misunderstandings and poor communication arise when there is a lack of specificity. Therefore, the author suggests that specificity must exist even…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Brownell, J. (1994). Managerial listening and career development in the hospitality industry. Journal of the International Listening Association, 8, 31-49.
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Communication on Some Level Art Is Communication

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On some level, art is communication. The artist creates a visual element that conveys complex ideas, emotions, and concepts. Therefore, learning good communication skills is essential for an artist. Communication also requires creativity. Negotiating difficult deals and addressing conflict depend on creative problem solving skills.

Animators are called upon even more to be solid communicators because of the nature of their job. An animator renders stories into visual form. Storytelling is a form of communication. An animator who can communicate well is one who can convey the story arcs and dialog in ways that are memorable and meaningful to the audience. On a more practical level, animators work with people as a matter of course throughout their job. Whereas a painter could be holed up in a studio for six months out of the year, never talking to anyone, an animator will rarely live an isolated lifestyle. Communication is part of the animator's daily duties. The animator will usually have supervisors or program managers, and must communicate effectively with them. Raising grievances in the workplace must be done with grace and tact. When communicating with other colleagues, animators need to communicate effectively, too. Listening to what coworkers have to…… [Read More]

"Effective Communication Skills: The Art of Communication." Retrieved online: http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/1-13-2005-64148.asp

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Communication Challenges for Project Managers Unit 3

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Communication Challenges for Project Managers

Unit 3 The first article that details the pitfalls of communication for project managers is Foong's "Effective communication: a challenge to project managers." This article focuses on the various points of difficult project managers might encounter while attempting to communicate with people during the tenure of a project. Those pitfalls most eminently include a range of stakeholders, various factors of diversity for project team members, and the lack or inefficacy of a communication plan explicitly for a particular project. The diversity that project managers are sure to encounter include geographical, educational, and experiential factors that can greatly vary amongst those working on a project. Moreover, project managers need to not only create a communication plan that is inclusive of both stakeholders and team members, but they must also specifically tailor it to meet the various needs of these people (Foong, 2014).

Sweeney's "Top five communication skills for project managers" also details some of the pitfalls of communication for those in the field of project management. However, this article focuses on solutions to those difficulties, and only acknowledges the latter implicitly. This article contextualizes communication in the larger frame of establishing relationships based on trust and…… [Read More]

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Communication in Organizations

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Communication in organizations includes all the means, both formal and informal, by which information is passed up, down, and across the network of managers and workers in a business. These various types of communication may be used to distribute official information between workers and management, to trade hearsay and rumors, or anything in between. The dispute for businesses is to control these countless communications so they serve to advance customer relations, encourage employee satisfaction, build knowledge-sharing all through the organization, and most significantly, improve the firm's competitiveness (Communication in Organizations, 2012).

Communication is one of the most prevailing and important activities in organizations. Basically, relationships grow out of communication, and the functioning and survival of organizations is based on effectual relationships amid individuals and groups. Additionally organizational capabilities are developed and carried out through intensely social and communicative processes. Communication helps people and groups manage activities to attain goals, and it's fundamental in socialization, decision-making, problem-solving and change-management processes (Communication in Organizations, 2012).

A network represents how communication flows in a company. Networks can be formal and informal (Berger, 2008). Formal communication is planned and managed information that is shared with pertinent people in order to secure coordinated action all…… [Read More]

Aul, P. & Siira, K. (2010). Organizational Communication and Conflict Management

Systems. Nordicom Review, 31(1), p. 125-141.
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Communication and Safety One of

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As a result, major changes have been introduced to the area of communication since it was difficult for junior personnel in aviation to present their opinions in the past. The junior personnel faced the difficulties in voicing their opinions because of fear of embarrassment and being reprimanded by the captain. Due to the change and the increase recognition of the significance of communication in aviation operations, the junior personnel and flight crew are incorporated to ensure that the best safety-related decisions are made.

Safety Program:

Since communication between managers, maintainers, pilots, and other crew is essential in enhancing aviation safety, the development of an efficient safety program that addresses communication problems is crucial. Aircraft accidents can be lessened significantly through efficient and consistent communication between all the stakeholders in the aviation industry and the parties in aviation operations. The safety program should address the proper encoding and decoding of messages, communication between pilots, positive communication factors, and communication between pilot and air traffic control (Madson, n.d.).

Communication between managers, maintainers, and pilots should involve clear understanding of the message through proper and complete wording and the elimination of barriers that contribute to proper and improper decoding of messages. The company…… [Read More]

Hill, a.C. (2011, November 5). An Approach to an Aviation Safety Program. Retrieved August

6, 2012, from http://www.scribd.com/doc/87126009/Aviation-Safety-Program
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Communication Individual and Group Skills

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Racism in the United States is often seen as the methodical oppression of African-Americans and other people of color and the related ideology of white supremacy and black inferiority. These two aspects of racism have influenced the U.S. society from the early 1600's until the present (Bohmer 1998). It all comes down to everyone being different and people being unable to accept these differences.

I have often found myself when choosing people to date letting the fact of whether these people had any college education or not influence my decision on who to go out with and who not to. After evaluating that way of thinking, I have come to the realization that this is just silly and that this factor should not be something that I take into the equation when deciding who to go out with.

Task 3

Effective communication occurs mainly at an unconscious level and this is why the most effective communicators of all time often paid as much attention to how they were delivering their message as they did to the exact words that they were using. There are a number of strategies that a person can do in order to ensure that their communication…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Why We Communicate: Three Basic Tasks, 2005, Available at:

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Communication in Organizations Analysis of

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From the experiences, I have had in organizations that work to combine autonomy, mastery and purpose, the level of performance goes up and becomes the new norm of corporate performance. The many studies of motivation underscore that when autonomy, mastery and purpose are combined, long-term learning and motivation occur (Ramsey, 2010). The communication networks and channels within organizations are accentuated and made more effective when these three attributes become the foundation of long-term learning and growth over time.

In conclusion, the culture, incentive, and leadership within a given organization have a major impact on the effectiveness of communication networks and channels within organizations. When there is a transformational mindset about aggregating content, data and information then transforming it from a system of record to competitive advantage, companies can use their expertise to compete more effectively. In many respects, this ability to compete more effectively based on better use of information and knowledge is the best Return on Investment (ROI) from investing in communication networks and channels over the long-term. Studies of the Toyota Production System support this conclusion from a supplier collaboration and cross-supplier knowledge-sharing standpoint.

Assessing the Impact of Technology on Communication

The most critical catalyst of communication is…… [Read More]

Andriole, S. (2010). Business Impact of Web 2.0 Technologies. Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the ACM, 53(12), 67.

Bernoff, J., & Li, C. (2008). Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(3), 36-42.
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Communication Nurse to Doctor

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Effective communications between doctors and nurses has always been a high priority in the medical field, especially in an arena such as a hospital, health clinic or hospice. Communicating effectively between the nurses and the doctors is especially important in a hospice setting due to the fact that the patient is usually suffering the most; both with the physical and the emotional pain and suffering that is being experienced as the patient nears death.

One recent study determined that "doctors and nurses have different but complementary roles in what, when and how treatment choices are negotiated with patients" (Mccullough, Mckinlay, Barthow, Moss, Wise, 2010, p. 482) and the treatment choices when facing death are decisions that should not be taken lightly, either by the involved nurses or the doctors. The decisions taking place in the hospice setting will often determine how much pain and suffering the patient will endure before the final breath is drawn. It is likely, therefore, that the doctor and the nurse needs to be on the same page as to how the patient will be treated, and one method for achieving that same page status is through effective communications.

Another study sought to determine what…… [Read More]

Basch, E.; (2010) The missing voice of patients in drug-safety reporting, New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 362, Issue 10, pp. 865-869

Bezzina, A.J.; (2009) Prevalence of advance care directives in aged care facilities of the Northern Illawarra, Emergency Medicine Australia, Vol. 21, Issue 5, pp. 379 -- 385
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Communication and Information Technologv in

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A typical in-building wireless telephone system, such as systems provided by SpectraLink Corporation, seamlessly integrates to the hospital's existing telephone system." (TechRepublic, 2005)

The work of Alpay, Toussaint, and Schonk (2004) entitled: "Supporting Healthcare Communication Enabled by Information and Communication Technology: can HCI and Related Cognitive Aspects Help? states that communication in healthcare "...makes up an important part of the healthcare professionals' daily practices. Communication encompasses different forms of interaction and dissemination of health-related information, and takes place in contexts such as patient/healthcare professional relationships, and collaborative care. While Information and Communication Technology (ICT) offers a useful means to support the accessibility, the exchange and the sharing of information, the cognitive complexity of these communication processes often remains undermined. Much can be learned from research in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with its focus on cognitive aspects." (Alpay, Toussaint, and Schonk, 2004)


Information and communication technology in healthcare promises to serve healthcare professionals and its patients well in the provision of effective and efficient means of communication and sharing of information in the form of medical records, lab testing results, and other real-time healthcare information. While the healthcare industry will be characterized by higher efficiency and effectiveness, the…… [Read More]

Wi-Fi, Health Care, and HIPAA: WLAN Management in the Modern Hospital (2006) Healthcare Services BNET. April 2006. Online available at http://jobfunctions.bnet.com/abstract.aspx?docid=255604&promo=100511

Hospital Goes Wireless to Improve Patient Services (2009) TechRepublic. Online available at http://whitepapers.techrepublic.com.com/abstract.aspx?docid=161362&promo=100511
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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Interpersonal

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Collaboration and Communication among different personality types can also be optimized by knowledge. The three personality types identified include the Thinker, the Organizer, and the Giver. Thinkers tend to reflect independently upon new information. They are good at analysis and abstract thinking, and devising new approaches to complex issues. The organizer in turn prefers clear, concrete task definitions in a structured, stable environment. They tend to carefully organize both their work and their schedules, and require feedback to ensure that they are on the right path. They are responsible and reliable and work well within social settings. The Giver enjoys studying with others, as well as teaching them. Their main aim is to be helpful to others, while also being honest and clear in expressing their feelings. They are also good at negotiation and aim to communicate openly.

In a group setting, these three personality types can work well together if they organize their tasks effectively. The organizer can for example draw up a schedule for each individual task, as well as for collaborative tasks. It will be necessary for the organizer to be aware of each personality type, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Because thinkers function best…… [Read More]

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Communication Diversity This Is the

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17. Johann calls you and says that Billy smells and he needs a shower. If you don't move Billy to another ward, Johann will sign himself out. Explain in details what you would do to resolve this cross cultural situation.

I would tell Johann that we are doing all we can to ensure Billy's hygiene and that if his body odor continued to bother Johann that we can move him to another room or ward in the hospital.

18. There seems to be a language and cultural barrier that's blocking effective communication occurring between these two gentlemen. Considering they are both your clients, what strategies would you put in place to improve this situation?

The best way to remedy the situation would be to introduce the two patients to each other. A handshake, some eye contact, and small personal interactions can go a long way toward eliminating prejudices and stereotypes and enhancing interpersonal communications.

19. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the communication strategies that you have employed in this complicated scenario?

The effectiveness of my approach would be measured first by its impact on Billy's psychological health and well-being. If he seems calm, if he can smile, if…… [Read More]

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Communication Is a Deceptively Simple

Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25875776

Incorrect assumptions regarding the utterances of others often lead to negative interactive elements, such as stress, mismatched expectations and miscommunication. This in turn leads to damaged relationships that could otherwise have functioned well with a simple well-directed question.

According to Walters, self-knowledge is as important as self-management in conversation. This can also be accomplished by questioning. Asking oneself questions leads to a greater knowledge of oneself, as well as the ability to better understand others. When understanding oneself by means of targeted questioning, it is easier to understand others through targeted questioning in conversation. The effect of this is often that the speaker feels understood, that the listener is interested in what he or she is saying.

Susan RoAne suggests becoming what she calls a "talk target," or a person to whom it is particularly easy to talk. As a talk target, communicate with difficult conversationalists become easy by means of oneself offering conversation that is easy to respond to. A talk target is a person who is perfectly open and receptive of the conversations of others; always striving for greater understanding of the other participant. This sense of receptiveness is communicated to other participants, and they more easily open…… [Read More]

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Communication With Families the Teacher's

Words: 921 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46521723

In both of these instances, the teacher could have shown more sensitivity to the parents, since their roles as teachers are to educate not just the student, but their families as well, especially in low income situation (Epstein, 2001). Even in the instance of the teacher providing the parents with written information, the teacher is assuming that all parents are literate, when that is not always the case, therefore the teacher is not being sensitive to particular circumstances (Mendoza, 2003).

The role of a parent in a child's education is to be as supportive as possible in assuring that the child could attain a decent education. Their role is not necessarily to be the ones doing the teaching, but to be the ones supporting while the children are getting taught (Epstein, 2001). But that is not always the case, and some teachers do not allow for that to happen or do not facilitate the process, and "these factors create more or less school-like families" (Epstein, 2001). As a teacher, I would be attempt to increase more effective communication by allowing the parents to come to me with any questions, comments, or concerns in a form of a suggestion box. By…… [Read More]

Mendoza, J. (2003). Communicating with parents. Clearinghouse on early education and parenting. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champion. Retrieved May 20, 2011, from http://ceep/crc.uiuc.edu/eecearchive/digests/2003/mendoza03.html.

Epstein, J.L. (2001). School, family, and community partnerships. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.
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Communication in the Health Care Environment Effective

Words: 601 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99831588

Communication in the Health Care Environment:

Effective communication between patients, physicians, family members, and nurses is one of the most important elements in the delivery of care. Actually, the lack of effective communication in the health care sector contributes to poor delivery of care services since it enhances the likelihood of mistakes due to lack of clarity. Therefore, in order for the health care system to accomplish its goal of improved patient outcomes, there must be effective communication. Every stakeholder involved in the health care industry or system acts as an agent of communication either verbally or through non-verbal signals. This is primarily because the delivery of care involves the transmission of millions of messages among several stakeholders on a daily basis. In the modern health care system, the delivery procedures involve several crossing points and patient handoffs among the many health care practitioners.

As part of interpersonal communication, collaborative communication is an important aspect of effective communication in the health care system. The significance of collaborative communication is evident in the fact that care delivery procedures between physicians, nurses, and patients are dependent on this component. Since the roles of various health care practitioners have evolved in the past…… [Read More]

"Communication Skills." (n.d.). Employability Skills. Retrieved from University of Bradford

website: http://www.careers.brad.ac.uk/employability/skills/communications.php
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Communication Management and Change

Words: 2369 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81928406

Communication Management and Organizational Change

Communication management in the organization and most specifically in the organizational change environment is critically important. The work of Heathfield entitled "Communication in Change Management" state that it is impossible to "over-communicate when you are asking your organization to change." (2011, p.1) According to Heathfield, there are four critical components of effective communication as follows:

(1) The person sending the message must ensure that the message is presented clearly with great detail and that the message be perceived as containing integrity and that the message be authentic;

(2) The individual reading the message must make the decision to listen and to ask questions to ensure clarity and finally must trust the message's sender;

(3) The method of delivery must be chosen as appropriate for the context and for the needs of the sender and receiver of the message;

(4) The message content must resonate and connect with the pre-formed beliefs of the individual who is receiving the message. (Heathfield, 2011, p.1)

The communication plan should contain the following elements:

(1) Consistent and frequent communication through multiple channels;

(2) The communication is complete and quickly reported;

(3) Time is provided for questioning and clarifying the information…… [Read More]

Albrecht, Karl G. The Northbound Train. N.Y.: AMACON, 1994.

Blake, R. And Mouton J. Corporate Excellence Through Grid Organizational Development. Houston, 1968 Gulf Publishing Co.
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Communication Gap Overcoming Identified Communication

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Often, in fact, there can be an overabundance of communication without any effective organization or leveraging of the information thus obtained, which can lead to serious detriments to any organization or endeavor (Lager 2006). It is bad enough when one arm of an organization doesn't seem to know what the other is doing, but the problem seems somehow conceptually worse when the various arms have information regarding the rest of the organization, but don't utilize it. This is, unfortunately, partly occurring in my organization, and is also an issue I need to deal with personally as I incorporate the organization's goals and actions into my own thinking and methods.

This concept of the correct processing and utilization of information goes further than simply making the organization run more efficiently on an internal level. Especially as new regions of the world are becoming increasingly important for business, the use of communication to establish and leverage relationships is a vital aspect of conducting business (Lager 2006; Fitzgerald 2006). Collection and transmission of information can only take an organization so far, but being able to effectively communicate and utilize information outside the organization is what allows true growth to take place. Aligning organizational…… [Read More]

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Communication in Organizations

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Communication in Organizations

Define organizational culture and provide analysis of organizational culture relating to role, power, people and task culture as discussed by Charles B. Handy (1994) "Understanding Organizations"

Organizational culture is many things including the values and behaviors an organization and its members adopt to create the environment in which they work. Researchers have struggled for decades to define organizational culture as one thing or another. They have also worked diligently to define what skills or components are necessary to promote a successful 'culture' within an organization. To understand how organizational culture can benefit any enterprise one must first define organizational culture.

Organizational culture is defined differently depending on who you talk to. There are several consensus opinions however about what organizational culture includes. Organizational culture includes the morals, values, beliefs and strategies a firm and its employees or managers adopt to conduct business successfully (Bonache & Cabrera, 1999). To that extent organizational culture is something that members of the organization create internally based on the needs, wants and wishes of people working within and managing the organization.

Some refer to organizational culture as a "phenomenon" that helps define leadership within an organization but also helps manipulate, change and…… [Read More]

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Communication Within the Context of Management My

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Communication within the context of management, my advice would rely primarily on teamwork. By relying solely on his secretary to conduct his communication, the student is not developing the necessary skills to become a successful manager. Management is predicated on effective communication. In many instances, the most effective leaders are in turn, the best communicators. Managers in particular must be able to articulate a compelling value proposition for their respective teams in order to achieve superior results. In order to inspire, communication skills must subsequently be developed. By simply delegating this task to his secretary, the management student is foregoing his own personal growth and leadership development (Kleiman, 2010).

Written communication in particular is especially important as the world's economies become more interrelated. In many instances, mangers are not subject to the geographical constraints that they were in the past. This provides better efficiencies in regards to communications as tools such as Skype, email, and internet become more ubiquitous. Email, in particular has now become a common means of communication throughout the world. As such, effective written communication skills will become a necessity for even the most novice manager. Large international companies will use email, internet, conference calls, and video…… [Read More]

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Communication Is an Essential Part

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This became a major roadblock for the project with opposing views on the problem.

Finally, the manager spoke to the client and explained the situation. They agreed to extend the due date by a couple of months and the developers and testers felt that time was good enough to make the changes. So, communication helped to clear this stand-off between the team members.

Leadership style of the manager

The manager followed a democratic style of leadership. According to Daft (2007, p.44), "A democratic leader delegates authority to others, encourages participation, relies on subordinates' knowledge for completion of tasks, and depends on subordinate respect for influence." This is the exact approach that was followed by my manager and it proved to be effective. He could manage the entire project and could communicate easily with those located in different parts of the world.

Such a style of leadership was comfortable for all the team members because they felt they were the experts in their assigned role. An autocratic style would have failed because it would impose too much authority on these people who felt they know their job best. Also, the roles were clearly defined and such a style would have disintegrated…… [Read More]

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Communication Plan Communication Objectives the

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The Board of Directors, shareholders, Hans Baumwolleh (CEO), the Senior Management Team, Human Resources and the Sales department will need customized messages as well.

Engaging management from all levels will be essential to the success of the company plan in reaching the goals and objectives as they are stated. To achieve that success will take communication between all parties, all individuals and all departments. Communication, therefore, is essential to the overall success of the company. Management will play a key role in that communicating, and will need to remember that not all employees see things in the exact same way as management does. It is crucial that a positive tone be carried through in all correspondence (whether written or verbal) especially in regards to the company's new goals, objectives and direction.

Management will play a crucial role in the success or failure of this new direction, and will be advised to maintain consistent, positive messages and provide a context to those messages that will assist others in understand not only what the company is attempting, but the why's and wherefores as well.

Our external communications are equally as important, especially when speaking with those in the financial industry (ie; financial…… [Read More]