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Planning the cost of your program: Opening of a Pre-School Center

Serving the preschool/PreK age group

Serving the preschool/PreK age group is very important because this is where the foundation starts with the little ones. It is important to make sure that they are equipped with a center that has all the right resources and new technology. Serving this age group is significant because they are easily taught at this age and can retain a lot of information. This center will be built in mind with the fact that the preschool/PreK age group are more knowledgeable people. This is because children are, by nature, very curious. Even with all the questions they ask, as an educator, finding these answers on books and on the internet appears to be something that is very important. Children make adults well-informed people because as kids often expect for teachers to know exactly what they are talking about. Working with the preschool/PreK age group is very rewarding because these children who are getting the right sort of encouragement and support all through these years will be creative, and adventurous learners during the course of their lives. This center would be excellent for children who do not receive this sort of support and interaction are probable to have a much different attitude about learning later on in life. Also, teaching the preschool/PreK age group provides personal enhancement. Kindergarten students are just starting their educational vocations. A teacher instructing the preschool/PreK age group can instill an early eagerness for learning that stays with the student into college and further. The preschool/PreK age group teachers build strong educational bases for young minds, which is generally rewarding.

Greatest unmet need for childcare in my community

After checking the Dougherty County Child Care and Development Needs Assessment 2014, it was clear that there were a lot of unmet need for childcare in the community. Even though there has been a rise in registration of four-year-olds in the preschool/PreK age group programs, there look as if to be a gradual reduction in the use of center-based care by preschool-age children mostly. This may be recession driven, but will have continuing impacts if too several centers close. Resuming a center-based program is not easy and when the economy bounces, there will be bigger unmet needs than exist at present. In my county, encouraging support at state and local levels for development of centers proposing full-day, full-year options in Dougherty County. Another thing is creating a much greater incentive for providers of part-day preschool in order to provide full-day services by regulating the standard repayment rate for full-time care. Another thing that needs to be met is the support Constructing Connections in Dougherty County to enable the growth of new child care and development sites and the efforts to decrease regulatory barricades to expansion of center services.

Also, in conducting the needs assessment for the community 2014, a review of the geographic urgencies was also included. This is saying that several populations demanding child care and development services were taken into consideration at the same time with a comparison of the relevant supply obtainable to each population. This plan recognizes that not all child care and development source is meant to serve all communities and needs. The outcomes of this kind of contrast assisted in identifying detailed areas where solutions to speaking to child care and development openings would be more difficult. Subdivision IV of the report defines results by Service Planning Area (SPA), and make available particular details connected to these parts.

Another thing that needs to be done to make sure that the needs are met are to encourage everyone of the stakeholders, including leadership from all the program types serving each of these impacted areas, to work collaboratively in order to speak to needs and exploiting available child care and development resources. However, the biggest unmet need is the transportation. Transporting children in child care is a high risk activity in Dougherty County. There is not enough funds or even awareness of transportation necessity. Many are not even equipped to drive the vans because they do not have the necessary paperwork or even skills. There is not even the proper training for the employees. It is clear that child care operators, staff, and parents are the ones that need to be aware that transporting children necessitates careful planning and active, defensive measures in order to make sure the


Any time the kids are being transported there is a potential for difficulties to take place. Careful planning decreases the risk of damage or damage to children and decreases obligation for child care operators and their programs. The resolve of transportation requirements is to inaugurate standards for the safe transportation of staff and children. In Dougherty County the transportation services consist of transportation to and from the school program, to and/or from the child's home, and to and/or from off basis activities for example field trips and educational visits.

How will you obtain the resources (money, supplies.) to meet that need?

In order to better meet the needs of children and families in the Dougherty County Area, all stakeholders will need to act to upturn the availability, excellence, and convenience of early childhood care and education services. These stakeholders will donate funds to make sure the needs are being met.


Choosing a preschool curriculum is a significant resolution. The curriculum that is to be selected, and how it is implemented, affects the effects for children. The curriculum that would be chosen is the Beginning with the HighScope curriculum. HighScope revolutionized early childhood education with a new method to schooling and learning. Research founded and child concentrated, the HighScope Curriculum expenditures a cautiously designed procedure -- called "active participatory learning" -- in order to achieve influential, positive results. The HighScope Preschool Curriculum not simply comforts young children to outshine in language and cognitive learning nonetheless likewise endorses independence, curiosity, decision-making, collaboration, persistence, creativity, and problem solving -- the important skills that help control achievement in adult life. This is what is meant by The HighScope Difference.

HighScope Preschool Curriculum is good because it can help make this difference in the lives of the children that will be serve at the daycare. Through video, print, and online resources and a range of training choices, HighScope Preschool Curriculum helps teachers progress as skilled specialists. These offerings will be able to cover both how to teach -- the teaching practices -- and what to impart -- the developmentally proper curriculum matter. HighScope Preschool Curriculum also will offer assessment implements for assessing each child's development or the program as entirety.

As part of the new curriculum for child assessment (COR) Advantage is HighScope's birth-to-kindergarten child assessment, which appraises children's learning in nine content parts. The tool measures children's learning in every content part. For each day, teachers and caregivers produce brief written explanations, or stories, that quantitatively define children's behavior. Teachers and caregivers will use these notes to assess children's growth and then plan activities to help individual children and the classroom as a whole make development.

Program Assessment

The center as part of the curriculum will use the Preschool Program Quality Assessment. The Preschool Program Quality Assessment (PQA) will be able to assess whether teachers and agencies are utilizing the most operative classroom and program management traditions. Every part of classroom teaching and program operations is valued in order to recognize strengths and areas for development. (Likewise obtainable are forms of the PQA for evaluating programs for infants and children and family child care programs.

Hiring Staff

To begin the hiring process, a daycare director will make an ad that lists the position and the tasks that will be involved. The ad for the center will be as specific as possible. Basically, staff will be hired off of their credentials and following directions. Anyone who doesn't follow the directions exactly should be eliminated from contention, era. Persons who are reluctant or powerless to follow directions set forth in a job ad tend to be likewise lax once they in fact get hired. Also look for candidates with a high school diploma who are at least 18 years old and who are able to pass background checks. We would look for applicants with early childhood education training as well.

After looking over the applications, the director will then start narrowing down the list to more than a few candidates. Then the daycare director will then start setting aside some time when the applicants will be able to come in for an interview. The childcare director will need to be able to prepare some questions, so the interview goes easily. When the interview is over, the director will need to be able to conduct a thorough background check on the top applicant. If the applicant is able to pass the background check, then daycare director will then make a job offer. The director will next give the new worker an offer letter,…

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