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Teaching Assistant Essays (Examples)

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Professional Qualifications of Special Education Teacher Assistants
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Professional Qualifications of Special Education Teacher Assistants

Special Education is a field that continues to grow rapidly throughout the world. The 21st century thus far has seen an increased interest and attention paid to the area of Special Education. There are a variety of staff members within a Special Education facility or department within a larger facility that contribute to the well-being and education of the students. Teacher Assistants in Special Education are a part of this group. Special Education Teacher Assistants play a valuable role in the Special Education classroom experience. They often provide the assistance, additional supervision, and attention to the students that allows the teachers and other specialists to do perform their job functions successfully.

To be an effective Special Education Teacher Assistant (SETA), one must have some training and specialized knowledge regarding the types of student populations, classroom environments & procedures, as well as what kind…


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Teaching a Special Education Assistant Is Classified
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A special education assistant is classified as a teaching assistant in the British Columbia educational system. The definition of a teaching assistant, according to the Make a Future: Careers in BC Education Web site, is someone who provides general assistance to support teachers, students, and/or school programs (Make a Future: Careers in BC Education, 2012). In addition to the desired post of special education assistant, other teaching assistant positions include general teacher assistants, Supervision Aides, Food Program Aides, Library Aides, Science Aides, Multicultural Support Worker, Youth Care Worker, Aboriginal Support Worker, and Community School Assistants. For each of these teaching assistant positions, including special education teaching, a high school graduation is required.

The specific qualifications necessary for a special education assistant includes include certificates or diplomas from recognized college programs such as Classroom and Community Support Worker Program, Special Education Assistant Certificate, and Special Needs Worker Program (Make a…


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Teaching as a Profession How
Words: 3493 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 15591868
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"Many of our current challenges are unprecedented," the president explained. "There are no standard remedies, or go-to fixes this time around. That is why we are going to need your help. e'll need young people like you to step up. e need your daring and your enthusiasm and your energy." I will continue to offer my enthusiasm and my energy -- and hopefully I will be daring enough to learn new skills and strategies for the betterment of my students and my community.

Critical Incidents in Education


Before I share specific school experiences I have had, I want to express my own perspective on teaching and education. I have always been very impressed by the thinking of John Dewey, who is considered the "Father of Public Education" in America, and also I've been influenced by the more contemporary strategies put forward by Albert Bandera, who is well-known for his…

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Teacher Training for Inclusiveness in
Words: 3343 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 40953583
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1 million today, Smith explains. About 79% of ESL students have Spanish as their native language, and hence, Smith insists, "there is an urgent need for as many teachers as possible to be skilled in and passionate about working with ESL students" (Smith, 2008, p. 5).

The mentor (an ESL specialist) needs to apply "professional knowledge to actual practice" when working with another teacher, Smith explains. There are two components to Smith's mentoring suggestions: a) the ESL specialist shares his or her "best of ideas"; and b) but by mentoring, the ESL specialist is "supporting the professional and personal growth of the teacher" (Smith, 6). Smith breaks down her mentoring program ideas into six conversations, or specific aspects, of how to relate to ESL students. This mentoring is for new teachers, who need to be submerged in diversity and inclusion quickly, and for existing teachers, that have perhaps avoided becoming…

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Teaching Thoughts Non-Commissioned Officer Works Under the
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Teaching Thoughts

Non-commissioned officer works under the authority of a commissioned officer in the military, but technically, they do not have any command. With time, non-commissioned officers rise to higher positions of nominal powers depending on how military is organized. They act as liaisons between highly ranked officers and the regular officers of the military. With this, they play an important role in the army and act as a military backbone. Teachers (class leaders) are chosen from the group of the same academia by non-commissioners of the same class, who in turn learn and perfect their skills as they teach the rest. Training while performing duties in the army takes place simultaneously for non-commissioned officers. They carry increasing levels of responsibilities in the army and demand greater levels of respect and deference. While under training, several teaching aids should be put into consideration. First, teaching of non-commissioned officers should be…

Special Education and Ways to Improve Teaching Methods
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Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Violations as they Pertain to the Case of Sonya

An educational institution's principal greatly influences the learning/teaching of every student within the school, for better or for worse. Studies have found that principals' approach to their post, and its eventual effect on enrolled pupils, is dependent upon their style of leadership. Some styles prove to have more benefits for pupils than others. An especially vulnerable student group is students with special education needs. They are, in fact, so susceptible that regulations are made for their protection, designed specially to look after their education. Such laws foster collaboration, inclusive planning, and shared leadership-- leadership traits that have been proven as having the most favorable impact on all students' outcomes (Schulze, 2014).

The school administrator's role as an educational leader has an extensive history. Currently, however, the significance of this particular role is greater than ever…


Boscardian, M. L. (2011). Exploring the Relationship Between Special Education Teachers and Professional Learning Communities. Journal of Special Education Leadership, 62.

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Teaching That Play a Role
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Multicultural education researchers and educators agree that preservice teachers' attitudes, beliefs, and understandings are important: foci in multicultural education coursework (Cochran-Smith, 1995; Grant & Secada, 1990; McDiarmid & Price, 1993; Pohan, 1996). Teacher attitudes and beliefs influence teaching behaviors, which affect student learning and behavior (Wiest, 1998)."

1996 study used 492 pre-service teachers to try and gauge the attitudes and beliefs among the group when it came to understanding diversity and cultural differences in students (Wiest, 1998).

A decade earlier leading education experts Hollingsworth was able to identify a method for helping students of teaching to challenge their convictions and apply them to their careers.

Many advocates of multicultural education suggest that field experiences be included in preparing teachers to work with diverse student populations (Pohan, 1996; Sleeter, 1995; Tellez, Hlebowitsh, Cohen, & Norwood, 1995). Sleeter (1995) describes some investigations, such as miniethnographies, that her students conduct: I regard extended…

ZEICHNER, K.M., & GRANT, C.A. (1981) Biography an social structure in the socialization of student teachers, Journal of Education for Teaching, 7, pp. 298-314.

Assessing the consistency between teachers' philosophies and educational goals.

Education; 9/22/1995; DeSpain, B.C.

Teacher To Continuously Learn and
Words: 539 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13996121
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One best example of this is when her parents taught her how to become productive and save money on her own. She has had various part time jobs since she was 15 years old. Her parents have taught her the real value of money and she had experienced herself how it is to work hard for money. Whenever she had free time, she would find ways to earn some amount and save it fir the future. This is the very reason why she is able to save good sum of money which she can use in her own schooling.

Jane Doe may have not excelled tremendously back in her secondary years. Her grades were just the average, but what is special about her is that she was able to balance her academic activities with her extra-curricular ones. She has maintained positive relationship with her friends and team mats in her…

Teacher Instructional Technology With New Literacy Instruction
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teacher instructional technology with new literacy instruction to improve elementary (K-5) student achievement in reading vocabulary?

The alternative hypothesis would be that new literacy instruction does have th potential to improve elementary (K-5) student achievement in reading vocabulary. In other words that significant difference is found between classrooms that employ new literacy instructions and classrooms that do not use this method.

The null hypothesis would be that no significant difference is found between classrooms that employ new literacy instructions and classrooms that do not use this method.

The study will choose 2 different schools in a certain district with classes k-5 where one school has introduced new literacy techniques (namely technological strategies), and the other school is still employing traditional instruction.

The schools would be as closely matched as possible with students coming from a similar socio-economic background and with their parents generally sharing a similar educational niche (i.e. either…


Babchuk, W. (1996). Glaser or Strauss? Grounded theory and adult education. Presented at the Midwest Research-to-Practice Conference in Adult, Continuing, and Community Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska, October 17-19, 1996.

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Teaching Approach in Learning and Teaching With Technology
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5255439
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Cognitive Approach to Teaching with Technology

Throughout the history of the study of education and educational philosophies, many different approaches have been employed. The educational theories developed by John Dewy, Lev Vygotsky, Jerome runer, and Jean Piaget have culminated to create an approach that is known today as the Cognitive Approach to learning. This particular approach proposes that learning takes place in what is referred to as "the zone of proximal development." It is within this zone that a teacher explores what the child needs assistance with and what he does not. Ideally, the teacher provides a challenge which is slightly harder than the preceding challenge, thus creating a "intellectual scaffolding" which the student will use to climb through their developmental phases.

Generally this approach employs real life problem solving, cooperative groups, and projects which require solutions instead of those which focus on instructional sequences. The cognitive approach feels as…


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Teacher Stress
Words: 357 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50910844
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stress management course to prevent teacher distress by Saul Neves de Jesus and Joseph Conboy, questions teacher motivation, and states that the "abundance of teacher stress" seriously contributes to lack of motivation and teacher failure. The study examines specifically the idea of a "relational training stress management course" intended to reduce teacher stress. Among the topic covered included the ability of teachers to share their experiences with colleagues and identify specific stress factors whenever possible.

According to the article, teacher motivation is critical to student motivation. The literature view in the article supports the notion that teachers do present "lower levels of motivation and higher levels of stress" than those in other occupations. Also suggested is the idea that teacher motivation programs would benefit teacher's interest in educating as well as assist them in improving their own perceptions of self-competence and success.

The methodology and technique in this article proved…

Fulton, Richard L.; Maddock, Richard C. "Motivation, Emotions and Leadership: The silent side of management." Quorum Books, Westport: 1998.

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School Teacher and College Professors
Words: 878 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65330802
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Teaching at the university level and at the grade school level can be vastly different. Institutional differences account for the largest part of the disparities between these ostensibly similar careers, but methodological differences also exist. Teaching is considered the primary focus of the grade school teacher's career, whereas university professors are often academic scholars rather than educators and teaching for such people is far less important than academic research.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in four Americans are enrolled in educational institutions. Education is the largest industry in the country, accounting for nearly 12 million jobs. Most of these people teach at the grade school level. Teaching is considered a trade rather than a profession: teachers are usually unionized. Teaching positions constitute almost half of all educational services jobs and require at least a bachelor's degree. Most school districts give their employees incentives to pursue further education;…

Howard Gardner; Reflections on multiple intelligences: myths and messages. Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 77, 1995 help students delve more deeply into subjects introduced in elementary school. Middle and secondary school teachers specialize in a specific academic subject, such as English, mathematics, or history, or a vocational area, such as automobile mechanics, business education, or computer repair. Some supervise extracurricular activities after school and help students deal with academic problems and choose courses, colleges, and careers.

Special education teachers work with students - from toddlers to those in their early 20s - who have a variety of learning and physical disabilities. Most special education teachers are found at the elementary school level. Using the general education curriculum, special education teachers modify instruction to meet a student's special needs. They also help special education students develop emotionally, be comfortable in social situations, and be aware of socially acceptable behavior.

Postsecondary teachers, or faculty as they are usually called, generally are organized into departments or divisions, based on subject or field. They teach and advise college students and perform a significant part of our Nation's research. They also consult with government, business, nonprofit, and community organizations. They prepare lectures, exercises, and laboratory experiments; grade exams and papers; and advise and work with students individually. Postsecondary teachers keep abreast of developments in their field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues and businesses, and participating in professional conferences. They also do their own research to expand knowledge in their field, often publishing their findings in scholarly journals, books, and electronic media..

Teaching in the Self-Contained Classroom

Music, Art and Phys. Ed. In Self-contained classroom

In 1996, the United States Department of Education mandated laws that required school districts to create inclusive programs to integrate students with various disabilities into the general school population.

However, a study conducted by the National Council on disabilities in 2000 showed that most school districts have not transitioned into full mainstream classes. Instead, an estimated 20% of children with disabilities continue to spend their schooldays in self-contained classrooms, apart from the general school population (right and right).

Proponents of the self-contained classroom, however, believe that such settings can be advantageous, particularly for students with hearing impairments, mental retardation and those with physical or learning disabilities.

This paper examines how students in total or semi-self-contained classrooms can benefit from instruction in art, music and physical education. It looks at the challenges of teaching such classes and how…

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Why I Have Chosen Teaching as a Career
Words: 529 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30103985
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Teaching as a Career

Teaching Special Education requires a gentle temperament and devotion to the children. Maturity, regardless of age, and patience is very important. Special Education teacher must be loving, kind, and nurturing in order to make the children feel safe and secure. He or she must also be focused and creative in teaching methods. nd most importantly, present a positive role model for the children. I feel that I have the qualities and experience to become an effective Special Education teacher.

My background is vast and varied. I worked as a secretary at the University of California - Los ngeles for two years. The department in which I worked dealt with the clubs and fraternities on campus, therefore, I was constantly involved with the students and problems that arose from their activities. I spent a little over two years working as an office manager for a doctor's office.…

A then studied and received my real estate license. I worked as an agent for approximately seven years. This position required much the same skills as my other positions, flexibility, patience, and an aptitude for detail. It also required social skills, self-motivation and the ability to enjoy working with people from varying backgrounds. Between 1999 and 2000, I worked 900 hours as a substitute Educational Assistant for all grade levels in Special Education. In this position I worked with mildly to severely mentally challenged students. In 2000, I was hired full time as an Educational Assistant in the Resource Center, and am currently still employed in this position. I tutor multiple subjects, science, consumer math, algebra, social studies, and English, to special educational students. These students are mainstreamed into regular educational classes, however, still need tutoring. I have approximately 700 hours in this position.

As a wife and mother, I have devoted my life to my family and was always involved with my children and their activities. I have raised two sons, both graduated college. I have an Associate of Arts degree and will be returning to college to work towards a degree in education, with a teaching certificate and an endorsement in Special Education.

The years that I spent working as a substitute, and now full time as an Educational Assistant has given me the opportunity to understand and fully appreciate this field of study. I feel my diverse working background and life experience gives me the foundation for dedication in this area. I enjoy teaching and working with the students is very rewarding for me. I am confident that I have chosen the right career to move into at this time in my life and feel comfortable that I possess the qualities to become an effective teacher.

International Assistant Imagine What it
Words: 1329 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 43845618
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It is very difficult understanding the class assignments. Sometimes they are very complex and I get worried that I will not be able to do my assignments. I do not know if I would have made it without the international assistant and would have to go home again.

When I met my international assistant and the world was much brighter. The student was there to guide me and teach all the things you need when first arriving at a college, such as getting my dorm room in place, helping me get a new cell phone, and showing me how to get around Boston. This student also answered my many questions about Americans. I wanted to fit in as best I could, but it is difficult when you look and act differently than a lot of the other people. I learned how I was both similar and different to the Americans…

Theoretical Underpinnings of My Teaching
Words: 2776 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45730059
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The works of Borko and Putnam (1998) expressed the contemporary perspectives to the concept of contextual learning. Situated recognition (uses both social and physical contexts),social cognition (uses an individual's construction of a given knowledge) as well as distributed cognition which employs or relates to both the social and situated nature of cognition (Clifford and Wilson,2000). While employing this ideas, I emphasize on problem solving, recognition of the fact that teaching as well as learning must occur within multiple contexts, assist my students in the process of learning, anchor my lesson and teachings on various diverse real life context of my students, encourage my students to learn from one another while also employing an authentic assessment technique.

Audience Analysis and Considerations

The audience basically comprises of adult learners who are either interested in advancing their careers or leaning of better ways of running their own firms. Their learning style is based…


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Clifford, M., and Wilson, M. "Contextual Teaching, Professional Learning, and Student Experiences: Lessons Learned from Implementation." Educational Brief no. 2. Madison: Center on Education and Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison, December 2000.

Application of a Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students
Words: 60754 Length: 230 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 60817292
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Pedagogic Model for Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students

Almost thirty years ago, the American federal government passed an act mandating the availability of a free and appropriate public education for all handicapped children. In 1990, this act was updated and reformed as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which itself was reformed in 1997. At each step, the goal was to make education more equitable and more accessible to those with special educational needs. During the last presidential term, the "No Child Left Behind" Act attempted to assure that individuals with disabilities were increasingly mainstreamed and assured of high educational results. All of these legislative mandates were aimed at insuring that children with disabilities were not defrauded of the public education which has become the birthright of all American children. The latest reforms to IDEA, for example, provided sweeping reforms which not only expanded the classification of special…

Executive Assistant This Case Study Examines the
Words: 1864 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 26917806
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Executive Assistant

This case study examines the decision making process from a collective viewpoint. It attempts to resolve issues within a community hospital that have arisen due to failed organizational management, ethical considerations and a poorly established communication system.

Framing the Problem:

Identify the Problem-

The primary problems that exist within Faith community hospital center around the following as outlined by the CEO: (1) a lack of organizational processes that ensure uniformity, (2) a lack of standardized procedures with regard to ethical considerations working in a medical environment, and (3) lack of appropriate communication systems to ensure that everyone is thinking alone the same lines.

At this point in time Faith Community Hospital has developed a mission statement that clearly identifies the organizations mission which is among other things to provide a quality continuum of service to community members.

However variant interpretations of the mission have led to a chaotic…


Mattison, M. (2000). "Ethical decision making: The person in the process." Social Work,

45(3): 201

Reamer, F. (1995). "Social work values and ethics." New York: Columbia University


Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in Teaching Strategies
Words: 1397 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84062563
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Post-Observation of Field Teaching Experiences
The purpose of this paper is to provide a description concerning what was learned about teaching and learning in the course in general and through the observation of real-world classroom teachers as well as how this author plans to implement the lessons learned in his own teaching practice. To this end, a series of major take-aways on teaching and learning are discussed together with supporting examples, followed by a description of selected learning strategies and evidence-based practices that were observed which the author intends to implement to support student learning. Finally, a summary of the teaching experiences and the findings that emerged from this reflection are presented in the conclusion.
Major take-aways
The four field experiences completed during this course yielded a number of significant take-aways that provided valuable insights and exemplars, but the following observations represent those that had a particularly significant impact:

Nursing Teaching Ethics in Nursing
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50542776
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It is saddening to note that as hospital stays grow more expensive, patients are getting less care and families must resort to the private sector and pay still more money to feel as though their loved ones are being treated competently. The problems are rife, legally in terms of liability and medically in terms of nursing conflicts over patient treatment. There is also the ethical issue that the poor are getting less decent care than the rich, because poor families cannot provide private nurses. Clearly, hiring private nurses or assistants is not the solution to an overburdened medical system, but families will continue to do so to protect their loved ones until a better solution is achieved by policy makers.

Poststroke Rehabilitation

Deutsch, Anne, Rodger C. Fielder & Kenneth J. Ottenbacher. Stroke. 37 (Jun


Rehabilitation after a stroke is a critical part of the healing process. The article attempts…


Rehabilitation after a stroke is a critical part of the healing process. The article attempts to assess differences in outcomes between patients treated at inpatient rehabilitative facilities (IRF) versus skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Overall, it was discovered that most patients, except for those patients who had suffered the most minor motor disabilities, had better quality of care and improved general outcomes when they went to the more expensive IRFs. Yet, although IRF payments for Medicare patients were higher, the stays were shorter than the SNF stays and this ultimately might result in lower costs overall to the health care system, when patient treatment is viewed in a long-term fashion.

This article highlights the problems of patients who have similar conditions, yet have vastly different insurance policies. Policymakers and health insurance assessors must ask, what incurs more long-term costs, and how should the value of rehabilitation be calculated? The article provides a compelling case for the superiority of IRFs as well as the difficulties of putting a price on rehabilitation, when more intensive rehabilitation can result in better outcomes for the patient later on.

Medical Skills Needed to Be
Words: 2203 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74711001
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According to the work of Fulford (1994) in an Oxford Practice Skills Project eport "Three elements of practice (ethics, law and communication skills) are approached in an integrated teaching programme which aims to address everyday clinical practice. The role of a central value of patient-centered health care in guiding the teaching is described. Although the final aim of the teaching is to improve the actual practice, we have found three 'sub-aims' helpful in the development of the programme. These sub-aims are: increasing students' awareness of ethical issues; enhancing their analytical thinking skills, and teaching specific knowledge. (Hope, 1994)

In the work of Miles, et al. (1989) entitled "Medical Ethics Education: Coming of Age it is stated that "medical ethics education is instruction that endeavors to teach the examination of the role of values in the doctor's relationship with patients, colleagues and society. It is one form of a broad curricular…


Fryer-Edwards, PhD (2005) Tough Talk: Helping Doctors Approach Difficult Conversations - Resources for Teaching- Domains for Small Group Teaching Prelude 3 Department of Medical History and Ethics University of Washington School of Medicine.

Siegler, Mark MD (2001) Lessons from 30 Years of Teaching Clinical Ethics AMA Journal 2001 October.

St. Onge, Joye (1997) Medical Education Must Make Room for Student-Specific Ethical Dilemmas" Canadian Medical Association Journal 15 Apr 1987, 156(8).

Hicks, L. et al. (2001) Understanding the Clinical Dilemmas that Shape Medical Students' Ethical Development: Questionnaire Survey and Focus Group study. BMJ Journal 2001;322-709-71- 24 march 2001.

Personal Quality What I Consider
Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 78061933
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To encourage and perhaps even inspire my students, I shared with them the challenges I encountered in learning English and in understanding a culture which was both new and different from mine. I would always tell my students that in order to improve my SAT reading and writing score, I had to exert my best effort and work hard. I would also tell my students what I often told myself, that there is no shortcut for learning a new language; one just needs to practice, practice and work hard, just like everything else in life. Indeed, practice makes perfect.

Teaching Chinese to my students also offered me the chance to reflect on myself, on how I have begun from a person who doesn't speak English to a person who learned English as a second language and finally a person who teaches Americans about the Chinese language and culture. I realized…

Intellectually Engaging Experience Originally I
Words: 715 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 16744279
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It was a great experience overall -- not only because it was so intellectually engaging but also because my confidence as a person and as a student was really boosted by being 'the best' at something that I hadn't even planned to do or had been trained for. It showed me that I really could do things that I was nervous about, and that I could contribute something valuable even if my language skills and social skills were not yet as good as I would have hoped.

The students who were trying to learn Chinese were having trouble with certain words and phrases and pronunciations just like I was with English, so we could compare the difficulties that we were struggling with. Even though I got to teach them, I also got to be their mentor and their friend, and all of those things were important to me both academically…

Coping With Stress Stress Has Become a
Words: 978 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92343037
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Coping With Stress:

Stress has become a relatively common part of life since every individual is likely to experience it at certain times regardless of whether they are adults, teens, or children. Generally, stress can be described as a situation characterized by signs of emotional or physical reaction, particularly when responding to a situation when an individual feels threatened or is worried. While there are several common reactions to a stressful situation, stress can either be positive or negative. The positive or beneficial aspect of stress occurs when an individual develops the skills for coping and adapting to new situations in life. On the contrary, stress is negative if it's severe to the extent that it overwhelms the ability of a person to care for themselves and family. Therefore, it's important for an individual to develop healthy ways for coping and obtaining right care that lessens stressful feelings and symptoms…


"Coping with Stress." (2013, April 9). Injury Prevention & Control. Retrieved from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website: 

Smith, M. & Segal, R. (2013, May). Stress Management -- How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope

with Stress. Retrieved June 10, 2013, from

Designing a Speech Course for
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Variations are to ask each student to write their own sheet or to have small groups do so. (22) Value Lines: Students line up according to how strongly they agree or disagree with a proposition or how strongly they value something. This gives a visual reading of the continuum of feelings in the group. Next, sort students into heterogeneous groups for discussion by grouping one from either end with two from the middle. Ask students to listen to differing viewpoints in their groups and to fairly paraphrase opposing positions.

23) Forced Debate: Ask all students who agree with a proposition to sit on one side of the room and all opposed on the other side. Hanging signs describing the propositions helps. It is important that they physically take a position and that the opposing sides face each other. After they have sorted themselves out, switch the signs and force them…


Andrews, P.H. (1985). Basic Public Speaking. New York: Harper and Row.

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Bernhardt, D. Workshop on Public Speaking, University of California at Berkeley, Aug.1989.

Planning Produce a Lesson Plan States Session
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PLANNING Produce a lesson plan states: session aims learning outcomes; learners; teacher activities; resources learning checks ============ Microteach Delivery the Microteach 15 minutes long: 5 minutes introduction set 10 minutes feedback tutor peers.

Microteach: Evaluation

My fifteen minute 'microteaching' session involved the presentation of Arabic language material to a classroom of student learners. It was entitled: "The Arabic language: Greetings, alphabet and introduction to the language" and was designed to give a basic overview to what can seem to non-native speakers a very complex and impenetrable language (Greene 2005). My lesson plan involved the use of multiple types of presentation formats to ensure that the content was disseminated correctly yet students were also able to interact with the material in fun and engaging ways. Multiple methods of information transmission were also useful to ensure that the needs of different 'types' of learners were addressed by the session (Lane n.d.). The…


Chang, E. (2005). Tongue twisters. The Washington Post. Retrieved from: 

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Professional Dress of Teachers Affecting
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According to Carr, "It is good for the development of young people to undergo some dress discipline, and only right for teachers to set pupils an appropriate example in this respect" (emphasis added) (p. 218).

There are some common sense rules that can be followed by middle school teachers in determining what will be perceived as "professional attire" by others, especially their students. For example, in his essay, "Transition to Teaching: Putting Your Best Foot Forward," Senne (2004) recommends conservative attire and jewelry for both male and female middle school teachers. According to this author, "Female teachers should choose to wear a conservative dress (appropriate length), blouse and skirt, or blouse and dress slacks. Male teachers may opt for a dress shirt, dress slacks, tie, and suit coat. Shoes should be consistent with selected attire" (p. 46). While these are the typical choices for professional attire, they certainly do not…


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PSI System and Other Educational
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The Keller/PSI approach to academic and professional training has been documented to improve student performance as measured by course completion rates and subject matter retention among students. On the other hand, there are considerable practical and technical problems implementing the Keller/PSI approach within traditional educational institutions. Meanwhile, there is little if any empirical evidence suggesting precisely how the Keller/PSI model benefits learning outside of the focus on the reduced deadline orientation that is the hallmark of that teaching methodology.

Substantial evidence exists to suggest that the success of the Keller/PSI approach is actually attributable to other changes typically attributable to Keller/PSI, such as the broadening of the range of media of instruction, despite the fact that those changes are natural consequences of the Keller/PSI design rather than deliberately conceived components of the approach. The empirical evidence of the increased success of CAPSI programs further bolsters that argument.

A wealth…


Abdulwahed, M. And Nagy, Z.K. "Applying Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle for Laboratory Education." Journal of Engineering Education. American Society for Engineering Education. 2009. Retrieved January 19, 2010 from HighBeam


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Dunne, J.D. (1997). Behavior Analysis: No Defense Required. Wright University.

Special Education Child Visitation
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Special Education Classrooom

Special Education

Observations of Special Education Classroom

The paper is a description of an observation conducted at a center that provides special education services to children and teens. The observation duration was three hours in a secondary education classroom. I was invited to participate as little or as much as I wanted during the observation. The students were at grade levels 9 -- 11.

Observations of Special Education Classroom

For the purposes of this paper, I gained permission to observe a secondary school-aged classroom at the Association for Metro Area Autistic Children. Children as young as two years old to students aged twenty-one attend the center. There are also adult services provided, at the center and at the private residence. The school is in session from 8am -- 2:30pm, Monday through Friday. I asked to attend on a day and during a timeblock where the students would…


Forness, S.R., & Esveldt, K.C. (1975) Classroom Observation of Children with Learning and Behavior Problems. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 8(6), 382 -- 385.

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Educational Situations
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woking within a goup o team.

A a) Diffeent people have diffeent wok styles and thee will usually be moe than one "ight" way to get something done.

A b) No one peson should dominate. Eveyone' ideas should be given consideation.

A c) When the meeting is done, eveyone needs to be clea about what he o she is supposed to do and by when.

Identify and list 3 of the wok equiement to fulfill you ole as a teache's aide in the wokplace.

A a) Supevise students on the playgound, helping students follow the ules in positive ways to minimize poblems b) Supevise the classoom if the teache has to be gone fo a peiod of time.

A c) Have the ability to manage my time so I can complete duties assigned to me, such as soting student wok o making sue classoom supplies ae maintained.

Give 2 examples…

references. Followed up with phone calls to parents who hadn't responded. Produced a final sheet of appointments the teacher could follow on conference day.

The TA's made an important contribution to the student's education, because if the Ts had had to do this, it would have interfered with time they had to plan, evaluate S. work, etc. Often the TAs were able to work together on the task without taking up T. time.

Supervise bus lines at the end of the day

Be outside five minutes before the bell to supervise S. behavior during bus loading

Helped students find their bus as necessary. Made sure Ss boarded buses without pushing, shoving or other dangerous behavior. Made sure Ss stayed out of traffic.

Attracting and Retaining Quality Staff
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Other situations which makes the supply and demand situation in Alaska is the increased amount of time which is needed to certify the teachers as well as other difficulties in the certification procedures of the state. The state has a teacher placement program which is a not-for-profit clearinghouse for placing teachers across the whole state. This was setup by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in the year 1997. This clearinghouse conducts the activity of recruitment of teachers as well as maintaining a job bank which is accessible on the internet LaBerge, 1999()

The state of Oklahoma, on the other hand, found that the rural districts need more early childhood development and elementary teachers. They also found that the rural districts have the greatest need for teachers. These rural districts account for two-thirds of the school districts in Oklahoma as well as about one-fifth of all the educators in the state.…


Bradley, a. (1998). Uneven distribution contributes to teacher shortages, study warns, Education Week.

Collins, T. (1999). Attracting and retaining teachers in rural areas. Charleston, WV: Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC).

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Lowe, J.M. (2006). Rural Education: Attracting and Retaining Teachers in Small Schools. The Rural Educator, Winter (2006), 28-32.

Differentiating Instruction
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Co-Teaching Models

In the most traditional format of co-teaching, the one-teach, one-support method, there is a single teacher responsible for most of the content in the class while the other teacher (or teaching assistant) provides support when needed, such as when students are working independently or if a student with special needs requires support for a disability, such as ASL interpretation. This co-teaching model, however, can also be used with two teachers in a tag-team format, when one teacher has more knowledge than the other about specific content areas. For example, two primary school classrooms could be combined for a special unit on art history, if one of the teachers had greater knowledge in this subject area while the second teacher provided instruction in studio art ("5 co-teaching formats," 2015). The aide or co-teacher can also work with small groups while the main lesson is being taught, if these groups…


5 co-teaching formats. (2015). Curry School of Education. Retrieved from:

Education Throughout the World There
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Nearly all failing schools fit this description (Six Secrets of School Success 2000)." If a country is to overcome educational problems, they must take into account the mentality that poverty creates and how that mentality deteriorates the wherewithal to do well in school.

Although poverty is the issue that affects most underachieving schools, the idea of the super head was conceived as the answer to poorly performing schools. According to Marshall (2001), recruiting exceptional headmasters to improve schools was begun with what was once known as the Hammersmith County School (Marshall, 2001). The local authority school was located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (Marshall, 2001). The neighboring schools were grant maintained and church schools (Marshall, 2001). The Hammersmith School was being closed because of poor results and OFSTED reports (Marshall, 2001). However, instead of closing the school the administration decided to reopen it and called it the…


Education. 2004. Official Site of the Labor Party. retrieved January 15, 2005 from; 

Mixed feelings from 'super heads'. retrieved January 15, 2005 from; 

Superheads' call for £120k a year, (2000). retrieved January 15, 2005 from;

English Comp Internet Writing Instruction
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(Fisher & Frey, 2003, p. 396)

There is little that demands that all the instruction be given by a single teacher. In fact the supplementation of writing instruction directly from a teacher by a timeline program that guided progress of a package/driven writing assignment could be very fruitful.

Fisher & Frey point out that students often benefit in unexpected ways from processes such as journaling, (Fisher & Frey, 2003, p. 396) which can bee seen as a first brainstorming session, where students express their ideas and then narrow their ideas to a single topic. (Steele, 2008, NP) if the process of writing was more guided and offered both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, such as the scoring and direct interaction functions of the Steele proposal more writing would likely take place in a functional way. Another manner in which to motivate students in a systematic writing style is through the utilization…


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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Science Writing (2001) "The Writing Timeline" Retrieved April 12, 2008 at

Leadership in International Schools
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Leadeship Skills Impact Intenational Education


Pactical Cicumstances of Intenational schools


What is Effective Leadeship fo Today's Schools?

Challenges of Intecultual Communication

Challenges of Diffeing Cultual Values

Impotance of the Team

Leadeship Style


Cuent Leadeship Reseach

Tansfomational Leadeship


Contingency Theoies


Wagne's "Buy-in" vs. Owneship

Undestanding the Ugent Need fo Change

Reseach confims what teaches, students, paents and supeintendents have long known: the individual school is the key unit fo educational impovement, and within the school the pincipal has a stong influence upon the natue of the school, the conditions unde which students lean, and upon what and how much they lean. Despite this ageement about the cental ole of the pincipal, thee is little eseach concening the chaacteistics of pincipals associated with effective leadeship and with pupil accomplishment, and even less insight…


Allen, K.E., Bordas, J., Robinson Hickman, G., Matusek, L.R., & Whitmire, K.J. (1998). Leadership in the twenty-first century. Rethinking Leadership Working Papers. Academy of Leadership Press.

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Higher Education Fiscal Responsibility Aside
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(Eds.). (2005). The role of education: Promoting the economic and social vitality of rural America. Jackson, MISS: The Southern

ural Development Center, Mississippi State University.

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Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles Community College District Department of Public Affairs.

obinson, P.. (Spring 1988). Changing roles and new expectations. New Directions for Higher Education 61(16, 1). 71-74

Whalen, E.L. (1991). esponsibility center budgeting: An approach to decentralized management for institutions of higher education.


IN: Indiana University Press.

In relationship to other responsibilities, e.g., department or program chair, for example.

Also, at various times, e.g., annual or biennial state legislative sessions, another responsibility of such a team is to request additional funding for…


Beaulieu, L., & Gibbs, R. (Eds.). (2005). The role of education: Promoting the economic and social vitality of rural America. Jackson, MISS: The Southern

Rural Development Center, Mississippi State University.

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Phelps, D.G. (1992). A vision for the Los Angeles Community College District.

Special Education Teachers Analysis Scope
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This qualitative research uses a Delphi study to explore the perceptions of special education teachers regarding retention. This Delphi study includes twenty-five to thirty special education teachers of K-12 in two California districts of less than 40,000 students. The information gathered provides leaders in the field with successful practices in retaining special education teachers.

Purpose of the study

The primary purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions of special education teachers regarding the factors that influence their decisions to stay with a specific job placement or school community and develop recommendations for increasing teacher retention by developing more supportive school policies and practices. The study will employ the Delphi method to systematically survey special education teachers and develop an informed opinion about teacher retention by reviewing and distilling teacher input through several rounds of review. This survey of special education professionals can provide policymakers at all levels with…


Allard, J., Chubbuck, S.M., Clift, R.T., & Quinlan, J. (2001). Playing it safe as a novice teacher: Implications for programs for new teachers. Journal of Teacher Education, 52(5), 365.

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Higher Educational Programs Higher Education
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The efficacy of learning in a purely online format, from email and even from streaming web lectures is questionable when compared to an interactive seminar format, and learning from students face-to-face outside of class. Finally, fellowships and assistantships are wonderful 'resume builders' for a new graduate in the field and learning opportunities in and of themselves. The anxiety of the pressures a full-time employer might place upon me during my education was the final 'tipping point' that prompted me to reject online education for graduate study.

orks Cited

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January 7, 2009.

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Learning Programs." Search arp. May 6, 2008. January 7, 2009.

Norman, Matt. Disadvantages of Online Education. EZIB Network.…

Works Cited

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Persuade the Internet Has Opened
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Some of the papers that you receive are quite disturbing.

Think about the importance of tutoring, as well. Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of the tutor experience either with peers or with teachers of writing. Students who have difficulty learning in larger classes have a much better chance to acquire needed skills on a one-to-one basis.

Presently, the writing center has only one paid faculty member, and she is only part time in addition to her other classes on campus. The others are graduate teaching assistants, who receive a much smaller salary for their work. The amount saved is very little compared to the large dollars the university wants to cut. Plus, even more essential, there is no way that a dollar amount can be placed on the good that such tutoring is doing for the students and their future.

We understand that the world is becoming increasingly technologically…

Special Education Has Changed Dramatically Gone Are
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special education has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of the special classroom down the hall where special education students were hidden away and kept from the general student population. Gone are the days when special education students were given comic books to read and passed because they were there. Civil rights mandates of the 1960's turned the world of special education inside out and today, four decades later, special education students are fully protected by federal law. Special education students are now educated in the least restrictive environment which many times means they are mainstreamed into regular education classrooms, with a variety of peer abilities. This blending of abilities is commonly referred to as inclusion, and it is so named because of the idea that it includes students of different abilities in one educational setting. Inclusion is practiced throughout the nation, and in all grade levels at this point…


Teaching Techniques

Preparing Teachers for the Inclusion Classroom:

understanding assistive technology and its role in education

Education of Abbasid
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Education of Abbasid

Today, the majority of high school students hope to finish college one day. This is a realistic dream for many, as there is an established education system that gives students a choice of career paths and training. The modern world if full of universities and training centers. However, the world was not always like this. Many centuries ago, education was limited to the privileged and even the privileged did not have many opportunities in learning. Today's existing modern educational system has been influenced by traditions of the past, particularly by the great advances that occurred during the Abbasid Dynasty in the Muslim world.

One of the achievements of Muslim culture during the Abbasid Dynasty was the widespread spread of literacy. Elementary education was almost universal, especially in the cities. Emphasis on the value of reading and writing stems from the very first revelations of the Qur'an, which…

Case Study Interview With Alex R
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interview of Alex that is a strong advocate for education. He believes that education is not a top priority in the nation and that there are a lot of concerns that need to be addressed in order for it to get there such as the, four emerging themes that came out of his interview which were: Funding for schools, thinking logically and scientifically, socialization, and espect for different cultures. These themes were used in order to conduct a sound analysis of this interview

Alex have been retired for the past 12 years, and he considers himself to be more of a student than an educator now. In the last five years of my career, he was a public school administrator. Alex is now a student of politics and a student of technology. Alex does, however, teach others how to build computers and how to use technology as an educational tool.…


Confucius. (500 B.C, February 24). The great learning (J. Legge, Trans.). Retrieved from 

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Hillis, M. & . (2008). f Dr. King were a principal: Building the beloved community in schools. Democracy & Education, 18, 9-15.

Determinants of Student Absence From
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If possible, the research could be continued over six years, tracing the graduation rates of three classes in direct relation to the amount of classes missed, studying the trends of missing lectures.

Expected Outcomes of the Study

It makes reasonable sense to believe that students, more stressed in academia now than ever before, are missing lectures not because of lack of respect for their teachers and learning environments, but instead because there is too much to do and not enough time for them to accomplish all that is expected. This hypothesis encompasses missed lectures because of other class work remaining (not due to having poorly timed the period in which to complete it, but because of too much to do during that time period) and having a job outside of school to help support the student during the academic career.

Project Management and Timetable

The project will be controlled by…

Brogan, John. "School Culture." Chicago Tribune. Chicago, Il, USA: May 15, 2005. p. 8.

McGlynn, Angela Provitera. "College Benefits Differ by Gender, Race, and Class." The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. Paramus, NJ, USA: Feb. 23, 2005. Vol. 15, Iss. 11. p. 32.

A new study, published by the American Psychological Association, reports from Carnegie-Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, that first-year students face more stresses in their new environment than do other students. This heightened level of stress may be responsible, they assert, for poor immune systems, higher levels of substance abuse, and increased feelings of loneliness that might detract from a student's still not fully developed decision-making ability from the amygdala of his or her brain. The newsroom at Carnegie-Mellon has the full release, and it is possible to find an archived version of the May 8 release of the article by the APA.

Amy Attended the County's Administrator Forum it
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Amy attended the county's administrator forum, it became clear that the rumor mill about the "Good Ole' Boys" network was not exaggerated. Sitting across the table from fifteen district superintendents, not one in the bunch was a woman. There was only one other woman in assembled group, who like Amy held a lower position on her district's administrative team. Just as Amy had done her entire career, she made the decision not to let the statistics change her course and she was more determined than ever to proceed and succeed.

During the next few months Amy began researching her situation, and after reading several articles about women in upper-management, she became keenly aware that a doctoral degree will help level the playing field for women like her who want to reach the higher levels of administration in the K-12 education arena. She enjoyed her job as a district curriculum developer,…


Kimberly A. Brehm, Colleges adjust to accommodate non-traditional students., University Wire, 02-15-2000.

Sudeep Reddy, Forget going to class -- just get your diploma on the web., University Wire, 11-30-1998.

PATRICIA ALEX, Staff Writer, GOING TO COLLEGE WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR LAPTOP., The Record (Bergen County, NJ), 11-24-1995, pp a01.

Catherine E. Shoichet, Harvard ponders distance learning., University Wire, 03-04-2002.

Attendance in the College Classroom
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Thus, instructors who require mandatory attendance in their classroom are building student responsibility - something they will need in the future when students graduate and head off into the "real" world of employment and families. The argument against this of student responsibility is just as compelling. Many people feel that if the professors control the students throughout their university experience, they will not feel responsible or take responsibility, and this will follow them into their careers, too. Experts Hassel and Lourey continue, "Attendance should not be compulsory because students must feel in control of their education and personally motivated for it to be effective; by requiring attendance, students are robbed of this valuable feeling of control" (Hassel and Lourey). The debate is complicated, and both sides have compelling arguments, however, if a student is ever going to develop a sense of responsibility and dedication to their studies and their career,…


Hassel, Holly, and Jessica Lourey. "The Dea (r)th of Student Responsibility." College Teaching 53.1 (2005): 2+.

Xu, Yonghong, et al. "The Effects of Peer Tutoring on Undergraduate Students' Final Examination Scores in Mathematics." Journal of College Reading and Learning 32.1 (2001): 22+.

Finance and Budgeting in Education
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Providing online course options for requirements would likewise reduce overall operating costs for the university, in terms of classroom space. Online teachers tend to be paid less than teachers of 'real world' classes, and these classes can more easily be staffed by adjuncts. Shifting the focus of teaching to adjuncts and teaching assistants would also limit the high cost of faculty salaries, especially for common core classes and departments with lower enrollments, where students may welcome the flexibility of an online venue. . Offering faculty members in non-priority departments the ability to retire is another way to reduce costs.

Prioritizing which tenured faculty members are necessary to retain, which departments cannot be shifted online or transformed into joint majors or joint programs with other, nearby institutions, and enacting a more stringent review process for tenure, to create a leaner institution is all essential. So can giving students more credits for…

Works Cited

Caldwell, B. & Harris, J. (2008). Why Not the Best Schools?: What We Have Learned from Outstanding Schools Around the World. Sydney: Australian Council for Educational


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Meyers, R. (1996). Strategic Budgeting. USA: University of Michigan Press.

Campus Violence in High School
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Violence in High Schools

Violence in schools has been an issue of great concern in our culture for many years, but never so much as today. Society has demanded accountability and practical intervention to address the problem at its source. Parents, educators and students are asking for ways in which they can make changes within schools and recognize problems before they escalate to violence and extreme violence. The work will focus on the history and present records of each student studied and will look for signs and symptoms of problems in every way possible. This work is a proposal for the study of the phenomena of violence within the high school aged group. The work will be divided into three areas of study, data analysis, interview and observation and will be conducted over a four-year period following students from freshman to senior.

The work will create a base for comparison…

Campus Violence in K 8 Setting
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Violence in K-8 Schools

The issue of violence among young people has become demonstratively more controversial within our culture in the last few years. The demands of society in general for more accountability and a greater sense of awareness among both parents and school officials have created an exponential need for research associated with the phenomena. Society and officials alike have called for a greater understanding of the motivations and reasons for violence within the schools and also a greater security of awareness of the ability to recognize and intervene when potentially violent young people exhibit warning signs of future violence. This work is a proposal for the study of the phenomena of violence within the K-8 school setting, and will be divided into three parts, studying both primary aged schools and middle school aged school settings.

The proposal demonstrates the need for research associated with a tertiary standard, of…

Dream of Having a Career in Field
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dream of having a career in field of Actuarial Science started at a young age. This shaped my thinking by wanting to understand logic and the way conclusions were reached utilizing complex formulas. Along the way, this fueled my sense of motivation in assisting others. It focused on not only my own personal satisfaction, but the joy I experience when they succeeded. This is because I am an international student, who is the first in his family to go to college and can relate to the challenges they are experiencing.

During this time, I dedicated myself to education and gaining real world experience. My journey took me to Ohio State University. This is where I received my Bachelors in Actuarial Science. Never giving into the temptations of college life, as I always remained focused on working in the field. I am motivated to use advanced statistics to help corporations, entrepreneurs…

Approaches to Managing School Gangs
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Gangs in Public School

Many schools especially in urban and suburban areas continue to register gang-related activities within their premises and involving their students. This study appreciates the dangers associated with such gangs to the schools and other stakeholders around them. Various laws and regulation have been passed in different states in the U.S. allow parents to withdraw their children from certain public schools. Schools reputed for gang-related problems stand to lose students. This paper provides the scope of action steps in which schools take to intervene, prevent, and suppress the scope of violent gang activity while establishing crisis response plans. The strategies are developed to address potential actions of school violence including gang activity.

Gang members bring in their attitudes, behaviors, and conflicts to the school compounds. The dangerous gang issues and activities of a given community take place within local schools. Gang members take on each other within…


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Purpose Statement for Pharmacy Program
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One of my most important life goals is to continue my studies in pharmacology and become the most skilled practitioner that I am able to be. I am applying to the PN [Is it Pacific Northwest? ] University for a Masters Degree in Pharmacology primarily because of two factors. The University has a reputation for developing knowledgeable graduates whose high level of skills positions them to make strong contributions in their field. The second factor stems from experiences in my personal life.

My name is Reem AL Qahtani and I am 25 years old. I live in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I am currently a teaching assistant in the Department of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy at Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University. I became interested in pharmacology because of a family history of breast cancer. My aunt had a benign breast cancer. My grandmother was not as fortunate…

Personal Schedule to Complete the
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The last step is to get the Associate Director's approval. If other obstacles arise, I will seek simple solutions such as I was able to do with this barrier

XI. To whom will your final project be submitted? Did he or she provide input or criticism along the way? If so, what was it, and how did you react?

This project will be submitted to the Associate Director, as she is more approachable and available to discuss problems.

The Associate Director had an "open" workshop that students both looked toward and dreaded the outcome, because of criticism toward them.

Identifying the right incentive that will support the large variety of employee incentive and award programs in use today, that will appeal to all levels within the organization and is easy and efficient to administer can seem virtually impossible," said Springbok Services (2007).

Annotated Outline Grading Checklist

ubric Activity

Possible Points…


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Personal Statement for Pharmacy School
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Personal Statement for Pharmacy School

Pharmacy School is highly important to me as part of my career path, and I believe I am both personally and professionally well-qualified to attend and be successful. I have work experience in the pharmaceutical field, having worked at my aunt's pharmacy in the past. This work taught me a great deal about pharmacy as a profession, but also gave me a lot of insight about how to properly treat patients and interact with others. I consider myself more well-rounded because of the interaction I had with so many people during my time at the pharmacy. I smile frequently, consider myself a nice person, and have developed a high level of patience with people from all walks of life. In 2000, when I was 17, I came to the United States and earned my diploma from Valencia High School. Just a week later I began…

Equity in Higher Education
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Access and Equity of Higher Education by the Population

Policy Analysis Memo Draft Format guidelines

Equity in higher education is a serious concern as the cost of tuition continues to increase. The cost of college tuition has increased by over 150% in the last three decades. Current financial pressure on students leads them to using student loans as a method to pay for college tuition or other strategies such as opting for two-year degrees. Higher education institutions are also facing the same economic pressure and feel forced to increase tuition fees leading to a vicious cycle of tuition fee increase. Looking at the expenditure of higher education institutions, the largest increase in expenditure over the same 30-year period has been in labor costs. The administrative costs per student enrolled has increased considerably (Ladd & Fiske, 2012). The current situation in higher education means the tuition fees are unsustainable and there…


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Fully Funding Pre K Programs in the State of Alabama
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benefit analysis of whether the state of Alabama should fully fund an expanded preschool program. Various arguments for and against this idea are discussed. Arguments for increased funding of the state's prekindergarten program include: improved educational success and achievement; significant reduction of the need for grade retention; improved economic status; better health; less need for welfare; and reduced crime rates. Arguments against are mainly based on the huge initial cost of investment that such a program would require. In the end, various calculations find that the benefits outweigh the costs in the ratio of 2 to 1. Several other comprehensive studies on the topic also support the fact that benefits of fully funded State preschool program would significantly outweigh the costs. Studies, tables and calculations are used to support this claim. The challenges that would be faced in the implementation of such a program are then discussed. In the end…


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Nondiscrimination Law What Factual Information
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The department could petition for more money, and explain the situation to the board to hire Dr. Gemini. If the board refuses, non-tenure track staff, such as teaching assistants and adjunct instructors, could fill the gap until a qualified female faculty member was found. Qualified female instructors in other departments could teach courses, to diversify the faculty using an in-house strategy. Bankrupting the department for one faculty member seems unwise, and defeats the purpose of leaving the department open to hiring new tenure-track professors regardless of gender -- where will the money come from?

The department does not wish to appear discriminatory, however, to the academic community at large. Recruiting new students to the department, supporting women in science through discussions and inviting prominent women in the field to speak to majors are all ways to provide role models to young women in science and improve the public relations image…

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Social Media in Modern Business
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That is primarily because "tweets" may be answered immediately upon receipt or not, depending on the circumstances of the message recipient. Needless to say, there are countless imaginable situations where phone calls between individuals and (especially) among larger groups such as classes would be impractical for which "tweets" fill the role perfectly (Welch & Welch).

The range of possible administrative and educational applications in the university setting is very broad; it includes many of the informational functions of the Internet without the same investment of attention as traditional Internet communications. Facebook and is also potentially extremely useful in many of the same ways and provides a trade-off of greatly increased full-function Internet capabilities at the expense of the immobility of desktop computers, the inconvenience of relying on a laptop being perpetually available, or the difficulties (and expense) of prolonged Internet use of cell phone devices for those applications.

Aside from…


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