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Happy Employees

Please answer the questions about making employees number one. How prevalent do you find this to be?

This is an important strategy that is utilized by employers to retain and attract the best talent. Evidence of this can be seen with data from a study conducted by World at Work. They are an independent pollster which examines total rewards programs. What they found is that 86% of firms were using some kind employee benefits initiative to motive everyone. In most cases, they average employer had between four and six of these programs. (Schrader, 2004) ("Trends in Employee Recognition," 2012)

How prevalent do you find this to be?

This is very prevalent among employers. The reason why is because they are experiencing a shortage of skilled employees in different areas. The only way that they can keep them is to offer some kind of benefits package that will address their basic needs and go beyond them. (Schrader, 2004) ("Trends in Employee Recognition," 2012)

Moreover, many firms have found that a consistent turnover of staff members will result higher costs. This is from continually training each person and then having them leave before they have a chance to realize their true benefits. To avoid these kinds of challenges most firms will often use these programs as a way to ensure that staff members are satisfied. (Schrader, 2004) ("Trends in Employee Recognition," 2012)

Do you think it is common? Why or why not?

Yes, these types of programs are very common. This is because it is used as a tool to attract and retain employees. Moreover, many of these initiatives are required to ensure that the firm remains in compliance with changing regulatory guidelines. For example, all employers will have to make certain that they are providing health insurance for their employees in 2014. Those who are offering these benefits do not have to worry about changing…

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